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File: roomrental400.jpg (201 KB, 1228x921)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
I rented this room in Japan, Tokyo for $400/month. Sharehouse.

And you idiots pay $150/night for a shitty hotel.
Cool now detail the utilities and insurance cost that is associated with these over the base rent. Share/Guest houses are the way to go if you can get a decent one, most people would rather just pay 50 bucks a night for an APA or 20 for a capsule style hostel
APA is a shitty deal, and good luck for $50, it's $100 minimum for any APA.

Love hotel is $50, but for short stay, out by 9AM, if not sooner.
File: dude what.png (21 KB, 920x88)
21 KB
>it's $100 minimum for any APA.
50 try again, 1 week before christmas. Share houses have utilities and upfront insurance+prefecture tax, there isn't away around that unless you're getting supplemented/exempt via JET compensation or something. If you're 400 for everything congrats, though I doubt it's closer than the pic related to a train station.

Cheap month to month apartments exist as well, fairly easy to find. Generally not worth the hassle for most tourists, not to mention most people want to travel around Japan rather than staying in one place. Airbnb deals also exist, but again most people like to travel around vs book for 1 location and stay there for a month, seems like it would be missing out on a lot of what Japan has to offer by doing that for vacation.
File: APA ueno.png (93 KB, 958x291)
93 KB
48 tops with tax for 2 people, again APA's are around 50 bucks a night.
I’ve had a few apartment in Tokyo ranging from $600/month (on a lease, including utilities, etc) almost in Chiba, and $1000 for a foreigner friendly month to month on the Yamamote loop. Apartments are cheaper than where I’m from. And so are hotels. Even before the slowdown, I can easily find decent hotel rooms for $40/night. Go through a booking website, or use google maps in whatever area you find yourself in. There’s lots of 10,000 yen per night hotels, and often right next to them is a similar place for less than half that price. Some places have high prices because they know salarymen will expense it.
Christmas is a shit holiday in Japan, holy fuck, it's a consumerist paradise and no one really travels.

It's fucking hilarious you're comparing Christmas week in Japan and saying it's cheap because you're accustomed to it.

10 min walk to train station, pic was couple years ago, lols, east tokyo though.

Who the fuck goes to gaijinpot to rent, holy fuck they charge 30-40% higher. You actually browse in Japanese, anon.

Y--You do know the Japanese for sharehouse, right?
Yeah, no, I stayed at APA, at the one in Ueno and Roppangi, they were $120/night, so yeah you're picking like tuesday or weds or some shit date.
File: comfyshopping.jpg (535 KB, 1647x2196)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
File: IMG_20191223_132708.jpg (2.1 MB, 3998x2998)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Moving goal posts there anon, posted one in Ueno in case you missed it. In Ueno there are 2 by the stations, not one has been that way for the past 5 or so years.
>Christmas is a shit holiday in Japan, holy fuck, it's a consumerist paradise and no one really travels.
Have you EVER been to Japan during christmas or around it? This is the most wrong statement out there, hotels often spike hard.
>Who the fuck goes to gaijinpot to rent, holy fuck they charge 30-40% higher. You actually browse in Japanese, anon.
Because chances are tourists who are looking into a month booking will use a similar service
There as you can see it is possible to hit your OP price but again, most all are going to throw in some deposit, utilities, maintenance, or some other fees 400 is not that big.
>Y--You do know the Japanese for sharehouse, right?
Yes, and I know that a tourist who is taking a vacation/holiday would have basically no interest in wasting their time/effort to go through all the trouble doing one compared to hopping around APA's or other hotel chains.

Most any person leasing a guest/share house in Japan to someone with out a work visa or working holiday visa is going to be difficult, that on top of foreigner friendly if you do find one it's going to easy, and be at a surcharge. Not to mention why waste all that time getting all the paperwork, move in, meeting shit done when paying 40 bucks for an APA or 20 for a hostel will suit most people just fine. An airbnb long term rental would be far more economical and easy for someone visiting Japan.
File: geg.jpg (203 KB, 691x921)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Yeah, Christmas is shit. New Years are the parties and the fancy dinners.
File: ueno apa xmas.png (27 KB, 1204x312)
27 KB
Moved to the weekend before xmas, still 44 bucks there tax for 2 people
honestly anon, if you're staying in Tokyo during Christmas, then you're just retarded.

