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File: AdobeStock_126169458.jpg (1.32 MB, 2500x1669)
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Planning a road trip to Idaho. Looking at about a week stay some time around late July, early August. List below is a few things that seem cool to check out. Am I missing anything?

Shoshone Falls
Thousand Springs
Bruneau Sand Dunes
Craters of the Moon
Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains
Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise
Idaho City
Custer Ghost Town
Black Cliffs
Gilmore Ghost Town
Dragon Bomber Wreckage
Palouse and its rolling hills
Hells Canyon, OR
Wallace - Pulaski Tunnel and Sierra Silver Mine
Burke Ghost Town
Lionhead Water Slides
Have always wanted to check out Couer D’Alene and spend some time in Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area but I don’t really have anything specific. Seems like a beautiful state and your list is good.
Appreciate your response, and for mentioning No Return Wilderness. Definitely adding that to the list.
No worries. Just make sure you look up the regulations and recommendations. They’re probably on the Forest Service website.
You're missing Ketchum and Boise.
Forgot to mention I'll be staying in Ketchum, and I felt like Boise went without saying. I'm more looking for things outside major cities.
File: 20170822_172608.jpg (245 KB, 945x1260)
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245 KB JPG
Cringed at this post. Why do you have so many things listed? Have you never planned an itinerary.
I took an awesome road trip to Idaho in 2017 but I kinda feel like you dont deserve to know what I did.
dude wtf why do you have so many things listed? for a week long trip?
It's just 2-3 places per day, it's totally viable to visit it.
It's possible to go sightseeing and see multiple things per day, even in a large area like Idaho. That being said, it's also possible to spend an entire day someplace like Craters of the Moon. So strike a balance.

Highway 93 north out of Arco is one of my favorite stretches of highway. Long, empty, and beautiful. Good views of the Lost River Range.

I believe Hell's Canyon is underrated. Look up the Heavens Gate lookout. It's a fairly long drive to a very short trail to a fire lookout with expansive views of Hell's Canyon and the Seven Devils Mountains.

Plan for fucking hot across southern Idaho.
Thank you so much for those suggestions.

Yeah, I definitely intend on keeping a few places and things to full day outings, maybe even two. Pretty funny how these posters are crying about how many things I listed; the list isn't an itinerary, but a collection of things I've found that I will eventually whittle down. I plan on being there for about a week and a half, so, I feel like I got plenty of time.

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