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File: tg makes a D&D hack.png (532 KB, 1302x751)
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ITT you share your home rules for D&D and argue what to add and what to not add into a hypothetical D&D hack by /tg/. For example, I strongly prefer combat sequence to individual initiative and think it should be further developed. Like piercing weapons go first in melee etc.

I wake up in the morning and try to compile it (or the thread is derailed/ignored and in the archive).

What is an ok example of the home rule?

> Shields Shall Be Splintered: Whenever you take damage, you can opt to have the damage absorbed by your shield. The shield is splintered and destroyed, but you don’t take any damage from the blow.
> Magic Shields: You can do the same with a magic shield, but the shield won’t be destroyed. Instead, there will be a chance that the shield will lose +1 of its enchantment.
> Magic Shields vs. Spells: In addition, you can automatically sacrifice +1 from a magic shield in order to make a successful save vs. any spell, breath weapon, gaze, or similar effect.

What is needed in the first place?

1. Character generation, how checks work, etc
2. Classes and special abilities, maneuvers and mighty deeds, filtered spells
3. Rules for social interactions (you get a bonus from your background depending on what social class you communicate with)
4. Rules for travel and exploration
5. Rules for crafting items from specific components (while using a smithy you have a chance to get steel from iron ore and charcoal)
GURPS already solve all of those
So you made Pathfinder 2e?
Might as well just give Paizo your money instead of "friends with Pinkertons" WotC.
>Crits maximise the first damage dice
>Quaffing a potion is a bonus action
>When you drop to 0 hp you gain a level of exhaustion
>You can choose to lower your initiative at the start of your turn and take that turn instead
>Short tests take 10 mins but can only be done three times per long rest
>Int modified gives bonus skills
>Minion mechanic stolen from 4e
These are what I use.
What is "level of exhaustion"?
The absolutely most needed house rule for 5e is something to curb the insanely generous healing rules. My current best version is

>Dropping to zero HP adds one point of exhaustion
>Characters cannot gain HP from hit dice or long rests while exhausted

I furthermore recommend training requirements to gain levels and other legacy rules regarding travel (wilderness adventuring needs rules) to help with my other pet peeve that players can go from level 1-20 in like one in-game calendar month. That needs slowed the fuck down.

Finally, when balancing encounters leave the dial on Deadly by default and provide avenues of escape - but that's really a behind the screen guideline more than a recommended house rule.
Go to the bottom of the page. I do it because of spells like healing word. Without this rule characters can keep going in and out of consciousness like it means nothing. With the rule though they quickly start to have consequences for going to 0 hp.
It's the most punishing, overlooked rule in 5e. I also typically have traps and other environmental hazards (puzzle fails) inflict exhaustion.
Are you going to compile these into a real game?
>overland travel uses hexes which are broken into multiple subhexes, the geometric formulas for travel are provided and you must follow them, no cheating with rulers
>distance traveled per day is random, rarely a whole number, and not given to players with accuracy
>average travel distance is not divisible by average hex size
>players may not see the map
>The players of Fighters must demonstrate that everything they do is phyiscally possible. In person.
>Magic users get wondrous magic, which works however they want as long as they don't explain it
>Paladins and Clerics explode if they do something wrong
>Thieves have the ability to take any other PCs items from any distance, no roll required
>Bards and Warlocks auto fail all seduction saves
>Barbarians are limited to a vocabulary of as many words as their Intelligence modifier, choose them wisely. With 0 or less the player must only communicate with grunts.
>not having shonen speech-monkeys go first in initiative
Historically inaccurate, as this photo of a knight shows. Her posture maximizes aerodynamicity at a lowered defensive cost. Now if we check the rules for Maneuvers and consult the appendix on Jutsu…I spent over $200,000 in Ryo…was invited to the famous Waterfall Chateau to develop…now the Swedish Volleyball Team is thrice as good as standard Water Style Defensive Jutsu specialists…who I note is an actual Japanese person with Master Work pom-poms….demonic apple juice diets…In conclusion, Cheerleader Enema Jutsu deserves far far better. See my suggested revisions in the fucking ellipses.

Good thread, mandatory trash-talk aside.
> Are you going to compile these into a real game?
Depends on if there will be a lot of real material and discussion in the thread. I am ready to try and show results online from time to time. Of course if people help me a little with proper English etc.

Currently I work on my homebrew, but realisticly it would take me ages to finish and polish it. So it kind of became a black hole for my time and energy.

