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File: IMG_8803.jpg (199 KB, 1300x1950)
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Vacationing on the Croatian coast this year. Beaches there are awesome so I go swimming pretty often. It's not too crowded, especially these days, when most people have pulled back home.

I got to the beach the first day and I saw this girl just casually walk into the water with all of her clothes on and start swimming.

This wasn't just wearing a T-shirt for sun protection, we're talking layers of clothing, jeans, tennis shoes. She swam for a while, then walked out of the sea, picked up her beach bag, went to the changing stall, changed into different clothes and left.

She was pretty, probs early twenties, and wasn't fat or anything, so I doubt it's some kind of insecurity. Also, that wouldn't explain her going swimming in sneakers.

Anyway, I got to the beach the next day and just as I was about to leave, she got there too and headed straight for the water again. She was wearing a slightly different clothes, but definitely not something passable for a swimsuit.

I've been going swimming to that beach for about a week now, and she'd show up most of those days, every time going swimming in a different outfit - T-shirts, hoodies, etc. She'd walk into the water fully dressed and then swim or sit in the shallows like it's perfectly normal.

I found it a bit bizarre, and no one at the beach seemed shocked by this. People mostly glanced at her and then went about their business.

I'm too autistic to approach her and ask her about it, but this is pretty intriguing.

Is this a religious thing or something? Why would anyone do this?

(pic related not her, but close to what I've been seeing)
No way this is a religious thing lol
Maybe she was on her period.

do women on period really do this?
That doesn't explain the shoes and a hoodie.
Taking off shoes means that you have to squat at least twice to either pull off the shoes or wear them back. Not something a girl on period would do.
The practice might be quite common among locals since op said that no one on the beach doesn't seemed shocked by it so the chick might want to hide her face.
File: 1s0c74kawzf71.jpg (191 KB, 900x900)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
*autistic incel alert*
No one can tell why apart from her. Maybe if you approach her you might find that she is simply a bit autistic, and that could be the spark to ignite your future love with her.

Simply walk up to her and talk to her, or even better, go swimming after her in your clothes and say something like: "it's been a week that I come daily to this beach and each day I saw you doing this, now that I've tried it I still can't understand why you do this but at least now I have an excuse to ask you why"

>Is this a religious thing or something?

Doubtful, this isn't exactly common in Croatia. Reason for it is likely personal, but it's hard to say what it could be.

Maybe she has some kind of sensory disorder and this gives her the fix. Maybe it's a fetish. Maybe she just doesn't like normie swimsuits.

Ask her
Maybe she's a muzzie
some faggy art/photography project, I am 99% sure
Croatian here, can safely say I never saw this except for maybe drunk people late at night, so it's not a culture thing if that's what you're asking.
File: c28936729382194.jpg (25 KB, 293x357)
25 KB

As someone already pointed out, it's probably something popularly called 'wetlook'.

Basically, it's a phenomenon which causes people to feel good when getting wet in their clothes. With some people it manifests as a fetish, but not with everyone. It's likely linked to hypersensitivity. In essence, people with this quirk like the way wet clothes stick to the skin, the way they flutter around them when swimming, the added weight when emerging from the water, and similar.

With people in which this develops into a fetish, there's also the component of exhibitionism, getting satisfaction from the fact that they're doing something they're not supposed to, excessive attention, and so on. But again, it's not sexual for everyone and most people only retain the sensual component.

I find this fascinating as my girlfriend is one of the people with the sensual component and she's writing her master thesis on it. She doesn't even buy swimsuits anymore, and swims almost exclusively in what she wears that day, but changes into dry clothes after to avoid getting cold or UTI. People do notice and stare for a bit, but she's learned to shrug it off. In most cases, you can't really blame them - swimming in full clothing, including jeans and shoes does look severely autistic when you don't have any context.

In some cases, people can be real assholes about it. We went to Spain one year in the middle of a heatwave. We found a small fountain, half a meter deep, and there was a few people already inside cooling off. I sat at the edge and my girlfriend stepped into the fountain and sat down. Then this ogre woman in a loose bikini approached and growled that my girlfriend is bad influence on her kids and she should take off her clothes when bathing. Had a similar experience in Italy, just on a beach.

We've been to Croatia and Croats don't seem to care. Swimming at the beach fully dressed? No problem. Cooling off in a fountain? No one bats an eye.

Croats are based as fuck.

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