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File: asdad.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
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Have any of you gone post-COVID? Are things open? Is it worth going?
or maybe just go to Florida
Coworker of mine just went to Florida and said it was really nice
Hawaii is literally a cutout of Indiana/midwest US shit floating in the pacific. DO NOT GO

Literally went to both last month. I much prefer hawaii but I lived there for a while so I'm probably biased. San Juan is crimeridden shithole surrounded buy picturesque beaches though.
Hawaii is a crime ridden shithole too. I thought I knew meth problems until I visited hawaii. They breath meth like oxygen
Go to Maui.
You're not wrong but it's mostly petty theft in tourist hotspots. Don't leave your car parked somewhere like sharks cove or crouching lion and you'll probably be fine. There is also a ton of meth, but it's less apparent if you stay away from places like Waianae.
>Do you have money and willing to spend it regardless of value?
>Do you have some money but wanting to get the most out of it?

Only reason to go to Hawaii is for the name, PR is where you go for cheaper shit and you just want the beaches+drinks.
never been to either but have a flight booked for june to honolulu

honestly i find what you say hard to believe as i know plenty of ppl that went to both islands and from their pictures, hawaii looks infinitely better than PR. granted thats only based on someones insta posts but still.... Hawaii looks beautiful AF, thats why i picked it. guess ill find out if im right or not
Okay enjoy your 10 day quarantine that PR doesn't have
are you some kind of retard or something ?
you dont have to quarantine if u test negative 72 hrs prior... and if my test were to come back positive , i made sure every flight and hotel etc i got had either free cancelation or no fees to change to a later date
File: 1598563703802.jpg (12 KB, 189x189)
12 KB
the 72HR PCR test only takes you to 10 days from 14,

They only allow you to board with a negative test, and will take 4 days off your self quarantine. They are still in talks of when to actually enact skipping the line for a further date, nothing confirmed.

Enjoy your 10 day stay in a hotel anon
yup.. i was right. you are in fact some kind of retard. or a troll only "pretending" to be retarded, which is even worse

taken from your own article which i skimmed over and found what i needed in less than 2 seconds

'Currently, the state requires visitors to test negative within 72 hours of departure — via an approved testing partner — to avoid a 10-day self-quarantine"
the fuck are you talking about
>tropical fruits
>fresh sea food
oh yeah very Indiana/midwest
Puerto Rico is a shithole. Old San Juan is beautiful but you can see and do everything there in about two hours. The island is crime ridden and disgusting and dangerous and honestly not worth the visit. You're better off going to a tropical island where you don't need to keep your wallet in your front pocket.
Puerto Rico is not dangerous at all faggot lmao
Going next week will let you know how it goes if thread survives.
The sources you linked explicitly state a negative COVID-19 PCR test will exempt you from quarantine.
San Juan is literally #16 in the world by murder rate you cumguzzling faggot.
I was literally there a week ago. You upload a negative test taken within 72 hours of your flight to hawaii and they give you a QR code to scan at the airport and skip quarantine.
File: IMG_20200617_110508232.jpg (151 KB, 756x567)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I live in Hawaii, specifically Oahu. AMA.
US virgin islands vs Hawaii? Im on the east coast so I dont want to fly all the way to Hawaii unless its that much better
What part? Maui here. Been thinking how fucked i'd be if a tsunami from the Cascadia or San Andreas earthquake hits us. Don't think I could make it to high ground in time even with a 4x4 Tacoma. I heard Oahu has more blatant, organize crime with the Big Island being THE hotspot since its more out in the boonies.

PS: I highly advise anyone to go to google maps and drop the little guy anywhere in Oahu and thats what Hawaii in like for non tourist areas.
Holy fuck why is this so common. Why do ppl post some random article without reading it? I see this shit daily on here, coomerbook, reddit, Twitter, fucking everywhere. It bothers me so much you lazy pieces of self indulgent shit.

