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File: 1599357206979.png (384 KB, 639x582)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
Tell me some travel cringekino stories, I need to feel better about myself
Bonus points: it actually happened to you and you're not just making shit up
>be me
>in a club in chile
>drunk qt starts grinding on me
>had a gf at the time, doing long distance but had only been dating for like 2 months before i went away
>chica is obviously into me, starts reaching her arms around trying to touch me
>don't do anything
>finally she turns around and says something in Spanish
>"no hablo espanol"
>she asks me in English "do you want to dance"
>pretend i don't speak English cuz autism
>she ends up going away and don't see her again
>could've hooked up with latina qt and gotten away with it
>still kinda regret it
File: 1603646391641.png (131 KB, 571x529)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
That honestly doesn't sound that bad typed, but imagining that happening to myself, that seems like one of those moments that would haunt my before I go to bed periodically for the rest of my life. My condolences, anon.
>live in nice hostel in Mexico
>frog also lives there
>turns out all the French memes are real
>talks shit at every turn
>french-leaf also lives there
>he's a goof, but cool
>one day french-leaf does this mom pitch
>p cringe
>scamming Mexicans for a living
>leaves for another city
>at dinner telling all the people in the hostel about the scam mlm pitch by french-leaf
>frog is there
>we all have a good laugh
>frog says he "works" for the same company
>says it's not a scam
>frog continues to scam to this day
Mom pitch?
>visit Japan
>hanging around Tokyo station before heading to the airport
>fat burger wearing anime shirt standing nearby looking awkward as fuck holding a JR pass and train ticket
>finally gets the courage to ask me for help
>says he needs to get to Kyoto and has a ticket but doesn't know where to go
>I tell him which platform he needs to go to and that the train is gonna leave soon looking at the time on his ticket
>is still standing there dumb as dogshit and awkward when I wander past again 30 mins later
He definitely missed that train. Also hi because you probably post on 4chan
This one hurts because you want to believe people like this don't exist. Yet here they lurk...
To be fair, as someone living in country Australia, I had no fucking idea how to use trains or buses when I got there but I did some research beforehand and picked it up pretty quickly.
maybe its the context behind it but knowing some fat retard is going to go to japan with all there anime merch and think its gonna be this eutopia gives me both laughs and pain
Yeah we can laugh but good on him for going out and travelling by himself. I did the same and it changed me. There's a lot of those guys who would just stay home and dream about it.
>travel cringe stories

overhearing a distinctly toronto accent saying something hyper faggoty
You’re also a fat retard if you don’t know the difference between their and there
That's what he meant, multilevel marketing. Pyramid scheming spics, kind of abhorrent to bring that type of nonsense into another country and I'm not just virtue signaling, besides I'm sure they do bad just fine without some predatory kikes
Fucking based. Degenerates should hang
Why are people who visit/interested in Japan always such gatekeepers?
>hurrr durr my Japanese is N1 you don't know what you're talking about
>hahaha retard weeb didn't know how to use tokyo trains
>that's not real Japan, that's a tourist trap

I'm not even interested in Japan but every time someone brings up Japan here it becomes a contest
I saw a strange mixed black mulatto in Munich asking his fellow travelers, presumably which met in a hostel, to "borrow" money. I honestly don't even want to be racist, but why must the stereotype always be true?
you have no excuses to be this retard mate you can literally search in google or ask a guard.
please dont assume someone's gender like this sweety. if you aren't sure, use gender-neutral pronouns.
Why do you think most of these are retards are English "teachers" in Japan. Their only "skill" is having grinded Japanese for years.
fuck you senpai me and my buds come fuck you up senpai no cap bet senpai yo got any darts senpai the chugs took all mine
t. prairie boy who has never been to Toronto
lmao I forgot about the filters bake desi senpai
>chatting with guy at hostel
>says his buddy is gonna get lucky tonight
>points to his buddy in the corner
>I say “I don’t think so man”
>he asks “Why not?”
>”because he’s Indian” I reply
>”I’m Indian too” he says back
Wasn’t intended to be overtly racist but it definitely came off as such, and it is. Every time we passed each other in the stairwell after that he wouldn’t talk to me. To his credit he did succeed in making me feel like an ass.
>I say “I don’t think so man”
>he asks “Why not?”
>”because he’s Indian” I reply
File: 1603934053516.jpg (62 KB, 976x850)
62 KB
Yeah that's fucking bad, that one's gonna stick with you for a while anon. Top this though. I once asked a half japanese half black dude in a nightclub how to obtain japanese woman in Japanese. He just sort of smiled and walked away. You live you learn.
>drank too much during a pub crawl
>came back home to the hostel room
>it's like 3am and all 12 beds are full except mine
>crawl in top bunk
>fall asleep
>wake up an hour later with the super spins
>roll over and puke off the side of the bed from the top bunk
>go back to sleep
>get woken up later by a group of extremely angry girls
>I vomited directly on top of their bags and they have a 6am flight
>slowly roll back over and just go back to sleep
I cringe just thinking of it
That's based though groups of girls are pure evil.
>encountered 2 brits and their dates at ibar
>really enticed by one of the girls
>started clandestinely trying to cuck her
>the guy was starting to pick up on it
>i kept maneviring and evading with plausible deniability somehow
>we all go to marina disco
>im full of hubris cuz im about to fuck his bitch
>i go dance with a random "girl"
>grinding on her for like 2-3 minutes
>get her line ID
>kiss her on the mouth
>its a fucking ladyboy
>the 3 of them saw the entire thing
>come back to the table
>they all look at me in shock
>"mate that was a ladyboy, how did you not know"
>girl's friend says "ladyboys suck good cock you should try"
>everyone is incredibly embarrassed for me
>the girl i tried to cuck says "mai pen rai" as in "nevermind" about me fucking her
>they all turn away and sit there silently
>i realize there is no way to redeem myself in this situation so i chug my beer and leave
>they refused to look at me and didn't say a word for the 30 seconds it took me to realize i was fucked and to chug my beer
>didn't say bye didn't acknowledge me
it was karma i suppose. thank god that was only a 2 week trip and i never saw them again.
>doing English course abroad in Manchester
>get invited to a party at the student residence
>say no because I had plans to go drink with my Russian roommate and some girls he met and maybe score
>Russian gets into a fight over the phone with his gf in Russia and breaks up
>end up wandering alone in search of where this residence is supposed to be
>can't find it just enter a random restaurant finally, eat and go to bed
>Russian fucker sobs all night barely lets me sleep
You'll never get better as long as you keep saying fag shit like kino
wtf that group seems fucking lame. why does it matter so much? I wanna go to Thailand again for the purpose of fucking LBs. Didnt do that on my first trip. I thought there are so many LBs because people are accepting of them. Why were you so ostracized if you did it unintentionally
most people arent sex weirdos and are actually disgusted by trannies
Not that guy but you're an seriously pompous piece of shit. What kind of person joins a group of people to try to go for a dude's girlfriend while the guy is literally right with you guys? And then goes to an anonymous imageboard famous for sex weirdos just to act morally superior to all the sex weirdos? Why aren't you on reddit you stupid jackass?
>getting angry at words online
why arent YOU on reddit?
Trannies suck good dick anon for real don't knock it till you try it
>disgusted by skinny beautiful passable happy and enthusiastic LBs
>not mentioning being more revolted by the fat gut sluts in NA who "love adventure" but when they're not taking photos of the colosseum on their early 20's European Adventure™, they are mindlessly sipping on wine like an iv drip on their Ikea living room sofas while watching the most popular shows on Netflix and cataloging their bullshit on Instagram and Tinder because shot gunning a beer in a bikini at the lake makes you look like a fun bad ass.
sounds like he's just stating facts, not very angry at all anon
heres some kino

