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Going to Brussels, any tips and recommendations?
What are the best brothels there? I don't go to red windows any more, and prefer brothels, but I hear that they're not called brothels, and instead they're called erotic massage parlors or something. Is that true?
It's shit.
I wouldn't go there if you paid me.
Now tell us how you really feel
Imagine one of the ghettos around Paris, had incest inbreeding and a silly accent, and you got Brussels.
Belgian here, just take the train everyday and go to any other Belgian city. Brugge, Ghent, Leuven or Antwerp.

Brugge or Antwerp for history
Leuven and Ghent (overpoort) are good for partying. Leuven is the oxford of Belgium and a real student party hub.

Idk about the rest, but Antwerp has a red light district in the "schipperskwartier". Brussels has it to. But it is so close to Brussel North station, i would not dare venture there.
i don't know about brothels as you describe them though.
belgium is in a far better state than france. its not totally overrun by nigs and NEA's chimping out and raping everyone. france may as well just rename itself new algeria its such a shit hole
You can just pick up Romanian hookers on the Louisalaan though don't need to go to the district
Ok, so There's a redlight district in the north. But i would generally avoid the north of brussels. Best places would be central and the region of Ixelles. Avoid Molenbeek, Kuregem, Evere, Schaarbeek. Those are just banlieue, the red light district is there though.

But if you want prostiutes there are girls scattered on the Louizalaan (Avenue Louise), you can just talk to them and bring them to your hotel.

The massage parlors are run by old asians and the best you'll get there is a handjob
None of which is relevant to me as a tourist.

What's the north station like? Why do you both recommend against it?

>Antwerp has a red light district in the "schipperskwartier"
Is it better than what I can find in Brussels? Does it have brothels?

>Best places would be central and the region of Ixelles
When you say "central", central of what?
I keep googling brothels, and they all come up in Ixelles, lol. Definitely will be going there.

I'm staying at a hostel near gare du midi, so I guess that will make travel easy.
yeah that's a good stay. The hookers district in brussel is run down and there are many arabs/morrocans in the north. The one in Antwerp is better though. Central i just mean the Grand Place and streets surrounding it (the tourist centrum). If you pass by train through the north station you can see the brothels from in the train, so check them out. But in Ixelles there aren't really open brothels you can use http://www.redlights.be to find a private one though if you want.
>many arabs/morrocans in the north
So they can't tell that I'm a tourist... B)

>Central i just mean the Grand Place and streets surrounding it
How can I find brothels there? Google doesn't show me anything.

>But in Ixelles there aren't really open brothels
What do you mean? Do they go by other names or something?
>So they can't tell that I'm a tourist... B)
yeah you can check it out it's safe, just run down

>How can I find brothels there? Google doesn't show me anything.
There aren't any, there are some asian massage parlors where they give you a handjob (not sure for sex) but the ladies arn't that attractive

>What do you mean? Do they go by other names or something?
The brothels are licensed and just restricted to a neighbourhoud (the north) So in the rest of brussels there aren't any open (legal) brothels. Like i said there are hookers on the louizalaan, and really hot ones, you can ask maybe they have a place to go. That's next to Ixelles. Or find a hooker who works from home on redlights. But you're not going to see the window prositution except for the restricted neighbourhood in the north
Setting aside sex tourism for a sec, what else to do in Brussels? I'm not into partying/clubbing, btw.
Bump >>2062523
go to bars and cafes, if you want to meet other tourists i recommend delirium in the center, i always made a group of friends for the night whenever i went there, if that doesnt sound good go to cafes in place rouppe and chatelain, the latter also has some nice art nouveau houses, imo anywhere around parvis de saint gilles and commune de saint gilles is great to hang out in. if you strike up a conversation you can make friends quite easily people are usually open to foreigners especially on a night out.

other than getting drunk, i am not sure what i would recommend, i dont know if they still have the carnival near gare du midi now, used to be a bit of an attraction for me seeing all kinds of people wasting their money on garbage. on the same not gare du nord is not really sketchy, these people saying so are pussies, it doesnt get dark until around 10.30 pm anyway just go and have a look, but last i checked from my train window the brothels were still closed.

all in all just take the tourist pill and get drunk with locals in cafes and in parks, parc du forest has a nice guingette same as het parc in the center, the latter also has a radio station there that plays live music sometimes. the pond at bois de la cambre is also very nice with on such a summer day as this.

at place flagey they usually have open air or terasse parties in the evening its a good trip to start at parvis de saint gilles and move there through chatelain also this route happens to be one of the prettiest parts of the city.

marolles is kinda cool they have a second hand market everyday except thrusdays or sundays i think i dont remember which,

around cimetiere d'ixelles is a student bar area but dont know if it will be full since the schools are closed and all the fleminngs and walloons are mostly in their home towns.

if interested in museums skip the royal museum there wasnt really good imo instead go to galleries around avenue de louise and in forest
You clearly never been to Brussels
Pay for overpriced food
Thanks for the tips, dawg
Based Brusseleir.
The second hand market in Place Jeu de Balle is open every day, however since COVID deals are not so good.

I'd say go to Parvis de Saint Gilles to meet locals. People is friendly, if you're not a cunt you'll surely make some friends. Brussels is a very international city so we're used to talk with foreigners

Visit the Magritte Museum, the house of european history (Eu propaganda for free) and if you're interested in Art Nouveau, there are quite a lot of nice houses such as the Maison Autrique.
One last bum

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