Apartments in Hawaii look pretty cheap compared to SF or LA, what's the catch?
Oahu is the worst. It's the island most likely to remind you of strip malls and urban sprawl. Traffic is horrendous. Worst locals, most homeless, worst travelers.

I can't comment on PR, but if you're going to Hawaii you should pick any other island besides Oahu. I've been to them all and it's only the westside of Maui (Kihei specifically) for me from now on. Generally sunny all the time, far less wind, pretty dry. You can manage the locals and their shitty attitudes by just avoiding, as it's not packed like Oahu. You can go south of Kihei and find any type of beach you want and have some privacy (you know, if you're a typical /trv autist).
I went to Dominican Republic the end of Febuary. No quarantine required. only had to take a coof test to get back into the US. I spent less than $1500 over 6 days and smashed about a dozen and a half chocolate nippled chicas while I was there for $42 a pop.
not once did I feel concerned for my safety and I got shitfaced drunk and wondered around aimlessly in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Sosua. 10/10 would recommend and look forward to going back.
Yeah pic related is the headquarters for the biggest criminal organization in the state. They operate out in the open and have stolen millions from people.
The quality is most likely shit and utilities are really expensive. Another issue is that while apartments may be cheaper than places like LA, SF, or NYC, the pay for most jobs is much lower than in those places and public transportation is kind of shit here.
Hawaii is a big tourist trap and will suck the money right out of your pocket. it does have it's spots (Pearl Harbor, Waikiki) but that's about it.
PR is pretty much the same only a little cheaper. Still crowded, still dirty amd lots of people.
Try something off the track, Aruba, Bermuda, etc.
Hawaii is far more developed on any of the islands, US VI is going to be cheaper for you but a lot less asians and more carribeans. Also keep in mind they drive on the left in the Virgin Islands.

People who compare Hawaii to PR are fucking stupid. Hawaii is a multi-island chain with almost every geological zone there is. You can go to the top of Mauna Kea or Loa and there could be fucking snow. You can go to Hawaii and have the adventure of a lifetime never setting foot on sand. And the people who say Hawaii is a meth-ridden shithole, did you just beeline it to Waianae and stay there for a week? Born and raised I know where the shit places are, and they're pretty contained.
are you the same fuckhead that keeps posting a Hawaii general on /pol/ regardless, yea, thats corrupt. People starting to realize that the light rail shit is scam and it will never be fully operational so those constructions companies always have a full revenue stream from the govenment. Same with the super ferry, I was a teen back then but I could tell the regional airlines companies pulled some shit outta their ass to get it shut down; woulda been great to take day trips to oahu and chill at ala moana and pearl ridge.
the nice areas a pretty contained you mean. Everywhere else is basically a tropical midwest; and thats an anecdote from a friend who moved from the midwest to get stationed on Oahu. In my earlier post I said to just go on google maps, just streetview anywhere on oahu and thats what Hawaii is like for everyone that lives there.
I don't start generals, but I am more than willing to share my mind in them. If anything, I am the guy who says the only good thing about Hawaii is the mature Japanese women.
oh explain, I'm curious about the degenerate shit in Oahu, just moved back to maui and I've never even seen a strip club here.
It's so dangerous some restaurants keep their doors locked during operating hours and they have to buzz in customers like a prison. I wonder how many gringos got robbed at machete point before they decided to install those doors.

What are you, some beaner who runs an Air BnB from your iguana infested shithole?
Well right now, there isn't too much since there are hardly any Japanese tourists coming here. Strip clubs and massage parlors have been closing up left and right for the past few years. Same with night clubs and hostess bars. Last night I went to my favorite hostess bar and some dude there was dropping a lot of cash because he pulled a trading card that starts at $15,000. He even bought everyone, including me, like five shots.
Hawaii is the best spot in the world... if your not poor
Nah. Even if you have money, some things are just unavailable out here.
There are a lot more whites in Hawaii than in Puerto Rico...if that matters (ie, crime, customer service, reliability). Also: White girls in Hawaii are much more physically active than not just PR, but every state in the Union. Just sayin'...
I'm arriving tomorrow. Negative COVID test came through. Safe Travel's document upload system is automated, but the AI auto-rejects certain providers (mine was walgreens). I had to call into the help desk and they manually corrected it. They suggested to bring a hard copy as well.
I'm thinking about moving out to Hawaii closer to the end of the year (around October) but I don't know anyone there. I was planning on staying in an Airbnb for a while so I can search for work/a permanent apartment. Is this realistic?