>go to porto and join hostel pub crawl
>get completely blitzed before we even leave
>lose track of 5 hours
>next memory is pissing at the urinal, guy next to me is shouting something
>realise im actually in the dorm room pissing in the corner
>next morning i shoot him a finger gun when i pass him on the stairs

>go to barcelona and join hostel salsa dance
>i already know salsa so i mog all the other hostel guys (locals are way better than me tho)
>argentinian slampig and canadian shortround both into me
>bang the argentinian on the roof, she leaves next day
>bump into the canadian at like 11pm, shes coming back into the hostel after drinking with her friends and she wants it
>her friends try to push her through to the dorm but she hangs around talking to me; her friend makes a visible 'i tried/i give up' gesture
>we facetime with her baby who is being minded by her expartner or something as shes on holiday with her friends (LOL)
>blows me in the kitchen at 2am

the argentinian came and visited me a few months later too

yeah they dont have pussies though which are more fun

>he cant get hot girls in his own country so he pays mentally ill third world dudes to pretend to be attracted to him

cope seethe etc.
>he cant get hot girls in his own country
you'll call this a cope but there aren't many women I am attracted to here. After experiencing asian's, I can't go back to westerners. At least for now
>so he pays mentally ill third world dudes to pretend to be attracted to him
that's exactly the point of traveling to sea and I dont see a difference whether its a man or a woman
File: 1603558020633.png (277 KB, 469x452)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>making fun of me for not being able to get girls at home
Well sorry for completely ignoring girls throughout highschool, ignoring girls for 3/4ths of uni, trying and failing for one year of uni, and now working a job in a peak burgerpunk state with no car and with bars and concerts cancelled anyway. You're no different than a rich person who flies out to Africa just to make fun of how poor Africans are. Deride us all you want, but trannies and whores are my only options.
Anon, fucking LBs is homo in disguise. If you want to fuck men, that's cool, I don't care. But fucking men with bolted on tits and pretending no homo is pretty gay.
tl;dr faggot
label it whatever you want
>Go to japanese onsen.
>Be dick conscious
>Discreetly pull on my dick so it looks bigger
>Guys i'm traveling with see me do it
>They laugh at me and point at my dick for the next 30 mn in the onsen
>They call me dicklet for the rest of the trip
>Back at home, they tell the story to everyone we know.
>Be known as 'Dicklet' since then. That was 3 years ago.
As an Argentine who never ever fucked an Argentinian chick, how are they?
very aggressive. she was submissive ofc but was actively working me up afterwards so the next round could begin earlier. no other girl ive been with has done that
Damn sounds good. Did she play mind games with you? Or was it just physical?
i mean they weren't lame, but the guy who had a vague awareness that i was trying to repo his girl, and his friend, both had due cause to make me look stupid. at the end of the day, my intentions were ultimately malevolent and hubris sunk my ship
moral highhorser blueboarder faggot detected
>tells me to go to reddit
no you, with your moral high horsery rodentia
File: 1603399703481.jpg (12 KB, 250x210)
12 KB
Told this a couple times, still cringe
>In Osaka a couple years ago
>visit one of the more low-key red light districts, generally barred to foreigners but sometimes you get lucky if it's raining like it was that night
>walk the entire stretch, don't get waved in once despite the street being largely empty
>one mamasan finally waves at me, I walk up to the girl kneeling at the entrance and she gives me an annoyed look and asks what I want
>the mamasan was waving to the one guy walking behind me
>eventually get into the one store desperate to have me
>the girl is nice but she openly makes fun of my moobs
>can't get my dick inside her, we just kinda awkwardly kissed and eventually 69 until I get called for time
>didn't even nut, spent $120 to get nothing
>buy mouthwash and wash my mouth like crazy after realizing I went down on a prozzy
>cried myself to sleep for being such a bitch
nah just physical really, certainly lived up the spicy latina meme
haha lmao
Black guy here, I will recount my time in China.

