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File: 1617658629889.jpg (868 KB, 972x837)
868 KB
868 KB JPG

wtf, i go to work and the thread is derailed by a bunch of legofags. get in here and post the hottest takes before they cry to the jannies again.

previously: https://archive.nyafuu.org/toy/thread/8905675/
>China stealing shit before legit versions can even be made
What else is new?
China is a shithole of scum and thieves who will sell you out to their police government for social credit
File: IMG_20200814_161216977.jpg (260 KB, 1600x1200)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
So much seething from Lego autists when they know deep down that their beloved TLG not only doesn't love or care about them, but is itself the original knock-off.

Memes aside, enjoying all brands of plastic building blocks is ascended tier. Play on my friends.
That's what you get for doing work giant companies for free
At least I can respect Bricklink's stance on the whole "using other's IP to promote your shit for fun and profit" kerfuffle.
Are those the famous DadiTwins?
is there even a link to this set yet?
I looked on Ali but could not find it.

Not that i care about Naruto, i just want to see how much it would cost.
And yet they're out here making better quality stuff then lego.
File: Lego Vertical Pythagoras.png (1.11 MB, 1600x1200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
To add something productive to the discussion, here's a quick set of Pythagorean triangles you can do with standard building blocks I made for reference. Horizontal distances are in studs, vertical in plates. The 36.9° slope (fifth from the left, 8 studs + 15 plates resulting in 10 studs) is particularly "nice", because that's roughly what the slope of normal stairs in the real world is.
lmfao get mogged on plebs
File: More Lego Reference.png (1.23 MB, 1600x1200)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Shit. She third-from-the-bottom line should be a=7.5, b=10, c=8.5, obviously.
what happened to the thread from yesterday?
/lg/ got upset.
Don't blame us for the tards
File: 1617963558678.jpg (161 KB, 1632x1224)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Anon was right.. Vonado did ship my stuff, but simply not update the order status on their website.

Its still on "processing", but the parts arrived today.

I haven't looked at everything in detail, but the quality looks very nice at the first glance.
ohh nice could you show the whole lot? I'm curious what you're trying to build
File: P1020121s.jpg (658 KB, 4896x1168)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
And the winner of the "weirdest part I've ever got" goes to ... this bent 1x10 plate (Lego-4477, GDS-507) from the Qman/Enlighten set 2719 "Black Shark Cruiser". It's not just bent, it's also slightly flexible in this place. I guess it got into contact with some nasty solvents at some point?

But this set is cursed for me. One of the turbines (Lego-49148, GDS-1339) is missing, and one of the big trans-yellow windscreens (Lego-40995) is milky-white in two places. Maybe also a case of a solvent attacking it, though heating would be a possibility too.

Oh well. It's a slick enough ship model, but too large for me, so it'll end up in parts to build other stuff from anyway. I might get replacement for some of the parts with my next bulk order from Gobricks or whatever, who knows. Besides, I prefer the colour scheme of the Team Blue vehicles in that series.
File: 103412_2.jpg (58 KB, 600x415)
58 KB
Can anyone tell me how to locate a parts lists for a bluebrixx set?

I am interested in "Western Farm". On the bluebrixx website it says "Made by XingBao
Label: BlueBrixx-Pro
Manufacturer No: 103412"

How can I get a parts list or a pdf of the instructions? I registered to log in to the bluebrixx website and I see they have some instructions available to download but not all.
If you know someone who bought it, they have access to the part list in their orders overview - where you can order replacement parts. Otherwise, I don't think there's any other easy place to get it from.
Not that LEGO would ever want to license weeb shit, even if it's one of the most mainstream of all animes. They shot down a cool Apple store LEGO set on the idea website just because dealing with Apple would predictably be a bitch.
File: toliet.jpg (63 KB, 1107x852)
63 KB
1,001 supporters and 598 days left on Lego Ideas
>Lego Ideas team will unironically approve this
Maybe contact s reviewer and see if they can fix you up?
I got linked from the mega construx general, anyone here know where I could find a decent in scale mega construx t72 or t80? I’ve scoured around and the best I could find was a BTR
I built the Pelican from Mega today. Absolutely love the D77 Pelican and I'm also really happy with how the build looks. However I had a damaged part and two missing parts. I was able to replace them all, just not in the right colours. Has anyone here contacted Mega for part replacement before? Is the service decent or should I not even bother? I'm based in EU btw.

