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Hey I’m in Miami for the week. Can anyone recommend what to do, not just the usual beach and clubs and stuff but anything cultural and uplifting to do during the day?
The science museum and going to Calle Ocho for some nice Cuban food are good. There are also lots of nice gardens down south, the Redlands is a nice Mexican farmland community, and winter is literally the only time you can go to the Everglades without dying of heat stroke.
Nice, thanks for the reply. I was worried that there was only degeneracy here. I spent last night in Fort Lauderdale and dear God what a horrible hell place. Bunch of aggressive douche bags and trashy women here. I’m actually looking for some wholesome experiences so I’ll check out those places
A good thing to remember is that most of the touristy stuff is too expensive for most locals to actually do often, and there's a lot of real cultural activity in a mostly hispanic working class city to take advantage of. Hope you enjoy your stay bro
Thanks anon. Will do my best.
Self bump. Give me your best bars, beaches, and culture /try/!!
Update: This place is crawling with hobos, low lives, thugs, trashy whores and soulless rich fucks. Way too many ghetto black people ruining the aesthetic of this place. Don’t come here guys. Any parts nearby Miami that are worth checking out?
key west is worth a visit.
everglades, oleta state park, bill baggs with the lighthouse are decent if you like a little bit of /out/
not many other /out/ options. Are you looking for places to eat? as someone who grew up there Miami is overrated I don't know why people would visit other than partying in south beach or downtown
Yeah some stinky hobo attacked me I had to fight him off. He smelled so bad that my whole outfit smelled like shit afterwards and I had to shower after. And yeah idk I only came here cause flights were so cheap and it’s miserable and cold here in NY, so yeah good places to eat and cool low key spots to party would be appreciated. Thanks for the recommendations
>>trashy whores
But they look so good
yeah Miami isn't what it used to be and YES congoloids are fcking everywhere. The clubs prob aren't even fun anymore bc of COVID and that was the last remaining thing Miami had to offer...a party ...RIP Miami 1950-2021
idk about places to party i grew up a broke kissless loser when i was there
there's a couple of good spots for peruvian food if you have a car or way to drive around. otherwise I can try to recommend places close to where you're staying.
versailles is the most well known restaurant for cuban food.
k anon, here i go, little touristy probably but here we go. good places to eat
>Big Pink south of 5th on south beach, old school breakfast spot, nice to take a girl after a crazy night out
>Mandolin is a tasty greek restaurant in Design District, pretty posh area if you are tired of seeing nogs but its a re-developed part of town (off 36th and biscayne, basically head to 41st and collins and cross the causeway to go to the mainland)
>Shuckers off the causeway, havent been since they re-did outdoor seating but a nice view of the bay and a bucket of beers awaits you
>not a restaurant but go barbecue at Oleta River park, its free and pretty neat. can rent some kayaks for cheap and paddle out to Haulover sandbar (google that im lazy to attach pic)

sounds like you are solo travelling though. terrible city to solo-travel in i imagine
Don't give him real miamian advice.
File: Paradise Lost.png (43 KB, 627x533)
43 KB

I just hide in Coral Gables and Coconut Grove with the richfags. The rest of Miami is a bunch of retarded third world animals.
The second you land, Go to Knaus berry farms in the redlands, get the cinnamon rolls and a milkshake. They only accept cash. Then catch the next flight out.
Why wouldn't he go to Cauley Square if he's in the area? It's a cute place
If you're into dive bars check out a place called The Duce. Wasn't a big fan of Miami but that was the coolest fucking dive bar I've ever been to, and I've been to a LOT of dive bars.

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