'Twas a a moonless night when my plane landed in the capital Beijing (Formerly know as Peking). I was glowing with glee as this was the first time I've ever been to the mythical land of East Asia. I booked into my hotel and then went to take a well needed nap.

The next morning I ventured out onto the streets of Bejing to do some exploring, as you know I am a tourist and so exploring is what one does when travelling! However, to my bewilderment I noticed I attracted a lot of attention from the local ladies, many whom gazed upon my groin area, me being a sophisticated gentleman blushed and turned away in the opposite direction.

But as my day continued and the attractions on my to-do list crossed out by my tacky Air China pen, I still noticed many ladies staring at me in awe. I decided to ask an elderly Chinese gentlemen with magnificently tamed white beard for an explanation.

He said to me "black man big so big", "big?" I replied, "YES!" he said voice growing ever so loud "BBC so big".
He slowly explained what this meant as I have never heard of this term, and I slowly began to understand what he meant.

It seems that women of China seem to have some sort of infatuation with a certain part of a black man's anatomy. Regardless, I didn't let this distract me from my main objective, which was to enjoy the sights and sound of mythical land of China.

But as the day drew on, I noticed peculiar things. For example, there were statues and posters of these BBCs(is that what you call it?) everywhere and many women would gather at these statues and begin to meditate and worship them?

This led to a great deal of confusion to me as from what my encyclopaedia said (which my father gifted to me on my 13th birthday" that the main religion of China was Buddhism.

>be Yuro travelling the US
>in San Francisco
>figure I'll buy some new jeans and go to the Levis store there
>look for jeans my size
>sales clerk asks me what I'm looking for
>"Hi I'm XYZ, can I help you"
>friendly black guy, pretty helpful
>I try on my jeans, they fit so I go buy them
>cashier asks who helped me pick my jeans
>forgot the name of course
>"I forgot, sorry"
>can't see him right now
>"that's fine, what does he look like?"
>be terrible at remembering places
>"Um, he's black?"
>"Uh, okay"
>pay my jeans and leave
wtf is with you mongoloids going down on whores, Jesus Christ
File: 1599286842178.jpg (180 KB, 948x661)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
terrible at remembering faces I mean.

Didn't help that I knew he wasn't the only black guy working there.
holy fuck haha based
Did you lose the weight?
Ladyboys are accepted there but they still aren’t considered actual women so most people are going to treat you like you’re gay or a weirdo for being into them. Thais also like to make fun of foreigners for getting fooled by them all the time. Something similar almost happened to me once.
>at a bar drinking with two Thai girls
>hadn’t been in Thailand long but knew ladyboys were pretty common
>underestimated how common they were
>could easily pick out the really obvious ones but didn’t realize how cheap it was to get surgery over there so if they had a pair of boobs I just thought they were really ugly women
>waitress comes over to take our order
>has a pretty nice rack and face looks ok in the bar lighting
>didn’t think I was paying that much attention to her but when she walks away the two girls I’m with exchange glances
>one pulls on my arm
>asks me “do you think she’s cute?” or “do you like her?” referring to the waitress
>don’t know what they’re getting at, maybe they got jealous for some reason
>still say something like “yeah I guess” without thinking about it too hard
>they both burst out laughing
>turns out it was a ladyboy
>they point at me and chant “ladyboy ladyboy!” while laughing
>feel really sheepish
>when the waitress comes back can barely look at her and just mumble a thanks
>they laugh again when she leaves
Eventually they either forgot about it or didn’t care anymore and just wanted money because they still went home with me that night. But I can imagine how embarrassing it would have been if I actually flirted with the LB or got their number.
>be me
>actual Thai person
>first time in the UK, touring a museum
>need to piss
>go to the front desk
>stand awkwardly for a few seconds
>start trying to speak with an english accent + slang for no reason
>everything besides "the loo" is inaudible because I'm mumbling or stuttering
>group of people at the front desk just stare at me blankly
>walk away pretending to be picking up a phone call and speaking in Thai
yes but it's gyno so I've got a lot of work ahead of me before it's not weird
didn't go there for whores, was just something I wanted to try. Never again
In a perfect world that wouldn't be cringe, if he's the only black guy there then it's an easy way to identify him. You didn't do anything wrong fren.
Did you find the loo?
I actually hung around the area hoping someone else would ask where it was for me but gave up after a few minutes
:( , What did you do then?

If i were there i would let you piss in my mouth haha
>>they both burst out laughing
>>turns out it was a ladyboy
>>they point at me and chant “ladyboy ladyboy!” while laughing
>>feel really sheepish
>>when the waitress comes back can barely look at her and just mumble a thanks
>>they laugh again when she leaves

I feel bad for the waitress having to serve shitty customers
I'm not going to disagree that it was pretty shitty, but I was young and it was my first time dealing with a situation like that and could only react with embarrassment because I still equated it to being attracted to a dude. These days I don't give a fuck anymore and have had ladyboys sit down and talk/drink with me and I just treat them the same as anyone else.
>last year in Japan for comiket
>meet up with some /trv/
>some german guy wants to meet up, others met on /trv/ not in tokyo yet so figure whatever
>fine at first but begins going full kensama shortly after
>grab a few strong 0's since going to be walking around
>dude gets pissy about drinking in public even though off the main walk in aki
>starts going off about how americans don't know shit about beer
>we go by a few shops dude goes full weeb picking up was the order rabbit and fate doujins
>bruh moment
>goes full kensama at this point being very preachy about japan, culture, and shit pretty much everything sounding like it came off an anime/weeb wet dream. Tries to explain how his doujinshit is fine and legal here
>will not shut up about this shit
>try to change the subject by saying I can show him good beer at this microbrewery by where I use to live
>at bar dude has like 2 beers and starts whipping out his doujins to read in public right there
>"anon iz fine japan different than america, itz part of teh culture here"
>clearly buzzed after 2 beers wants to know where some good japanese girls are
>tell him we could probably find something later, ask what japanese he knows
>says he knows it can't speak it worth a damn though
>find his hotel is right next to a 300 yen bar, figure this is a good starting point and since he can't handle alcohol is close to his place to stumble back to
>gets ultra pissed that there are other foreigners at the bar even though it's just a couple from aussie land
>he gets super pissed that there isn't anyone to talk to about his doujin obsession and anime
>gets drunk and storms off trying to find "real japanese to hang out with"
>never been back on discord, wasn't at the comiket meet, or trv meet

