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File: 1610574157561.gif (3.5 MB, 360x270)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB GIF
Alright you autistic fuckers, I can't be the only person who lies when travelling to try and appear more interesting to bang women so let's hear your best.

>Be me on month 6 of round the world trip, in Thailand and had 0 puss for 6 months, not even a kiss.
> Decide I'm just going to lie. Go out that night to a beach party, meet a bong who asks what I do when not travelling
> "I work for NASA in Europe programming their lunar rovers"
> Instantly make out, fuck 2 hours later.

For the best of my knowledge NASA doesn't have any bases in Europe but it's a great story that literally works everytime.
lmoa based
I lie about almost everything pretty much every day. As a result I am quite popular.
you don't need to lie to fuck ugly thai women

they probably don't believe you anyway
Who wants to fuck ugly Thai women?
I guess my original point was trying to get with attractive travellers / high level locals.
>decides he's going to lie
>lies that he's a programmer
I got so much more pussy as a TEFL teacher, than as a programmer
How can you have a 6 month dry spell while u clearly wanted it on a round the world trip you massive incel?
i don't talk to women
>berlin hostel because why not
>ozzy girl small boobs and nice ass
>what do you do anon
>doc for doctors without borderline, just come back from Africa saving those little niggas
>proceed to spread those pale australian chicks and fugg her ass
I wasn't paying for it, spent 4 months in africa where there was very little foreign puss and I don't pay for sex.
Technically yes I was an incel but hey we've all been there, no need to insult a stranger to make yourself feel better at life.
I always thought the doctors without borders thing was a step too far, after all what doctor would be staying in a hostel. I guess Aussies are dumb though
I tell them I work at facebook and do UX/UI design for messenger app, and then I point to it.

Works every time.
File: 1602142198319.png (1.22 MB, 960x720)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
>be me
>make 6 gorillian off buttcoin
>white male sick of "women" in the US falling for the BBC
>fuck it going to Japan
>JAL wait staff sees my whiteness and fucks me mid flight hoping for my white seed
>Land instantly welcomed by all
>qt staff takes 5 seconds too long comps my train tickets for my entire vacation
>fuck yeah
>head to akihabara
>dunk on weebs so hard that some TV people interview me and we both make fun of fucking weebs
>make friends with the JNP as well we get drunk as fuck
>punch a bunch of nigerians out in Shinjuku trying to scam my new found friends
>thank me and take me to their yakuza club
>do coke off some porn star JAV's tits
>naked sushi girls follow
>drunken business japanese people the fucking night
>JAV asked me for my number never seen such a based as fuck person
>comes back to my Hotel(free upgrade to Presidential room btw since I book directly not through bitchy third parties)
>asks me if she wants her to shave or un shaved
>do both
>go to the beach the next day
>meet up with some DoD people
>fix their phone by rebooting it
>job offer right there 100k+100K bonuses literally anything I want to do start whenever do whatever
>get drunk
>see some Jet's
>laugh at them and make them dance for 500 yen
>do this for 3 weeks
>now make 200k, work maybe an hour a day, fathered probably 200+ happy women, have smoking hot JAV wife, could basically retire and join the Yakuza to be a samurai if I wanted to but don't cuz meh not a weeb
>spend my days dunking on people in /trv/ because it's a proper use of my time and my time is valuable

There are levels to this.
tfw you're an engineer at FB and your job is cool enough for anons to larp it. feelsgood.
File: 1563926442614.jpg (100 KB, 500x375)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Realpost: Been on trv for about 5 years since it's a fair bit of my job, traveling from place to place to do shit, so I picked up a few things. Lots of times to Japan/asia
>those few anon who kept bragging about paying 10k for a "JAV" at a yakuza night club when they really just got ripped off
>it's a "I fucked the stewardess on a super busy airline route" larp
>it's a literally made billions of bit coin and heard from a boomer japan likes white people episode
>It's a DoD anon who just make their first paycheck not realize no one fucking cares rant again
>it's a JET/ESL does anything to make extra cash thread
>it's some anon posting at like Noon Japan time about how he is piss drunk on a "night out" with business men in japan. Yes I know it CAN happen but it's highly unlikely to do with the mid day crowds
>it's an unbelievable story about something anons heard about train stuff once and reposted it wrong thread
>It's a, fucking hate the first black person I've seen since I left my house in (white people land) re-run episode
>it's a "I have proof that all azn's do in fact: shave / do not shave" anon
>it's another saw a TV crew in Akihabara and they told me I wasn't like other tourists you dumb gaijin, don't worry u special ;)
>it's some anon thinking he "got a deal" by booking not through a 3rd party even though it's basically all the same at the hotel's CRM and POS
last touch is the
>"tee hee hee, I'm not a weaboo silly anons please do not bring up Anime to me! I just want to go to Japan! Specifically Akihabara, Shibuya, Kofu(heard there is a cool school and old train station there), and Yokohama!"

