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File: BST02.png (1.38 MB, 1477x748)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG

-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-I'll save you the effort: check Mandarake, either for pricing (if selling), or for availability (if buying).
-Don't shit-talk buyers or sellers without evidence.

Previous thread: >>9806789
File: figs.png (1.69 MB, 1200x800)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
All figures gently used, no box, notes below.


Revoltech Vash the Stampede - 90$
*D-Arts Metabee - 80$
Figma Lucina - 30$
Revoltech Black Magician -180$
**SHF - Fujiko, Lupin, Jigen - 200$
SHF Team Rocket - 150$
***Figma Link & Zelda Twilight Princess - 130$

*Bought used, joints are slightly loose, but not enough to inhibit posing
**Coke bottles and Gem are from something else, but throwing them in because fuck it. Not selling these 3 separately unless a more compelling offer is made.
***Not separating these either (unless compelling offer etc), non-delux link, zelda arrow snapped near the tip but it has been fixed, link is missing the strap to his shield but it still has the part he grasps, so he can still hold it just fine.

Email and we'll talk, prices include shipping, will ship after payment is processed, CONUS only

Everything has been wiped down with a microfiber cloth, but could use a little more love to get in around the joints. These have been sitting in a box for 5 years.
Link & Zelda sold
File: iu.png (200 KB, 400x401)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
all open unless specified

shang chi - $40

kamen rider siren - $30

storm collectibles
terry bogard - $130

amazing yamaguchi
optimus prime - $60, box is damaged

transformers kingdom rhinox (loose) - $20
one shot toys kurama - $45
dasin sanosuke sagara - $40

i also have a whole bunch of loose figures that i'd like to get rid of. $5 each, email me to see what i have because there's a lot. buy five or more and i'll toss a free one in

shipping is included in all the prices. if you have any questions or want pics, please feel free to email me!
MetaBee Sold
File: maxresdefault.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
Looking to buy Power Rangers/super Sentai
Wild force/Gaoranger and Dino Thunder/abaranger DX zords, I've already got Animus, predazord, and wild force megazord so not to interested in those other than to have the wildzords displayed with their megazord form.
Contact me at smortimer0705@gmail with prices.
Especially looking for US release blizzard force and the standard blizzard force.
File: WTB.jpg (520 KB, 2600x3096)
520 KB
520 KB JPG

Masters of the WWE Universe:

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Sgt. Slaughter

The Rock

Randy Savage (WWE outfit, not NWO)

Masters of the Universe Origins:



Noferatu (either release, I don't mind)

I don't need them carded/with their boxes.
Ideally I'm looking for sellers within in the UK but I doubt I'll come across any, if you're US seller and have multiple figures from this list that you are willing to sell please hit me up since shipping will work out cheaper if I can get multiple from one person.
WTS: (All items are sealed/mib)
Pokemon Figma Mizuki - $100
SHF Iron Man Mark VII - $100
Bandai 40k White Scar Primaris - $130
Bandai 40k Salamander Primaris - $150
Sentinel Lancelot (Berserker) - $100

Nendo Nitocris - $60
Nendo Kunagisa Tomo - $60
Nendo Moeta Kaoruko - $110
Nendo Ai-chan - $80
Nendo Ebina Nana - $70
Nendo Campers (buy all 4 for a discount):
Rin DX - $75
Nadeshiko - $55
Chiaki - $55
Aoi - $60