I speak fluent Japanese, have a master's degree, and have hotel management experience if that helps.
Puertofag here, born and raised.
>Have you gone post covid?
of course
>Are things open?
Until 9PM, we've got a recent executive order from the governor forcing a curfew at 9PM with a nice fine for anyone caught outside afterwards. Bars will close their doors early (some around 7pm) so that no new guests come to rack up delays for them to close and drive home within curfew regulations.
>PR doesnt have a 10 day quarantine
But we have a 9PM curfew for every single day plus a newly enacted $500 fine you get on arrival that you can only get waived after getting a PCR test within three days of arriving.
>PR is a shithole
100% true
>Old SJ is beautiful but seen in 2 hours
True, but then you'd miss out on Saturday bar nights.
>disgusting, crime ridden and dangerous
also very true, though touristy areas are not really dangerous.
>16th murder rate globally
Only because it includes the shittiest parts of SJ like Rio Piedras. Old SJ and Condado won't have anywhere near the same crime problem. Our government wanted to be non classist and put literal ghettos right next to anywhere worth anything. Stay away from ghettos and youre fine. Old SJ is extremely safe, except if you go to La Perla. Find out where the no go's are and you'll be fine.
>locked restaurant doors
I remember you from the other thread, you didn't do your due diligence and stayed in sketchy Luquillo with a retard who didn't tell you he lives in sketchville. The locked door with a buzzer is practically exclusive to that one restaurant.
>how many gringos got robbed by machete
We are an american territory, we use guns for 95% of all murder.
>People who compare PR to Hawaii are stupid
What's it like not knowing that PR is also an island chain (Vieques, Culebra, Caja de Muerto, Mona, Monito) that also has almost every geological zone there is (beaches, rainforest, desert tier dry forest, mountains, ocean trench north of SJ)...
>>2008893 (Cont.)
In case anyone is interested the executive order ends in 4 days but if you kept up with the last year's endless session of them its likely that its going to be renewed and how ridiculous it gets is unpredictable (they literally banned the sale of liquor on sat/sun back in the decemeber-jan order). The current EO states that:
>10PM curfew with everything shutting down at 9PM
>max capacity of 30% for any bar/restaurant, business, medical offices, etc.
>hotel common areas and restaurants also have the same curfew ban so no late night swims at the pool
>malls must be limited to 1 person per 75sq. ft.
>crowding in beaches/bars/clubs is forbidden
>boats forbidden to anchor within 200 feet of a beach
>this is happening despite having administered 1.2M first doses of vaccine and 650k second doses for an island with a population of 3.5M people

The fine is actually $300, not $500 but its still pretty dumb and we can't jail people for unpaid fines according to our constitution so you can essentially ignore the ticket entirely.

If you want a vacation to just lounge around at the beach and drink all day then PR is pretty bang for buck. Our rum is some of the best in the world (Don Q and Ron de Barrilito are must haves, fuck bacardi), the local beer is trash though. Look into staying in La Parguera for the bioluminescent bay, Wyndham Rio Mar at Rio Grande or rent an apartment at Palmas del Mar in Humacao (one that includes a golf cart). Oh and you'll need to rent a car to get around.
Airbnb's are pretty much banned out here. The hotels lobbied the government to shut them down. Also no matter what qualifications you have, a local with connections will always have the upper hand in getting a job. The hotel industry has not fully reopened, especially the parts catering to foreign tourists such as the Japanese. The Japanese can come to Hawaii, but they face a quarantine when they return home. This has lead them not to come for the most part. Also if pic related becomes governor in the upcoming election, the entire state of Hawaii is 100% fucked. He already fucked Honolulu so hard it may never recover.
I already found some places that rent out monthly rooms already though. Overpriced but better than nothing.