Not sure what happened to him but I guess he probably lost all his money in roppongi
Damn bro, sounds like a cringey day in general. Fwiw I met a dude off /trv/ once and it was a fucking blast. Everyone strikes out every now and then. Open weebs are generally sort of shit to hang out with. I say this as a repressed weeb.
>visit one of the more low-key red light districts
You mean the one by Tengachaya? That one serves anyone who pays bruh. I took a friend there here is some cringe
>friend visiting never been outside his country
>heard about Osaka red light being a better deal than tokyo
>wants me to show him where it is like... uhh okay
>once we get there starts asking me what one is good like somehow I know what's good for him
>walk up and down the street tell him to just pick one, not feeling it tonight
>wants me to do the talking to get him a girl to suck his dick
>like tf bro
>just tell him to point to what he wants and leave not going to get into that convo

The rest of the people I met were pretty cool that winter, wasn't as good as 2018 but overall was still fun.
I had something like that happen.
>working in Japan
>new guy comes in
>he's this goofy looking dude from mexico
>a little awkward but seems like a good guy
>first thing he starts talking about is anime
>oh boy here we go
>offer to take him out to see some thing since I had been in Japan for over a year already
>he starts unironically calling me senpai
>first place he wants to go is akihabara
>sure why not
>we get there and he's like a kid in a candy store
>dude obviously loves japan and this is a dream come true for him
>starts off harmless at first but he gets more and more obnoxious as the day goes on
>starts saying konichiwa to random passerbys and repeating the few stock Japanese phrases he knows
>we go into a multi-story shop that has different things on each floor
>he goes off to a different floor while I'm checking out some CDs
>comes back up to me later carrying a big box
>"look what i got senpai!"
>it's one of those big hip shaped onaholes
>doesnt even have a bag and is carrying it around proudly
>"haha i just got it as a prank i'm not really going to use it haha"
>have to walk around with him carrying the thing the whole time for the rest of the day
>people keep looking at it on the train while the guy remains completely oblivious browsing /a/ on his phone
I couldn't believe there were actually people that lacked any kind of self-awareness like that.
Japan always has the best cringe shit since most weebs have 0 self awareness to how they are fucking up everything
>In Sapporo for christmas
>Christmas market meet some pilots staying in and some easy going ESL's
>chilling having some hot sake
>random ass weeb dude out of fucking no where shows up
>says hello/intros himself then like first talking point out of his mouth is I shit you not:
>So does anyone know where the mixed onsens are? Do you all want to go to one we could hang out there?
>everyone is like DUDE WHAT THE FUCK
>Try to change the topic saying "hah bit cold out for one, besides not into the whole naked with a bunch of randos lol"
>dude double downs on the topic
>"Why there is nothing wrong about the human body. Do americans actually feel bad being naked?"
>dude literally made all the girls insanely weirded out
>starts asking why we are in Japan I say that I just like it during the holidays and comiket is fun
>He orgasmism at the topic about some super creep shit
>try to mention about it's cold and ask if anyone knows a good bar/pub around
>struggling to find any topic to change to but everything blows up
>group dissolves right there and then thanks to cringe-kun
>meet up a few later head to a bar and drink there laughing at what the fuck just happened
I thought all mexicans were NT as fuck, I guess I was wrong. But generally speaking most mexicans (latinos actually) I meet are pretty NT, ive never met a mexican autist before but I guess they exist lol
awwwwwwww <3
hahahahhahaha ahhh...
>discreetly pull on my dick
you mean you tried to like subtly stealth fap to get some blood flowing
I think cabana of cope has a better ring
this is next level thank you for sharing
yep, you understand