Alter Arle Nadja - $300
Q-Six Oide yo! Mizuryu Kei Land - Pakora - $320

Prices are shipped (unless you're Alaska or Hawaii). US only.
Lucina sold
Joy Toy Vehicles/Mechs/Figures
Why is the white guy cheaper. I really want them but double retail hurts.
I just based it off of what people were selling them for and Scar prices were lower
I'm interested so hope they don't sell too quick lol
I've had them up for like 2 months at this point at more than just here. I think you're probably safe
You hear if they're doing anymore? I remember getting emails about them all the time then nothing.
I would not bank on it. They're getting spanked HARD by both JoyToy and McFarlane, who are providing better looking and much cheaper toys respectively, and their figures have been getting middling reviews, with many saying the prices are way too high and the plastic feels cheap. Not to mention, their last announcement, the Gravis Captain, was incredibly poorly received, with a ludicrous $240 price tag and a sculpt everyone clowned on for its fat gut and dick dangler relics. It did sell out eventually, but I suspect many of the sales were to scalpers hoping the aftermarket would reward them. I didn't see any actual Warhammer fans giving praise or liking it.
Looking for
MOTU Origins Scareglow
and Orko
some fucker on reddit burned me and totally didnt even ship them out. Please let me know if you have them/are willing to sell
Marvel Legends Lot (Open to an offer on all the figures sold together) Prices include continental US shipping
Magneto from 3-Pack $40
Black Tom Cassidy $10
Jason Wyngarde $35
Callisto $35
Omega Sentinel $15
Nimrod $45
Tri-Sentinel BAF $40
2-Pack Juggernaut $50
2-Pack Pyro $30
Scarlet Witch $25
Silver Samurai $15
Walgreens Emma Frost $30
Maverick $15
2-Pack Storm $25
Thunderbird $15
Sunfire $25
Retro Wave Brown Suit Wolverine $30
X-Force Deadpool $30
X-Force Wolverine $15
X-Force Psylocke $40
X-Force Deathlok $20
Fantomex $30
Uncanny X-Force Lot for $110
Boom Boom $15
Shatterstar $35
Cannonball $10
Warpath $15
Sunspot $15
Incomplete Strong Guy Baf $30
X-Factor Polaris $40
X-Factor Havok $25
Quicksilver $45
X-Factor Lot $110
Professor X w/Chair $45
Wolverine missing no claw fists $25
Gambit $15
Scaled-Down Select Rogue $20
Storm White Suit $25
Jubilee $35
Archangel $40
Tri Sentinel Wave
Magneto $15
Professor X $15
Jean Grey $15
Cyclops $15
Moira $25
2-Pack Rogue $25
Mohawk Storm $25
Ultimate Green Goblin BAF missing Flames $30
Ares $35
Sentry $15
Silver Surfer Barbarian (Free With purchase of 3 or more figures)
Cable Juggernaut Wave $20
Brown Suit Wolverine $20
AoA Cyclops $15
AoA Iceman $15
AoA Shadowcat $15
Wonder Man $20
Grim Reaper $20
(Take the brothers together for $30)
Guardian $15
SDCC HellFire Club $200


Dragon Ball SH Figuarts
Prices Shipped to Continental US
EE Super Saiyan God Goku Still in Shipper Box $80
Hit $80
Zamasu $140
EE Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku $120 opened (and one MISB Shipper for $150)
Fused Zamasu $80
Jiren $80
Final Battle Jiren $110

File: 20220615_110543.jpg (777 KB, 1181x1748)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
Need the money

Kamen Rider Jaou Dragon - $70

Kamen Rider Buster - $70
shang chi sold
Forgot to put
Shipping is included
SHF Ultraseven
SHF Ultraman Ace
File: bst2.jpg (192 KB, 694x778)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Selling TF Micromaster KB Devastator complete. $35 shipped. email toobored834@hotmail.com
Everything else I posted in the last thread is sold.
WTS unopened revoltech bakugo, 90 burgers shipped.
File: fggedggryytyt.jpg (3.99 MB, 1836x3264)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
Spawn Kickstarter Classic autographed NIB
149 usd$$
not including shipping, tracked.
paypal only
>make a new email for selling on here
>make my first post, literally the first time this email have been has been used
>already getting spam emails from Nigerian Princes and Free Gift scammers
So do these guys stalk buyfag threads or something?
You probably overcharged and someone submitted your email.
I'm this guy btw
Then I was right
File: maxresdefault.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
>Tooo MFozlove
Webscrapers. Just a bunch of bots grabbing info based on keywords from random sites and check if there’s an associated email. If those criteria are met, they send a phishing email.
Companies also sell info. My prepaid cell phone with no personal info on it was getting robo calls almost a day after I set it up. I set up a hotmail for my father a few years ago, he only entered it on Fidelity, inside of a week it was getting hammered with spam, in a month someone was fucking using it to buy shit off some baby goods website because the account was accessed.
Incorrect in this case. Flat out wrong.
mr bogard sold
Nobody has bought from me yet
You're not me
Ah I see that makes sense
what sort of figures do you have loose? i'm guessing you're not giving away figmas or shf for $5 a pop
File: figs.png (1.73 MB, 1200x800)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Updated list, new additions and some lowered prices
All figures gently used, no box, notes below.