I realize that locals have a huge advantage over people sending off applications from overseas but surely it's not impossible to find a single hotel job in the entire state?
File: COL.png (42 KB, 674x793)
42 KB
Beware of scams. Also getting a job is not that hard. Getting a good one is. Hawaii wages are shit when looking at the cost of living. Tourism may not bounce back for years so I would just be wary of trying to enter the industry. What makes you want to come to Hawaii?
I won't get murdered in Hawaii. End of story.
>hostess bar
Wait those exist in Hawaii
Yes. Nowadays most of them are Korean, but there are still a few Japanese ones around.
Hmm it was on airbnb's website with some good reviews but I guess I can double-check. I have enough money to rent an apartment but I heard that landlords don't rent to people without a physical presence there.

I've been living in Japan for years so the low wages/high cost of living is something I'm completely used to now. Wages in Hawaii are still way more than what I'd be making in Tokyo if I decided to stay here. I'm interested in Hawaii because I'd like to work in a place where I can use Japanese and English at my job, and culturally it seems like a good midpoint.
I wouldn't say Hawaii is a midpoint. It has aspects of Japanese culture for sure, but it really is one big hodgepodge of Asia, America and other Pacific Islands culturally. A lot of the Japanese population has been Americanized for generations. A lot are descended from plantation workers like pic related. I am not joking when I say that I have seen a local Japanese guy wearing a confederate bandana and a Miller light shirt with the sleeves cut off while driving an El Camino. Working for a Japanese company's North American headquarters may be a better choice if you want to use both languages.
Not necessarily Japan but Asian culture in general is something I'm interested in. I'm not expecting just a Japanese colony, but a place with an international feel and good seafood. Probably just being stubborn but none of the mainland cities like LA or Seattle seemed attractive to me at all.
If you had a negative test in the Safe Travels you will get a QR code to bypass screening at Honolulu. The airlines in the continental US (west coast primarily) will screen and give a wristband. Otherwise they double check the negative result at Honolulu.
Hey, man.

>PR is a shithole
>100% true

Would you recommend going there this summer? Perhaps to explore and backpack around the island? I'd be by myself with about $5000 or so. Or is this not a good idea for this year because of the curfew?

I was supposed to go PR last summer (planned back in 2019). Obviously couldn't.
Want to go this summer, but am still unsure and I need to figure this out very soon!

Any help you give me, or anyone else, will be incredibly appreciated.

I am so fucking lost as to what to do this summer, I'm mentally fatigued. I can't stay in like I did last summer, I'm done working for now and I need somewhere to go.

And I can't leave the U.S. :(
>Would you recommend going?
Depends on what you're after. I'd say to wait until the 10th and check if the executive order will be renewed or not because that will affect your stay A LOT. IF it's not renewed and curfew ends then jump in asap and focus on doing nightlife things before exploration.
>id be by myself with about $5k, wanna explore and backpack around
For that money, how long are you planning on staying? You will also NEED a car to get around, there is no such thing as public transport (stfu, buses are unreliable and sketchy as hell) and uber costs will add up quickly.

I'd recommend 2-3 weeks vacation after factoring in costs of sleep and car rental. You've got the active tourism vs beach bum tourism to pick from. For more active stuff go to El Yunque, Cliff dive in Las Tinajas, Guanica's Dry Forest Hiking, there's also a group that will take you through bosque estatal de rio abajo (southern river state forest). If you wanna go for serious hikes then La Cordillera Central is your best bet, highest peak in PR. Outside of the major spots like this, there's not a lot and most are surrounded by middle of nowhere towns so plan accordingly.

