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currently living in my car, but i'm hoping to get some kind of van or camper so i can have more space and maybe start some kind of remote work. anyone know of any cheap models?
Don't fucking do it. It's so much of a hassle to deal with and if anything happens then you're fucked. Cops hate people living in vehicles and will probably sabotage it.

Get on income-based housing if you can and stick to a higher density area. There's more life there, your lifestyle will be healthier, and popos generally won't kill you and dump you in a river because they're having a bad day.
>Get on income-based housing
Yeah sure, in 5 years when they approve your application and the waiting list opens up. That's the average wait time for section 8.

And living in a vehicle only attracts the ire of the police when you're doing it on public property or a parking lot.

Pay someone $100-200 a month to park on their land, use their water and power and if this is in a rural area nobody will bother you.

Also cities suck and are full of niggers and unhealthy if you are too poor to afford anything like a gym or decent groceries.
It may or may not be but it's still better than living in a vehicle. How are you going to shower? If you're paying 200 a month then just get a roommate or stay in a hostel. Hell, get 6 roommates and you can live anywhere for less than 200 a month. You won't look and smell like a bum after living in a fucking van for who knows how long. That's unless you like the "freedom" and the wild coyote attacks in the middle of the night thinking you're at peace with nature, then you get attacked by bees the next day because the flowers were so pretty.

Nigs be rich in cities these days. It's not the same as the 50s, although there are occasionally random shootings. I can get my dick sucked on demand thanks to black people, and I really appreciate that.

A gym membership to Planet Fitness is 10 bucks. It's 20 bucks if you want access to the tanning booths and massage chairs. It's well worth 20 fucking dollars, bro. How poor are you? Even living in a van, it's recommended to get a gym membership because you can get unlimited showers and get your exercise in so you don't waste away as a car liver.

You could also just live in a cheap motel with an exercise room. They're all bills paid and no deposit. Prices vary based on location but I've been in the Dallas area and could get a room for 180 a week or less.
>How are you going to shower?
In the RV. Or as you mentioned at the gym.
>wild coyote attacks in the middle of the night
Coyotes have killed less than 2 people in the last several decades, both children.
>then you get attacked by bees
Jesus Christ, go outside ffs.
>Nigs be rich in cities these days.
They still act like nigs.
>I can get my dick sucked.
Yeah I guess. You can get a BJ from someone addicted to crack cocaine who looks 20 years older than they are. Now, I do get why coomers
go abroad for cooms compared to US prostitutes.

>You could also just live in a cheap motel
There's a few of these kinds of places around. The area around Disneyland still has a ton. They so fucking depressing though. A lot of the homeless crisis is actually caused by these long-term cheap hotels being torn down for more expensive real estate to be build.
That's a van, not an rv.

Coyotes still exist and your photo is out in the desert. It's an example animal and will vary depending on your current camp spot. I've personally seen both bears and mountain lions at state parks eating people's food left out on those concrete park benches. It's common in some areas, although you may not get mauled or killed.

Yeah, there's a ton of bees out there. That's what they do. Pollinate flowers.

Some are extremely white and some whites are extremely nig. Ever been to Detroit?

Crack cocaine doesn't exist anymore and I live near the southern border. It's just the DEA these days and they're all gay. Chicks just like suckin' dick sometimes after listening to hip hop beats and various other electronic music.

I've said in other threads on /trv/ that burgerstan has the worst homelessness in all of the first world and most of the third-world. It's on Africa levels.
>how do you shower?
in my car or at the gym, i smell fine
>wild coyote attacks and bee stings
coyotes don't attack people, already live in cities, and bees won't (usually) attack you unless you do something stupid
>can get my dick sucked on demand
and i care because?
>you could live in a cheap motel
not what i started the thread for
Depending on where you are, you'll be limited to what vehicles you'll be able to purchase. Keep in mind how you'll be living in your vehicle and if you're keen to spruce it up with some amenities you might think could come in handy and are easily transferable in case your setup is fucked in an accident or can't be fixed due to a major problem.
Dodge caravans are plentiful, cheap and fairly fuel efficient. You can rip out the back seats easily, toss them, trade them or sell them to fund your rebuild. What you should focus on is if you need insulation. Be sure to tint your windows or cover them with something amiable to deter cops from hassling you.
I specifically look for people sleeping in their vans. I know all the usual spots.