*SHF Perfect Cell and Kid SS2 Gohan - 160$
SHF Saiyan Saga Vegeta - 100$
Revoltech Vash the Stampede - 80$
Revoltech Black Magician -160$
**SHF - Fujiko, Lupin, Jigen - 170$
SHF Team Rocket - 130$
***SHF Awakening Goku and Datong Frieza - 60$
****SHF SS Vegeta (Old ver) and SS trunks - 60$

*Keeping these together
**Coke bottles and Gem are from something else, but throwing them in because fuck it. Not selling these 3 separately unless a more compelling offer is made.
***Not separating these, one of Datong Frieza's energy ball holders is snapped but could probably be fixed
****Not separating these as well, this is the old vegeta with no abdomen crunch joint, and prem color trunks

Email and we'll talk, prices include shipping, will ship after payment is processed, CONUS only

Everything has been wiped down with a microfiber cloth, but could use a little more love to get in around the joints. These have been sitting in a box for 5 years.
Is that around what that Vash goes for these days? I sold mine a few years ago when moving and regretted it, been trying to replace it. If youd ship to leaf kinda interested
His new show/movie comes out next year so he'll get a re-release
He seems to hover around 110-160 on eBay, email and we’ll talk!
Duuuuuude I totally forgot Trigun is getting a re-make-boot something. Thats fucking insane. It is high time Trigun got the due, everything else from that era of toonami anime like bebop , akira, bersek and eva are all icons vash always got the short stick
Think it's a prequel? Haven't read to much about it
I doubt it'll get a rerelease but there will probably be new figures
Hoping it's like Hellsing Ultimate or FMA Brotherhood, where they remake it to follow the manga more closely. I think nearly everything after Monev and Legato appear were created solely for the Trigun anime. There were like 10 volumes of manga after that part of the story.
Cell, Gohan, Goku, and Frieza sold
File: 20220625_191518.jpg (1.36 MB, 2385x3264)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Got Makoto in today. She looks great and anon sent her super quick. Great transaction. Super pleased
damn, didnt think usps would go that fast. Glad you like her man, enjoy!
Just want to say these 2 sellers have been excellent and top quality.
File: IMG_3939.jpg (670 KB, 1728x1296)
670 KB
670 KB JPG

Willing to go lower on shit and take offers
If it's cheaper elsewhere which it probably is I'll either match or you can just buy that one

Too much to list
Main stuff
>My Hero Revols
>Some Figmas (Marnie/Satsuki)
>Other shit (Bring Arts 2B/SAS Part 4 Jojo
>Nendoroid and Nendo Doll Kizuna AI
>Kamen Rider Zero One DX Ark Driver
>Kamen Rider CSM Ixa Belt and IxaRiser
>Neca TMNT

>the "then buy it somewhere else" scalper is back
He also repeatedly posts his list to Reddit which overpays by a lot on figures and can’t sell them there
The post literally says they'll match the price
>or you can just buy that one
Usually that's what he says. Fuck off white knight.
I'm sorry you can't read posts before you shitpost, I feel sorry for you
Better luck next time.
We go through this literally every time. Fuck off autist
Yeah he doesn't seem to learn his lesson, then morons want to pretend he price matches. What do they tell him there?
And you're an ESL, really sad
So why do people flip their shit when a seller says to buy from the place you saw the item cheaper at?
Like why not just buy from there? Buying from an actual store will be more secure than some rando on 4chan.
I actually bought from him and he cut me a good deal would recommend
I literally don't have a Reddit account so I don't know where you're pulling that from
Is somebody impersonating me? Or are you just pulling it out of your ass?
File: File.jpg (2.38 MB, 3168x2250)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
All prices include shipping, USA, Canada and Mexico only. Most things are used and all have the original box and for the used model kits I'll pack the runners in ziploc bags in place of the original plastic bags they came in. All used things are in good condition with no missing or broken parts unless otherwise specified and no model kits are painted. Email me for pics if interested.