Why not actually brag about somewhere someone wants to be.

also yeah, booking not directly, anon? Ick.
Yup remember each year, people still travel to/for christmas all the time even on New years eve and day I only got an APA up to 93 dollars tops, Ueno Hotel is sitting at 52 for business style.

It's cool you maybe got your guest house for whatever, but in regards to the OP most any foreigner isn't going to go through the hassle of grabbing a foreigner friendly, non visa backed, 1 month block. It's far easier to do a hotel that isn't all that much, airbnb style lease, or hostel for everything considered. In your home country it's easier to stay in a apartment than rent a hotel each night.

Some of us have to work, some of us want to see friends, we all have our reasons. Weren't in the OP you were referencing Tokyo? Seems fair to do apples to apples.
No thanks.
>Why not actually brag about somewhere someone wants to be.
Someone is super salty for being proven wrong.
>also yeah, booking not directly, anon? Ick.
Info is all saved for me in my booking app, some hotels I simply just don't even check in and unlock my door via NFC avoiding the counter shit all together. Most the time it's as cheap if not cheaper
Wow! Renting an apartment is cheaper than living in a hotel! This is such a unique observation.
god I miss Japan bros.. I visited 2 years ago a month before the stopped Airbnbs.. I stayed with a late 40s traditional japanese woman who would get me drunk every night and cook for me.. I WANT TO GO BACK
Did you two fug?
400 Yen or 400 USD?
Brag all you want, but I get even better rates at your moms house
>guys I stayed in what is essentially a hostel private room and it was cheaper than a hotel!
Yeah no shit, everyone knows this. Most people are booking hotels because they just want to go check in and go.
It's not a bad experience, it was full of Japanese, no foreigners and I fucked around with them.

If you want good rates, look up GG house, though they may have went bankrupt...
bitch i paid 30000 yen for a similar room. are you on working holiday?
its all inclusive with some agencies. like you pay 30k and thats that
can everything in this thread, pictures, websites all be done with little to no knowledge of japanese or is nip pretty much a requirement? just curious
yes, can be done in english. there are agencies specializing in foreigners
the Japanese people at sharehouses are usually bottom barrel people. They're there either because they're broke, want to use you just for English, or have weird fetishes about foreigners.
It's possible but you're better off just working through Airbnb in all aspects.

Some places won't lease/rent if you are on a tourist visa's
If on a tourist visa some may not refund a deposit or charge extra for insurance
Some won't talk to you unless you have an agency do the booking which often will charge higher
Not all will be 400 bucks, again it really depends when and where.

>like you pay 30k and thats that
It's a case by case basis, I know places in nakano that did this for around 400 but there are drawbacks to these things which OP is stating. Such as, the walls being super thin, internet is shared with everyone, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen, questionable neighbors, areas are often far from train stations, HVAC is questionable, etc etc. You're basically doing the same as renting a private room in a hostel when all said and done, just without anyone to change your sheets/clean the room as it falls on you.

As a tourst there is very little reason to stay in these unless you want to be firmly planted in a specific city and get a deep dive into how Japan is should you live there as everyone in these things gives 0 fucks. Even though gaijinpot gets shit on, the 'guesthouse' option can give you an idea of what you'll get, third party agencies aggregate there so it's not too big a deal.

This, lots of people living in these were kicked out of home, lost their job and can't find work, maybe have a conviction keeping them from obtaining something other than lawsons clerk, or hikkomoris. At best, you got people who are simply poor or in school/work but can't live on campus. I have some stories about them, but these things generally aren't something you should look for on vacation to Japan; just use airbnb or a private room at a hostel.
Having lived in a couple, like 80-90% of them never leave their rooms except to quickly cook something in the kitchen. Of the rest, maybe 60% are foreigners, mostly students/ working holiday people, or Japanese that are interested in socializing who are either living temporarily in the city, or just moved there and are staying there for a few months before they find a place. Its good for staying mid-term (not like a vacation, but you aren't staying multi-year where it is worth to pay apartment fees).

This is probably the mid-tier sharehouses, not the bottom of the barrel prices, but not the 800$+/room 'social apartment' places targeted towards foreigners. They were barely walkable into core areas (shinjuku/ ikebukuro) but with access trains to get into the city in less than 10m if you wanted.
Trust me anons, you're going on about them being shit, but it's a great place to store shit, not have it stolen, have a kitchen, have a washing machine, be by a station, and fuck cute nip girls that want foreigners.