>in hostel in thailand because flight got in late at night
>room with 3 koreans
>morning comes
>getting ready to leave
>"so how do you say goodbye in japanese"
>his expression gets so intense and stern
>we. are. korean.
i guess they really don't like nips?
You'll never be a woman, faggot
I've did the same thing in Chiang Mai, felt like the biggest dick head alive, luckily the guy on the bunk below was a sound Irish guy who didn't even mind much
Mixing up races is kind of bad in general, but Koreans really hate being mistaken for Japanese.
>in Guam
>tons of Asians vacation there
>talking to a Korean girl at the bar
>things are going pretty well
>my buddy comes up and sees the girl
>smiles and says “ Kon'nichiwa!” genuinely just trying to be friendly
>her entire demeanor changes
>says “I’m Korean” while giving us one of the coldest glares I’ve ever seen
>puts her drink down and just walks out
>my friend gives me a look like “sorry bro”
>I kind of shrug it off too because it wasn’t like I was trying to bang her or anything we were just having a random conversation
File: 1599477259475.png (430 KB, 1065x945)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Japanese and Koreans literally hate each other almost as much as Saudis and Iranians. I mean, they fucking hate each other. Can't tell you how many times I was just casually talking to a Japanese person and the convo just becomes about how annoying/dangerous koreans are out of nowhere. You guys fucked up.
I'm Korean myself (no, I'm not that annoying kimcel who shitposts on /trv/), and I don't mind when I'm mistaken for Japanese. There are a lot worse things you can call me. I'd rather be mistaken for Japanese than mainland Chinese.
korean here too, I dont care if people mistake me for a japanese or a mainland chinese. most of the mainland chinese ive met have been pretty based, a little dorky but thats ok
Are you guys actually Korean though or Korean American?
I'm >>1909054 and I was born in South Korea. I don't have US citizenship.
Interesting. Maybe those anons just got unlucky.
>be me
>in Vientiane, Laos with 2 guys I met while travelling
>decide to rent motorbikes to explore town
>one guy (experienced rider) decides to get a dirt bike
>other guy (can't ride) decides to get an automatic scooter
>I (also can't ride) decide to get a dirt bike
>old, white guy who seems to be running the rental place senses my apprehension and lets me ride circles out back for a while
>seems easy enough
>2 other guys pull off onto super busy, one-way road
>slap my helmet visor down, thinking I'm badass
>put it into first
>road is insanely busy and chaotic
>gotta move off quickly
>shoot across the road and hit brand new, freshly polished pickup truck
>bike fender broken, wheel arch on pickup dented and scratched
>dozens of people on busy road stop and stare in disbelief
>shamefur dispray
>white guy in shop makes a quick exit (no idea why)
>Laos mechanic guy from shop comes over and recovers the bike
>spend next 2 hours in shop signing insurance documents
>go to a nightclub in ao nang
>autistic retard so I just sit there and drink
>after an hour a gorgeous girl comes to me
>hi I am femanon
>we start to talk it turns out she is from netherlands
>after 10 minutes she grabs my hand and we go dancing
>I never did it before so I dance akwardly
>for some weird reason she is still interested in me
>we go to talk again
>after a while she grabs my hand again we leave the nightclub
>we go to the abandomed part of a beach
>shit just go real
>we sit on a sunbed
>I am starting to get really nervous
>she obvioisly wanted from me to take the first move but I was nervos as fuck
>she grabbed my hand and put it on her legs
>still no response for me
>she finally realized I am an antisocial kisless virgin retard and tells me oh it os late I need to go
>we get up, she says something I didnt understand probably in dutch
>"sorry I didnt understand"
>"oh you didnt understand"
>"well my hotel is that way so bye"
>Not playing it off as a bit of honest fun, like a Chad.
Cucked yourself there, anon.
if I'm able as a non native speaker to understand Indians, it's those guys bad, not your fault
holy fuck this might be the worst one
I can picture this perfectly in my head and I can't stop laughing.
Actual Torontofag here. You sound like a frequenter of the Wellesley and Shelbourne fag bars. Even prairiefaggots don't prairie dog anywhere as much as you.
>giving a shit about being a grower
Also they probably laughed cause that's gay as fuck my dude.
I would've expected some kind of innate action to kick in, especially after drinking. An opportunity literally fell onto your lap and you didn't capitalized. That's brutal. Have you gotten any better since?
This was 3 years ago. I will become a wizard in april aswell.
I dont get it. It 3 years being a shut in the barrier to being labelled a wizard?
You are new on 4chan right?
jeez what a nightmare
shit anon she literally put your hand in her vagoo, I'd neck myself if I had missed that opportunity.
been here a year this month..
please just tell me what that means
A wizard is a 30-year old virgin, you dumb adolescent
>30yo virgin
okay anon, let's go to pattaya
>In Thailand
>Getting fat as fuck
>Decide to do a Water fast
>3rd Day in I Wake up
>Hearts pounding can barely stand up Feel really sick
>I put on some clothes go to the elevator
>Vision is blurry
>Need some vitamins from the Mall
>Walking to the mall
>Passout outside a streetfood stand
>Some asain mans standing over me with a bowl of bone broth.
>Drink it
>Feel Way better
>Get to the mall
>Take vitamins feel fine
what's your demographic like? I ask that cus how did he know to offer you food? were you ribs sticking out of your skin?
That's not cringe. It's just funny.
You have shit friends.
Did you consume nothing but water? If so, you got water poisoning from a lack of sodium which makes your brain swell and could lead to brain damage, or even death. The broth guy probably saved your life by getting sodium into your system.
Actual retard who thinks like this
>Decide to do a Water fast
Stop reading women's "health" articles.
Visited tokyo in april 2016. I am from a poor slavic shithole. Never been to japan before, so it was a surprise that locals know no english (thats unusual worldwide). After a week I picked up how japanese change english words, like fokku, sutasion, sumokinugu and so on. Worked really well with taxists, waiters and so on. At the end on my stay Ive checked out odaiba, huge mall in a style of european city was closing up for the day. So I asked nearest middle aged japanese guy wea isu ecusito? To which he replied in clearest english, on the level I cant speak even 4 years later. I bet he thought I am a typical retarded weeb trying to find gundam statue neaby.
Funny, but would be funnier if you did it to some Asian guy in New York City.
This happened in a certain European shithole

