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>LEGO let’s you order missing pieces for free
>Look up guide books for different sets online
>Every day order 1 piece from the set you want
>Eventually you’ll have the whole set for free

Has no one ever even thought about this?
Based retard bro
File: 26yif34xplr51.jpg (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
>can get the UCS AT-AT for free in just under 19 years using this method
Thanks OP
All it takes is one look at your account to see how many requests you're placing in a row to put a stop to this after like a week

you wasted all that time making this idiotic post?
>you wasted all that time making this idiotic post?
This is the intelligence of the average legoposter. No wonder the generals are all such shit.
this is why you make your brand a religion, so you can expel the """heretics"""
no fun allowed yada yada. go fuck yourself and go bacm to reddit where you get rewarded for being a knows-it-all
anon, lego will litterally ban you from getting spares if you try to pull this shit.

the fandom wont even know, because you wont get anywhere.
What if we got everybody in the world (apart from lego employees) to do this every day! That would be billions (with a b) of bricks every day!
File: 1532463727860.jpg (21 KB, 427x427)
21 KB
>order a piece a day for the $630 Titanic set at over 9000 pieces
>takes 19 years
>every day you "save" about 7 cents by ordering a single part
>takes about 5 minutes of time
>effectively work for $1.40 an hour
>assumes they won't catch on after a week or two
>also assumes all things being equal and the set piece won't be manufactured anymore
based retard

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