If you need to larp hard just look at the Japan Generals when travel starts back up, 2011+10 will be a wild ride
Way too close to home on a few levels
Imagine fucking other travelers while traveling. It's like eating at McDonalds instead of trying the local food when you're traveling.
>Who wants to fuck ugly Thai women?
You just make up how how they were by adding +4 points to the 1-10 scale. Everyone does
not cool just high paying
But we're not talking burgers, anon. You're supposed to fuck attractive women wherever you go, whether they're local or not. You go after whatever's nearby at a given time, whether it's a hot tourist, or a local. Depends on the context ya know.
Unrelated but how do I get a job that lets me travel Asia a lot?
I did an unpaid internship in China.

Except i was paid and working in a high up office job to every girl i met.
Get a job with required travel and have a in demand skillset. There you go
"I work for a hedge fund."

Which I do but it's a tiny piece of shit fund and I only make 5 figures.
You're missing out, neither do I regularly, maybe a few college/high school friends.
>fugg her ass
anal ?
Also how old are you guys ?
Like most 18-25, 26 is pushing it in terms of travel and by 28-30 you should be done.
>be in hostal
>some 29 or 30 year old pedo staying there
>23 at the time can tell the girls are scared shitless of this dude
>"hey buddy aren't you a bit old for a hostal? maybe you should get a hotel you know like the shit you should be able to afford as an adult"
>dude goes full sweatfrog on me
>"I-I'm just staying here for the location next to the train stations and hotels are t-too much in this area. B-besides all I want to do is shower and sleep."
>laugh at him and call him a pedo creep and failure for staying in a hostal @ 30, tell him if I catch him doing anything slightly sus around girls I'll fucking beat his arse so hard he won't know what to do
>he is obviously scared shitless
>"w-well I'l be going now I a-actually want to see this city"
>lol what a fag
>staff thanks me with some free beer
>girls in the hostal all come to see me and thank me for BTFO of creep
>fuck 3 of them in the shower right then
>fuck the rest that night
>came inside each and every single one of them
>never saw creepy anon again as I called it right and he ran off
Probably the most awesome point about travelling is the ability to lie to anyone and wear a mask without consequences. Its so fun I sometimes forget myself and even do it back home lol
Do you guys have burner social media accounts when travelling in case people ask?
Cmon dude 30 isnt that old. I’m 25 and will be 26 hy the time i get to travel again if not even older and I’m planning on travelling more than ever when the pandemic fully ends. If you’re charismatic and goodlooking bitches will like you even more if you’re a bit older. I literally never fucked anyone my own age and I don’t intend to until I’m in my forties. If you’re a man in your 20s and you fuck women your age or older you’re a loser settling for used up sluts.
File: 1560467151836.gif (819 KB, 427x240)
819 KB
819 KB GIF
Mate it's a larp thread, I am now 30 and still use hostels. I don't give a single shit.