Sex in sharehouses are common, alot of office women get them if they live out in the fucking inaka.

They're great really just to keep your shit, an office address in japan (that's what I did anyway) and more.

So knock it anons, but 99% of you are internet faggots anyway, so take it or leave it.
>Trust me anons, you're going on about them being shit, but it's a great place to store shit, not have it stolen, have a kitchen, have a washing machine, be by a station, and fuck cute nip girls that want foreigners.
This can literally be said about hostel private rooms for tourists... and this clearly sounds like a weeb larper's wet dream of what they convinced themselves these things are. These things are fine for what they are in terms of price, especially compared to most apartment fees you just are going do be in a downgrade in comparison with no real quality standard. Guest houses are fine if you're a JET making 35k and for whatever reason not getting some kind of living assistance for anything close.

>Sex in sharehouses are common, alot of office women get them
Fucking lmao if you need to use a share house to get a hag that lives in these places, fuckin shit man go grab a tenga it's cleaner and probably tighter.

>if they live out in the fucking inaka.
It's far more common to rent capsule hotels in the city for the work weeks, then train back home for the weekends. That is far more common, the people living in these houses live there as that's all they got or can afford.

>They're great really just to keep your shit, an office address in japan (that's what I did anyway) and more.
Which is fine but in context of the OP and most the thread, these things are completely useless. You also have to jump through the hurdles of actually getting one.

>So knock it anons, but 99% of you are internet faggots anyway, so take it or leave it.
People are simply pointing out the issues they have that are legitimate complaints to have when looking at these. OP's 'comfy photo+ low price' can only say so much, most people simply don't get the other side of the coin that comes with it. No one is saying don't stay in them, just realize what you are getting and mostly for tourists these things are fairly useless to attempt and lease.
No, if you are JET, you should have your own place. Holy fuck, imagine waking up every morning, playing monkey for kids, and then having no space to relax at home.

For the tourists/digital nomad faggots, this is good, and they don't have contracts so you can litereally launchpad this into your own apartment/condo. Once you learn the langauge, or find a nice women you keep fucking, it's easy to get a 8-15man apartment anywhere in Tokyolannd.

And no, college girls and uni girls live in sharehouses if the dorm is full or expensive. I stayed in Bunkyo-ku, it ws great.

Capsule per night is more expensive then 3-4man for a guaranteed room. It is about 4000JPY for a good capsule daily.


$400 for a room and place to stay/crash in JP is pretty much rock bottom, outside of manga cafes.

Plus manga cafes have 12hour+ rates that get expensive.
you're just a subhuman who probably doesn't make enough to get a decent jap girl and live in your apartment lmfao kill yourself nigger
>For the tourists/digital nomad faggots, this is good
No, it's really not I take it you've never stayed in these unless on a working holiday visa if you think this. Hostel private rooms or airbnb's are the way to go 100% of the time, especially if you actively want to see the country you are nomading in. The process of getting these without some WHV or WV is a drag, and often saves little to no money if you actually look around for 5 seconds.

>Once you learn the langauge, or find a nice women you keep fucking, it's easy to get a 8-15man apartment anywhere in Tokyolannd.
again this is why I say this is a larpers wet dream, because wew lad this is textbook larper sounding. Instead of learning japanese here try learning english first.

>I stayed in Bunkyo-ku, it ws great.
Wow yes so what I said in my prior post about college folk staying in these who are too poor to stay on campus... is right. Not sure why you refuted that earlier. Also staying in 1, by a college in central tokyo no less is laughable.

>Capsule per night is more expensive then 3-4man for a guaranteed room. It is about 4000JPY for a good capsule daily.
The fuck are you on? do you mean the ones at the airports, there are plenty just over 10-15 dollars. Doing 4 nights of that + sleeping on a bus or train home outside the city > renting one of these

>Plus manga cafes have 12hour+ rates that get expensive.
yeah no shit why bring this up even? Most people just use these because it's cheaper than a taxi and right there for a sleep.

The reason you're getting called out here is because a lot of what you're saying sounds textbook 'this is how japan works in my anime and what I heard on reddit'. Guest/sharehouses change drastically from place to place but often have poorfags, people in rough parts of their lives, or some shit; that's a fact. Going to assume that IF you actually stayed in one of these, you were on a WHV and looked like a ticket out of that life.
No, income exceeded 90K USD At this time, it's easier to scout a place to live/area and have no contract/lease.

