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>Be me.
>Tank Sergeant Yuri of the Valhallan 545th armored.
>Feeling much better now since the incident on the desert planet.
Link to last thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/2022/86019558/
>I guess a few weeks of warp transit to rest and relax was just what I needed.
>Anyway, we exited the warp with several other ships near a hive world.
>Apparently a Shadow in the Warp is getting closer to this system and the planetary Governor has enough sway to requisition a few regiments to protect this world during the feast of the Emperor’s Ascension.
>If he knows the Nids are coming and has enough money to bring us all here, why doesn’t he just leave?
>Probably just doesn’t want to leave behind all his stuff.
>He was nice enough to “gift” me a new tank though, although the tank crew seamed rather confused when I kicked them all out and replaced them with my own men.
>Currently we are in a parade going down an upper mid hive highway with the other regiments to ensure the citizens everything is fine.
>Don’t even think these people really know who we are or what we’ve done.

>At least we’re getting back up from the local regiment.
>They all seam pretty weird, having this thing about exposing their foreheads, either covering it with bandanas or helmets.
>Many of them are also bald.
>I guess every regiment has their quirks.
>Who am I to judge?

>Either way after the parade this should be a nice and simple assignment, with few surprises…
File: Ark Mechanicus 002.jpg (99 KB, 910x519)
99 KB
>Be same arch magos explorator from the Jungle World thread.
>Exit warp playing Children of the Omnissiah.
>Never gets old.
>Arrive in some hive world system to refuel and pressgang skitarii and other workers for the ark.
>Send down Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07 to begin recruiting, and acquiring resources for our never ending Quest for Knowledge.
>Check sensors and see a hive fleet is approaching.
>Decide to tell him to make extra carful to check for Genestealers.

>We don't want another Morod incident do we?
File: tUcC7OPfhYaYYVlR.jpg (230 KB, 1000x673)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>Still be sergeant Yuri.
>Still be in a parade with several other regiments from across the galaxy.
>Still be agonizingly sober.
>The one advantage of this assignment is I get to see the different tanks from across the galaxy.
>Never seen a "Rogal Dorn" tank before now, but they defiantly look interesting to command.
>Also what tank commander doesn't love getting to see Baneblade in person?

>Anyway, after hours of navigating the freeways in a parade the population doesn't seam all that interested in, we arrive at the planetary governors palace and he starts giving a speech to us and the citizens of his planet.
>The governor is so fat he needs a anti grav belt just to be able to move around.

>Governor gives a speech, talking about how we’re all fools and he brought us all here so his gods could feast “blah blah blah I’m a big fat frakking heretic. Someone please shoot me blah blah blah.”
>Naturally not the smartest thing to say these things in front of a loyal son of the emperor bored out of his mind sitting in a Leman Russ.
>Line up a shot and fire.

>It misses but he goes back into his palace.
>Briefly thankful he at least shut up only for him to continue his monologue over every speaker in the Hive.
>Emperor damn it, this fat bastard likes to hear himself talk.
>Call in his cords to see if I can get artillery or a orbital strike or something on his house.
>The local PDF with the head bands start to turn on us as well.
>Have no clue why they're siding with a fat slob heretic with a vore fetish over their fellow guardsmen but to each their own.
>Besides at least mowing down heretics in the name of the Throne will distract me from the fact it's the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, I still haven't gotten any Emperor damned alcohol!
Hell yeah, I was just remembering the original thread a few days ago. Will start posting after Thanksgiving celebrations are over.


>Be me
>Ryza-pattern plasma gun, designation "H07-D4WG"
>It's been some time since I last saw action
>Ever since my last assignment with master on that desert world, I had been taken under the care of the nice enginseer, Zeta-23
>Instead of being reassigned to a new master like previous times, he said I was some sort of "relic", and wanted to make sure I was put in the right hands
>Anyway, we made a few friends on that mission, and we're supposed to be part of some parade
>Hopefully they let me fire at some practice targets, or even traitors to show off to the crowds
>Thing is, I need someone to wield me, and I'm not particularly fond of any of the skitarii the enginseer wants to pair me with
>They just don't know how to treat a plasma gun like a Valhallan does
>At the same time, the enginseer wants to make sure my next master can survive a lasgun shot and report to him
>In the meantime, he's keeping me with him until he can find someone we both deem worthy
>Fast forward a bit, and we're at the parade
>The enginseer is sticking by Sergeant Yuri and his new tank
>Start lighting up a bit, hoping I might get to fire some shots to impress the crowd
>Hear a bit of commotion start up, and next thing I know, the enginseer is ducking in cover, readying me to fire
>Apparently, some of the new recruits we were supposed to be getting from here are trying to kill us

This is why I'm picky with unfamiliar wielders, enginseer
>Be me.
>Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Now fully repaired from that incident on the Necron TMoon.
>My arch magos explorator sent me and a few squads down to the planet to get some fuel and look for… “volunteers” to join the Skitarii and ship crew.
>On the way down through the mid hive we pass a parade of various IG regiments.
>Briefly think I spot Zeta-23 but figure that would be impossible.
>Reach underhive.
>She wants us to be extra careful to scan for Genestealer corruption since the Nids are approaching this world.
>This turns out to be the right call as the medi skull reports positive for xeno DNA in several citizens.
>Since we don’t want a repeat of the whole Forge World Morod incident, instead of shooting them outright in front of all their siblings we instead mark them and place them in a separate cart to be incinerated once we return to the ark Mechanicus.

