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I want to buy a crappy sailboat and go to the Bahamas or Mexico or Belize from the USA. I don't know anything about sailing. My questions are

>What sailboat can you recommend that is under 20k
>What kind of app can I download to help with navigation
>Cell service? When does it end and when does it begin?

And then just where to begin in general, thnx.
1. Go to your nearest marina and buy a boat, you get what you pay for with boats.

2. Buy some food, beer, any party drugs you want for the boat trip.

3. Set sail. Your new life on the high seas awaits.
>And then just where to begin in general, thnx.
you would start with learning how to sail, normally it would be take a sailing course at your local marina, and then crewing on race nights
but a lot of that would be cancelled now, might be best off getting a small boat and teaching yourself
Learn to sail first, if you are serious.
Buying a sailing vessel without any knowledge is a waste of money at best, at worst a cost ineffective way to drown yourself
Youtubechannel "sampson boat company"

Rent a room cheap near a habour for 2-3 months. Buy a tiny sailing boat, try to go from A to B in the harbour. Repeat. Then make small excursions with the boat over 3 months.
Buy a bigger boat, make longer trips until you are confident enough...
should have clarified i've sailed dinghys before, but yeah you are all right lol, just have no idea where to start. I guess I'll suck it up and pay for lessons.
I suggest you LARPs google catamarans. Cheapest, safest, smallest, fastest, best boat you can buy
Just make your own, there's plenty of guides online.
yeah but i'm too lazy to make my own boat and it would probably sink you know?
Are you trying to fucking kill this guy?
Don't overreact, it's been done. People have been doing this for centuries.

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