Thank you Anon, very cool.
File: IMG_8251.jpg (217 KB, 1920x1440)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Canada here, had to request a missing part for my Pelican, had extras of one wedge plate and not enough of another. Can't speak for EU service but this was one of the fastest turnarounds I've ever had from them, and I've been buying the sets (and requesting missing parts) from the beginning.
>tfw didn't bother with a missing piece from the Gremlin set and there's a Lego part buried inside the thing for all time
Cobi should have a T-72 in roughly the scale you want
I requested replacement parts for a MegaConstrux set from the Mattel Germany service web site on 21st January. Got an automated mail and no further answer and parts since then, more than 11 weeks later. So I'd consider the German service non-existent.
sounds good
sounds bad and is what I expected

So I'll write both Mattel Germany and Canada and see what happens.
I think Amazon is the official importer of MegaConstrux here, so maybe ask them for help?
I don't care nearly enough to bother, especially since the only option the Amazon web site gives you is to send the whole thing back instead of ordering replacements. It was just the brick tub (GJD25) anyway, so I basically got 476 instead of 480 generic parts. I'd be more annoyed if it was a proper model set.
File: 1618046735308.jpg (103 KB, 1632x1224)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>I'm curious what you're trying to build

I'm not building anything in particular. I'm a fan of classic Lego Space stuff, in particular ice planet and the trans orange pieces.

So i basically ordered a couple of different pieces that might be useful in trans orange and also some in black to get over the $30 free shipping mark.

What i bought is a mixture of things that:
- are not available from Lego in that color (or i'm not aware off)
- whats annoying to get (like i bought 20 of the 8-long antennas which are super awesome, but nobody on Bricklink has 20 at the same time)
- just useful things like the space wheels because why not

Pic related is what i got for $30. Everything on the pic x10, only the antenna x20.

The quality is very good. No complains here so far.

What i find interesting is that the orange dish is trans neon orange, while all other pieces are the "normal" trans orange. Neon is cooler of course, but it did not say on the website that its available at all.

I also thought that they messed up when i saw the blue tiles and the dark blue dishes.. why would i order those i thought. But i re-checked my order.. and i did select those. Maybe i messed up during my order or i simply forgot that at the time i actually wanted those. Whatever.

I will start to look through my wanted lists on Bricklink a bit more in detail and compare prices with Vonado if the pieces are available there too. If so, and if its more special parts (Antenna or the large dish) then i will order there again.
For blue 2x2 tiles alone its probably not worth it though.
>They shot down a cool Apple store LEGO set on the idea website just because dealing with Apple would predictably be a bitch.
Based, fuck Apple
This really sucks for the creator, but come on. Lego was never gonna make Naruto sets. At least this way they can buy and own a physical copy of their idea.
>At least this way they can buy and own a physical copy of their idea.

For a reasonable price you shoud add.
In case somebody else wants to collect those, this is what you get from most of the Qman/Enlighten "High-Tech Era" sets in terms of Team Blue. I have 2701 (a small helicopter), but didn't build it yet. I'm missing 2718 (there's a small speedboat in there as a side build), 2720 (a normal boat, a water ski and a small floating base) and most notably 2722 (huge transforming 1000+ pieces mecha). I've got 21 minifigs for the Team Blue in the 17 sets.

Despite this being the smaller side in terms of piece count (and weight), I very much prefer its colour scheme. The ones I enjoyed the most are the ground vehicles, in particular 2705, 2706 and 2710.

If anyone cares about my thought about a specific model, or close-up pictures of any of them, feel free to ask. Now, where the hell do I get 2720 and 2722 from ... (YourWoBB has 2718).
File: P1020122s.jpg (1.62 MB, 3068x2920)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Forgot the picture. Obviously.
My second order arrived today. You probably didn't make a mistake, the website is misleading. Some of the images don't line uo with the description. So instead of 50 connectors I ended up with 50 fucking Macaronis that I have zero use for.
Trying GoBricks next, already placed an order.
I will try Gobricks too soon.
Probably will wait for your review once the order arrives.
Pretty cool collection and indeed the color scheme is more pleasing to look at than the black vehicles.