Did you forget this is a lol larp thread? It's parodying the shit that hostel threads turn into all the damn time
Yeah, I thought your post was reminiscent of the previous hostel thread between the 20 and 30 y/o.
Oh okay, I would say that's fine as long as we're excluding bongs and muricans
what did you do, bang your students?
>Cmon dude 30 isnt that old.
I smell a newfag
>hookers call out to me with a flirtatious "yummy yummy" as I lick my 7eleven popsicle in the warm bkk city air one evening
>stop in the middle of my next right foot step
>pivot both feet to face them on my left
>face a crowd of 7 TTTs
>step forward with right foot
>look to my right
>lick popsicle held in left hand
>put left hand with popsicle down to waist height
>look to my left
>take step back with left foot facing 7 TTTs
>put popsicle in right hand
>twirl head clockwise in full range of motion
>raise popsicle with right hand to my lips
>finish it with single bite
>the 7 TTT immediately flock to me cat scratching eat other to suck my cock for free
>feels good man
don't have children. liquidate your assets and burn them. kys.
>intimidated by knowing how dangerously based the competion is
anon, I... anon, you...
>interlocks fingers
>arms straight
>raising them above head
>does three sixty
>arms down
>hands unlocked
>walks away
File: cf7wAm.png (131 KB, 684x334)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
How do you go to Thailand and not get pussy for six months you retarded faggot
you didn't read between the lines, adhd anon. he wasn't in Thailand for 6 months.
Such rage.
As >>1959269 said I wasn't in Thailand 6 months, had been there about a week before I decided to become associated with the space program.
Dude staying in a hostel is what you do when you are 18. You mocking him at 23 is weak the whole reason why people travel is to escape narrow minded people like you.
The levels of cope here are unfathomable. Seething because some dude in his 30s at a hostel ended up getting with a girl he liked confirmed.
enjoying these, bump
>be me
>need to take a trip to Japan
>not a poor fag so I book everywhere direct
>get on plane
>fucker tries to lean his seat back
>Jab my knee right into the back of that faggot
>lets out a scream asking me what the deal is
>tell him only faggots recline their seats and not to fucking do that shit or get fucking hit
>dude scared shitless calls over staff
>he's crying like a little basic bitch
>staff sides with me because people who lean their seats back are faggots
>get complimentary free drinks the rest of the flight even got one of the attendants info for a hook up
this post is retarded
It's completely on point for how 9 out of 10 hostel threads end up
>wtf r u all poor?
>those anons who literally think 30 = boomer because of 4chan
>those anons who tell some badass story only for it to actually just be them doing cringey shit
>the anons who basically admit they won't do hostels because they can't fap at night aka "need my privacy"
>that anon who fucked ALL THE GIRLS source: trust me
>those anons who's only experience of a hostel is the cheapest place they could find in bangkok
Pretty much sums it up
File: 20210220_173007.jpg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Am I the only one on /trv/ that doesn't understand this hostel debate at all? I'm 19, and I've traveled quite a bit in the last year around Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan. In all of those countries, I've only met 1 or 2 people around my age and they were both older than me. Everyone else I've met has been much older, most in their late 20s, 30s, or even 40s. In almost every hostel I've stayed in I've been at least 5 years younger than the next youngest person. I think it's absurd to say a 30 year old is too old to stay in a hostel. For most people hostels are about meeting other travellers and making friends, not just cooming in 20 year old sluts. Some of my favorite people I've met travelling have been in their 40s and 50s. Coombrains cant understand this
>Am I the only one on /trv/ that doesn't understand this hostel debate at all?
no, you're just a newfag being baited
>at the airport
>buy a coca cola
>shout to my friends across the terminal: "I'VE GOT THE COKE!"
Lol I've been going on trv for 5 years now. It's only half bait, and it's annoying because the "debate" infiltrates unrelated threads like this one
the problem is staying in a hostel is for poor fags. Why would i stoop to such levels when I can afford a nice hotel with a balcony and servants with much finer and higher class people. People in hostels are fcking disgusting creatures to me and the idea of TRYING to sleeping in one give me an aneurysm. If your 18-24 ok have fun but at 28 no way am i going to pay to be in one of those shitholes.
There are 2 kinds of travelers here when it comes to hostel discussion

1. You have the people who go to some cheaper country once maybe twice, per year. I'd say a bunch of /trv/ fits here so during their 1 or 2 adventures per year they have a 'go big of stay home' where the idea of staying in a hostel would be silly since it's meant to be a big occasion the entire time. I'd also guess most of /trv/ also goes to a cheaper country such as SEA or some eastern european place where you're debating a 5 dollar hostel vs. a 15-20 dollar hotel room; for people doing a 1 or 2 year trip this is a no brainer just pay the extra few bux.

2. You have the people who probably are well traveled or travel enough to where so long as there is a bed, shower, and place to secure your bags. A hostel is fine, a hotel is fine, just give a bed/shower/locker and good to go, would rather save the extra cash to extend travel or save for another small trip later. If they need a hotel they will go get one but ultimately the location and are is more important than whatever bet they get.

