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Has anyone ever used Minecraft map generation for worldbuilding? I'm considering trying it in my next campaign with a few friends.

I used https://www.chunkbase.com/apps/seed-map for pic related
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Full map
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You can even zoom in and get a less noisy map
I prefer Dwarf Fortress but there are some good mods for climate bands out there. Worldpainter is fun too but that's a whole other level of autism.

So this world has tropic/temperate global climate unless you get high enough and everything is interlocked
I prefer having sex and touching grass but I'm open to suggestion.
Women are annoying and grass is itchy. Worldbuilding flexes your creative muscles and Minecraft is fun.
No, it's terrain generation is shit.
Minecraft is a single player building survival game, its terrain is made for that.
You could make an argument it'd be good for small scale terrain, but even then. The true value of minecraft is easily depicting 3d terrain.
If I want medium scale terrain generated, I use Gaea.
If I want large scale terrain, I use pen and paper, paint.net or Torbenm.
>easily depicting 3d terrain
*easily depicting indoors complex 3d terrain
What about other map programs? Are there any good ones that can be stolen from games?
File: HumidityMap_2.png (125 KB, 512x512)
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Not really, if I need something quick and dirty I draw using my hands, if I feel like doing fancy stuff I just make a quick program* to do it for me. Minecraft is great for many things, map making is not really one of them.

*Not even that, either, I just use unity and a couple of scripts.
No but it's an interesting idea.

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