Beach bum life takes a different turn of events, you either roadtrip to multiple or stop and stay in one. If near san juan then Ocean Park beach, bring a cooler with ice and drinks. Rio Grande is beach resort central. Palmas del Mar at Humacao has rougher beaches but a safer/wealthier lifestyle and experience. Do your shopping in Humacao and bring it into the gigantic complex (rent an apt that includes a golf cart rather than staying at their hotel), stash a cheapo cooler with ice and booze and then relax. Roadtrips possible to northwest for the pozitas and mar chiquita. Extra hassle mode is to ferry and go to Culebra and hit up Flamenco beach (i think they do tent rentals for your RealTraveler Experience) but be aware everything will cost more because lel import taxes on import taxes.
>>2009742 (cont.)
More beach roadtrips include Caja de Muerto which you'll need to book a ferry in advance but is less of a hassle than going to Culebra. Daytrip though because the place is uninhabited. It's also caribbean sea instead of atlantic so smooth sailing and crystal clear waters vs darker but wavy. Dorado has some resorts but beaches are not my preference.

A must do is an overnight at la parguera, rent a place on the water to swim and get a tour of the bioluminescent bay at night (make sure that it will let you take a dip in the bay).

For general stops: Old San Juan is bar hop central saturday nights, La Placita is friday night hangout (hit up La Penultima and Jungle Bird). Casa de Montecristo is your best cigar lounge by far. Outside of Old SJ, Condado/Placita and the malls there's not much for tourists to go to besides beach and nature.

Foodwise, try any stuffed mofongo (plain sucks, stuffed is GOAT), whole fried snapper, hit up El Cuñao in the mountains for lechon, morcillas, longaniza and extras like rice and gandules (beans) or tostones and amarillos. Yucca is a must try if you find a place that will oven roast it with butter/oil. Tripleta sandwiches are a drunks best friend, recommend getting one in old sj after drinks at a food truck west of the cruise ships.

Stay in Condado if you're planning on being in the metro area (especially because condado is walkable) and you can uber to old san juan for cheap from there. For the rest of your stay, find an airbnb close to what you're doing for the day and rent car for any days you leave condado/old san juan area.
To wrap up, regarding safety you really wanna stick to touristy areas which is why I recommended what I did. Watch the streetview of these spots and tell me if you spot the difference in ghettoism:


versus this which is just a few streets away from the University of PR at Rio Piedras: https://www.google.com/maps/@18.3999483,-66.0473717,3a,75y,78.28h,74.77t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sbVqK8hV_MnWF7j3poUjIyg!2e0!6shttps:%2F%2Fstreetviewpixels-pa.googleapis.com%2Fv1%2Fthumbnail%3Fpanoid%3DbVqK8hV_MnWF7j3poUjIyg%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D199.48494%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656

They both kinda look shitty, but one is visibly shittier than the other. Isla Verde has a similar issue but on a different scale where you have beachfront condos separated a street away (technically a high way but still literally one street distance) from lower income housing: https://www.google.com/maps/@18.4423108,-66.0267146,3a,75y,16.36h,96.28t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sbuMxiXOFtXVpuRLNQzzYEg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

This is why, for the most part, you stick to Condado, Old San Juan, touristy hiking spots and then beach bum it until youre gone. Apparently, Wyndham Candelero Beach is cheap af right now, if they let you rent a golf cart then its essentially a really good deal to beach bum it in high class (seriously, just google map the area). Culebra is guaranteed safe because tourism is essentially their entire economy. Research the fajardo ferry and how to grab tickers if you want to go there, must stay overnight and plan the return too or else its not worth.

Wow. You are amazing for all of this. Thank you for typing this out, you are a damn bro.