>Suddenly out of nowhere, all the speakers in the hive turn on broadcasting some speech.
>It seams the Governor has officially declared himself a heretic now, so we don’t need to pay for our fuel or slaves anymore!
>Downside is we are in the middle of an underhive slum surrounded by brood brothers.
>Luckily we can get into combat positions at a moment’s notice.
>”Bring it on bug fuckers!” I shout.
>Still be Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Situation is fubar.
>Cultists coming from every corner.
>Order a tactical withdrawal and hop on the carriage holding the good Skitarii candidate.
>Flick the reigns and the Serbery’s Sulpherhounds take off, burning a hole through the cultists.
>Get a vox message of the heretic governors mansion.
>Patch it up to my Magos.
>Maybe she can do an orbital strike.
>Be me.
>Sergeant Yuri.
>As usual in these situations I assume command though shear virtue of no one claiming it first.
>Pinned down around the governors mansion.
>Completely surrounded by the PDF with the head bands.
>They keep coming in waves like the orks.
>Still have no idea why they’re defending this guy.
>Me and my fellow regiments are holding the line though.
>Hive fleet isn’t even here and already we’re fighting a war of attrition.
>Hear the sound of metal hoof steps.
>Watch as a carriage pulled by two sulphurhounds blitzkriegs past an alley way with a Skitarii marshal steering.
>They don’t stop to help us.
>Suddenly hear a rumbling.
>A pickup truck with a giant grinder on the front plows through a building barreling towards us.
>Decide that’s as good a target as any and order my driver to charge through the enemy lines towards the truck.

>Be me.
>Felinid Merc Captain Scarlett.
>Currently in between contracts at the moment.
>Me and my fellow mercs are in a bar celebrating the Emperor’s Ascension by blowing our contract money on booze and dances.
>Bouncer at the door had said “they didn’t abhumans” when we arrived.
>One dislocated shoulder later we were downing drinks and watching the parade on vid screen.

>Suddenly the Governor’s face interrupts the parade, earning much a throne glass at the screen.
>Can’t really make out what he says but it ends with him showing a bunch of Genestealer cultists attacking the parade full of guardsmen.
>Things seam kind of bad for them…

MFW I wonder if someone will pay us to assassinate the governor.

>Be plasma gun
>Firing at apparent traitors, but only sparsely
>The enginseer seems to be trying to conceal his presence for whatever reason
>Only firing me when one of the larger, louder ones come into battle
>These "aberrants", as the enginseer calls them, are no ogryn, and he also said something about these traitors being tainted by xenos
>Don't know what the enginseer is up to, but I want to kill traitors, especially if they're tainted by xenos
>We keep moving within the Valhallan line that has formed, periodically blasting at light vehicles and heavier traitors that could have potentially caused a break in the lines
>Still not enough firing
>Maybe we'll run into a Valhallan who gets can wield me properly at some point
>Getting hot with impatience, refusing to vent until we kill more traitors, unless I really need to

I hope Zeta-23 and some of the other characters find this thread. I also look forward to new additions to this adventure
Id recommend making some new characters. I’m basically everyone here more or less.
Even me?
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Currently pissing away bonus pay at strip club on booze, whores, man whores, and drugs
>Governor comes up on vid screen and starts rambling about stuff, everyone starts booing and throwing drinks at the vid screen
>Don’t really care about politics though, decide to go to sleep under the table
>Someone wake me up when we are fighting drukhari hookers or tau cheerleaders or something
Especially you.
>Be me. Sister-Paletine Navitia Luna. Probable psyker (which is a headache in and of itself), potential living saint, definitely not drunk enough for this shit.
>Made the mistake of walking into a Necron tomb structure too readily and fell through a spontaneous hole in the floor.
>Now I'm not only somewhere very different, but the voices of my sisters are very far away, and shit's going off everywhere.
>Some muppet's on the vox, shouting blasphemies against the Emperor, like he's something original.
>There are mutants and half-xenos fighting icemen and other mutants. There's a couple of the red cult of piston-fuckers strutting around like they're hot stuff for being autistic surgery addicts.
>Fuck it, I'm way not drunk enough for this shit.
>Mutants and heretic nobles can wait. I'm finding a bar, a stiff drink. I'd hope for something to eat, but between mutants, tosterfuckers and guardsmen, I'm not getting my hopes up.
>Be me.
>Ace lightning pilot Tiff.
>Be enjoying my shore leave at a bar.
>Suddenly a bunch of tan skinned female felinids in leotards and green capes break the bouncers arm and come in tearing up the place.
>They start rubbing against eachother and me.
>Try to ignore them but one sits next to me and starts purring rubbing against me.
>Before I can say anything a second one grabs my left arm.
>The one on my right, not wanting to be out done, puts my right arm between her breasts.
>Then a third one falls asleep on my lap.