>2720 (a normal boat, a water ski and a small floating base)

This set seems to be gone from every store that i could think off.
It was one of the first sets of this range i ordered, but sadly it got lost in transit (got refunded without a problem from "enlighten official store" on Ali).
I really would have liked that base, as actual structures are a bit rare in this range, which is a bit of a shame, because having a some base buildings is always nice.

Whats your thought about 2709 and 2706?
I remade the 2709 into an actual chopper because of the weird design with the moveable engines that get blocked by the main body of the heli.

2706 looks very cool, but if i remember it correctly, the driver can not wear his helmet, otherwise the cockpit won't close. (I don't have it, but i could imagine that problem also exists for 2710?).

2702 is my secret favorite among those ground vehicles, because despite its small size, its a perfectly stable and cool looking mech.
Sure thing.
For the 2709, I wish it was slightly larger. In particular, I'd probably space the two blades a bit further apart and add some gears so that they would rotate in sync - and also be able to be rotated via a "hand of god" gear hidden in the bottom back of the machine. As it is, it's a nice model to view, but annoying to play with.

I have the same problem with 2706 and fitting in a driver - you'd need to raise the back portion of the vehicle and the windscreen by at least a plate height to use a helmet inside. 2710 doesn't have the problem. It's a tight fit there too, but that's because of the side walls, not the height.
>2710 doesn't have the problem

Good to know. I might get this one too then.
Its one of the more obvious Lego inspired vehicles, but looks cool nonetheless.
File: 1618057966770.jpg (187 KB, 1632x1224)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
So, the Panlos "Tank - Panzer VIII Maus"

Its big..
File: 1618062123755.jpg (214 KB, 1632x1224)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I built it up to step 4 by now.

One of the track links did fall under the table and i did not notice it at first, becuase there were exactly 120 pieces in the set, +1 that was damaged beyond use (molding error). So i thought i have have 119 useable ones and one that is unuseable. I was already looking on google for a replacement when i stepped on the last piece.

The tracks run perfectly. There are little rubber pieces on each track link, i would say these run as good (or maybe even better) than the big ones Cobi uses.

Besides the tracks, brick quality is very good. The fit is quite tight, and they "click" into each other rather than sliding silently.

There are indeed no stickers in this set (youtube did not lie), and up to that state there are already a couple of prints (cockpit instruments, road wheels, engine part).

Interesting (similar to that Assault Rifle made by Panlos i have built in the past), the name Panlos is nowhere to be found on the instructions. (which is very good, and there is a complete parts list in the back of it too. Really nice).

The figures (5) are good quality too. Different faces, different uniform prints, and different design from Lego while still being rather close.
Man that's just lovely !
>all those custom printed tiles for consoles
>chinks only sell the lego ones
File: newchinkfigs.jpg (490 KB, 1209x1241)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
some stuff arrived from china, these horses are really great quality, would reccommend, especially as tlg arent making the saddle piece anymore. Koruit brand XP 1007-1010.
nice, i ordered a couple of these minifigures too.

That Kerrigan headgear looks cool af.
File: IMG_20210411_090214.jpg (143 KB, 1632x1224)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Close-up of the Panlos Maus crew.

The figures are the same height as Lego, but due to their leg construction they look a bit more stocky. The "belt" of the hip piece is underneeth the "shirt"/torso piece.

Good quality and good ability to stay in pose. Nothing is loose.
(I will replace them with Quan Guan Panzer crew figures with back uniforms though).
File: IMG_20210411_090052.jpg (194 KB, 1632x1224)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Maus in complete view.

If you have not noticed by now.. this thing is massive.
File: IMG_20210411_090204.jpg (174 KB, 1632x1224)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
And finally a comparison with the Leopard.

Good things about the set:
+ No missing pieces
+ Good clutch/zero loose pieces
+ everything is printed. Inside and outside. There are 6 prints for the drivers compartment alone.
+ its huge
+ full interior
+ price (42€ for 2,2k pieces of that great quality with THAT many prints.. 10/10 if you ask me)

- the interior is obviously hidden inside the tank.
Roof of turret and hull can be removed, and while this not that hard, its still annoying.
Its the same as with scale modelling, i built a couple of tanks with full interior, but you only see parts of it if you leave a hatch open.. its just there to make you feel good while thinking about all the details you built, but nobody will ever see them.
Then again, in this case the internal structures gives stability to the whole tank. (could have been done with black bricks too though).

