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what's a good dog breed to go travelling with?
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Labradoodles and goldendoodles are the best dog breeds. They have the best personalities and are such sweethearts, and they're very outgoing and love the outdoors.

Also, can't wait for all the basedboys to say they're bad. Don't go to a breeder that inbreeds and check out the health history of the parents and grandparents. Also, dog insurance is $35 monthly that covers 80-90% if you're paranoid
Don't travel with dogs faggot. Travel is stressful for animals.
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I've never owned one, but I've known a few poodles that wouldn't be able to stay still in a car for more than an hour on a roadtrip.
>travel is stressful for animals
Ahhh yes canines, the sedentary genus
Truth is some dogs love it, some have mental problems that make it very stressful. My dog always liked going on trips so she could go in rivers and sniff for animals
Personally I'd recommend either a bigger, outdoorsy breed like a hunting dog (I had an English springer spaniel that was just the perfect size and temperament for /out/ travel, as most probably do), or a small toy dog like a yorkie if you're doing more urban or conventional travel.
Flying is not the dog lover's friend. Don't do it, you will regret it when your dog dies a few years earlier than expected, or gets straight up lost in transit.
having a dog somewhere tucked away on a plane out of sight and out of reach seems scary af desu
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Whatever dog whose knot best fits your holes.

Unless you're just talking about car-camping in national parks in the U.S., though, it's stupid to take a dog with you. Countries have quarantine requirements that they do in fact enforce on dogs, and airline travel is scary and sometimes deadly (e.g., unheated or low-pressurized cargo holds) for them.
what the fuck is wrong with americans
do you talk like this online because you're so pathetic in real life?
some kind of working terrier

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