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/taiwan/ general.

anyone here right now?
whats the current vibe?
I can go in winter but double guessing myself because of zero covid insanity.
Any Taipei anons here?
Potentially studying abroad there for a year but I come from a bigger city with more things to do, will I get bored in Taipei before my year is up? I wanna go but at the same time I'm worried about it not being the right choice for me
For reference I'm into nature, clubbing/gigs, museums/galleries/history etc.

I did a LOT of hiking when I was in Taipei. I joined a group that would meet up outside of an MRT station and follow a guide. Consider doing that on your weekends
>I come from a bigger city with more things to do, will I get bored in Taipei before my year is up
It's bigger than all but 2 US cities, in terms of population. I think you'd have a good time.

You can also rent a scooter and circumnavigate the island.
God lord. How is Taiwan for coomers ?
Any taiwanons try betel? Like consume the whole thing, not just take pics for instagram.
okay i want a fat taiwanese bitch on the dick rn. never was interested in going but thats all changed
also curious and nice dubs
did ya get a scholarship?
>okay i want a fat taiwanese bitch on the dick rn.
Never thought I wanted this, but yes
Thanks anons, fwiw I think being in a smaller/quieter/more lokey place like Taipei for a year would do me good, my city is pretty hostile due to how big it is so being somewhere more friendly/homely would be nice
If the change in environment overwhelms me I can always just fly to Tokyo/Seoul/HK for a weekend, but I'm sure I'll be fine because Taipei looks super cool
No but college pays for it iirc
File: 1621438871369.jpg (123 KB, 820x1200)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>a smaller/quieter/more lokey place like Taipei
taipei has a population of two and a half million people. it is a city densely packed with people, cars and noise. it is neither small nor quiet.
of course if you live in e.g. new york or london it might seem like it, i guess.
>if you live in e.g. new york or london it might seem like it
Yeah that's the kind of place I'm coming from which is why I wanted to know what anons thought about my predicament
Also in other Taiwan threads anons have mentioned that the conformist culture means there's a lack of varied subcultures which I was worried about desu
is thailand the only asian country open to americans right now? japan is looking like at earliest spring 2022. anyone know how seoul is looking like at the moment? i know they're covid numbers are going up but are they on the same japan track or even worse?
damn scratch thailand, you gotta quarantine for 2 weeks and have specific health insurance...strange. seoul is also open but with a quarantine as well. jeez.
Taiwan is like a nice version of China.
Taiwan is peak Asia, doesn't get any better.
10/10 would recommend
File: gongguanriverside.jpg (136 KB, 660x495)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
used to live there for 3 years. Honestly,a year is more than enough no matter where you're going. If it's your first time going abroad long term, you probably won't get bored. Taipei is huge and it can be tricky to find all the cool spots without some kind of guide showing you around, and even then one person will only show you one aspect of the city they prefer. First thing i'd suggest you is to buy a used bike or peruse the city u-bikes and get to ride around the city which is pretty much made for cyclists.

you got plenty of museums to visit within taipei, and some others across the country ! A lot of foreign student would be eager to visit them too so go ahead. I'm guessing you're probably going to NTU, so if you're living around Gongguan, i suggest you start with CKS memorial, which basically gives you the context around who Chiang Kai shek is (huge circlejerk btw). On the other hand, the national palace museum is a top tier museum.


Everyone gets the memo once they're there, but 101 clubs are great. My favorite used to be Wave. Fun fact : a lot of clubs are open bar, so you just pay an entry fee and you can get free booze on the house all night.


Gay bars behind the Red House in Ximen for those interested (this is also where you can find condoms your size), and great bars overall in 101. Most students will just go to a 711, buy some booze and chill not far from it.

Also, try Gongguan's riverside parks, they've got bar stands out in the open, but the whole set up is protected by the giant bridges up there (pic related). It was my favorite place, very comfy, especially during rainy winter days.

Honestly, it's "quiet" in the sense that people are doing their own thing, minding their own business, and the majority of taipeiers are just commuters that come from the rest of the island and want nothing to do with the urban life in taipei.
Most people who say that have never been to either China, Taiwan, or both.

Taiwan has as much to do with China than it China has to do with Japan or Korea.

They're not the same people, they don't have (for the most part) the same education or mentality, the cities just look completely different. China still has a third world country mentality going for most of the country, whereas everyone in taipei, kaohsiung and taichung behave have grown beyond the "hustler" mentality. Which isn't a good or a bad thing, but it does lack some of that bustling energy you can find in some cities in China or even Hong Kong.