*Frame Arms Girl SOL Raptor: $70 - NEW
*Megami Device Ayaka Ichijo: $60 - NEW but unpackaged (the runners were removed from their plastic bags and marked with tape, but I never cut a single piece from them)
*Megami Device Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl: $50 - NEW
*Megami Device Kaede Agatsuma: $50 - USED (well built, no nub marks)
*Polynian Mel: $45 - USED (one of the rods of the surfboard broke off and is stuck in one of the guns)
*ACT MODE Hibiki Tachibana: $40 - USED
*Cross Frame Girl GaoGaiGar: $40 - USED (well built with no nub marks, but one of the leg joints is broken, not beyond repair with cement though. Only the girl mode is put together, all robot mode pieces are stil in the runners)
*Nendoroid Syaro: $30 - USED

The following muscuto stuff is for Skin Color A (Most of the Asra's, all Chaos & Pretty like the magical girl, Kaede Agatsuma and SOL raptor, the latter 3 which I'm also selling)
*ALL 3 muscuto things together - $95
*Bunny Girl Black: $50 USD - NEW
*Black Swimsuit: $40 USD - NEW
*Pregnant Bellies (set of 2): $15 USD - NEW (due to shipping costs, I can only sell this one in orders of at least $35)


Due to shipping costs, this next items can only be sold in orders of at least $35:
*Nendoroid Doll Girl Body Almond Milk color: $20 - USED (the upper mid section of the arms is faintly painted with blue from the nun outfit, but it can't be seen when it's wearing an outfit)
*Nendoroid Doll Outfit Sailor Girl Chocomint: $10 - USED
*Nendoroid Doll Outfit Set Nun: $10 USED
*Nendoroid Doll body + the 2 outfits: $30
*T display case (VL) black (acrylic display): $10 usd
*Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki: $5 - USED, it was my first build so there are some nub marks and the head joint is oversanded and thus can't hold poses when the hair is fully extended to the back

The following are bonuses, you can pick ONE with any purchase and get it for free:
*Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar (this one you can only pick with the purchase of another modelkit): USED, the robot mode is fine with no broken pieces (except for one of the bunny ears which broke but was fixed with cement), but the girl mode legs and the beñt thingy that hangs from the back are broken, probably beyond repair.
*Tamashii Nations Act. 4 Stand Clear (set of 2): USED, one of the claws has a crack but still works and even if it breaks there is a spare claw
*McFarlane Injustice Flash: USED, one of the leg joints has a factory defect causing it to fall out if not careful, but it holds poses with no problem
*Modelling Support Goods Missile & Rocket Pod: USED, one of my first builds so some nubmarks
*Modelling Support Goods Hand Bazooka: USED, also one of my first builds so some nubmarks

File: IMG_6972.jpg (1.73 MB, 4032x3024)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Good seller, got my Megatick
File: sales.jpg (746 KB, 1351x864)
746 KB
746 KB JPG

Selling within the US only. Shipping is included in the price. Items from pet free, smoke free home.


$65 - 465 Bikini Armor (red) Makoto, opened/displayed but complete.
$65 - 534 Bikini Armor Makoto (blue) Veteran Fighter ver. Brand new, factory sealed.
Take the pair for $115

$33 - McFarlane MK11 Spawn (axe version) complete
Red Makoto is SOLD.
Blue armor Makoto is SOLD.
polynian Mel sold
Gaogaigar sold
Magatsuki sold
Zelfikar Sold
Hibiki Sold
Looking to sell the following. Shipping is free within Continental United States.

-Best Selection SHF Naruto (will throw in for free with any purchase over $100)
-D-Arts Omegamon $40 (chrome on sword is chipped)
-SHF Alphamon (original release) $60
-CCS Gurren Lagann $250 (had to superglue and fix parts in shoulder sockets; mobility unhampered ask for pictures & details)
-Furai Action Optimus Primal $110
-Sentinel Lancelot $100
-Iron Factory Scorpion $65
-Lightning Collection Gold $30
-Lightning Collection White $10
-Lightning Collection Red $20
-Lightning Collection Zedd $20
-Lightning Collection Green & Putty $30
-Lightning Collection Magna Defender $10
-Digivolving Spirits Alphamon $30
-Snail Shell Wasp Girl (Yellow Version) $140
-Snail Shell Swimsuit Wolf Girl $120
-Snail Shell Cloak $25
-Mezco One:12 Space Ghost $140
Paypal scammer
WTB the MonsterArts Predator or a Hot Toys predator
whoops forgot the email
nendoroid doll body and outfits sold
tamashii nations act 4 stand sold
File: IMG_7054.jpg (1.84 MB, 3024x4032)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Got Metabee!
glad he arrived safe!
File: tfland7-glacialord.jpg (980 KB, 1793x1781)
980 KB
980 KB JPG
Selling a boxed complete Fansproject Glacialord set. Opened, stickers applied. (no mold!) $70 shipped. email toobored834@hotmail.com