MFW I think I might have just realized I’m bi.
>Be me
>Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Boss owes a favor to neighboring world's governor, his daughter went missing while visiting this shithole as some show of diplomacy.
>Word of the bugs hitting planetfall soon can't just be a coincidence, sure enough, the capital hive world is a genestealer cult's paradise.
>Just my luck
>Got here a month ago, tracking her down to the fat fuck of a governor's palace. Safe bet he's involved with the cults.
>Been working on a plan to get into the palace for a month now. Today was the day.
>Killed a dozen of the local muscle getting to this vantage point, have a rifle aimed right where he's gonna make his speech. Take a little off his top, blow some explosives I have planted underneath the parade's main street, sneak in during the chaos, grab the girl and go.
>Seconds from killing this bastard...was that a las shot?
>Fat fuck ducks into his palace!
>no No NO NO NO
>Maybe I can make this work, go to my detonator, see loyal guardsmen fighting the cultist forces
>Remember when I was boots on the ground
>Fidget a bit on the detonator's trigger
>Grab an autogun from one of the xenos curs I killed on the way up here and start making my way down to the streets to support and get those men somewhere not in the middle of a crossfire.
>Be me.
>Tank sergeant Yuri of the Valhallan 545th.
>Leman Russ barrels towards truck and manages to flip it over, crushing several heretics in the process.
>Decide that’s probably as good an opening as we’re going to get and order everyone in vox range to advance through the hole and away from the governor’s mansion.
>Leman Russes form the tip of a wedge clearing the way for the larger Rogal Dorns and Baneblades at the back with the nice squishy infantry in the middle surrounded by a nice shell of armor.
>Tanks focus on clearing a path and defending the infantry, while the infantry fire up into the windows of the spires.
>We cut through the traitors like a snow plow.
>One of the downsides to this strategy though, is the bodies have started to pile up in front of our formation.
>Beginning to wish my tank had one of those dozer blades.
>See someone cutting through traitors like an absolute pro.
>Must be some kind of assassin or something.
>Turn the formation in his direction.
>By this point the bodies in front of us have reached up to the turret.

>Offer him a ride on my tank so he doesn’t need to walk while he kills traitors.
>Be me
>Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Maybe the Guard didn't need help after all
>See the Valhallan that's been shouting plowing thru ill-bred scum like he was back home in the blizzard-drifts
>Leave the alley that led up to my perch by barreling out away from some straggler cultists who were coming to join the fray
>Empty my magazine down the alley into them all.
>One of them was only winged, is reaching for a sidearm
>Toss the autogun at him and then kick him square in the face, his head bouncing off the rockcrete hab wall behind him
>Reach for another discarded autogun
>Check ammo
>This'll do for now
>Look around to assess the situation and see a Valhallan wave me up onto his tank
>Look to the palace and see it swarming with Emperor knows what at this point
>Regroup for now, mission will come soon enough
>Scramble up onto the tank
>"Thanks for the assist. Name's Lyon. Drinks are on me if we make it through this."
>"...I know a good bar not far from here."
>Be me.
>Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Still riding on the carriage pulled by two serberys sulphurhounds burning our way through the cultists with my squad trailing behind.
>May or may not have set a few buildings on fire along the way.
>Trying to get out of here, but Hive streets make no sense and GPS doesn’t do well with 3D, or account for cultists blocking the road.
>Think we pass the guardsmen parade like 3 times.
>Frankly the amount of Genestealer Cultists here is just ridiculous.
>Their must be at least 10 cultists for every 1 non infected.
>Why the Inquisition hasn’t just Exterminatused this excrement hole is a mystery, no way they could’ve missed a cult this size for so long.
>Maybe it’s part of some grander plan to lure the hive fleet here and kill it?
>Or maybe those meat bags really are just incompetent.
>Quickly delete that thought before anyone notices.
>Coming up on what I’m sure is the same alley way we’ve passed though 5 times.

>be arch Magos explorator
>watch the Marshall blaze around on the chariot
>he's literally just running loops around the same Hab blocks
>mfw these are the kind of skitarii the Omnissiah provided me
>see that the situation is goin FUBAR
>cultists everywhere, total uprising
>Inquisitorial iden codes show up in the noosphere
>did the inquisition really let it get this bad?
>it's forge world Morod again
>decide to ferry down support troops and automata to clear a field
>not the good ones, we don't want to waste those
>noospheric connection to the planet surface is suddenly lost
>how do I even contact my skitarii?
>launch a dozen phosphor missiles into the lower atmosphere
>they detonate in clouds of smoke and fire
>conveniently shaped into an arrow pointing at the newly secured forward base
>Be REAL arch Magos Explorator from the Jungle World thread.
>Receive message from my Marshal in some unique variant of low gothic about destroying the governors mansion.
>Am busy lining up the shot when my sensors detect ANOTHER ARK MECHANICUS IN THE SYSTEM!?
>Who’s ever in command seams to think my Skitarii are theirs.
>Cancel firing solution and get ready to engage them in void combat.