Okay, I am going to more thoroughly read all of this once I'm done with my shift. This gets me incredibly excited. It looks like it comes down to the executive order being renewed or not determining whether or not I'll go then. What's great is that you are saying almost the exact same thing as my Puerto Rican barber, who goes down every month himself. Damn, thank you, gracias.
I've got a full copypasta I wrote up since PR gets posted occasionally, its got more detail and recs and since you're set on going I'll post it for you.
>my pr barber says the same things youre saying!
duh, im not lying bitch
Social life runs on a schedule, go to old san juan (vsj) on a friday and it's going to be empty and all tourists, go there on saturday however and its flooded with locals.La placita is the same way on fridays.
For airbnb, your best bets will be vsj for muh history and saturday barhopping, condado for a more modernized walkable area with beachfront and casinos, close drive and somewhat long walk to la placita though its doable. Rincon if you want to surf. Rio Grande beach house airbnb if you want to beach bum it. To really explore, you'll want a night at La Parguera (plus tour) for the bioluminescent bay and a ferry or flight to Culebra (fuck vieques) for Flamenco Beach. Daytrip to Ponce or Salinas to go to Caja de Muerto on a ferry. Also obligatory drive to El Yunque rainforest. You can ferry to Culebra from Fajardo, find out how to ferry ticket effectively cause it's a nightmare since tickets are cheap af.
If you can't into spanish, emphasize keywords in english. We use spanglish so tons of english words are incorporated into spanish sentences. No one will ask you for an encendedor, they will ask you for a "lightel"(lighter, local dialect replaces word ending R's with L's for some words)
>Thursday Club Brava if you're into clubbing
>La Placita (Friday night)
Notable bars to check here are Jungle Bird and La Penultima. Tasca el pescador for seafood, Santaella for local and great (but pricey) food/drinks.
>Old San Juan (Saturday)
La Factoria is a great bar (23+ to enter) with additional "speakeasy" bars if you walk past the saloon doors. Casa de Montecristo is a top tier cigar lounge with one of the best bars in the island. La Cubanita is right next to La factoria and is just as good. La verguenza is more dive bar but has 3 floors and nice views. La taberna lupulo is a beer hall with an open air indoor patio you can smoke and drink at. Big local beers are trash, avoid Medalla and Magna, stick to Ocean Labs or FOK brews for better local beer. Dining in VSJ is varied and depends on what you're in the mood for, yelp it up to decide since there's too many recs for this. Do not go to La Perla or you risk being robbed, it's the high crime area of vsj and a literal historic ghetto though its mostly safe to visit during big events like Las Calles de San Sebastian.
>El Yunque Rainforest
Book in advance now because covid, go in a swimsuit for the waterfall dips, bring water and some snacks + backpack. On the way out, get lunch or dinner at La Parrilla at los kioskos de luquillo (luquillo kiosks). It's the only one worth going to there and don't recommend staying much longer after. Luquillo has nice beaches, but is a lot more impoverished and sketchy.
>Rio Grande
Beach resorts galore. St. Regis is top tier and they have beach apts and golf carts you can rent but its pricey. Wyndham Rio Mar is a more affordable hotel, but you may be better off renting a beach house/apt there to save cash.
>Palmas del mar
Alternative to RG for beach bumming with a beach house. Rougher beaches but much more upscale, extremely safe area but pricey. Make sure your rental includes a golf cart to get around in.
Palmas del mar @ Humacao is nice and essentially its own little world. It's got everything you need to never leave but that makes it pricey, go to town, stock up on food, booze and a cheapo cooler and beach bum it for days. Very family oriented and overall very relaxed with security roaming everywhere.
Rich people vacation homes similar to Palmas and hosts the only 6 star hotel on the island if you want to go all out with money spending. The beaches here are not my favorite because they are too soft for my taste since I like rougher waves.
More beach bumming with emphasis on surfing, it is THE spot to surf at. Literally nothing else to do here besides drink and swim.
>La Parguera
