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Canada has mostly stayed open, UK mostly stayed open too despite having it way worse than us. Australia? The only way to travel has been long term and to have your papers stamped by the Gestapo (Border Force).
>UK mostly stayed open too
>UK mostly stayed open too despite having it way worse than us
Literally fucking what? What UK are you talking about? They did a quick re-open then were like aww shit nvm.

The fuck is the point of this thread even?
I think he is mentally ill
The uk has outgoings of over 30k and incoming of 60k per day right now. Australia has dozens maybe
>Canada has mostly stayed open
You wut m8? Fucking Toronto and Montreal have been in full lockdown for over 3 months. Nothing is open outside of grocery stores, fast food shitholes and liquor stores. I literally can't go walk around with friends or else a cop can decide to fine me $1000 for breaking lockdown restrictions. Only major city in Canada that isn't this bad right now is Vancouver but they're not fucking far off.
he means to foreigners entering the country, calm down

if he infact meant the state of affairs here regarding bars, nightclubs, restaurants, museums etc then yes he is mentally retarded
The only foreigners going to UK or Canada right now are either rich idiots or immigrants who had the money saved to come here beforehand. No tourists are going to either places right now nor is anyone leaving except to escape to their properties in Spain or the USA until the restrictions end.
based pakis and indians are going to their properties over there for the same reasons
The borders are still open. Anyone can come and go. The lockdown only applies to the British subjects.

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