>Stop when I realize they are actually helping out my troops.
>Sending down reinforcements and providing directions to a safe location.
>Decide for now to leave them alone and get back to destroying the governors mansion.
>Trying to decide if they are an imposter, or me from another timeline or the future or something.
>Decide to go by Magos Explorator Prime from now on to avoid confusion.

>Be me
>Ryza-pattern plasma gun, designation "H07-D4WG"
>Currently being wielded by the enginseer Zeta-23
>During the enginseer's movement to who-knows-where, we found ourselves getting to upper levels of the hive, at least in relation to the parade
>Apparently, there's supposed to be some skitarii forces here the enginseer wanted to link up with
>Unfortunately, due to our detour, we haven't encountered many traitors to dispatch
>I need to kill traitors, xenos, and anything that is bad, and I need to do it badly
>I need a master to point me at them, not an enginseer with other things to do
>The enginseer seems to understand my predicament, attempting to sooth me with some hyms, promising that we will find a master for me soon
>We're almost at our objective, finding ourselves traversing some precarious catwalks above hub in the ventilation system
>Midway through, some autogun fire opens up on us
>Looks like the traitors left a group to patrol this area
>Fortunately, the unorganized catwalks and makeshift repairs provided some cover for the enginseer
>Feel more than my trigger being depressed, as I start welling up with delightful and unusually high amounts of energy
>Feel a massive amount of heat releasing from me, undoubtedly in the direction of those foul traitors
>As I relish their screams of agony, I hear one of them swear at us, followed by the sound of a snub revolver
>The round hits not me, but the mechanical hand of the enginseer which was holding me
>Feel myself begin to fall, as I hear a single laspistol shot and the enginseer scrambling to grab me
>I don't feel his grip
>I feel myself continue accelerating downward
>Memories of my previous masters flash before me as I realize that I may be lost forever somewhere in these endless shafts
>>86848175 continued

>Feel strikes against my frame as I tumble down the shafts, hitting the catwalks and then the sides and curves of the downwards shafts
>Wonder if I should be thankful that my reinforced frame protected me from anything bad, or despair that I'll spend the rest of eternity lying somewhere in the shaft when it flattens out
>Eventually find myself hitting a flat surface, but instead of stopping there, I smashed right through, due to my momentum
>Based on the feel of it, it must have been a vent
>I must have entered someone's house or something, as I heard some shrieks upon my entry
>Find myself bouncing off a surface with some liquids, cooling off my agitated frame a moment before landing on something much softer, like a fluffy pillow
>The fluffy pillow lets out a yelp

