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Why doesn't anyone talk about traveling by car here? Isn't it better than planes and trains? You have freedom with car basically. You can go wherever you want, small villages, unknown places, if you put a tent on top of the card you can sleep wherever you want. I believe traveling with car is the optimal way.
Most of the time renting a car in a foreign country is a hassle.
Depends on your destination. If you go to the USA, yes. If you go to Switzerland, no.
With a car, you can go anywhere you want
well, don't rent. travel with your own car.
Then you will limit yourself to 2000-3000 km around your home, and won't be able to visit different continents or islands.
File: _MG_7351.jpg (396 KB, 1164x1801)
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I like the convenience of flying but think it's horribly boring and you miss out on beautiful sceneries and small charming towns along the way, so I'll basically drive anywhere I can with 20 hours single way being the hard limit for a week long vacation. I always have a tent in the trunk but I've only used it a handful of times since I prefer ho(s)tels. Furthest I've done is drive from Western Europe to Eastern Turkey, which was like 9000 kilometers over the span of two and a half weeks. All in all I think I'm at like 40 000 kilometers just traveling around Europe.

The one thing that somewhat makes it miserable for me are the border crossings, I once spent 11 hours trying to cross the Serbian-Hungarian border because the Hungarians are retards incapable of designing a crossing in an efficient fashion. Turkey into Bulgaria took me 14 hours once but at least it was well organized. It's usually impossible to know beforehand how long it's going to take.

>ultimate autonomy and flexibility
>lots of luggage if you're into that
>get to see and stop for every little thing, town, city, restaurant, park, etc.

>very time consuming if you're covering long distances
>expensive, fuel, parking and maintenance on a car really do add up at the end of the day

Pic rel, me in Turkey.
>Pic rel, me in Turkey
That's not you that's a car...
>rent car in europe
>pay for rental online in booking
>arrive in EU after 7 hour flight
>rental agency has 2-4 hour line
>2 agents working, zero customer service, euro woman literally slaps keys at me and tells me sign here here here and here
>hidden fees galore
>drive away finally
>fucking roads that wind all over, no coherence or pattern
>almost scratch car a million times on narrow streets
>insurance is 3000€ up front preauth
>drive around in tiny shit car until gas runs out
>go to fill gas
>100€ for tiny shit car to fill
>finally go to return car
>have to pay 100€ in tolls for driving on communist highways

wtf is wrong with euros?
File: 1633031859174c.jpg (22 KB, 306x371)
22 KB
>wtf is wrong with euros?
they dont drive, if you havent noticed.
if they're not biking, they're taking the metro somewhere.
they make it extra difficult to drive because they dont want people to drive. similar shit in NYC or anywhere with a big metro system. metro systems cost a lot money to maintain, and so those cities want people to use them (pay) by making it impossible to get anywhere by other means. the bigger the metro system, the higher the gas prices, registration costs, rental costs, more regulations up the ass. that's just how it is
Driving is very dangerous for other people, it is a very selfish thing
>buy used car for few thousand
>pay for gas
> ???

also youre retarded as youre complaining about European roads when theyre litterally the best you'll find short of maybe Japan.
>they dont drive, if you havent noticed.
Lol wut?
Did you ever been to Europe?
>they dont drive, if you havent noticed.
As an European, no.
>Most of the time renting a car in a foreign country is a hassle.
Depends in the company, i had only trouble taking cheap ones. But traffic is a problem when you come from the US and go to Spain italy france Germany ... It is way harder. As i drive in the US i ask myself who the fuck they can produce any accident with their lame behavior.
In India I got a private taxi once from Darjeeling to Siliguri to catch a train instead of cramming into a 4Runner with 8 others. Honestly it was a nice luxury. Car travel is peak comfy in certain places.
is Siliguri nice by India standards or is it a toilet like north india?
I liked all of India, and I think you're stupid.
I think you are Indian.
been from spain to turkey, many many times. have many friends there, stayed many months in total.
i will say it again, europeans dont drive, not like americans drive. fuel is too expensive, for reasons stated before. some europeans drive some times, while all americans (outside of NYC) drive all the time, everywhere. big difference.
>they dont drive, if you havent noticed.
Europeans don't drive but only because they don't have to. Part of the reason Americans drive the distances that they do is because airtravel is actually expensive there. There's no 30 Euro/Dollar flights across the continent, and even if there were, the US doesn't even come close in terms of airport coverage compared to Europe, so they're better off driving to whatever place they want to go.

We tend to forget Europe's tiny and it's made for this odd dynamic where people just casually fly short distances, and Americans just drive these distances.
File: 1599371706836.jpg (82 KB, 605x756)
82 KB
I wonder who could be around
>Europeans don't drive but only because they don't have to.
yes, they dont have to and that's one reason, but it's not the "only" reason.
the expense of owning a car is probably the main reason people dont drive. insurance, fuel, maintenence, registration. running a car is simply a cost liabilty and sucks.
i've lived in nyc for more than 25 years where I only relied on public transportation, and i've lived in california and other parts of the country for quite a while as well, where I had no option but to drive anywhere.

cost being the main factor, preference is very psychological. people who are comfortable driving and grew up doing it, cant imagin getting on a bus or train, they wouldnt even know where to buy a ticket or how to do it and get nervous at the thought, likewise, people who rarely drive, and have public transportation conveniently available will be more comfortable doing that, and will be nervous at the thought of driving, or parking. parking in any major city is a nightmare no matter how much you want to drive.
>europeans dont drive, not like americans drive
That might be true, but even in Europe there are only Denmark and Netherlands where not owning a car is viable outside the cities.
And surprisingly euro cars have often higher mileage than US ones due to the better road network. Seriously I know people doing over 100km one way to work.
Now even small shitboxes with over 400k km after like 5 years don't suprise me.
>I know people doing over 100km one way to work.
oh, it's common here also. cities have become crazy expensive, but also high paying, so lot of people will drive for an hour or more to go to work every day and live far away from the city where things are "cheap" in comparison.
File: la traffic.jpg (387 KB, 1200x900)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
>And surprisingly euro cars have often higher mileage than US
that part is not surprising, you have more reliable cars and better roads.
we have a lot of american cars that like to break down, and our roads take abuse from desert heat as well as miserable amounts of traffic
>That picture
Fucking hell
At this point a proper public transport has to make sense, even economically
that is a daily occurance in los angeles, twice a day, not exaggerating. some crazy people get used to it. i've had to drive through a few times and each time wanted to kill myself.

LA is huge and dangerous, so people are afraid and also because everything is sooo spread out and far from each other. berlin kind of reminds me of LA in that respect.
I live in Canada. Realistically, I could only travel within Canada and the US with my car. Technically I could go to Mexico and beyond, but that just seems cumbersome.
It's actually pretty easy to take your car into Mexico.
Sure you can even ship your car to Australia or South Africa, but how practical is it? driving from Canada to Mexico will take a whole week one way even if you drive non stop every day.
Ok, so, I've actually driven from Seattle to San Diego (where I live). Not Canada to Mexico directly but I have made that trip in 2 days. I know people who have done it in one but that's pushing it. And I can drive from here to Cabo in 2 days easily. So I guess that's how long it would take from BC. If you're coming from Newfoundland or something then LOL.
Check out charity rallies
Pic rel is a hardmode cross Europe one (because a shitbox of communist origin is required)
File: thumb_fc5cfda99dd4.jpg (188 KB, 688x620)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Forgot pic
Other targets were Loch Ness, Nordcap, Gibraltar or the stelvio pass

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