90 day exemption, no working holiday visa.
hostel private rooms suck, enjoy getting shit stolen, epensive friday/sat/sun and faggots from EU who think it's party party party everyday. I enjoy a quiet place to sleep, think and do work and go from there. Not a place to fuck n chuck every foreigner that can't speak Jap.


I don't know who you are, anon, but you are just negative and negative. Native English Speaker, N3 JLPT.


But no, WHV, and this post is more or less just inspiration to other /trv/ faggots.

I'm sorry you're so jaded, anon.

You dont have enough space

It was 10m2?
File: neverthiscomfy.jpg (793 KB, 2928x2196)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
But nothing is more fun then just putting your stuff in a suitcase, and changing out to a different part of Tokyo and not giving a damn. East/West or North. All great.

University areas are best, avoid end of lines.

Got more fun comfy stuff but if you anons want to be jaded, go ahead, I'm sorry you paid $90/day for a shitty airbnb.
Don't get me wrong anon, I did move into an proper 1LDK, it is small as fuck, but I enjoyed the experience.
>90 day exemption, no working holiday visa.
Yes congrats on knowing what Visa Free means. I highly doubt on a tourist visa you got a 400/mo deal without some heafty deposit. Again the other point is, when visiting Japan most people want to travel to various cities so a guest house means not as much here. Unless living in Japan NEET mode, watching anime+eating kobini being the end goal of visitation then okay cool, most don't do that. Also these guest houses are often filled with quite a few people doing WHV or just cheap ass foreigners.
>hostel private rooms suck, enjoy getting shit stolen
I generally lock my door so not an issue, not a dumbass so it's fairly easy.
>epensive friday/sat/sun and faggots from EU who think it's party party party everyday
Okay and you can go socialize whenever you want during the week, or just go to your private room and sleep. You know what a private room is right?
> you are just negative and negative
Pointing out the issues with these guesthouses isn't an issue given the OP acted like they are gifts above all else without actively stating some of the draw backs. It's like saying "Wow who would buy a house on the cost for 200k, in North Dakota I got one for 50k 3br too!", there are pros and cons to each.
Easily a 10m2,
Yeah that's generally what my hostel private rooms have looked like in the past.
> I'm sorry you paid $90/day for a shitty airbnb.
It's because you throw out these odd numbers and situations you can never back up that makes you clearly sound larping. If you're OP you got called out with APA pricing, airbnb pricing, and you clearly have no idea about capsule hotel pricing. It's REALLY hard to believe you were in Japan when most your statements are way off.

The negativity as you call it is coming because your statements are all over the place and generally wrong.
why is there a penis pump in this picture?
You keep arguing and believing what you want, anon.

No deposit.
You don't need a valid visa or residency card to get an apartment, sure it helps, but you can do it.

Also, I'm from USA, no WHV, I did this on 90 day tourist exemption, WHV is 1yr, anon.

I rented a 1LDK <5 min to the station in a less than 5yr old construction with good sun/views w/o a visa at the time, or guarantee, or key money. Yeah, I had to get an Hanko, but no one cared about about my visa or identity.

Also no issue too getting an NTT Cell or Hikari Fiber installed.

But enjoy your wasted hostel where you hang out with other foreigners vs actually making friends with Japanese, anon. You really are shilling the hostel experience so miuch, just because you stayed at a sakurahouse/oak house doesn't mean you had an authentic experience.

I would argue from the foreigner parties they held on the weekends, it must've been shit, and you wasted your time there.