WANT DNA Design DK-08 upgrade kit(car mode, guns, etc) for POTP Optimus Primal
File: tfland6-calidus.jpg (998 KB, 1665x1637)
998 KB
998 KB JPG
MMC Calidus complete in box with Toyhax stickers. No instruction sheet. $70 shipped

iGear MW-02 Rager mini Huffer complete in box with Toyhax stickers. Has card, no instructions(I don't think it comes with one though?). $14 shipped
File: tfland5-scorp.jpg (1.11 MB, 1993x1709)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Energon Scorponok & Cybertron Dark Scorponok. Both UNBROKEN. $35 shipped each or $65 for the pair(I can combine shipping on any other items).

WANT Earthrise Prowl on its own too if the price isn't the equivalent of a human kidney.
File: tfland8-dk23.jpg (907 KB, 1917x1457)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
DNA Design DK-23 leg kit for Earthrise Scorponok complete no box. $20 shipped

Junkion Blacksmith mini headmaster Ultra Magnus complete in box. Compatible with G1 bodies. $15 shipped
US only, free shipping

Archetype Next She (Flesh ver.) - 50
Shidou Hikaru - 60
Yurei-Zu - 60
Black Rock Shooter OVA ver - 40

Revoltech Alien (Big Chap) - 40
Mafex Kylo Ren - 60
Chogokin Hoihoisan - 60
SAS Avdol - 40
Nendoroid Popuko & Pipimi w/ Bonus - 80 for everything

>PHAT Idolm@ster
Haruka - 50
Miura - 50
Takane - 50
Miki - 50
Chihaya - 50
Ami & Mami - 70
All muscuto parts sold
Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl sold
Shidou Hikaru sold
So, I have some older Marvel Selects that I'm looking to get rid of. Mostly classic X-Men and a few Avengers. Would anyone here actually be interested in these things or should I just take them to a local toy shop and get what I'll get from them?
No harm in posting
File: SHFBaddies.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1004)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Selling some Kamen Rider Villian Figuarts/SHF, if interested shoot me a email at edgeofthemindseye @ gmail.com
Space Ghost & Furai Action Optimus Primal sold

Untrue. I've sold and bought from many over the years here.

He has no proof as I have never scammed anyone before. People post stuff like this from time to time because they're either trolling or maybe upset with some of my pricing.
Sup /toy/ too much going in in life i need to start selling my stuff.

PLUM Raiden V Azuma - 55
Figuarts Freddie Mercury Original - 80
Figuarts Bruce Lee- 90
Brain Fabricate Space set- 15 (idk much about them going off ebay)
Evangelion units 1 and 2 Crayfish - 80 for the set


Etrian Odyssey V and Nexus Art Museum -80
Code of Princess Artworks- 65
God of War 2018 Limited Edition Artbook -100
Heisei Tribute Artbook -55

Nintendo Switch N64 Controller Brand New - 65

All prices are shipped. All Model Kits are brand new

Doras has been Sold
3.75 or 6 inch Star Wars figures

Vintage collection loose or carded are preferred but please send me a list and asking price of whatever you got.
File: 1656170694810.png (1.19 MB, 1200x800)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Updated list, some lowered prices
All figures gently used, no box, notes below.


SHF Saiyan Saga Vegeta - 80$
Revoltech Vash the Stampede - 60$
Revoltech Black Magician -130$
*SHF - Fujiko, Lupin, Jigen - 150$
**SHF SS Vegeta (Old ver) and SS trunks - 50$

*Coke bottles and Gem are from something else, but throwing them in because fuck it. Not selling these 3 separately unless a more compelling offer is made.
**Not separating these as well, this is the old vegeta with no abdomen crunch joint, and prem color trunks

Email and we'll talk, prices include shipping, will ship after payment is processed, CONUS only

Everything has been wiped down with a microfiber cloth, but could use a little more love to get in around the joints. These have been sitting in a box for 5 years.
File: Clone.jpg (1.42 MB, 2175x1194)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Lowering Price of Spawn to $30 shipped.