It's not necessarily better or "nicer", it is its own things, with its own pros and cons.
how did you find that group?
South Korea would like a word
>South Korea would like a word
Korea is pretty good, but I could see Taiwan topping it for many people, especially if they're looking for lower cost of living and scooter culture
should i go right now?
i would have to quarantine for 14 days and the mask are outdoor enforced.
You clearly have no idea wtf you saying because as someone who went to both countries are speaks the language they are very similar. Sure they are different in many aspects too but if I had to pick one country that was the most similar to China it would be Taiwan.
Taiwan is boring compared to China. Too small and everyone there just complains about how the job and housing market sucks. It seems anybody who's a somebody in Taiwan goes overseas for education or work.
yeah, why the fuck not ?
>You clearly have no idea wtf you saying because as someone who went to both countries are speaks the language they are very similar.

i had a stroke trying to read this sentence, but i'll assume you meant that you went to both countries and speak mandarin. If that's the case you're actually retarded, because speaking the same language doesn't mean you're similar at all, e.g the UK and USA.

they have a divergent history of almost a hundred years, their own ethnic groups, and are insulated from the mainland. China has more to do with Vietnam than it does with Taiwan.

This whole "Taiwan is China but better" is a very political take from people who've never been to China nor Taiwan, but just know that "china bad taiwan good" and so feel obligated to spit this kind of bullshit.

Ironically not realizing that a lot of Taiwanese deeply believe that they're not just an offshoot of China but an actual, sovereign nation with its own history, its own specificities, cultures and values. Taiwan isn't a "better" China, it's Taiwan.
the housing market does suck if you're buying, but if you're renting, the prices are ridiculous. You'd basically pay NYC prices for real estate, but rent would be a fifth of what you'd pay in NYC. Then again i get that renting can be considered a waste of money, so i'll let you be the judge on that.

Personnally, my money is on a housing estate in the next twenty years. Even then, i think i'd rather buy some property some place else.

>job market

on that i kinda have to disagree depending on the fields. Taiwan is one of the rare STEM oriented country due to its industry, in East and West asia, the other ones being basically Japan and China. If you're looking for a fintech Hong Kong or Singapore offer way more opportunities.

>anybody who's a somebody in taiwan goes overseas for education or work

A lot of them go to NA or education such as masters or phds , but that's because of the US worship happening in the region, hence most of the taiwanese diaspora located there. Taiwanese salaries aren't particularly high compared to what one might get if he goes to the US, especially since taiwanese and american education systems are pretty much equivalent but taiwanese are just better at STEM. Also, if you're a taiwanese national, estate is going to be a problem if you don't have a second citizenship due to the issues mentioned earlier, and ownership is litterally what gets them married and gets them sex.

A foreigner in taiwan gets the best of both worlds. If you're working in an MNC and you're paid an american salary to live in taiwan you're a literal God, and you can always purchase real estate in your country of origin as an investment.
File: 1631471518902.jpg (900 KB, 2667x4000)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
Im worried that taiwan will go into hardcore lockdown over a delta outbreak and Ill be stuck in my apartment learning over a fucking webcam.
taiwans zero covid idea is unrealstiic long term and Im not sure how well they're going to react when they see 100 plus cases. for example like vietnam rn
little typo there my bad, i meant "my money is on a housing crash in the next twenty years". the situation there is truly ridiculous.

Taiwan has already started its vaccination campaign, it's going very fast now, and chances are they will be a lot more compliant than us westerners, meaning you might have one, possibly 2-month long lockdown at most in your 1 year stay this winter and that's it. By february/january, pretty much everyone would be vaccinated.
This being said Covid is part of our lives now, and so is online learning, the sooner you accept that, the better it'll be for you anyway. Enjoy the country when you can, have fun with foreign students at home when you can't, and be thankful you didn't have to *stay* in your home country and take the classes from there. my foreign exchange in NTU was probably my best life experience so far. Not only do you meet taiwanese people, but people from all over the world, and chances are they're the ones you'll be hanging out with.

>taiwans zero covid idea is unrealstiic long term and Im not sure how well they're going to react when they see 100 plus cases. for example like vietnam rn

hence the vaccination, but do keep in mind they're not big on tourism like vietnam, and are pretty much insulated from the rest of the world. As long as everyone respects quarantine and pilots keep their dicks in their trousers for 7 days (and judging from the recent events, i guess that's asking too much), they don't risk much.
They literally have a gay neighbourhood what are you on about

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