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File: playmobil-vs-lego.jpg (39 KB, 620x342)
39 KB
the eternal debate
which one did you like more?
File: 3626bp04.png (230 KB, 599x450)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>the eternal debate
everybody already knows playmobil is for homos
LEGOs are for bonafide ass kickers
They seem so incomparable in style of toy, Lego invites creativity in a way Playmobil doesn't but is also more difficult to use like a "normal" toy. I prefer Lego but I think they're very different
l don't know why people compare these. It's like comparing hot wheels to transformers because they both have cars.
Playmobil fucking sucks. It's not very common in Canada. For the longest time only specialty toy stores carried it but now Walmart has maybe 3 sets at a time.

I just never understood it. It's... almost lego? But also not at all. There's minor building elements but not enough to really do anything unique or interesting. The only thing I'll give them credit for is they haven't made the faces overly detailed soulless shit like Lego has become.
>theyre just dolls
>you dont build anything

>theyre all recolors
>theyre still 5poa

lego is less shit, but theyre both shit
there are more faggots in /lg/ than in /lgbt/ and /co/ combined.
As a kid I always preferred Lego as it had much more variety. Playmobil sets at the time were mostly themed after everyday life stuff like farming where as Lego had themes catering to my love for fantasy and scifi with Astronauts, Pirates and Knights.
Also a Playmobil set is always a Playmobil set, but a Lego set could be rearranged into pretty much everything if you had imagination.
File: ukp-4032-RP-CP.jpg (92 KB, 1024x519)
92 KB
Playmobil had some kino train sets, tho.
I love both but unquestionably lego
americans are dumb thats why
idiotic debate. playmobile is like massive molds like any other usual toy, okay some have connectivity but it's limited and i mean very limited. meanwhile lego is a whole building system that allows you go wild. lego is all about MOC, playmobil is hardly usable beoyind pre-designed playsets
Oh hell yeah! I had this train too. Good times!
LEGO, but Playmobil still has some neat sets and is GOAT for making zoos and similarly related shit. If there were the dino lines when I was younger I'd probably end up making a Jurassic Park out of them.
lego is also the number one tire manufacturer
Playmobil sets are cool.
Playmobil figures are only good for inserting in anus as OP can assert.
File: playmobile drive.webm (2.02 MB, 720x404)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB WEBM
Playmobil: The Movie was a decent way to spend 90 minutes.
left soul and chad right soulless and virgin
I'd like Chase more if he weren't named after one of the worst traitors America has ever had to suffer.
why is this such a weird stupid fucking question
i had more legos than playmo but i always found to prefer playmo more
maybe cause i grew up with an artist mind and not some engineer shit
cause having different time period niggas fighting each other made way for more imagination
also chubby fuck so playmo fit my hands better
that or i could be larping right now
File: playmolego.jpg (664 KB, 1111x992)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
outside of brand loyalty and marketing, i dont know why playmobil is less popular than lego, if im buying for someone under 12 (which is the age range for these. you cant tell me otherwise) why would i want to spend 4x the price, for something with less playability?
>cool as fuck toys
>fun to play with
>role playing centric
>~1:18 scale
>building block toys that you can do anything with
Building block toys are cool as fuck too and should cost more because they're made of 132094834 pieces.

Why people are comparing the two, i don't know. They're two completely different types of toys.

i prefer playmobil.
the DeLorean by Lego looks like something I could have built myself as a dimwitted 6year old
>It's... almost lego?
But it's not. Unless you deem those claw hands to be 'almost lego'

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