Adding the following WTS:

$180 - Hot Toys 501st Clone Trooper (standard version) displayed for a short while, complete with all parts and box/shipper.
File: monev.jpg (617 KB, 1690x1000)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
All of the Transformers are still available.

Adding 2 MOSC Kaiyodo Trigun Monev The Gale figures, regular & "Sub-Zero Attack". Regular is near mint. SZA's bubble card has a chip missing from the bottom corner. $65 for regular, $50 for SZA, $100 for the pair, shipped. email toobored834@hotmail.com
File: torgo bst.jpg (47 KB, 407x292)
47 KB
Prices include shipping, are negotiable, yadda yadda yadda. Email me with what you're interested in and I'll send pics. CONUS only at the moment, but may be able to ship to Ontario though buyer would have to pay exact shipping plus a small handling fee for customs and what-not. All loose except noted.

Marvel Legends:
Walgreens Fantastic Four Lot (Thing, Reed, Sue, Johnny, Herbie) - $110
Binary - $25
Nova (Walgreens) - $25
Mister Sinister (Wendigo) - $20
Beta Ray Bill - $20
Falcon (Joe Fixit) - $15
Rogue (Retro) - $15
Gambit (Retro) - $15
Prowler (Comic) - $15
High Evolutionary - $15
Psycho Man - $15
Red Skull (Xemnu) - $15
Winter Soldier (Crimson Dynamo) - $15

BAF Pieces - $5 for 1, 2 for $8, 3 for $12, or take the whole lot for $30
Ursa Major Arm [Ultron]
Joe Fixit Leg [Falcon]
Molten Man Leg [Mysterio]
Stilt-Man Arm/Gun/Fist [Frog Man]
Super Skrull Leg [Doctor Doom]
Xemnu Head [Red Skull]
Xemnu Arm [Dormammu]

Black Series:
Revan: $30
Darth Nihilus: $30
Deluxe ROTJ Boba: $25
ESB 40th Han Solo: $25 MOSC
POTF 50th Luke Skywalker: $25 MOSC
Dryden Vos: $5 with any Black Series purchase

Titans Return Misfire - $40
Titans Return Triggerhappy - $30
Kingdom Core Megatron - $10
Legends LG-25 Blurr - $25

Kong (2021) - $60
Ultraman X with Gomora Armor - $45

NECA Godzilla 1989 - $40
NECA Godzilla 2003 - $40
DC Multiverse Harley Quinn (Classic) - $35 MISB
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar (Exclusive) - $20
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd - $20
Selling. Prices include shipping in the US, happy to ship elsewhere just give me your equivalent to an area code to calculate shipping.

Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/Ck6EnMd

Polynian Vania $50
Polynian Yume $50
Complete set of G-unit HG Kits $30
Bring Arts Fei $30
MegaSculpture Crow EX Resin Kit (finished picture only for reference) $80
Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime $60 (no box)
Iron Factory Dustfog (Exhaust) $40 (no box)
Iron Factory Nightmare Commander (Nemesis Prime) $70 (no box)
Iron Factory Honekumoki (Bludgeon) $35
Iron Factory Yoroi Shishimaru (Weeb Leo Prime) $35
i wish there were separate BST for western/foreign characters
Polynians, Fei and Honekumoki sold.

Adding: https://imgur.com/a/Ck6EnMd
BeastBox Raptors and Mammoth $20 each
Pepsiman Action Figure $40
Nendoroid Hamtaro $40
trunks and vegeta combo sold
Winter Soldier sold.
pretty much just you there.
some one tried it before it fizzled out almost immediately ... laughably so

not sure what your problem is but it seems pretty nit picky.
It's just the local troll trying to start shit
White Scar sold
Ghosting is getting to be a big problem with wannabe buyers. They contact me, I send them payment info, then fucking nothing. I'm left hanging wondering if they'll pay or not because they don't have the morals to say "I changed my mind".