Beach bumming with houses on top of the water. Get a kayak or a boat tour to the bioluminescent bay and if you roll boat tour, make sure they let you take a dip in the water. best on nights with little moonlight. 45 min drive from Ponce if you want to see the "southern capitol" of PR.
>Culebra or Vieques
Fajardo ferry can take you there, must go very early morning and prices will rise as those islands have no sustainability without the main PR island. Culebra has better beaches, Vieques has a bioluminescent bay. Whichever you prefer is up to you, I'd say go Culebra.
>Caja de Muerto
Day trip on a ferry leaving from either Ponce or Salinas. BYOB/Food/Water. Uninhabited island means only boatfags can access and it's Caribbean Sea for flat and crystal clear water.
1. La cuevita del mar/Cayo Caribe, one of the original owners of cuevita split and made cayo, both are excellent seafood restaurants. Seafood mofongo best start. Mofongo is a plaintain bowl filled with meat/fish/chicken and topped with garlic or creole sauce, staple in cuisine. As a side dish, its served plain and is not as good as stuffed.
2. La Parrilla @ Luquillo is your best bet for humongous lobster or my personal favorite, whole fried snapper. This should be your go to stop after a day of hiking at the rainforest or a must visit if you stay at Rio Grande.
3. El Cuñao is a restaurant in the mountains near Cayey, go here for tons of local dishes but most notably Lechon (whole pork skewered on a rod and roasted over a fire, then served piece by piece). Morcillas (Blood sausage stuffed with rice and spices), longaniza (Spanish style sausage), Arroz con gandules (Rice and beans), Amarillos (fried sweet instead of salty plantain) are all good here, and the drive is quite nice.
4. Sandwich Shops: Kasalta in Condado and La Ceiba near Plaza las Americas mall are good, though I prefer La Ceiba for local sandwiches, big dessert menu and the spanish dishes they offer though it's more out of the way. After a night of drinking in VSJ, at the bottom streets west of the cruise docks go grab a Tripleta from a food truck (pork, ham and chicken/steak/sausage sandwich).
5. Bottles - Near plaza guaynabo, top tier dining, expensive af but its family style so you get portions for a family of 4 when you order. Lots of wine as well, make a reservation.
6. La Lanterna - NY 5 star tier dining in VSJ. Italian restaurant. Will tie with bottles for most expensive but portions will not be as huge. MUST reserve to get in.
7. Calle Loiza (Condado) is ghettoish, but has great restaurants all over. In Condado, La bodeguita de manolo is great. Jauja is pretty good for a food truck.
8. Lote 23 is a good spot for food/hangout, has 11 food stands to pick from.
The final tips on what to do/not do to wrap up this long ass effortpost:
>GET A CAR! Without one you are fucked, public transport is nonexistent, uber everywhere gets expensive.
>Do NOT go to the bacardi rum tour, it's shit and we don't even drink Bacardi, we drink Don Q or Ron de Barrilito.
>DO look up if there are Don Q tasting bars still open in VSJ. I know some were years ago, and heard there's still a place that does it.
>Kite flying in El Morro (vsj) is a standard thing almost everyone does during the day, some people sell cheap ones right next to the lawn.
>Warning/Protip: The wall in El Morro is a spot to have sex in late nights, but you run the risk of being caught/having people walk by. People also piss in the alcoves so dont walk into them.
>Rio PIEDRAS is a hangout you want to avoid, filled with students from university of PR but very ghetto area. If you decide to go, I believe it fills up on Thursdays and Club 77 will be your landmark on google maps to the more social side of it. You will be the only tourist here.
>Do go cliff diving in las tinajas near El Yunque Rainforest
>Do jump off the Puente Dos Hermanos (bridge) that connects vsj to condado and swim north then east rather than south into the bay to get back to land.
>If you dont mind a drive, check out Mar Chiquita and Pozas (natural ocean pools) near Arecibo. Can also hike south of Arecibo at Cueva Ventana (Window Cave) with a tour group.
>Plaza las Americas is best spot for shopping, lots of restaurants too.
>Mall of San Juan is more upscale and pretentious with overpriced stores but better restaurants.
>Miramar is sketchy but provides opportunities. Calle Cerra (cerra street) has good restaurants and the small food truck park but you'll spot prostitutes (women and trannies) and expose yourself to some risk of criminality if you go at night. Bar La Unidad is top notch and further west in miramar.
Mamabicho no ayude a los gringos.

