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File: D&D.jpg (170 KB, 1000x1000)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
It's an Owlbear Edition

D&D: Honor Among Thieves Trailer:

The Archived Threads:

The journey continues, take a peek at the old adventure:

Hopes for the toy line? More monsters?

Don't forget, Honor Among Thieves releases on March 31st, its success or failure could decide the future of the brand! So you better watch it, because it looks cool. If you want.
File: OwlbearMCV1_2e.jpg (209 KB, 1000x1015)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Have all the D&D monsters been turned into plushy fodder now?
Now? The 5e version, which The OP is, is over like a decade old at this point
Glad they finally did a none-dice version of a dnd monster.
Don't care about the movie but I hope there is a Beholder in it just so there is an excuse to make a figure of it.
I love dicelings
File: 20230314_131221.jpg (355 KB, 1000x1869)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Saw this at Walmart. There were weapons too. NECA's D&D figures are hitting Targets finally, as well.
Wow, something I might actually consider picking up. Is the owlbear the only monster announced?
There's these: >>10328129
But as for super articulated ones, not really. The owlbear is one of the main characters in the movie
I want to know who is responsible, specifically, for the lineup decisions for this dnd launch. It's like the exact opposite of what a dnd toyline should be. How do you fuck this up so hard? They own the fucking property?! It's not like this is Disney fucking up star wars. This would be like when the first Michael bay transformers movie came out if the entire transformers line was a half dozen human characters from the movie, fucking Bernie Mac and sam witwickys parents and shit, and then there were 2 small shitty non transforming robots and 1 single actual transformer of bumblebee. This is the DND toyline.
Because Walmart and Target are paranoid about toys that don't have movies, shows or games tied to them
Literal nonsense. DnD is a game already, and the toyline corresponds with a movie, it doesn't need to be replicas of the most boring parts of that movie. The Jurassic park toyline is 90% just random dinosaurs that never appear on screen, not dozens of human characters from the film. Moose Toys has half an isle full of toys that they base on fuck all. There is absolutely no reason this toyline needs to be, or should be, the boring garbage that it is.
You caught me, I'm a paid hasbro rep, I purposely lied to you for my company.
We're making these toys because we want the line to die because we don't give a shit about DnD as action figures,
Sounds about right, except you do it for free
Nah I get paid, not much so though so it's basically free, I hear bandai pays better
File: 1677303506741898.jpg (41 KB, 750x750)
41 KB
That box art and profile shot of the figure got me interested enough to check it out only to find that it looks terrible.
It probably looks a little better in person, but the promo shots do not do it any justice. Which seems to be a running theme.
Articulated fingers are pretty cool, there, I said something nice about the line.

All figures should have come with small monsters- someone with a mimic, someone with a baby dragon or newt or some shit, someone with a little fucking elf who cares. SOMETHING. A Beholder with bendy eye stalks that eats figures. It's not fucking rocket science here. This is an embarrassing.
Great now I kinda want this just because of how stupid it looks.
For reals, how hard is this concept!? Apparently it's impossible...

Just make the iconic D&D monsters and adventurers as 1:18 scale toys; literally take the splash art for each class, and make it a figure.
Make like 2 goblins (with interchangable limbs for maximum army building potential), a kobold, a male and female orc, drow, and elf, there's your wave 2.
Make a familiar pack that has an owl, a crow, a rat, a cat, etc.
Make a magical items pack, all inside a chest (like how Fortnite did) with all of the usual fantasy looking weapons; a sword, axe, bow, staff, etc. Hell, make a chase mimic variant! Each one comes with a legendary weapon variant, and now you've tapped into the gatcha/gamble, ez mega bucks!
Make a unicorn, a beholder, and a fucking red dragon, all articulated, all in the previously mentioned 1:18 scale.
The gelatinous cube? Should have been a translucent cube container, that holds the same colored slime that kids fucking love.

How fucking hard is it to do these basic as fuck toys, that capitalize on what D&D is?

Instead we get those retarded ass "dicelings"...
The line is based on a specific movie, tough guy. They're not going to throw in a bunch of cringe shit from the Monster Manual that only fifty year old grognards care about.
So it has butterfly joints? If so that’s good!
Are Beholders in the movie?
But the movie itself has no problems leaning on the source material, so why limit the toy line, when the whole point of said movie is to capitalize on the source material?
Fucking retard.
Because money and them being scared of putting money into it.
Probably, they're THE DnD monster

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