Nothing violent, I just like to watch them from a distance...
dont get a Ford or Mercedes, the only cunts that can afford those are Trust Fund kids who can casually drop $40k on a van

Get a Mitsubishi Delica (usually nicknamed "Dicklicker") or something.
Buy in the Autumn, when all the European backpackers are trying to sell their vans before they fly home for winter.
Should be able to get a good condition one for $3k~8k.
I wouldnt pay over $5k unless it's completely fitted out though (aka: solar panels, power, plumbing etc). Anyone trying to sell you a vanlife van for $8k is having a fucking laugh unless it's either fukken huge, brand new or has some gimmick.

Dont get a Kombi. They're absolutely awful to maintain, parts are rare & expensive and trying to find someone that knows about Kombi engines is fucking tough. They're a vehicle for the hobbyist with money to burn and who wants to be part of a community.
Here is my take on this:

First off, ignore the coyote/bees guy. He seems clueless.

Here are some vehicles to consider:
>cargo van
Pros: good space, easier to customize than a car. In a some, you can actually stand up inside, and in every cargo van you can sit On a chair without having your head touch the roof. It’s also easier to insulate than a car because the inner walls in the cargo area will typically be metal. Older cargo vans will have power trains that are similar to trucks, so repairs will not be too costly. Also it’s easy to go from the cargo area to the driver’s seat in an emergency.
Cons: it’s tough to find cargo vans with all wheel drive if you are going to an area with rougher terrain.

>truck with a camper
Pros: 4 wheel drive is typically standard, so it’s good for rough terrain. Trucks are the most popular vehicle type in North America, so repairing it should be more convenient than most other options.
Cons: you can’t just walk to the driver’s seat from the cargo area as in a van. Also, to get into the camper, you have to step up to the tailgate. Depending on your fitness, it could be annoying. You also won’t be able to stand up in the cargo area, but if you are not to tall you can probably sit upright in a chair in one.

>Ford transit connect
This one goes in it’s own category because it’s way smaller than the standard Ford Transit. It’s more compact so you’ll get better gas mileage and less space than a cargo van. It may be difficult to find one with All wheel drive since they were mostly designed for city deliveries. Also, the drivetrain is not from a truck so expect repairs to be more expensive and less convenient.

The cargo vans that are the easiest to maintain are the ones from at least 10 years ago when the mechanical elements were simpler. These have been in high demand in the market though, so they can be very expensive, even for old examples.
Also, OP, have you considered a minivan? It's kinds of like what I said about the Ford Transit Connect, but they will get even better gas mileage on the whole.It's probably easier to find a minivan with AWD if you need it.
You can't buy a Delica in the United States. The Delica was not sold here. There are a few people who have imported a used one from Japan I think but trying to find one would be difficult and expensive.

I'm going to give the advice I give every european who moves here and wants a van to go camping in...
>Get an American van.
A Ford Econoline or a Chevy Express. V8.
>europeans usually get all frowny hearing this
VW's don't hold up in the climate here, are expensive for what they are, and Sprinters are expensive. Japan doesn't really sell a lot of vans here. These older American vans are easy to find, they were used by everyone from government fleets to churches to ambulances to big mormon families. Parts to repair them can be obtained without delay in any small town, the same can't be said for a lot of import vehicles. And they have GREAT air conditioning and heating. This is important.
Problem is that they tend to be gutless.
This guy knows what's up. North America wasn't as gifted as NZ or Aus with the availability of used vans and imports to successfully breed a cheap and vibrant van life community. No, it did the opposite due to the ignorant nature of the big three's ravenous ability to deflect lightweight, efficient and affordable vans that didn't add to the culture. Don't forget there's a huge stigma against rubber tramping in North America still and being a vagabond can get you arrested under a number of reasons depending on your state/province/municipality.
All North America kraut cars are an issue due to the accessibility of parts and planned obsolescence of certain parts. Don't bother with them, they're money pits even if you can source out the required parts.
Generally if you can find an older Toyota minivan or van, you'll be contributing to the rusted buckets driving on highways and diminishing the availability of these classics.
I would still suggest an Astro, Dodge Caravan or the old Ford equivalent. Most are cheap enough that it's easier to buy a new one instead of overhauling and as this shithead said, parts are abundant.
They may be ugly as sin, be a dead giveaway in certain areas and say that you're poor, but they're as utilitarian as they come.
probably modify a sprinter if you can afford it. otherwise buy a used ford work van and modify the interior.