So I've decided to set a more realistic goal to channel my homebrew urges. Besides, it would be an interesting collective effort. I mean, /tg/ has DarkBad and the HYTNPDND meme, but can't unironically produce some hack like Knave? Why not? Anonymus deliveres.
File: GURPS Frog Eats.webm (2.69 MB, 480x480)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB WEBM

Praise be!
Nice dubs. What's the Minion mechanic? Played 4e once but never got into it because the group didn't feel it.

Do you play fantasy grounds anon?
4e had minions which were narratively weak enemies to justify fighting large amounts without the action economy killing the PCs outright.
They did fixed damage and had 1 HP, but missed attack damage riders never damaged them. They had simple attacks but had all of the same racial effects or some sort of ganging up bonus for other monsters, so a swarm would be dangerous synergy.
They came 4 to a set, so for 5e/3.x terminology, they were 1/8th of their listed CR. 4E using monster levels which rated a monster against 1 opponent not a party of 4 like CR.

4e suggested that eventually monsters would become weaker and eventually minions as the players rose in levels, though I don’t remember anyone putting it into effect.
So an Ogre Chief is enough to fight a party of level 8 characters, but the two chiefs who serve the giant king as manservants are only strong enough together to fight a party of 16 and the Demon Lord has dozens of ghosts of the same chiefs in his throne room but they are minion cannon fodder to the level 24 PCs.
File: gigachad.jpg (65 KB, 1068x601)
65 KB
>Take 4e
>Turn the "at will/per encounter/per day" power system in "situational/strenuous/situational AND strenuous"
>Remove all damage and defence powers leaving only utility powers
>Reduce classes to fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric
>Use 3.x skill mechanics
>Use ad&d hit points progression
>Use star wars d20 stamina/health hit point division
>Reintroduce save or die instead of save or suck
>Merge together the phb + dmg + mm into one as for rules cyclopedia
>Use FR as main setting but roll back all the timeline to the grey box one and never move from there, just add details as for the hârn setting

There you go
I don’t play on fantasy grounds. I use physical minis and tokens. I bought the monster vault and threats to Nentir Vale sets when they came out so have a lot of tokens. When I don’t have tokens that fit I follow this video for how to make my own tokens https://youtu.be/LBZPi4oKlCQ

Nothing like a good mini though. I encourage my players to get an appropriate mini for the game.
> "situational/strenuous/situational AND strenuous"
How it is suppose to work?
I see people are not really interested at all. Now I feel dumb.
You have to met some conditions to use that power but there's no limitis in how many times you can use it

You can use that power in any situation but using it is fatiguing. You can keep using it at your exaustion limit

>Situational AND strenuous
You have to meet conditions and use extra effort for pulling it off
Thanks anon! I'll try to add some minions and adapt this mechanic. Happy gaming.
Shadowdark made over a million dollars anon. Slapping the shittiest rules you can think of onto 5e has proven demand.
Everyone can use maneuvers but only basic ones instead of superiority die it's stamina which is an average of the physical stats. If you want advanced maneuvers and you can lean in game or take a feat.
Also I removed class and race and levels. And armour gives no bonus to AC it gives damage reduction. And I removed the rules for magic but I'll add them back one day.
And you can layer armor but only in special ways
And you need individual proficiency for weapons instead of just simple/martial
Adding everyone's shit was always going to result in a joke game
Well, I thougt that the discussion between people who homebrew and play the game may eventually come to the fascinating consensus regarding the rules and content. It is different from just mindlessly adding the stuff people post.

However, I obviously overestmated /tg/.

Maybe I should implement some distinct basis for the hack first and then invite anons to give ideas. Maybe I'll post the draft tomorrow. However, in that case it would be just my homebrew and thats it. Kind of lame.

It might also help to be more specific too. Your topic is very broad, and thus will yield generic/broad answers.
Yeah, I see. But every day one setence threads like "do you have refrigerator people in YOUR setting?" or "why elves are dwarves" etc get tens and tens of replies. So I was hesitant to put too much effort into creating a thread like this.
The PCs always win in the case of a tie. Saves so much time, gives them a slight edge during bad rolls, and rememberz the bad guys just need to win once to end the campaign. The playera have to win every time to keep the campaign going unless you make bad guys dumb enough to spare the heroes.

Those one sentence threads are troll threads, yes. But I think the best balance is to keep it to one sentence, and then provide your example.

Or come up with one topic about a given homebrew, and have that be the thread theme; like, "Do you houserule Shields as being different from their iteration in D&D (any edition)?"

"I'm not satisfied with how they're implemented in D&D 5E, because it's a boring implementation, ..."

That kind of thing. Yes you will get autists and trolls to boot screeching about D&REEEE but you didn't make them click on your thread and subsequently get angry.

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