- minifigures do not wear tank uniforms
- 3 weapon sprues were included, only one with german weapons (2nd is US rifles, 3rd is chinese weapons like the big curved sword they carried in ww2)

-the front armor panel is only kept in place by 4 studs. The tank should not be moved while putting pressure there. Sides are very well connected though.

- the gun barrel is very heavy, but at the same time its kept in position by a clever roof construction that slides underneeth the back of the mantlet to hold it from dropping down.
File: 1618126530489.jpg (133 KB, 1632x1224)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Replacement crew arrived.
File: 2021-04-11_095207.jpg (41 KB, 505x392)
41 KB
hey guys, first time in /pbbg/, just got the hitler assassination set for pure meme value from aliexpress, it was cheap as fuck, can you recommend a legofag any other sets, possibly historical? I'm not a tank/war machine fag although >>8923546 looks good, if a little too expensive for me
If you don't like tanks/war machines per se, its hard to find "historical" sets. (Well, there is architecture ofc).

For tanks, there are smaller ones available than the huge thing posted above. They come suitable for all wallet sizes.

The Hitler set you got there is from Enlightens "Combat Series". Sadly the rest of the sets are not really historical, but rather "Lego City with green vehicles and army figures":


Some of the vehicles are closer to reality than others, but its play sets with "ww2 army-theme", but nothing serious.

Aside of their tank model sets, Quan Guan does some smaller scaled playsets set in ww2.


The tunnel sets in particular are pretty cool.
thanks! any fun sets that I can't find from lego and the quality is not that bad is welcome though, not only histrorical. how're the bootlego pokemon sets?
Out of curiosity, where did you get the cave girl and Tiki boy?
see >>8921081 for example, these are pretty cool if you like sci-fi.

What brand of Pokemon sets are you looking at?

Not him, but i ordered them here:

(not arrived yet though)
dunno I'm pretty new here and don't have the time to lurk more, but I've seen a pokemon center in /lg/, I don't know the best brands though.
or Godzilla, I've been looking for a decent brick-build Godzillla

With your Hitler set you already know the quality of Enlighten/Qman/Keeppley

They also do a Pokemon range:
I'm having difficulties to find them on Aliexpress though, but maybe you are having more luck there than me.

Here are some other links:



(Not sure about the price of the last one, seems expensive and could be found cheaper i guess).

The small pokemon modular buildings (ebay link) are with 100% prints i've seen in a review.
T-Rex also ok?
File: 1611952026029.jpg (52 KB, 1024x1024)
52 KB
how many 1x1 round brown plates are included ?

got a link to that set in ops picture?
File: 20210409_192424-1.jpg (1.84 MB, 2135x1440)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
>went to bargain store buy a Chinese lego Sheng Long head
>Half of its pieces, maybe a bag, missing
>two pieces of the Among Us set were miscolored and the goblets advertised as clear were actually white
What were the odds? At least tt had he cooler ones.
Also, has anyone checked these Among us things? The bricks fit so and so, but are a nice way to get monochrome figs. Colors seem weird, the blue is somewhat between sand blue and medium blue, yellow and white are paler than the regular ones. Mine came with two airtanks but I don't know if it's meant to be that way or a mistake. (A smaller set with a black minifig and remolded pig had an extra right arm and not one but three spare hands)
Damn that's some Bad luck
File: 1487-1494.jpg (144 KB, 640x640)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>Mechanical Mechanic

Where is he from?
File: Necron_Warriors_vs_UM.jpg (329 KB, 1145x828)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

the white face makes no sense though
File: MOC-31918-.jpg (85 KB, 800x800)
85 KB
Two options. Sluban sells an officially licensed Godzilla based on its appearance in KOTM. The downside? It doesn't look good. The second option is an unofficial Godzilla set from MOC Factory(?) based on instructions from Rebrickable. The thing is huge (2000+ pieces), but it still doesn't quite manage to capture Godzilla's likeness imo.
I understand Warcraft one and Sarah Louise Kerrigan and someone mentioned the necron.