fwiw, i have done this and highly recommend against it. instead, i would recommend that you set up a 'home base' somewhere very cheap and work remotely from there. then just travel as often as you can manage, whether by van or just airbnbing around, and take your laptop to get work done.

i understand that you are currently living in your car, so it is likely that you have desires that feel congruent with your spirit and current way of life. most van dwellers eventually get sick of it or don't realize what they are missing out on. you waste a LOT of valuable energy on solved problems (where to shower, what to eat, how to cook, how to store, where to park tonight, how to handle safety/security/emergencies).

the problem with wasting your energy on these problems is that you are depriving yourself the opportunity to explore the higher tiers of a maslow heirarchy. this is bad for your long-term income as well as the development of your character and more
I didn’t mention this in my original post, but the reason why you should consider a minivan is that any cargo van with decent mileage in decent condition is going to sell for very good money right now. Since van living is hyped up right now, the prices for cargo vans have gone up and it’s difficult to find them. A minivan or truck with camper is easier to find and much cheaper nowadays. A minivan is the best option next to a cargo van for interior space.
truck campers seem like the best overall option. only downside is you have to exit the camper to get to the drivers seat, which is bad for multiple reasons (weather, security, etc)
Also with a camper, you have to climb up into the bed which necessitates something like steps if you are going to do it repeatedly. With a minivan, it’s easier to get in. An SUV might be easier too, since you can get in through the passenger doors instead of climbing through the back.

I suppose you could shell out for one of those modern GM trucks with the tailgates with the built-in steps.
The problem for me (not op) is minivans are designed for Japs or women to drive and I'm tall and American sized and have big hands and feet and the ergonomics straight up do not work.
If you’re in the US, you could get a full-size SUV instead. It wouldn’t be as cheap as a minivan, but I think if I lived in a vehicle I would go that route instead of a truck with a camper.
what are you even saying?
>don't do van life because nigger bitches won't give you blowjobs
and what third world shithole do you live in that police will pull you out of your van and murder you?
it's 2021
a huge chunk of people who do van life are preppy whites
>police murder
America? Things pretty much switched and now they just murder whites instead. They also generally don't do their job beyond harass people on the highways outside of the cities. The main difference is whether or not the areas is a red or a blue one. It's like their policing tactics are totally different, so in republican areas they pretty much just oppress the population and kill people because it'll never even make the news. Blue areas will march against police and whatnot, where red areas will just randomly kill them and still be glorified in the news.
Get a Dodge or Mercedes Sprinter van. The first gen models are pre-2009 and can be had for pretty cheap. I've seen several under 5k. These are diesel vans and can go 500k+ miles without major mechanical work. The newer ones have DPF systems to help with emissions and often have problems with them. It's not an expensive fix but will cause the vehicle to go into limp mode and people will think it's something major. The older ones will get carbon build up on the tops of the motors and it's not a big deal for a while, although it looks like it's something major.
the vast majority of whites murdered by police tend to be meth heads or schizos
i'm not a bootlicker but this is a simple fact
if you give them your info and then fuck off when they tell you to, you won't get killed.
File: FAOPxLaUUAQlzxC.jpg (59 KB, 828x1082)
59 KB
Alright, I'm going to have 100-150k and want to run away from my problem for a few years. Realistically, what do expenses looks like living somewhat comfortably out of a van?

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