You can cope, anon, all you want, next time I suggest you check out a sharehouse and have a better experience.
>You don't need a valid visa or residency card to get an apartment, sure it helps, but you can do it.
Never said you can't but almost always there is additional security and insurance deposits on tourist visa's. Again you're misreading what's writting.
>Also, I'm from USA, no WHV, I did this on 90 day tourist exemption, WHV is 1yr, anon.
Yeah? I know which is why I didn't say you were after you said you weren't on one.
>Also no issue too getting an NTT Cell or Hikari Fiber installed.
You... as a tourist have authority to sign off on a fibre install? Highly doubt unless you mean you just paid for in room internet, which is in fact a utility.... It would add to the rooms total cost at that point, it's like saying "yeah I got a room for 38,000 yen only. Oh I had to pay 10,000 for fire insurance, and up front water/waste fee of 3,000; and a 2000 yen internet fee." At that point it's not a 380 dollar share house.
>actually making friends with Japanese, anon
I don't stay in my hostel 24/7 as my time in Japan, I usually go out and see the sights, go to bars, enjoy friends who live there, etc. Again if your only goal in Japan is staying in one of these living NEET/hikkomori style sure this will give it to you because you're surrounded by people like that. Not sure why you aren't exactly understanding this. Additionally depending on the hostel/hotel type you can meet quite a fair bit of japanese people who missed the last train or are in town for a convention, concert, etc.
> sharehouse and have a better experience.
Nah I really don't need to do them ever again, especially since I tend to like to travel to other prefectures, cities, and such. Again, if staying in a specific area and close to that area these work fine. The people who are generally extroverts, people who are willing to explore most the day, and go to different towns; these things are not cost or time effective.
Also, if you want to talk about guest housing it's fine, they do have their purpose depending on your situation; really not sure how you aren't still getting this part. You really need to get your numbers right though, because throughout the thread you've been saying wild inaccuracies of hotel/hostel/capsule costs, and then expect everyone to believe you are exactly right on the 400/mo guest house with everything included. It's insanely hard to take you seriously when everything you say is such an extreme, completely wrong, or just ignored when brought up about possible alternative situations.

Guest houses can be nice if you want to experience a time to see if Japan is a good fit for you, will be staying in the general vicinity, can't get an apartment, and wish to save cash. There are also drawbacks to these places which multiple anons have pointed out, as well as the price being a bit questionable for everything included of 400 bucks also not acknowledging these things change by location/quality/size.

Hotels/Hostels generally work for people not willing to do all the steps to get them, want to travel around the country vs. city/prefecture, and just have shit like room cleaning done for them.
Anon, 4000-9000JPY rates are not wrong, and are acceptable.

If your biggest argument against me is "I found it for "4000JPY" then, hell, you really are an autistic person. I even screenshot in one image how one was 4000 and another was over 10,000JPY.

And no, sharehouse had fees wifi, hikari fiber was for my 1ldk that I got under 90day, ntt also 90 day.

Gatekeep the other anons, I don't care, I just posted a few photos and what I paid and what I did. You seem to have some issue parading around that you did it cheapest, and really, good for you.
RIP your back with that shitty "mattress"
I'm looking right now at capsule hotels for 10-15 dollars, they do not start at 40/night
>another was over 10,000JPY.
You mean the 2 Bed, in >>1906444 yeah generally a 2 bed hotel is going to go up there, I was looking at what a share/guesthouse would offer, being that as a 1 bed room. Again before that your posts were dis-proven to the OP's 150/night and the follow up of >>1906420
>sharehouse had fees wifi
So it had utility fees or not? You brought up some other sharehouse out of the blue?
>hikari fiber was for my 1ldk that I got under 90day, ntt also 90 day.
???? why bring this up, again you're all over the place with what places you're staying at, what utilities or fees are where it's impossible to discuss this with you.
>You seem to have some issue parading around that you did it cheapest, and really, good for you.
I have literally never said I have done it for cheaper, I have consistently brought up that it often is highly dependent on your situation so you need to evaluate all aspects of what you need first. What I've been saying is that guest houses can actually be cheaper, should you be remaining in that area during the full lease. However, most tourist and people are generally going to move around if they can to experience more areas of Japan, while not cheaper, it's more cost effective for seeing a broader scope of things.

The thing I have said is that I highly doubt you've gotten it for 400 USD and that was it on a tourist visa without any extra deposit, insurance, or utility charges, in tokyo especially within the Yamanote loop. You also said earlier you lived in east tokyo, which in edogawa around 400 would be okay, but you're not by a train station. The weird thing is you then change the subject out of the blue to no you were in Bunkyo which is not east tokyo by any means; I know I've stayed there for quite a while before. It's hard to make heads or tails of where you are getting this from.
... what fuck is going on in this thread, just save for a few more paychecks and pay proper housing, you slobs.
File: 1575090581159.png (590 KB, 866x690)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
>op asks why people don't use guest houses as he got one for supposedly 400/mo
>says hotels, hostels and other accommodations start at absurd prices and can't fathom people not going for 400/mo guest house
>gets shown his prices are absurd by anon(s)
>starts making these wild claims about accommodations in Japan which don't make any sense
>gets told that guest housings are with some drawbacks and not for everyone
>doubles down on prior claims adds in new info
>asked for clarification
>claims get more vague, goes kensama about some shit regarding authentic japan experience