>With bro in a hostel for a few days
>First night he's tired, I'm horny
>Make a Grindr account and find some 7/10 trans girls about 2km away
>Bit of a trek at 2am
>Chat with them a bit, seems sketchy but do not care because I'm horny
>Send me details
>My mate is asleep so I get dressed and creep out onto the streets
>This is downtown btw
>Random men on street corners
>Start thinking this might be retarded
>Nearing hotel anyway
>Get to hotel, seems like a shithole
>Wait outside and send msg
>No response
>Out in the cold for 10 mins, man on street corner watching me on his phone
>Truly hate myself for doing this
>Finally msg
>Girl says I can't come in unless she pays for extra guest
>Says I'll need to give reception passport
>Ok fine whatever
>Finally one of the girls in pics appears at doors
>Genuine 2/10, pics must be from yrs ago, so many acne scars
>I must continue, however
>Go to reception, give passport
>Me and her go up elevator, one of those really tiny shitty ones
>She bought two 500ml heineken bottles for us
>Stare at eachother bc it's so cramped
>Really know I've got too deep now
>She kisses me on lips
>Says "you'll do good"
>We get out, got to her room
>We enter and first thing I see is not the other tgirl
>It's a naked, very fat sweaty man prob 40s
>He walks beside me, closes door and locks it
>I go numb
>He walks back deeper into the room, I'm standing still
>I simply unlock the door, twisting it, and walk out
>Look back at the tgirl and fat sweaty man staring at me
>I just say "Sorry" very awkwardly
>Bolt down nearest stairs
>What is wrong with me
>Reach reception
>The receptionist genuinely looks worried for me, I'm obviously acting up
>Take passport back - he was filling in a form or some shit
>He opens door for me
>Out on to the streets
>Leg it back to hostel
>Live another day
File: 1600745968112.png (678 KB, 1000x1000)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
That’s not even cringe. That’s just sad.
True travel experience right here. Had similar experiences in Xian and Bangkok.

Really makes you feel alive speed walking through a foreign city at 3am hoping nobody saw what just happened.
>In Northern India at a dusty suburban bus station outside of some town I forget the name of (Jaisalmer maybe?)
>its dark, late in the evening and I'm waiting to catch an overnight sleeper bus heading west
>locals only in the entire town and for miles around, this is off the tourist trail and i'm also there in the off season
>some young indian dude in his 20s sees me sitting on a waiting bench and comes up to talk to me
>seems friendly and like he just wants to practice his really poor english so i humour him to kill time
>as we're chatting about the weather i notice other people in the bus station are looking at me oddly
>my bus arrives and I go to board
>the indian dude i'm talking to also gets up to get on the bus, he walks ahead and gets on in front of me
>narrow schoolbus style bus with bench seats, i have an assigned row in the back as per my ticket
>this indian dude is literally standing in the middle of the aisle blocking my way
>in polite canadian fashion i say excuse me and go to squeeze past him
>immediately as I do so he grabs my dick and balls with one hand and my chest with his other and lets out a moan
>basically pinned against him in the aisle so I push him away, back out, and get out of the bus
>old indian dudes at the bus station laughing
>the guy who molested me just gets off and walks away
>got molested by the town gay rapist
>the bus I got on wasn't even the right bus, it arrived about an hour later
>the bus I got on wasn't even the right bus
Based town gay molester helping you get to your destination
>That’s just sad.
yeah, the new half didnt even mention the 40 yo fatass joining
>Had similar experiences in Xian and Bangkok.
I gotta read them. Dont tease me like that, time to share anon
I'll work my way up to it. In the meantime this is also me
Don't hold out on us my molested friend
cheers, looking forward to reading that with my morning coffee in 8 hours. To pay it forward, I will rack my brain and try to resurface something
That was very mean anon
Yeah I think he knows that and he'll never forget
Which country was it in? Why did you even say it?
>Top this though
Did you forget to mention the punch line?
I would have stolen your stuff and took a shit in your shoes if that happened to me.
What is it about Indians that make them so undesirable? Now that I think about it I've never interacted with one in real life for any lasting amount of time and there barely seem to be any in my country in the first place. All I know is like those screencaps of weird Indian dudes creeping on girls on facebook and shit but that's not exactly exclusive to one race. And that a lot of them are telephone/tech scammers apparently.
jfc yall are fat gay weebs
they're autistically pushy and aggressive in such a way that you balk at their lack of self-awareness indains and arabs are like asperger aggressive and pushy in totally unacceptable situations
Taking someone's prostitute isn't "cucking" them. It's just rude.
It's not as if he can't walk 3 feet and find another.

>kissing a hooker on the lips

What the fuck
How do you live like that?
lurk 2 years before posting faggot
kill yourself
>at airport, got some hot food and wanted to sit down in the food court area
>indian is sitting at table with 10 empty extra chairs
>ask if I can take one of the chairs
>he says no, he's waiting on friends
>I'm surprised and ask again
>he says "I need them all!" and flails his arms in the air
>I feel embarrassed but end up finding a spare chair elsewhere