What are the other 5 based on? Particularly Red Snake and Four Arm Stone Magic figure?
yeah, Imma skip these, thanks though.
File: bootlego2.jpg (74 KB, 1280x531)
74 KB
2nd time buying, this time I decided to get some minifigs I thought looked cool.
For 10 bucks it was alright, the shark is pretty rough but the rest is pretty solid. Killer Croc has been one of the figs I've been wanting for a while and his quality is pretty much on part with original lego, only issue is his chains had to be manually assembled but I see that as a positive since it comes with 4 chains so I could make them longer without needing the stud pieces.
Next time I will try ordering some Q-man.
This would be so fucking funny.
File: barcaloo.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
Does anybody know about Barcaloo and/or Play Platoon? What are they like and how do they look next to Lego?
I've seen them in Amazon, they have bags of simple rectangular bricks. Barcaloo also has a car set that includes wheels and windshields, and another house-building one with doors, windows and slopes. PP instead has a bag of 1000 bricks and 100 special pieces like the windows and such.
I like that they give Lego a reality check
Every senior manager at Lego needs their teeth kicked in.
Dude... if you want wheels, windshields, doors and windows it's better to buy individual parts.
Just type the Lego part ID and you'll find it in no time
to be fair, for a child (or someone else) who has no parts at all, a bag like this might be a decent starting point if quality and price is right
File: bag.jpg (277 KB, 1500x1500)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Yeah, pretty much this. Though I only mentioned their products so you'd get a glimpse of what they do.
I'm more interested in the bag with plain bricks, the price seems right for such a bulk, so I wonder if you know about the quality.
How much are they?

Aliexpress sells a couple of these 1000-pieces-bags too
found both brands' 1000 pcs sets at 30 USD.
Depicting skeletons in media is illegal in China.
There are plenty of skeleton minifigures on Aliexpress though..

Besides, if the skull is in metallic color, it should be no problem?
I underexplained it. It's not illegal, but it's considered taboo and has been censored in lots of media, so certain companies may avoid using skulls in the first place.
I ordered a Super 18k set from Aliexpress, but it's missing a bag. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

Never had an entire bag missing.
Have you contacted the seller already? If so, did he reply?
I have no choice but to assume it's an entire bag, since I kept track of everything I received and so many parts are missing. I messaged them today but haven't received a reply yet. Fingers crossed I guess.
I only have one 18k set, but its bags were numbered so it would have been pretty easy to find out if an entire bag was missing.

What set did you get?
I ordered the Super18k "the Last of World" Brick Bank set. There are several bags for some numbers. The book doesn't show how many bags there should be per number.
File: IMG_19188.jpg (235 KB, 1600x1200)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Small set arrived today, a nice little Flak 88 from Sluban.
File: IMG_19191.jpg (187 KB, 1600x1200)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Ready to wreck some Matildas over open sights. Not a lot to say about it, is a nice build and I really like the shells included. The sides of the armor shield are held on by just one stud and Sluban's soft clutch makes it easy for them to come off but that's a minor nitpick.
File: 20210411_022436.jpg (1.82 MB, 1981x1440)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
I think the only bad luck was that the black amogus had only one airtank, not sure the double tanks in purple was a fuck-up or exclusive to the larger sets (There are two lines of 6 sets each, one has around 90 pcs by set and the other one 40)
Also the figs can't sit or stand properly on studs, and the holes to put hands are too small. Seems that they came just a little bit too thick, some modding could fix it.
Here's the rest of the haul. More Dragon Ball but from a different company, and of the little construction guys (I didn't intend to build the robot you get from collecting all 8, but get nice pieces, especially ones that buff my small yellow pool)
Does that guy have a gunshot wound or is he really, really into commemorating Remembrance Day
Just a scratch from fighting the j*panese cartoon monkie men, but they were no match against the Xianxingzhe construction type.
Not bad.
Looks decently detailed for the size.
No rifle for the soldier though?
File: IMG_15852c.jpg (848 KB, 1600x2397)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
It's typical Sluban not to provide small arms for the figures, though exceptions exist.
Did they copy that muzzle brake design off Brickmania?
So I found Mega Construx Castle Grayskull on something called ishopag.com for $130, I dug around and found it was a Florida-based company without any red flag reports, and I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Did I just throw my money away?
File: IMG_20200725_173707408.jpg (188 KB, 1600x1200)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Nta but the muzzle brake piece is originally by BrickArms, Quan Guan (maker of that light tank and others) has used it a fair amount.
Does anyone know what company this is from?
File: HONGKONG-ANNIVERSARY.jpg (74 KB, 900x507)
74 KB