File: Proud Native.jpg (19 KB, 404x480)
19 KB
>Mamabicho no ayude a los gringos.

Says the wetback who earns pennies a day transporting coke in his butthole.

Seriously, you are no different than the native Hawaiians. Without tourist money, you are just poor lepers weaving baskets and inbreeding. Help us help you, Chuy.
Literally in Hawaii rn and all I needed to do was take a test before going, fill out their “safe travels” website bullshit, and it’s expedited if you’re vaccinated.


Lol. Here's the thing, Jose, the more "information" you give them, the more "informed" they believe themselves to be and then you end up with fucking faggots driving their rental cars into a crowded La Perla, like what happened with some Detroit niggers last month. Fucking faggot. Let them stay in their hotels, it's not like they can tell the difference.

You don't seem to realize the majority of the people that come here are literally american niggers. We don't want american niggers.

We want more Walmarts and less hotels shitting up our beaches.
>Lol. Here's the thing, Jose, the more "information" you give them
The better vacation they have, which is kind of the point of the board lmao.
>The more "informed" they believe themselves to be and then you end up with fucking faggots driving their rental cars into a crowded La Perla
Did you miss the part where i told him to specifically avoid la perla and spots like rio piedras? Its amazing that you call people niggers when you clearly cant read lmao
>like what happened with some Detroit niggers last month.
Ah yes, because your average /trv/ poster is tyrone and dequan from detroit.
>fucking faggot. Let them stay in their hotels, it's not like they can tell the difference.
If your 84iq ass can tell the difference, they probably can too. Now fuck off to miramar and get a tranny hooker to fuck your ass.
File: thonk.png (33 KB, 200x251)
33 KB
My mom wants to go back to Oahu before she can no longer surf physically, so we're doing that this year.
I plan to hike, do escape rooms, fuck, have extraneous fun, and eat.
How best to do these things?
ur gonna have a great time bro, some of the most incredible natural beauty I've seen. Recommend the pillbox hike and the west side of the island in general for a less touristy vibe. Also def check out the coffee farm in the middle of the island, interesting experience.
You absolute Comerio monkey fuck. You think you're doing them a service, but you're just giving them more things to try to checkmark.

If they DO leave their hotel, which they fucking won't, they'll have a false sense of security, because a nice channer showed them the ropey wopey.

Americans with false senses of security leads to nigger ass situations and more niggers niggering shit up.

Maybe in trying to find el Convento they wander into La Perla. Maybe in trying to find x beach they wander into un Residencial Papa Pepito "El Boss" Guarionex, fockin mamabicho.

Go back to /many/.

American tourists are the dumbest fucking tourists in the cosmos, stop giving them ideas.
>if they do leave their hotel, which they fucking won't
then if they're not gonna leave whats the problem?
>maybe they'll go to la perla trying to find el convento
in what world do you assume your average american doesn't have access to google maps while in US territory?
>maybe they walk into a residencial trying to find a beach
Not if they stick to the beaches I recommended.
>american tourists are the dumbest in the cosmos, stop giving them ideas
what are you even doing on this board if "don't learn anything about where you're going and stay in the hotel" is your go to? You, in this board, are equivalent to the nigger tourists you complain about shitting up PR. Fuck off and kys.This next part is just for you lad:
Executive order was modified, curfew is now at midnight and establishments must close at 11pm.


What happens if you take a retarded fish who is further hobbled by its use of Apps, put him out of water and then give it tips on how to be more daring?

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