Ghosters like this are getting added to my spam filters from now on. If you wanna waste my time it'll be the last time you do.
Are they ghosting after the first email you send them or are several exchanged before the ghosting happens?
If the former it could be that your email is getting hit by their spam filter, I've had that happen once or twice when respoding to someone
And I hate nibbas that don't reply that the item is sold and then they just never respond to you and then they are late to update that their shit is sold in their post.
Probably found better deals elsewhere. Stop charing exorbitant prices
Misfire, Triggerhappy, and Blurr sold.
File: 20220630_173919.jpg (1.3 MB, 3634x1409)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
This guy is awesome. Fast shipping and a cool dude. Cell, Gohan, Frieza, and Goku showed up quickly.
Rogue, Gambit, Revan, Nihilus, Robert Fett, and Dryden sold.
thanks my man
File: me on the right.jpg (331 KB, 2394x1296)
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331 KB JPG
Red Makoto just came in quick and with no issues. My criminals are going to culturally enrich her now, thanks anon.
Lightning Collection Green & Putty sold
File: 20220701_191625.jpg (2.43 MB, 3339x3024)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
They finally came in today, thankfully no damage from the heat wave over here. Thanks! Everything was packed wonderfully and everything in good condition.
File: 20210627_234426.jpg (2.96 MB, 4032x3024)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
I got a few figures for sale, pics on request, all prices include shipping:

>Figma Tracer 55$
>Figma Reaper 55$
>marvel select Carnage 60$ (not the rerelease from the movie)

I might have a few things to add later, I still gotta find that mighty max dragon head and photograph 3A Ultron, but as of now these are the few I've got left

email is jackburtonbst@gmail
File: 20220702_154306.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x2268)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Arrived! In godlike condition may have to pop in these threads more lol
Emailed you about Alphamon yesterday
File: ws.jpg (100 KB, 823x1027)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Vouching for this anon, just got Bucky in safe and fast.
saiyan saga vegeta sold
I've done several transactions with him. Guy's a total bro. Would absolutely do business with again. I never mind shilling sellers that are cool on here.

Scorpio and Virgo have been Sold
File: PXL_20220703_101907491~2.jpg (963 KB, 2104x2191)
963 KB
963 KB JPG

CSM Kamen Rider Den-o Belt - £300
5 x Bandai Daizas (version 1) - £60

Prices are in GBP and offers are welcome. UK postage included, I'll happily post elsewhere but the postage will be a little more.
I'd probably have bought that if I didn't have to pay britbong shipping.
Got my blue! Thanks, I ended up getting a red one as well. Thank you!
**CONUS only. Prices include shipping. Be sure to adjust payments for PayPal’s fees for buying goods from a seller. Will take 10% off total price if you do an in-person pickup within 25mi of Lincoln, NE (venue will be some place public such as a store parking lot). All items come from a smoke-free environment. All sales final.**

-Wonfes exclusive blank loli body resin garage kit. Requires drilling peg-holes and adding Hobby Base joints. Scales with Figma such as Tsukihi Araragi and Kirino Kosaka.

-Wonfes exclusive Bikini Pochaco resin garage kit figure 80% assembled. This was a Figma-like GK that required Hobby Base joints and drilling. Scales with Figma Super Sonico. Figure has been drilled and most joints have been added. Requires face decals, twintails to be attached, and gluing of small bikini pieces (bows, etc).

-Marvel Legends BAF Korg torso.

-Figma Megumin (normal outfit, loose, no accessories). Had to move twice within a year and have lost the hat, staff, all faceplates save the normal face, all hands except the open-hands, and everything else. Condition is very good, no broken or loose joints.

-Custom 3D printed SLS Nylon Megaman X4 Iris (pic related). Figure is assembled but unpainted. Should scale with D-Arts Zero. Comes with a plain expression faceplate, smiling face, closed eyes shut mouth, and closed eyes open mouth. This is a one-of-a-kind figure (for now). I have showed this figure in a few threads in the past (including one of the Hunger Games threads that was several months back).
Oh, forgot my WTB:

-Figma Archetype She Next Clear (Wonfes exclusive that came with the book about Max Factory). Only need the figure and accessories.

-Neca Godzillas:
•Godzilla vs Space Godzilla
•24” Godzilla 2014
•Godzilla 1962
•Godzilla 2019 (Blue-back version)

-Neca Rodan

-Lanard Rampage Big City Brawl Ralph (the large version)
File: noriko.jpg (876 KB, 2312x1832)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
Noriko Takaya from Gutto-Kuru

Figure scales at roughly 7.8 inches, comes with the box and all accessories, box is in solid condition.

$75 shipped, feel free to message for any questions.
Noriko has been sold.

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