another one
>at the pokemon center in japan
>long queue, waiting my turn
>overweight white otaku stereotype at the register
>I'm people watching so not really paying attention
>white guy finishes, takes a real deep fucking bow in front of the cashier
>everyone's staring
>feel a bit embarrassed for the guy but at least he's trying, I guess
I am wagecucking all the time, then in summer I empty my bank account and I go somewhere for a month. Then I start again
We talk that way in South Africa all the time, Americans are retarded
>Big lips
>Huge nose
>Dark curly hair
>Looks like he enjoys rap music
How is that not more offensive than just saying his skin color? I don't know if this is just bait or if Americans are really this fucked in the head.
I dont get this, were they going to kill/rob you?
>early 20s
>go to Thailand for business trip
>bored one evening and ask female colleague if she wants to go for a massage
>go to a place other female colleagues have suggested because they "don't do that other stuff"
>in my mind this is a good thing cus I wont be tempted by offers
>on our way there my colleague tells me she often falls asleep during massages
>arrive and get our feet washed
>go upstairs into separate rooms partitioned by a single curtain. Both of us only 2 meters away from one another.
>massage starts
>close my eyes to make things less awkward
>laying on my back while this old 40s something thai momma keeps snickering
>um, is she's intentionally contacting my cock while focusing on my legs?
>try not to get hard
>open my eyes and make confident eye contact with her while she smiles
>try not to hard hard
>she makes a wanking motion and points to leave the current bed
>diamonds.exe compiled
>"1000 baht?"
>"yes." - penis
>follow her across the upstairs floor with by boner max tenting the linen shorts they make you wear
>pray to god I don't run into anyone else
>get to another stall with bamboo partitions and a table in the center
>hop on and pull down my shorts
>gives me a handy for what must've been 10-15 minutes while my cock refuses to coom
>tell her that's enough and go back to the first stall beside my colleague, still max tenting
>what the fuck did I just chance type of moment of reflection
>see the curtain has kinda been opened
>I can see my colleague's masseuse sitting perched, rubbing her shoulders but also kinda peering into my stall
>hope to god my colleague was asleep for the negotiation and exiting/entering the stall
>times up
>walking away from the building
>"how was your massage?"
>play it cool anon
>"it was just okay.. they didn't dig into my muscles enough. I like tougher massages"
>replies with a passive agreement
>convinced she is none the wiser
File: ded_pep.jpg (7 KB, 300x250)
7 KB
>mfw credit card alert for foreign transaction of $250
>mfw I see the location
>mfw I realize I left my wallet behind while going to the other stall
>mfw I realize that's why the curtain was more open and the other masseuse was looking into my stall
>mfw I paid $300 for a tug when I didn't even coom and I chanced my colleagues finding out
I actually laughed pretty hard at this one.
File: exterior.jpg (124 KB, 1280x854)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
> Be me 17 Pretty, very very handsome and very tall in a country of short not good looking people plus I just lost all my weight, used to be very fat so my confidence was up to 1000% like a dragon waking up
> Be in vacation in Mexico, Puebla at modern Hilton hotel celebrating New Years (Stupid cause we live very near Puebla)
> I hate family so I satay in hotel when they go and rent another hotel in far small town in Puebla
> 4 Days for fear and loathing alone
> Go outside to smoke handmade local apple flavored cigs, so so good
> Femanon is a 8.7/10 and Swiss girl, joins me
>omg this is what it feels like,
> She says hi and we talk, I give her one of the apple cigs, she loves them
>I ask her what she doing here, she says she is staying there because she is moving to Puebla (lots of foreigners live there)
> Be me and act like Im not really impressed, even mean at times
> She says its weird that there's someone of my age that acts like me, does what I do is alone and comfy
>So I ask her her age and she says 26 omgogogmgogmg and I had just seen the graduate so I was like a jew after eating baby
> She says if I want to eat with her and I ask what and she says room service omogmgogmogmg ITS HAPPENING
> We are in the elevator and I start shaking because I had low sugar since I hadn't eaten sugar in years and I ate a chocolate before, she asks why and I say I'm cold and she says awgh
I'm typing in phone and I'm a bit drunk plus I English is a third language that much
> We enter her room which is full of LV suitcases and I somehow stop shaking and feel comfy.
> I ask her where is her family and she says "why?" while giving me a grin
> I sit at the bed, she says she wants to brush her teeth and put her pajama and order what I want for her and me, she says she wants something sweet.
> I order fried octopus for both and a bottle of tequila
>She comes out and she says she likes how I talked to him, that I'm very confident (Me in my head: She's believing it ogmgomg)
>She says what do I want to do and I says we should watch a movie
>She says e can't while looking at her phone and shows me her mom message saying they returned from the pool and that we should leave quickly
>We're leaving and I'm like 4 feet from her, the family exits elevator and greets her, they'd not know im with her, so I just keep walking straight.
> Go to my room and feel like shit, I didn't had her number because I was with her the whole time, still say to myself that it will happen again, something like that because I'm not fat anymore
That's 2/?
File: Cuenca_Banner.jpg (308 KB, 1800x450)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>realize that there will never be another opportunity to do it again
>still feeling the 1000% confidence boost I go back to the hotel room and knock on the door
>dad answers "who is this?"
>say I'm room service and someone ordered something
>when he opens the door I burst through, and walk directly to her
>she is like "anon what are you doing?"
>parents shocked
>I take her and give her the deepest most passionate kiss
>she gives in
>parents read the situation, understand and leave the room
>we fall onto the bed making out and groping each other
>reach down to her pussy but there is a bulge
>whatever Ive gone this far already and she is still hot as fuck
>she is like legit 7 inches soft wtf

File: birdman.jpg (391 KB, 1306x705)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
> 2 hours later, 12 pm
> I'm in floor 12 so I go to the emergency stairs and I take a smoke, I'm only wearing underwear because of my ex fat confidence, not even socks
> Door closes and I try to open it and you can only open it from inside and I freak out
> Walk downstairs, someone on the street is recording me so I try to be as fast as I can.
> Enter the lobby and there' lots and lots of people watching the new year
>20 , 19, 18 ! and so on, like 200 people in there I think, mostly foreigners and lots of 9/10's
> I walk casually and everyone starts looking at me and I see the girl and her family, she looks so shocked
>It's exactly like in Birdman, press elevator Botton and it's taking a lot of time, enter elevator.
>Go into room
>Forgot my room card
>Everything feels so so bad so I wait like 15 minutes outside so when I go down there's not that much people since the countdown ended and it's already 2019
> No one is in the elevator and I go down
>Doors open and her and her family are waiting to get in the elevator, we're so close to each other and they just stand still, the little sister laughs at me, I go out and say to the lobby guys that I lost my card while a fat security guy is telling me to get out and that I'm committing a crime, the girl in the lobby says me to calm down, start to cry and she tells me to enter a room with her and she says to his co worker to bring me a pool bathrobe while I'm there crying like a pig, she starts to touch me and tell me that it's okay and I will laugh about this later,
> Guy brings bathrobe, she puts me the bathrobe because I'm shaking
> I go to my room
> me in the bed watching before sunset on a small cheap TV
This is 3/?

