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File: unnamed.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
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What do you anons think of them?
I always wonder why they don't dress up the hands with pants and shoes.
i like the idea of them, seriously thought about making a table park a decade ago, but just like real skateboards, i can't hack it
File: 20190508_184556.jpg (1.86 MB, 3264x1836)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG

Tech Decks are the cheapest ption for anyone who want to fingerboard.

They made wider decks now and they can be a good option if you want to learn how to ollie.

But if you really enjoy fingerboarding, you should opt for a wooden deck with better trucks as pic related.

Those little things can become expensive if you're looking for high-end brands.

I personally favor Blackriver Trucks and wheels since their equipment lasts for years. Decks depend of company, but will generally never break unless you step on them. They do lose pop though, just like real skateboard decks.
I like the Dudes.
forever this now

also squiid pokemon tekdek my brother had
File: R (7).jpg (504 KB, 3071x2303)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
They make good scenery pieces for 1/18
Totally radical thread OP. I have about 50 of these things and a ton of skatepark pieces. Lots of fun.

Nice. And the boards almost scale to 1/12 or 1/10 figures
I used to have a few when I was younger. Nowadays they have some knockoff versions of them at Dollar Tree that seem to be fairly decent quality. Back in the hayday of Tech Deck, most dollar priced knockoffs were cheap plastic without any extras with them.

You joke, but they actually did used to sell those. The pants were like a kind of rubbery, silicone material, and they’d usually fit pretty snug, if you pulled them all the way up. They had a tendency to rip at what would be the crotch, though, or at least some of the ones I did. They’d come with four in a pack, with the pants having different colors.

I think the ones in this picture are exactly the same ones I had.

Also, they were sort of more like cargo shorts, rather than pants, because you still needed your fingers to bend and move and such.
Do kids even skateboard anymore? I honestly don't know.
Love them, they're a good gateway to fingerboarding and even real skateboarding. I started on a techgeck before I bought my own real fingerboard.
Love them or hate them but braille and revive have got a lot of people to start skateboarding. I personally don't like the culture of skater dorks who try to keep begginners from learning, like its some kind of club you need permission to join.
TD does wood an bearings now, target exclusive, and they're great for a serious learner, but l agree that if you want to really get into the hobby, buy a real fingerboard, for around 40$ to get started. Brands don't really matter because every one of them will tell you that the other brands are overpriced frauds, even when their pricing is about the same for a new complete.
If you're having trouble getting ollies to work, you can practice with a hot wheels car, any car thats long and flat with some kind of spoiler will work.
Miss those guys. I had a dozen or so of them
damn, the fidget spinner of the 99/00's, every kid I knew had these fucking things.
the virgin fidgetspinner vs the chad fingerboarder
the faggot fag versus fag faggot, gee I wonder which one I want to be.

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