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What do you think about vietnamese food
hit or miss. you either love it or you hate it
very bland as far as asian food goes. Bhan mi(or whatever it's called) is only good because of the french bread.
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Awesome. The best seafood I've ever had was in Nha Trang. You'd pick some freshly caught seafood out of the aquarium and they'd serve it up with some coconut milk and chili.
I avoided it for a while because in my brain you only eat hot soup when it's cold, but I started to love it. It's a great hangover cure with lots of chili and lime. It's not considered rude to slurp your noodles, and I think that's a little unbecoming but when in rome...
>Banh Mi
I get it for breakfast sometimes, I'll ask the woman to throw some eggs on it with chili and eat it with a morning coffee.
>Street Food: Rice + Pork/Chicken/Fish + Vegetable
Usually pretty good lunch for about $1. They used to have communal cups with a jug of iced tea but since the coof they switched to using plastic disposable cups.
>Bap Xao
Shredded corn and veggies with sauce sold by guys on a bicycle or motorbike. They drive by street bars and play their song, they also sell...
>Fermented Egg
An egg with a baby duck/chicken inside. It's probably an acquired taste for most people. I've had it a bunch of times but it's never while I'm sober.
>Cafe su da
Iced coffee with condensed milk. Coffeeshop culture is massive. There's coffeeshops everywhere. They also use robusta beans which are stronger than aribica beans which is more prevalent in the west. It's served with ice and condensed milk, but I personally prefer fresh milk instead. You can relax in a coffeeshop all day, no stress.
>Banh Mi is only good because of french bread
>French sandwiches suck tho

Yea its the ingredients, but I guess they wouldn't be able to shine through crap rubber Italian bread
It's like the same 5 ingredients in different combinations and quantities. It's like Korean food in that sense, but it sure is tasty but I can't imagine myself only eating the same 5 ingredients forever.
>It's like Korean food in that sen
confirmed for not having korean food, lemme guess you just don't like spicy food so all you get is plain dishes

>Kim Chi
>Sesame Seeds
>Onions Sauce

Alternate these ingredients with your choice of seafood, beef, pork or chicken and add rice or glass noodles.

Thats basic Korean food, what kind of avant garde italian-fusion Korean food have you been having lately?
>no gochujang sauce
Wanna know how I know you know practically nothing about Korean cuisine?

Oh riiiighhht theres that red sauce that they always use to.

Oh shit, I must not know a damn thing; its that red sauce to! The other items I mentioned before has nothing to do with anything!

what cheese/potato on a stick Korean food have you been eating lately?
Gross. It's one of the main reasons I don't particularly desire to live in SEA, I hate all that watery creepy crawly broth shit. Give me Latin American food every day
Iunno, you get used to it after your second year. I miss that shit badly but originally didn't enjoy it.
I lived in Vietnam for two years and I can count on one hand the amount of times I ate Viet food after my first week there
File: 1627173092732.jpg (132 KB, 668x1024)
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What food did you mostly eat then?
Holy shit imagine being that fucking loser that has to just act perpetually entertained and happy about everything RDJ does just to EXIST in his presence. A picture speaks a thousand words. Why the fuck is he even there
What the pho?

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