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Hey! I bought some 1/12 action figures and I was wondering if are there 1/12 cars except those Tokusatsu cars and bikes.

I was looking for a truck (van), a Cadillac and perhaps a motorcycle.

What are the brands and average price? I got some space in my expositor and I would like to pose my guys with some cars together.
Motorcycles of various makes are pretty common in 1:12, but if you're posing with Marvel Legends or Mezco you're really gonna want to go up to 1:10.
WPL's D series R/C K-truck and van are good-to-go with figures as far as I've seen.

Woosh, they aren't that expensive, thank God. I was hoping for something around +200 USD. I saw them for 90 USD. That's good. Thanks, anon. Sadly they don't have the model I was looking for.

Do you know more brands?
The classic Willis Jeep is available as a 1/12 RC in at least three price classes, starting at around sixty bucks, I think. But the age of 12th scale car plamo is almost fourty years in the past. Other than race cars or occasional reruns, motorcycles are all you can get regularily and below 200 bucks.

The most recent 12th scale civilian car plamo was a the Fiat 500F, which seems to clock around 150 these days. Motorcycles you can easily get for around 20-60.

Currently, your best bet seems to be Papercrafts, though those have decisively moved towards Japan and Russia and /po/ is a den of base villianity that should be put to the torch.

Thanks chap. Can you enlighten me about 'papercraft'? I never heard about it before.
1/12 is rare, mostly used for RC. The most common display scales are 1:18 or 1:24.
Models made from folded and glued strong paper stock. The most standard topic coming out of the former soviet block are rather large-scale, hyperdetailed tank kits, but they do other vehicles as well. The Japanese seem to have a scene as well.
Like this nip here constructed a 12th scale tuk-tuk, but the files require a google account for DL


There are a lot of blogs around aggregating links to free and illegal free downloads, papermau is an example of the lot.

Thanks mate. I'll pass, I think. They seem rather fragile...
But I appreciate your kind help.
Papercrafts get pretty stable really quick between folding, glue and the overall light weight of the objects and paper in general doesn't break like plastic or metal.
Building them's a lot of work though.
File: P2220097.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x1536)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
The last good, cheap vehicle for 1/12 figures that I've seen is the Scoob! Mystery Machine back in 2020. It was available in most WM stores for $20. It's long out of stock, but you can pick it up on Ebay for not much more than the MSRP.
Just remember that 12th scale stuff is huge.
Yeah after getting the 1/12 tmnt van I can see why no one bothers making vehicles this scale. No one has room for this shit and if they do they're only gonna buy one or two.
File: bbi f14.png (828 KB, 800x600)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
Even 1:18 scale is huge, hence almost every company who makes 1:18 vehicles doing them half or a quarter of their actual size.

That doesn't stop some companies from trying, but they're very niche.
i remember this from a thread back in 2020
1/12 cars were abundant back then(7-10 years ago)

These are what I have collected(not my pics/links as they are all boxed up atm

Roadbot 1/12 Lancer Evolution(long sold out)

Yamaha 1/12 Rhino(pic related and I think still available)

Itasha Robot(long sold out was discounted back then)

EX:Ride SPride 02 Daihatsu Midget(long sold out, it was on sale back then at Otakuza when they were still online)

1/12 Yamaha Golf Car(still plenty up to now, can't find any pics with figmoes sitting on it but trust me I was able to make figma Rider 1.0 sit inside)

1/12 Lamborghini by Goodsmile(too rich for my blood and long sold out)
Forgot to mention the Mach 5 from the flop movie
Beware though as the red seat can stain bare figmoe legs but not to big of a deal since you can rub it off and it will leave the legs some pink shading/highlights

Not a car but you might like this
1/12 Gyro Canopy(still available I think if you look for it online)

(Pic is the 1/12 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution)