Thanks for ruining my story manlet nigger
File: img_1979.jpg (27 KB, 740x310)
27 KB
> Knock knock, I open the door
>It's the girl and the manager and they have a pizza with a 200ml bottle of wine, they say they felt so bad and told me that I was so pale
>I was thankful but at this point I felt like I'm goin was going to pass out, I say thank you really blah blah
>manager gets a radio call and he leaves, me and the girl chit chat a little bit, awkward
>I say thank you and close the door while she gives me this stare
> Eat the cheap pizza while realizing I could have invited her
> Can't sleep and I end up watching the whole BEFORE trilogy
> Feel nausea from eating the pizza, I feel so bad and I put my finger on my throat and I puke.
> Too ashamed to go out so I basically stay locked in there
>Family returns and when we leave he shows me the bill because I ate all that was in the fridge and gives me the death look
> we go to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant, we sit and right next to me is her family
>Spend all breakfast hearing little laughs
>While my dad was driving he gets a call from school that I had failed maths, chemistry and that I would have to go there to take classes in vacation for 2 weeks, he basically tells me he hates me during the drive

File: yotAajZ.png (10 KB, 576x347)
10 KB
I would have killed myself after that
I started shaking a lot too after eating something with sugar, having not eaten sugar in a lot of time
>> Can't sleep and I end up watching the whole BEFORE trilogy
Based af
File: 1464031043041.gif (873 KB, 325x203)
873 KB
873 KB GIF
Sorry anon but you must admit you set that up I had no choice but to finish the layup.

Why are you upset?
this story gives me an empty dreadful feeling. There was an opportunity to capitalize and you couldn't, but also being alone in a hotel is the fucking worst. You might as well be in a cell underground
These are the stories that reinforce the idea that in most cases living with the regret you did something is a lot easier than the regret of not doing something.
I dunno that dude would have puked all over the hotel girl if he invited her ig
this would be a good David Lynch short
Tokyo train system was confusing as fuck.
>>parents read the situation, understand and leave the room
>early 20s, decent looking but shit confidence especially after getting dumped by gf
>staying with family in hotel in New Orleans for a week

>flirt with hot girl at hotel but don't get her number
>see her with her sisters or something in lobby later
>i glance at them and they all giggle
>don't do shit cause i'm a pussy

>go to music bar with family and cute black girl is the singer
>she keeps flirting with me from the stage calling me "white chocolate"
>don't do shit cause i'm a pussy
>see her again at the market next day
>she says hi to me and calls me it again
>don't do shit cause i'm a pussy

>hanging on the rooftop of hotel with brother
>unattractive older lesbian is talking to us
>she's a fucking weirdo so it's fun talking to her
>going back to room, just me and her in elevator
>she says i can have "whatever i want"
>i say "what do you mean"
>she gives me a look like WTF do you think?
>i realize she wants my dick
>say "i'm gonna go to bed"
>later decide i should go fuck her because i'm a retard
>go to her floor not knowing which room she was on
>TV noise coming from only one room so i knock on the door
>it's her
>she invites me in and gives me beer
>her gf is asleep in next room
>she basically says we can't do anything
>i leave
>next morning i'm checking out with family in the lobby and she is there
>we walk past her and i pray to god she doesn't say anything in front of my family
>she doesn't
>the end

>another night, we all go drinking at some bar on Decatur Street
>get black out drunk
>apparently i was flirting with some hot girl all night
>brother says she was into me, probably could have fucked
>no memory of any of this
>takes a real deep fucking bow in front of the cashier
never met a kensama irl, japs must be cringing hardcore at this shit
absolutely brutal, hope you survived
>Looks like he enjoys rap music

Lmao. Jokes aside tho there are people who unironically use racist stereotypes because they are afraid to use the word black lol
>t. N5
the thought alone made me chuckle
same, I met a dude in Hong Kong and turns out he's from my native country lol, bro even tried helping me get a job at his company
If he was an American it makes sense. Everyone gives them, literally whatever they want.
Cringe? Or total A1 Based?
((((((black anon here)))))))
Story checks out. US is getting lamer by the minute. California has already fallen
>on my way back from japan after visiting to meet a friend
>because of how I scheduled my flight have a stayover in thailand for like 3 days
>never been before
>young guy at the time, 23
>from an island around guam and ambiguously brown
>not exactly a full-on twink but I was pretty slim at the time, only weighing a little over 150lbs
>hotel is in pattaya
>first night there go out to walk around to try and find some food and see whats around
>genuinely not there for sex or hookers and have no idea how pattaya works
>a little overwhelmed
>finally just randomly go to one of those bars that have a view of the street
>sit on a stool overlooking the street and decide to take a break until someone comes and takes my order or something
>only a couple of thai guys in the bar
>they keep looking over me and giggling while saying "hello" in really girly voices
>kind of weirded out but don't think much of it
>these old white guys who pass by on the street keep looking at me
>after a while one comes and sits next to me
>says hello, I say hi back and give him a polite smile but don't really feel like talking to anyone
>he keeps sitting next to me
>five minutes pass and he's been checking me out the whole time
>he finally asks "how much?"
>no idea what he's talking about
>says something again in thai
>still have no idea what he's talking about
>eventually he gets annoyed and gets up and sits somewhere else
>a bit later I see him leaving the bar holding hands with one of the thai guys that was there
>find out more about thailand later and realize I was at a gay bar and the guy must have assumed I worked there and he was asking me how much to go to his hotel
File: ryan-gosling-jacket.jpg (91 KB, 960x580)
91 KB
Rookie mistake, this is why you buy hookers with cash.
File: der giga coomer.jpg (451 KB, 1205x1186)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
I know but my older female colleagues (plural) said it was a reputable place to go. It's just too ironic that I went for 2 massages prior to that by myself and none of that shit happened
also, I did pay that massage and happy ending with cash. They went through my wallet when I left it behind and got my credit card details

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