>It's estimated China invested up to 1.1 billion dollars into plastic building block facilities as a strategic plan to compete with the popular toy manufacturer LEGO

uh, how do we stop them bros?

here are some straight brickmania bootlegs cant find a listing for the light tank though
File: 20210415_213728.jpg (1.7 MB, 4032x2268)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
The chinaman works in mysterios ways, like why did they bootleg the classic weatern rifle next to the brickarms?
Looks like a set from a Russian brand posted a couple of gens back. Check the archive.

>how do we stop them
why would we do that
File: soldado.png (299 KB, 1003x762)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
This guy is from Mis Ladrillos, an Argentine brand. I've also seen a Chinese brand called Tatco using figures that were mostly identical, and guess this is where they came from. It also seems Tatco has replaced those figs with another design. Even to this day, Mis Ladrillos uses the same figs, including old visorless helmets, though none of the fig's pieces are removable. They can still hold Lego accessories in their hands.
Not sure if the bricks themselves are the same. In pics and videos of Tatco it seems that they look and act like Lego. From personal experience ML are slightly, like one or half mm taller than Lego. Length and width are the same, you can try putting ML on top of Lego, but there's not a hint of clutch. And if their studs were barely thinner or of a softer plastic, you could place Lego on top of them. Also all studs are hollow though you can't place rods on them.

This makes me wonder, are Mis Ladrillos bricks their own or "licensed" from another company? And if the former is true, did they take their figs from Tatco or the other way around?

Both the orange ones from this series come with optional grey legs.


Hair of 1489 is rubber.
Helmet of 1492 is actually 2 pieces, also made from rubber

1491 comes with a two-colored axe

Quality of all of them is quite nice, especially the prints.
The newer Kopf figures (anything 14xx, really, possibly also 13xx) are quite good in quality. I just wish they'd make fewer superhero stuff, but if it sells, it sells.
If they need to release 5 super heroes to justify the production cost for 1 non super hero then i'm ok with this.

Their Pubg minifigs are pretty nice too.
Is anyone in here into trains?
If i remember it correctly, the Anon who reviewed this set here was pretty fond of it.


Apparently only the ball joints were not as great as expected though.

But 900+ pieces for 20€ might maybe still be worth a purchase.
Just got a small package from China:
5 black 6x12 plates and 100x 1x1 tiles.
Nothing super interesting i guess and only around 5€. But the seller gave me a free captain america minifigure for free with that order.

A pleasant shopping experience
>1x1 tiles
Hope you like cracks
are they that weak?
Dunno about Knockoffs but the abhorrent quality of Lego's 1x1 tiles turned me off from buying them at all.
1x1 round pieces are likely to crack, but those are small cracks and your piece will survive.
Square ones on the other hand will just fucking break apart.
Ok.. sounds weird. I placed some of them on a plate to investigate.

I remember from my childhood that c-clamps would break, same with the 2- and 3-finger hinges and the 1x4 plate modified to click the cockpit pieces into.
Besides those parts my only really damaged Lego pieces were Torsos with that crack on the side and broken off hands due to rough play.
File: Lego cracks.jpg (147 KB, 1689x435)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
File: IMG_20210319_140132423.jpg (121 KB, 1200x1292)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Can confirm the round tiles cracking, was inspecting a MOC made a couple years ago that had been in safe storage, found that many of the 1x1 light bley round tiles had cracked, some so badly they wouldn't stay on. These were all brand new from the Pick-a-Brick wall. Have come to expect having to replace various trans and clip pieces (some of each were also necessary) but this was a first for me.
File: J-20ff.jpg (373 KB, 1294x1525)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
If someone is interested in a review + building video of the large Qman J-20 jet i posted a while ago:


Sadly the review parts are in german (in short: he loves it and points out that the quality is similar to Lego and he admires the prints), while the building sections are just music.
Thanks for the link. I already watch the Held and the Bluebrixx channel and really like the trend of people buying and reviewing alternative Klemmbausteine.
its really interesting to see those countless smaller channels promoting alternative brick sets.

