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File: trainn.jpg (89 KB, 1000x668)
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>7 hours amsterdam-paris bus ride is 15 euro
>3 hours speed train costs 100 euro

which one would you choose?
Train because I'm not poor
Time is one thing you never get more of
My time is worth around 50eur per hour. So in this case, the train absolutely.
Always train. I take a three hour TGV to Paris regularly and regret it 0% of the time. Buses are for when you have literally no other choice, and only then. I’d even rather drive than take the bus, and driving to/in Paris fucking sucks.
Neither. Flight is $50 and takes like 75 minutes.
amsterdam-paris? train. For bus vs train usually it depends on the place. Most of the time it's train but it can be fun to take the bus especially if I'm trying to be deliberately frugal.
i'd cycle the distance for free
I would choose an airplane ticket because I will own a lot and still be happy. Fuck you Klaus.
>Neither. Flight is $50 and takes like 75 minutes.
Right, but you’re probably looking at another hour or more from landing to getting into the city from the airport, plus however much time it takes you to get from the curb/train station to boarding and takeoff at Schipol; I have never taken that particular route by air but I suspect it’s not actually much if any quicker from door to door.
>I will own a lot and still be happy.
Own a lot? Of what? This is not an intelligible English sentence.
It was a joke. The latest slogan of the "new world order" is "you will own nothing and be happy". One of their (World Economic Forum) priorities is killing air travel.

Hope it makes more sense now. I am not a native speaker.
True. I’d take the train then unless i was poor, but bus seems completely pointless when a flight is much faster and almost the same price.
>One of their (World Economic Forum) priorities is killing air travel.
So fucking ridiculous. 100+ private jets go to that little circle jerk in Davos every damned year. The WEF isn’t a shady global hegemony, it’s a conference for a few thousand self-important rich people to talk at each other and kiss one another’s asses. It gets even less done than the more useless bits of the fucking UN bureaucracy. Just workshops and noise, no global agendas getting enacted.

>And I say this with confidence because I have worked for both Herr Schwab and the blue flag
Yeah they are a meme. But since we live in pretty dire times, the public is sensitive to such talk, hence the "you will be happy" meme.
>>And I say this with confidence because I have worked for both Herr Schwab and the blue flag

Care to share some stories?
Not a lot to say. I have worked as a consultant to what I consider two of the more effective UN agencies and had very good experiences with both despite the absurdly bureaucratic nature of the beast; I am still in consultant pools there and will be happy to work there again. And I had a fellowship with WEF right out of grad school, working in research.

I actually like both of these institutions to varying degrees, and both attract some wonderful, very smart people, but WEF is really full of itself, and the attendees at the events are a gang of pompous fart sniffers. If I never have to make small talk with minor Middle Eastern royalty again it will be too soon. The UN is quite a lot more humble, perhaps surprisingly.

WEF has a fucking cool headquarters, though—looks like the lair of a Bond villain (I wasn’t based there, sadly; their in-town office in Geneva where I had my cubicle is not impressive).
Time is money, poorfags

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