OP made some wild claims that were false, has been moving the goal posts while getting called out by others. It's silly but this is what happens when weebs go into lockdown without the ability to go back to grourious nippon
yeah OP sounds like a real fag but desu I hadn't really considered sharehousing for vacation/DNing but it might be on the table now. Still probably better to just save a few paychecks first
I've done guest housing for DN'ing, it's pretty good assuming you want to stay in that area for at least 30 days. When I was trying to figure out if I wanted to jump ship and just apply to Japanese companies/offices I've talked to in the past in tokyo I did it for a month, quickly started to see faults with tokyo.

The hardest thing you'll have is finding someone willing to lease on a tourist visa, especially post covid, 400/mo is fairly low and within Yamanote loop I have serious doubts about. Out past Nakano or Edogawa, alright I can see that, same with south of shibuya. My advice is probably use Airbnb for these or Gaijinpot for foreigner/toursit friendly options, there are quite a few of these that just don't want to deal with foreigners
More interested in the qt3.14 in the car than on the bilboard
>And no, sharehouse had fees wifi, hikari fiber was for my 1ldk that I got under 90day, ntt also 90 day.
Anon, that's what people have been saying about that these things often go over 400 dollars because services or 'utilities' as most people call them add on to the overall price tag. You can get flat rate sharehousing same with guesthousing, but generally there isn't much point to it for the common tourist going to Japan and wanting to see various sites.

Who the fuck would want to go get their own stamp, sign lease agreements, work finding a place vs. hotels.com/hostelworld->book hotel->checkin
Are you going to share the contact details or are
You going to be a selfish faggot?
pm'd u the deets anon
>it's $100 minimum for any APA.
are you fucking retarded or just pretending
File: 1598563703802.jpg (12 KB, 189x189)
12 KB
Going to go out on a limb here and guess what OP did
>researched a metric fuck ton to find the cheapest possible rates for tokyo
>used Orbitz or some shit to quickly look at hotel prices and based it off that + other shit he's heard of
>luckily found a cheap as shit guest/share house around tokyo
>booked and went through all the hassle of getting his stamp and other shit he needs for a lease
>booked for 90 day visa stay
>spent most of his time right there in the guest house or relatively close to it
>lived his hikkomori/otaku wet dream in it
>Why doesn't everyone do exactly what I did? Friggin gaijins

He probably had a fine time but the use cases for guest housing is quite small, 30 days in Tokyo is pretty steep as well(I know I've done it). Compared to the shit most people want to see in kyoto or the rest of Japan, Tokyo can be meh.

Guess given how the conversation devolved later on OP is quite the otaku, but not like the other filthy gaijins he's a different kind of tourist.
Thanks anon, I feel better looking at this foto
i can see why you got a shit price you dumb fuck
girl here. Get a fucking job OP where you can get your own place when you travel. Who the fuck rents a room lol.
we should all invade a complex and make it known as "the gaijin corner" so the price lowers and everyone thinks it's ghetto but we know we aren't niggers so we aren't gonna stab each other or anything
File: 1588961457336.png (2.73 MB, 2212x2476)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
This bastard got to experience GFL Christmas and all I had outside my APA in Shinjuku was the premier trailer for Evangelion 3.0+1.0 while I was drunkenly wandering around and a whatever floor sento bath with Gainex employees. [spoiler] and a fight between a 2 groups of jap salary men in which one was knocked unconscious and awoken by his friend mere meters from the entrance to my hotel a day later [/spoiler]
File: 1604875160208.jpg (56 KB, 530x500)
56 KB
>shitty hotel
You mean baller hotel? Have sex, poorfag.
File: IMG_20190505_161232.jpg (190 KB, 754x1005)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I go to japan a bunch, which is why I really question OP's post there. Yes you can find all inclusive guest housing for 400 bucks, but it is rare and not in the Yamanote loop.

OP getting this without a metric fuck ton of pre planning/luck for 400 all inclusive is a slim to none chance. Especially on a tourist visa of all things. Been in japan for the last few xmas's
File: Confused Mouse.png (243 KB, 372x497)
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so how do you increase the amount of cash every check from personal stocks?
This was over 5 years ago, anon, look at t'
he macbook in the picture ffs.