Whoever I landed on really reminds me of those furry allies on our last mission...
>Be Sergeant Yuri.
>Help guy onto my tank.
>>"Thanks for the assist. Name's Lyon. Drinks are on me if we make it through this."
“No problem, I’m these situations it’s always good to find those who…”
>I notice the Inquisition badge on his shirt and pause…
>He see this and seams to hide it.
>>"...I know a good bar not far from here."
“That’s all you had to say! Sorry about… that… last experience with what I’m pretty sure in retrospect was an inquisitor had me suffering from visions of parallel timelines and potential futures for days after.”
“Got better, but haven’t had any alcohol in my system since then. Medicaes orders.”
>I help him down the hatch and we make our way to the bar just as the governors mansion explodes behind us.
> Be Enginseer / Magos Zeta-23
> On the planet the half-memory of an Inquisitor told me not to go to
> Not sure what's going on but I gained magos clearance again after that guy showed up despite officially being an enginseer
> Explorator I was formerly assigned to in orbit
> Conceal identity so they don't find me and get mad I have magos codes again
> Bit paranoid but you never know
> Sneaking up on traitors with H07-D4WG
> get shot in the hands
> Fucking drop the holy plasma gun a ridiculous distance
> bluescreen.dataslate
> hear a yelp when it lands
> pray to the ominissiah that's the felinids
> firing at traitors with mechadendrite laspistols to keep their heads down and running towards skitarii
> hear massive explosion, vox reports it as the governor's mansion
> just keep running
>Be Me, Marcus Scumbag of the 221st Penal Regiment
>Currently held up on board the Baleful Punishment travelling from engagements to engagements
>The original plan was for us to travel to my home world of Sevastopol, to deal with the planetary governor and the Sevastopol Rangers for allying with the Tau empire
>That was the plan anyway
>High command decides to make a detour to a nearby hive world to get more prisoners from the local Arbites before we head to Sevastopol
>We'll mostly be stuck up in orbit whilst the big wigs gather the newbies for our mission
>Oh well, at least the Commissar won't be giving us his usual death glare with his one remaining un-augmented eye
>Somehow that eye is scarier than his bionic eye
>Decide to kick back in my cramped cell and not piss off any of the Naval armsmen, shotgun stocks to the stomach hurt like hell
>Be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Hear the explosion
>Realize the VIP probably just incinerated or vaporized
>Not sure if I can go back to my boss, now.
>Maybe she was somewhere safe underground...
>Try to keep it cool in front of Yuri, since I seemed to have spooked him earlier
>Heard he said something about time travel, that's above any and all pay grades I have had or ever will
>Let off a sigh once we're off the main parade ground, pull out the detonator again and thumb the trigger
>The area behind us detonates
>At least that should cover our tracks from any of the heretic garbage
>...Hope the daughter wasn't behind held in the sewers or anything
>Start directing to the bar
"Got a safe comms line in the back of the bar, been staying there. Place isn't bad, and pretty discerning. Doesn't even usually allow abhumans, so no Nid fuckers there...hopefully."
File: Penal_Legionary.png (185 KB, 250x434)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>Still be Marcus
>Turns out I have to scrap my plans to kick back and relax
>The Baleful Punishments vox system rings out to tell us to get to the hangers
>Arbites made contact with us and told us to bring down our troops to assist the regiments down below to clear out a genestealer cult
>Haven't killed Genestealers yet in my service
>Double time immediately to the hangers in order to get loaded up and sent down to assist
>Upon arrival we are armed with our standard issue half spent lasguns and terrible quality flak armour
>Our Commissar decides not to give any speeches and orders us to immediately get into the transports
>Fine by me, even if some of the others are grumbling about the situation changing quickly for us on board
>There is roughly ten thousand of us to load up so some of us will have to wait
>Not me though, I'm one of the first on-board
>Commissar likes my enthusiasm especially after the Koronus battles
>Strap myself into the transport and pray to the Emperor to guide my shots
>He probably isn't listening to me though, I am condemned after all
File: itllhavetodo.jpg (132 KB, 612x816)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
> Be Zeta-23
> Escaping traitors, but there's another patrol ahead, bigger this time
> Cut off from skitarii
> According to sensors there's a vent or a manhole or something that will take me near the gun if I don't mind being battered around a bit
> Apparently Yuri's tank is down there too
> Vox talking about penal legions being sent in, ignore it until I get down
> dive into hole as traitors are shooting at me
> crash into multiple things
> hit the sides
> break through stuck bag of trash
> briefly redirected semi-horizontally and shot over a roadway
> roll to stop in front of some bar
> plasma gun is.... inside?
> every part of my body hated that entire experience
> hear tanks approaching
> hope to fuck it's yuri
> try to sit up
> involuntarily enter sleep mode
File: Penal_Legion_Troopers.jpg (215 KB, 681x990)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>As we make planet fall I can hear all the noise of war
>Explosions, screaming and the sound of lasgun fire
>Emperor bless me this day, I'm going to have some fun
>The transport finally lands touching down on a relatively clear strip near the Arbites Precinct Fortress
>I unbuckle myself and stand up as the ramp opens up to let us out
>Commissar orders us to hold the area whilst we wait for more troops to arrive
>Turn my head slightly to see the transport lift off to return to the Baleful Punishment
>Almost catch a glance at an Arbitrator who seems to be cursing to himself
>Sorry mate looks like your being backed up by scum
>The area we are defending is pretty locked tight whilst the rest arrive
>It's the urban fighting I really want to get to
>Once the rest of the troops arrive, the Commissar orders us into formation to give us our orders
"Condemned, you will be reinforcing the forces of the Valhallan 545th armour and forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus. To prevent any of you from running, Arbitrators of the Adeptus Arbites as well as myself will be amongst you lot to keep you in line. Make these xenos tainted scum remember the taste of the Emperor's wrath. Dismissed"
>His words shake me to the very core as normal
>Immediately we begin moving out all ten thousand condemned men with a single purpose
>Kill the bastards that dare to betray humanity and our Glorious Emperor
>Be me.
>Felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>McFluffy and two of my subordinates are flirting with a navy pilot.
>She looks like she’s questioning her sexuality something fearce.
>Might need to ask if they’re open for a fivesome later.
>See on new as governors mansion explodes.
>He probably has a bunker or something so the contract is potentially still open.
>Also see on news something about a wave of dead cultist bodies.
>Apparently it’s headed this way.
>Hear a crash behind me and see a plasma gun fell through the ceiling.
>One of my subordinates (too drunk to remember her name) picked it up and started fiddling with it.
>Also at some point a Sister got here.

>Oder another three rounds for myself.
>This is gonna be a looooong day.

>Be plasma gun
>Situation has potentially gone from bad to worse
>By the sounds of it, it would seem that I've landed in a bar inhabited by those Felinids back on that desert planet
>One of them has picked me up and started fiddling with me
>Instinctively vent a bit to protect myself
>I don't particularly trust these allies, plus their yelps are kind of amusing to me
>Get dropped again
>I should have expected that
>Something about this place seems strange
>Can't help but feel some speck of calm in this chaotic room
>Kind of like my previous masters
>Can also feel the presence of the enginseer drawing closer
>Not sure how he followed me down, but I'm certainly not complaining
>Need to let him know my master is in this room
>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Manage to push the giant pile of bodies all the way down to the bar the Inquisition Agent said.
>See Zeta-23 passed out out front and help him inside.
>We enter with most of the guardsmen from various regiments from the parade.
>Inside I see my old friend Scarlett’s Mercenary Company partying like it’s the end of the world.
>Which I guess it technically will be once the Nids arrive.
>Decide to make this bar our temporary base and sit Zeta down on one of the stools next to a Sister.

