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Hey /trv/
My boyfriend and I are driving up from Phoenix az to Seattle late August, we're taking the Californian route. We're making a little bit of a vacation out of it, wondering any advice, anything we should see? I've only been to Cali a couple times. Not trying to spend a crazy amount of money, but open to suggestions.
Avoid getting near to any big cities like LA or SF if you want to arrive on time.
101 is a good drive if you aren't in any hurry
File: 1581924652300.png (434 KB, 689x540)
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There is the 10 and the 101That's pretty much it, take your choices.

The 101 will be a bit more stop and go but be coastal most of it,tad more expensive for lodging depending what you choose.
The 10 is right there and will be shorter but 1/2 of it will be the most boring nothingness drive of your life.
Sure I'm happy for the advice on routes but I was more asking what things I should check out in California, any stops everyone should make
File: california-.jpg (1.54 MB, 3429x2572)
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the mountain and the forest parks are worth visiting, I also like big sur coastal area. if you are staying inland....
File: 395.jpg (611 KB, 2507x1303)
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any of these national parks or national forests between sequoia national parks and Tahoe national forest all have thier nice spots see and to car camp for a night. be advised Yosemite will be very crowed in august with a backed up road (also costs more).
once you get north of sacrramaco/tahoue the culture changes again, there are lots of tiny little mountain lakes and such, pick one to drive up to and fish or rent a boat on. Oregon is no sluch either.
are you guys trolling? the 5 is the fast way and the 395 is the kino way. unless she wants to stop in the big cities
its hard to answer without knowing what you like. As we all know you are going to make your bf do most of the driving dont forget you are on BJ duty at night.
File: 1590429727191.jpg (70 KB, 1024x512)
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Thank you, this is more of what I am looking for.
Thank you for your good humor. I am up for anything, I want to do tourist-y stuff, the things that everyone should do and or see in such and such. Just trying to make a trip out of it, asking people who actually have knowledge and not just google articles. Cheers
Phoenix to Vegas to Reno then up to wherever.

Gas up in Vegas, the gas stations along the road to Reno are vultures.
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I don't know why people just insist on not fucking reading the thread but learn to fucking read you goddamn mongoloid.

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