If I remember or recall more, I'll post it here
File: MMT.jpg (230 KB, 730x900)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Man, I get a bit sad when I think about JSI's potential. The prototypes of the J-11BS and the F-15I where beautiful, and then all they did was release a few repops of 21st Century Toys items.
Anyway, germane to this discussion, pic related. https://native-store.net/en/CATEGORY-ROOT/native/1-12-Scale-Magic-Mirror-Truck/p/NA_SP_WD00001?overRateChecking=overRateChecking
shit might need that mock 5 looks fun
File: Herbie-the-Love-Bug.jpg (57 KB, 800x419)
57 KB
Are there any good 1/12 scale bug cars? I really want to repaint one into a Herbie the Love Bug.
>abundant back then
>over priced import crap

get out weab
The ones I mentioned was cheap back then except for the Lamborghini(which I don't have as its too much for my budget)

The Roadbot 1/12 lancer costed me around $30 at BBTS

The Rhino, Golf Car and Mach 5 was around $20-$25

The Daihatsu Midget, I forgot how much it was but it was on sale at Otakuza back then so it probably costed $50 more or less including shipping as I remember having all the EX:Rides and nothing costed more than that

I think I remember someone from 2ch posting a 1/12 Volkswagen, if I find the pic on my pc, I'll post it here when I get back, pic has a figma or a Busou Shinki sitting inside

This might be it but not 100% sure, I kinda remember trying to search for it online back the. but wasn't able to find within my budget

Love that Herbie, if it's scaled right and the doors open I'll get it.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
Can anyone tell me if there is a 1/12 batmobile like the spin master that you can put the mafex in?
You can fit the Mafex in the Spinmasters batmobile. You can even situate a second figure to sit next to them. I'm thinking of 3D printing some seats for mine.
Can confirm the DC collectibles animated Batmobile will fit Hush Batman, but his cape will be uncomfortabe and you want to be careful with his ears for clearance. He'll have to recline back, but not super unnatural.

other options are the Mattel 66 Batmobile, and there's two 1/12 BvS/JL Batmoiles; one is an RC vehicle with the gun, unfortunately, the other is a premium collectable with the gun as an option.
Thanks guys, I am the OP.

I quit the idea. They seem so big. It wouldn't fit in my expositor. Thank you all and mostly everyone who tried to help!
File: s-l400.jpg (24 KB, 400x300)
24 KB
>Are there any good 1/12 scale bug cars?

Yes, and you don't have to spend $300+ on some obscure model that >>9868297

Fisher Price has the Loving Family VW New Bug. I have have one myself and I can attest that it can fit most 1/12 ML style figures nicely. I think they're out of production, but you can easily find one for $15~25 on eBay and the like.
File: 1462040022408.jpg (42 KB, 720x720)
42 KB
i dont understand the appeal of 1/12 cars. You have to open a part of the car, then shove your figure into it. Then you have to make sure theyre secured, and then you have to woosh the car around but they fall to the side and you have to readjust them again
Best part about actual scale cars is that action figures are all but impossible to fit inside, because seats are pulled way forward and the steering wheel is pulled as close to the seat as possible, because aesthetics.

Only vehicles designed specfically for action figures to fit inside them can actually have shit fit inside. Everything else you'll need to dremel out, unless there's actually room to fit just the upper body in there. Legs never.

also, did anyone here ever buy this? I've never seen it in stores and would like to hear any impressions.
File: FQVHSzwVkAI4h0B.jpg (342 KB, 1296x864)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Technically 1:18th Bought The Batman Batmobile cuz it looked like it could fit Figmas .. and it can! as long as you remove their legs below the knee.

So I dont think this would fit Mafex or Figuarts
I also have a few TMNT vehicles that easily fit 1:12
1/12 is a dead scale
File: E6XHyu2VoAAAGdw.jpg (654 KB, 1296x864)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
File: FLBVaYzVcAIyjjr.jpg (695 KB, 1296x864)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
And the 1:12 Tie Fighter. This thing is cool but way big.
Feels supremely based knowing the failure of the sequels means no more vehicles for 1/12 scale at retail.
Person I follow on Insta makes their RC stuff look really appealing.
Do you not understand how scale works?
Not your board, poorfag.
Why is Japan the only country making 1/12 vehicles?

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