>Us Valhallans and the other regiments start fortifying the place, knocking down walls into neighboring hab blocks to expand.
>Attilans and Death Riders set up stables for their horses.
>The tech priests from the parade build a make shift garage for the tanks and artillery.
>While we do that, some Skitarii and Penal Legionaries arrive and help.
>The entire time the bar tender Servitor keeps serving us drinks.
>A tech priest from the parade manages to rig up a holo map of the city for us to plan our defense from the traitors and tyranids.

>Call a meeting with: Gamma Mu 07, Scarlett, the Sororitas, the Arbites, and any other surviving members of regimentary command staff.
>As well as try to get a line to the (apparently two?) magos Explorator in orbit.

>From here we plan our next move…

In case you can’t tell, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce any characters from any regiments you want and how they plan to exterminate the Genestealers and defend the city from Tyranids.
> Be Zeta-23
> Reactivate while being placed in a chair by Yuri
> Give him a thumbs up and try to make sense of where I am
> There are felinids flirting with a pilot, a sister of battle drinking heavily, and another felinid trying to hold a plasma gun that keeps venting at her
> Felinids were on the desert planet but the pilot only looks vaguely familiar and I don't recognise the sister at all
> Bar-Servitor provides me with a drink which I down immediately
> Very thankful I kept most of the biocomponents that let me do this
> Get a couple of strange looks, guess they're not used to seeing tech-priests taking a normal drink
> Realise that's not just any plasma gun that's the bloody holy relic
> No wonder it's hissing more than the felinid
> Take plasma gun from felinid, apologising for dropping it on her
> Calm it with rite of gradual venting and temperature control
> Attempt to commune with its machine spirit, it seems unusually active
> Lost my incense in that fucking vent so I just light a shot on fire for a moment before blowing it out and drinking it
> fieldimprovisation.unauthorised
> Seems to work for the most part
> Apologise for dropping it into a bar and tell it it did a good job on those traitors
File: What in the Goddamn.jpg (38 KB, 537x527)
38 KB

>Be plasma gun
>The enginseer has found me!
>Make sure to singe off another hair or two from the curious felinid before he recovers me
>The enginseer attempts to soothe me, blessing me in the process
>Tries to apologize for dropping me, but I don't blame him
>The only ones who should apologize are the traitors for standing against us
>Have a slight heat spike as he says I did a good job on the traitors
>Shortly after I reach cool temperatures, I suddenly spike up in heat
>My new master just walked by me, I just know it!
>The enginseer seems to pick up on this, but expresses some confusion, as the only Valhallan near us is sergeant Yuri
>It's not him, he already has a tank
>It's not the felinids, as fun as it is to harass them
>Strangely enough, I don't even think it's a Valhallan
>If not a Valhallan, I certainly hope my new master can be inducted into their service

I have someone in mind, but I'm honestly fine with whoever wants to carry H07-D4WG, as someone I'm not expecting would certainly still be fun
>Be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Get to the bar
>Valhallan and the rest of the Guard spare no time in making defenses
>See Felinids mercs, that explains the bouncer's arm
>Move my way to the back room, where I've been staying.
>Make a quick call to the boss. Explain the situation.
>He isn't happy.
>Can't say I blame him...
>Tells me not to come back empty handed. Either confirmation governor is dead, or the girl in tow as expected.
>Return to Yuri's makeshift command room, drag in my desk of schematics of the local area, etc
>Explain the current situation for everyone in the room who might not be up to speed. This includes the genestealer cult infestation, Nids on the way, and the mission I'm on to retrieve some governor's daughter for His most Holy Inquisition.
>dragging out additional ordnance and weapons I've been taking from patrols I've been picking off over the month
>not expecting people to NOT want to have a gun at this point
>Be Marcus Scumbag
>We've arrived at the Valhallan's forward operating base
>Massive complex but not as well defended as that Precinct Fortress
>Commissar immediately orders us to get to work in building up defences
>A collective yes sir comes from all of us and we proceed to work
>We are getting dirty looks from folks due to us being condemned scum
>Haven't been stared at like this in a long time and I'm sort of itching for a fight
>We didn't come across any of the Genestealers to take pot shots at
>Grin to myself as I work
>Shame there's some Felinids around, one of our guys in the regiment doesn't shut the fuck up about how be used to run a Felinid sex ring before his incarceration
>Be Ordo Chronos Inquisitor [Redacted]
>Here on Tharss 8 on a bit of a tour of the most famous parties in all of Imperial History to celebrate the return of [Data Purged].
>Felinid women really know how to celebrate.
>They’re partying like there’s no tomorrow (at this point I’m too drunk to remember if there even is one on this world).
>Haven’t had this much fun since [Redacted] on [Data Expunged] after [Censored by His Holy Ordos] was defeated.

>Anyway, at some point a bunch of guardsmen from… ummm… I don’t know a bunch of different regiments show up and start fortifying the place.
>A few join in the party though.
>Can’t remember last time I was this drunk, or even what year it is supposed to be.

>After sharing a drink with a random Sister that’s here for reasons I can’t remember I see someone familiar.