I wonder why this became such a thing in Germany in particular.
>I wonder why this became such a thing in Germany in particular.

Could be different factors. Germany is probably in the top 5 markets when it comes to Lego so people are naturally interested in them and the new alternatives which are being promoted by guys like Thomas. Also, the over 1 year long quarantine gave people a reason to spend more time building sets and an opportunity to start their own channels.
File: M38-B0708_b.jpg (425 KB, 1919x1535)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>See this brand online
>Actually remember doing air conditioning installation in one of their local offices and seeing the toys in the display cases
>Curiosity leads me down a rabbit hole of cute looking sets
>The London Bus has a fucking clown for some reason and I can't stop laughing
File: 1854180-5ef68a21.jpg (201 KB, 1500x1500)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Hol' up.
>At fist i was like no way this is a real set...

I can't even use this for my toy wargaming community projects, I'd get banned so hard.
Do they dislike smiling, hard working black men?
I bought nearly a cup of the 1x1 flat round bley round tiles for finishing projects. I haven't had one crack yet. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. I've had a ton of brown crack over the years and various clips that were put under strain. But that's about it.
File: 1200x863.jpg (154 KB, 1200x863)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Actually I think they hate anything that isn't pure yellow LEGO. Any way I ordered this beauty along with an ice cream truck and a nano-size triceratops skeleton with weird tiny minifigs (they're the reason I got it).
File: 14087128432660.jpg (25 KB, 422x284)
25 KB
>sickle and hammer on Soviet weapon sprue
File: sword.jpg (65 KB, 548x674)
65 KB
Is there a shop somewhere on Aliexpress that sells the pic related sword individually? (possibly even in different trans-colors?)
>parts are pre-built in the box because they wanted to have the prints being properly aligned during manufacturing

Christ, go choke on a sticker sheet, Lego.

Panlos Maus next to the Cobi Maus if someone is interested to see the two tanks in comparison.
A nice speed build video too.
try typing in the id code
>doesn't work
look for building block accessories
>doesn't work
try to find full figures, they usually have all accessories from that wave, ask the seller to show you full figure and what parts they have (since they only show printing now, not the full figure)
For example Nexo knights had the sword molds
>doesn't work
You're fucked, sorry.
File: lego_loz_size_difference.jpg (747 KB, 4032x3024)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
>Loz is just LEGO resized to 75% and the minifigures have bendable knees
>Stickers are shit
>Builds are made in CAD as a lot of connections are stressed, unable to properly fit or don't allow proper movement/interaction (Had to remove the donuts on top because of a faulty stud interaction and they kept falling off)
For the rest, it's cute. Wouldn't say it's worth the money unless you get it for like $1, but it's cute.
>3/4 Lego scale
wow what? That's interesting, I take it Loz studs don't work with Lego scale?
They absolutely don't fit together, Loz even has their own separator in the same shrunken size. It's adorable but I already felt like a clumsy giant with LEGO, this isn't helping.
I think that building one or two sets could be fun do to the fact that the brain automatically looks for the well known pieces (lets say a 1x6 or 1x8 plate) at the right size, but none of them will be in that size with LOZ.
Recognizing the shapes and amount of studs was actually really easy, even with the wonky instructions and CAD-level flaws it was built just as fast as a typical LEGO set.

Which is more a sign of how hard LEGO has fallen considering every flaw in the Loz build had me going "I've seen that mistake before, classic IDEAS/Render build".

i found a couple of transparent swords among individual minifigures, but sadly not this one in particular.
File: loz_size_differences.jpg (1.35 MB, 3024x4032)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
>The Loz Triceratops Skeleton 'Creative' set is even smaller
>With its own separator (3/4-size one in the middle)
>They expect me to build a skeleton out of this that needs transparent bricks just to stand up
How about I build a nice micro city instead.
I'd get the figs only to make a music video of Get 'em out by Friday, for the part where Genetic Control announces the restriction on human height.
Honestly, I'm starting to think the figs are the only nice thing about the triceratops set.
File: 20210420_235428.jpg (78 KB, 718x693)
78 KB
I've been out of buying bootleg for a while, is gogo a good brand?
This set looks pretty cool, though it just being a render is lame (even though I know it's not unusual)

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