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Will a vaccine card save me from having to self quarantine if I travel? Also, planning on traveling to the Philippines for a week, how much money should I exchange to keep me up for a week?
It will depend on the country. Philippines probably will fall more on the side of not caring. Fact is the media is going to drum up hysteria over every new case and every new strain so in the post-industrial democracies I wouldn't expect anything to move for some time.
Bumping, congrats you're the new Philippines General I guess.
I want a 40+ pinay MILF. Do they enjoy young cock?
All roasties everywhere want hard young cocks.

That's why so many fag slags from Bongistan go to Africa for their holidays.
probably not, unless it is proven to prevent infection and not only getting sick
Everything will be locked down forever. The situation will only get worse. You will never travel again.
no because the vaccine doesn't stop you from catching or spreading the virus
File: covidvsflu.jpg (78 KB, 1024x736)
78 KB
no because covid is fake. funny how the flu has disappeared since covid started?
Flu is all of 2018 whilst Covid was only up to August. Also, that's with masks, social distancing and lockdowns. There are lots of anti lockdown arguments but that chart doesn't help your case you dumb cunt
So what's the deal on travel restrictions now? Has anyone figured out what is required to get the special authorization on top of the actual visa?
File: 1610108662381.png (69 KB, 269x275)
69 KB
>muh social distancing and masks killed the flu
>but that doesn't work for the Shanghai shivers, somehow
>don't ask me how just trust me bro
Imagine being this retarded and gay
US here, I just fly to the country I want. Mexico I just waltzed right in, Belarus was just a few questions and no one cared. Serbia was the same.

Thinking doing Korea, but still sitting on that idea.
Has anyone here applied to an exit clearance before? Is it still necessary? are passport photos required?
well one is airborne (to a degree)....
All jokes aside, this. The vaccine simply stops you from reacting to the virus. Foreigners will still consider you a potential risk.
Do you guys think it would be possible to bribe a doctor to mark that you have taken the vaccine?
Depends on where you live. In the U.S., Germany, Bongistan, Australia, Kiwiville, Canada, probably not. In LatAm or Africa or the corrupt parts of Europe, sure.

If you're a burger, hop the border into Mehico and bribe any quack you meet.

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