“Oh my holy Emperor! Is that really you Zeta-23!?”
“I haven’t seen you since [Data Expunged] when you helped [Censored] a [Data Blocked] in two pieces!!!”

“Going old school I see, less augments. I of course approve.”
“How have you been? How’s [Error No Data]? Is Yuri here to? Haven’t seen him in [Redacted] years!”
>Be Marcus Scumbag
>Defences all set up
>Higher ups seem pleased with the fortifications
>Gun emplacements, spider holes, mines and the hole nine yards
>One of my lads even spray painted some propaganda on the walls
>He's lucky the Commissar didn't catch him
>Speaking of the Commissar, he's approaching us to update us on the news
>Seems like we'll be dealing with nids
>Tells us not to nick any gear from our allies
>Wise idea on his part, probably doesn't want most of us dead before the hive fleet arrive
>Wonder how the Baleful Punishment is going to handle the incoming fleet
>I get singled out by the Commissar
"Condemned 9820, come with me"
>Don't have to tell me twice
>We begin walking back to the main HQ
>I can feel the glares of the Guard
>They don't frighten me though
>Only the Commissar does
>Be me.
>Palatine Luna.
>Finally find a bar in this Emperor-forsaken rockcrete heap.
>It's full of people, including a not insignificant number of humanoid females with feline features.
>Multiple of them appear to be quite overtly lesbian, and are hitting on seemingly unexperienced women.
>Others are seemingly in the process of dismantling or destroying the very structure.
>While yet more of them are herded into the place, to either fortify it, or make camp in the place.
>One of them, an NCO, waves me over. I choose to assume it as a request, as he doesn't have the rank to order me, but I don't really give a fuck right now.
>The Inquisitor, because there's always one, isn't of a recognizable discipline. He looks quite solidly off his tits.
>He sloshes a pint mug towards me.
>Logically, as a Sororitas I shouldn't be drinking in a warzone, or a briefing. As a woman, I shouldn't be taking a drink given to me by an impaired man/inquisitor. As a possible psyker, I know this'll make things flare up again.
>But quite frankly I don't give a fuck.
>Take a chug. The very faint voices of my sisters in my head mostly affirm this is a sensible course of action.
>Oh by the Emperor that's good. Another five and I'll be just about right to get out there and spread the Emperor's Love and Empathy to everyone.
File: Grandpappy Contemptor.jpg (233 KB, 1000x1000)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>Be me
>Brother Basileus Konos, of the Imperial Fists Legion
>Also a contemptor dreadnought after I got chopped in half by some Traitorous Iron warrior on Sebastus IV
>Fighting on some unimportant agri-world on the very fringe when I get kicked by some titan
>Hit the ground after 5 minutes and get knocked out
>Wake up, there's now a town built around me
>I seem to be part of some shrine
>also my feet are stuck in the ground
>Check the chronometer
>Dorn save me, it's M32
>Try to communicate with the citizens but my speakers are broken
>Stay awake for another century before going to sleep
>wake up
>check chronometer
>am now surrounded by near complete darkness
>I am no longer stuck in the ground
>I am now standing on a rockcrete pedestal
>also I'm surrounded by pillars, pipes, and crumbling walls with broken windows
>there's also some crumbling statues of what I think is the emperor
>that's funny, my altimeter informs me I've only moved several meters
>don't dare move
>stay awake for a decade before going back to sleep
>wake up
>am now buried in rubble
>altimeter informs me I'm several hundred metres lower than before
>go to sleep
File: ANGRY CONTEMPTOR.jpg (490 KB, 1000x1000)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
>wake up
>rumbling sounds
>loud booms in the distance
>want to sleep
>people in front of me. People!
>Wake up a little more
>they seem strange
>something moves in from the side
>A xenos
>the people are bowing to it and pointing at me
>the xenos and humans are dead
>hear more booms
>they seem to be coming from above me
>wander off looking for a way up to the surface
>check chronometer
> Be Zeta-23
> Plasma gun calmed
> Felinid looks cranky at me about getting singed
> I'm sure she knows about the various field litanies relating to plasma guns and if she doesn't I don't want to tell her
> Gun almost seems to jump when someone walks by
> Ordo Chronos Inquisitor is here and drunk
> I certainly didn't expect the imperial inquisition
> Vague memories spring back to full memories as he talks with me
"I've been dropped down several levels of hive through a vent. You told me not to come here. I couldn't avoid it."
> Remember the gun moving slightly
> Allow holy plasma gun to rotate slowly on a weapons mount, hope it manages to point to whoever it's reacting to
"Yuri is having some kind of meeting about rescuing a governer's daughter over there. I'm keeping out of it because-"
> Remember the inquisitor is drunk
"-I... don't have much to contribute. Definitely not an issue of rank."
> Hope he gets the hint about whatever he did to bring back my magos clearance on the desert planet
> Not like I can wink
> Plasma gun rotating slowly but it's a bit crowded in here
> Hope I get it to the right person or at least to someone competent
> It's certainly not any of the skitarii or the felinids
> Could it be the sister?
> Quietly drag Ordo Chronos to the bar, not like he'll mind
> Unobstructed view of the command meeting
> Blessed plasma gun H07-D4WG should be able to point to these people with minimal confusion
> Unless someone walks in or the felinids get extra rowdy or the Inquisitor starts pouring drinks into me or the ba-
> Disable concern_generator.exe
>Be Ordo chronos inquisitor [Redacted].
>Zeta- 23 seams to only be picking up every other word I say, he’s cradling a plasma gun like a child.
>This confuses me, but I manage to scrape together enough of my mind to more or less realize what is happening.
“Ohhhh I get it. You don’t have Lavender clearance yet. This must be early then.”
“Our second meeting, right?”
“Well, to sum up. Im [Redacted] a [Error: 404]. One of [Redacted] in [censored].”
“At some point [Data Purged] and you will [Data Expunged].”
“Don’t remember telling you not to come here. Must be a future me, so should probably look into that.”
>Take another swig and rap my arm around his shoulder.
“Oooooo! We should investigate together! It’ll be just like the old days!”