I say in whatever works for my travel requirements and fits the bill. Often I find hostels to be pretty enjoyable compared to a hotel if nothing else for the social aspects of them, along with good info about the area over that of a min wage hotel recept. Hotel bar's are a bore, hotel people who are traveling are often for business if in the lounge and I generally don't care to think about work when I am on vacation.
Surprisingly I met more rich tech people in hostels who aren't total jackasses compared to the people I deal with in hotels. Maybe it's because I travel for work and just been through the song and dance enough at a hotel to know who's there for what within the first few sentences but meh. Most enjoyable memories I have are usually from hotels where hotels are more or less forgettable.

>from hotels where hotels

Jesus fuck.. get your SHIT together, anon.
Sorry missed an "s" in hostels, figured the rest of the post would kinda give the train of thought to what I mean of hostels being a more social atmosphere
>I'm 19, and I've traveled quite a bit in the last year around Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan

I'm 19 too, how the fuck did you get to Myanmar and Taiwan last year?
I'm not a poorfag, but last year the only real options for Asia travel are either Cambodia or Korea (I was in Korea for like three months lol)
How the fuck did you manage to get into Taiwan or Myanmar?

and to respond to your question, i noticed that young hostelgoers are mostly in europe i think, in asia, especially east asia/non meme SEA the average age of hostelgoers tends to be older, i guess because most people our age either go with their parents, or straight up can't afford it.
>dancing with girl in club in Moscow
>she asks "so what do you do?"
>"I'm an English teacher"
>"why is everybody in this club a fucking English teacher?"
>fuck me mate
>dancing with next girl
>"so what do you do?"
>"I'm an aerospace engineer"
>"wow! Let's go get some drinks!"

Nothing really came of it though.
were they hot? it seems like russia has the highest density of attractive women
Probably true for burgers
>work job
>no holiday since not part of work culture
>get a week or two off per year including sick days
>want to take holiday to somewhere
>have to suck off boss and let him fuck your wife in order for him to maybe agree
>finally get time off but have to keep a company leash of a phone and work computer on you 24/7
>drive car to airport where you have to pay 100 dollars a day plus tip so your car doesn't get stolen
>have to take out small loan for insurance abroad whilst all this because no proper health care if hurt
>fly to europe and make a comotion on the side walks
>mutts in their mobility scoots everywhere
>ground shakes as they approach like a over limit lorry
>stuff face full of burgers all day and drink stella thinking they are fancy
>be complete retards about everything
>ask them about trump, question why they need guns, or brag about proper holiday time
>they explode and almost die because their blood pressure from their fat burger fat faces due to eating so bad for so long
>they try to come at me
>walk at a leisurely pace away and they can't catch up
>tell story at the pub and get a free pint for giving them some proper banter
Imagine thinking age matters as a man, big yikes
>Bombay Sapphire
>excuse me?
>BOMB!ay Sapphire
I traveled in the first part of the year from January to March. Until mid march, there were actually no travel restrictions at all unless you were coming from China. But then everyone started closing their borders at the same time and I decided to go home. Probably a good idea from what I heard from my friends who decided to stay in Myanmar - they were rounded up by men in hazmat suits and brought to Yangon where they were forced to stay for 7 months.

Yeah you could be right, I guess if I went to Thailand it would be different. What did you do in Korea for 3 months?
Absolute cringe
Sales, get into sales and work for a place that deals a lot in Asia.

I'm an IT fag and I've traveled a lot among IT fags, but most sales dudes dab all over me.
>it seems like russia has the highest density of attractive women
It does, unless you have some specific fetish like jungle fever.
Their personalities definitely aren't for everyone though.
wow hello friend ic5 here what team u on
if you're not lying, you're not trying
baby baby baby, come give me some kisses. I'm president of basteland, Oh, what's this? You haven't heard of it? Let me tell you about it, it goes a little like this >>1958953
Point to what?

How far is it from what you really do?
I remember on vacation to the carribean I told a dumb jewish girl I was a professional card counter. It was sick, told her the first night, but I grew bored as we were in a group of people dancing.
Next night im sitting drinking with my older sister, the jewess approaches me and my sister covers for me. Easiest sex ive ever had, she literally came to me and did all the work AND she had a young french canadian orbiter on her at the time too lmao.
I really wish I was good at lying. I'm a pretty boring person in general which is why I never get laid. I'm pretty sure most people also have just as boring lives as me but they sell it way better.

How do I learn this power?
hang out on /ck/ for a bit and pick up some of their big dick energy, unironically fuckuade

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