That's what I said I did with 1LDK, you anons are fucking retarded and autistic as fuck.

Being among other foreigners is the last thing I want to to do in Japan. In the sharehouse, It was fun when I fucked a few indian and south east asian girls alongside the japanese weird ones but its more comfy to have your own place, or, if you really want, an 1R/1L that you pay off via airbnb and bring back bitches over soemtimes from cheap ginza/ebisu bars.

Who the fuck cares about being on the Yamanote loop? I rather be on Tokyo Metro then use JR, you posted in my other jp threads too and really all you faggots repeat the same shit from reddit.

The crab mentality here is strong af.

>also wrote "fees" instead of "free"

but hey, you guys go tell one another jp is impossible or whatever
Hey I stayed there. It was wasn't expensive and it was alright. Walked around in Ueno Park every day. I also stayed in APA near Sugamo Station for a few nights. It was a good location and a quiet neighborhood. Small rooms, but what do you expect. The breakfast is great though.
>that same dude that thinks cringeplaying as a loli in public is a personality

Yikes bro, just yikes.
>Who the fuck cares about being on the Yamanote loop? I rather be on Tokyo Metro then use JR, you posted in my other jp threads too and really all you faggots repeat the same shit from reddit.
It's for reference dipshit, generally in/around the loop stuff starts to price hike.
So this is dorm style right? I guess you're sharing your bathroom but not your private room. Seems like an interesting option. What's your experience? Was it a good social scene?
They basically have shared bathrooms, kitchens, common areas, washers/dryers. Your room is private with a door/key access, generally you'll have a bike space too. It's pretty much like a hostel private room only there is extra paperwork involved most the time, and there is the chance that you'll need to pay insurance fee's and possibly utility fees.

They are good if you want to get a feel if living in Japan would be a good fit for you on a tourist visa, but I doubt you'll get one for 400 dollars all included in tokyo. 500-600 is more like it after all said and done. For 400/mo you're most likely staying closer to Chiba or down in Kanagawa.

The one I stayed in was fine, but overall I wouldn't do it again since the people in these places are depressed as fuck. If you're an extrovert and sociable you'll most likely feel a bit awkward in these places, but hey least you are saving some cash vs an apartment. Realistically you'll need to weigh the options of an Airbnb month stay vs going through the process of a guest house.

If OP got it for 400/mo in the place he said he did, he is really lucky as that would not be the norm for most tourists. I really can't make heads or tails of what OP paid since all his numbers for things are all over the place.
>Being among other foreigners is the last thing I want to to do in Japan.
Why the ever loving fuck would you go to TOKYO if this is the case? Go to Niigata or Nagano, hell Sapporo is there and you'll be surrounded by japanese. >inb4 not really japanese cuz muh anglo russian influence

You're missing the point here anon, sharehouses are fine people are agreeing with you on that front. You're simply just jumping topics all the time and making it near impossible to figure out what you did/paid. These places often have drawbacks and it really doesn't help you calling accommodations at random prices then expect everyone to go "oh well wrong about all those other prices but 400/mo that one is legit".

For the work involved with these the average person would be better off with an Airbnb or private room with a hostel. The hostel I like to stay at in Sapporo doubles back as an ESL school for kids, you could get a free night if you help out enough. There are a lot of ways to enjoy Japan, just because you did X and paid Y doesn't mean everyone else has to do that.
he's based
There are usually like a few people that will be chill to hang out with, but most people will just stay in their rooms. I was in one earlier this year and during the pandemic there was a group of 5-10 of us that would get together and play board games, or watch movies or otherwise grab some drinks and chill out. Sometimes we would would catch each other in the halls and go eat or go out together if we had nothing else happening.

But it entirely depends on where you are staying, I stayed within walking distance of the big stations, near universities, but if the place is in the middle of nowhere the people staying there would probably reflect that.
You can meet a lot of cool people in hotel bars, including girls. In fact I'd say hotel bars are one of the best places to meet attractive DTF women. Wouldn't totally discount them to live in some autist accommodation
Do you guys drink alone in Nihon?
The locals think you're cringe af, but are too polite to laugh at you.
>Grown man
>Walks around Japan
>Has no friends, posts on 4chan.
>Thinks he's cool af because he replies to himself to support his arguments.
>Thinks, being in crossplay, but not saying trans is a positive thing.

Dude, get some help.
nah, he's based

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