“Errrr, well I guess it technically will be the old days for you. Isn’t [Data Purged by his Holy Ordos] fun like that?”
>Be We
>Primus in the field, at behest of the Magus
>It is day of the uprising.
>Ascension is coming. The Star Emperor will cleanse this cruel world. All will be right.
>Night of knives went off without a hitch. PDF either in the pocket of our family. Or belonging to the heretical dark gods.
>Move as one
>Strike as one
>Feel the stars in the blood.
>Heretics are liability. Kill them off months ago.
>Governor spills the beans early
>Ducked back inside the palace to the sound of lasfire.
>Feel slap of the patriarch upside his head from the command table.
>Guard are fighting back.
>Magos is doing his bit
>Feel father's fist around our brainstem.
We sing and fight in harmony.
For the emperor among the stars
For the family.
>Time spent improving the lives of citizens pay off.
>Ended starvation
>Ended purges
>Built homes
>Free Biophagus healthcare
>Killed the followers of the dark gods.
>Half the rebels aren't even family yet.
>Chambermaid thanks me for my service, hands me my gun. She was the last governor's seventh mistress.
>Pat her stomach.
>Say good bye to my son and Future Patriarch.
>Don helmet.

>She will be safely among the refugees, which the "Loyal" PDF are escorting to evacuation.

>Vox PDF loyal to the family. order them to drop the hammer on those fucking tanks.
>Mount up in a chimera from the royal stockpile. Suitably upgraded.
>Go to meet my destiny as a commander.
>Praise the Star Emperor
>Praise the family.
>Simple as.
File: Last_Chancer_trooper.jpg (225 KB, 729x1106)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>Be Marcus
>Me and the Commissar eventually reach the main HQ
>Ordered to stand at attention whilst the Commissar does the talking
"Gentlemen, sorry for arriving slightly late, had to make sure the men under my command finished up their defensive lines. Now then give me a full run down of the plan, so I can evenly spread out my ten thousand Condemned amongst you lot and your various tasks"
>He speaks boldly and clearly as his bionic eye seems to be scanning the leadership around the area
>I can see a scowl slightly building on his face as he and I can slightly hear some getting rowdy due to alcohol
>Man it's been ages since I last had a drink
>Turn my attention back to the meeting and watch on whilst they discuss the plans
>Pray to the Emperor all the while under my breath making sure only myself and he can hear it
>Don't want to be too noisy after all
> Be Zeta-23
> Inquisitor still talking with me and half of his words are replaced with censor bars
> Pretty sure the gun wants to go to the sister and, well, if it doesn't, I'll find out soon enough
> Inquisitor mentions lavender clearance
> Ask him to wait here a moment
> Go to the command meeting table
> Tell the sister a relic may have chosen her as next wielder
> Litany of Glorious Assignment.vox
> Hand over H07-D4WG reverently
> Also let her know to comm me if this turns out to be a mistake since its machine spirit is quite the character
> Tell the meeting at large that if I can get high enough clearance I can put any sensors in the city to work for us and should be able to detect movement through the hive vents that go between layers
> Show magos status openly, hope that it doesn't raise too many questions about me enginseering for a tank regiment
> Hopefully this gets me enough clearance to know what the Ordo Chronos guy is talking about
File: 1528879272065.png (708 KB, 1663x1568)
708 KB
708 KB PNG

>Be plasma gun, Ryza-pattern, designation "H07-D4WG"
>The enginseer put me on a mount
>Said that it would help us locate my master
>Not sure how it works, but trust him as always and start trying to focus on... anything really
>Master doesn't really have any loudspeakers calling out to me. I just know master when I see master
>The enginseer suddenly picks me up
>Apparently, I was pointing to master
>During the short walk, can't help but feel that I'm being watched by a familiar figure
>Give out a sudden glow and hear some panicked scampering
>After the scampering, I feel the master's presence getting closer
>The enginseer slows his walk to a halt, offering me to someone
>It's him
>It's master
>Master awkwardly takes me in hand, one hand firm on my grip, the other not so much using a hand, but a wrist, as master tries to hold both my body and a bottle of alcohol with the other arm
>Just like my 2nd and 5th masters
>Vent ever so slightly, sounding like a purr, as well as glowing a bit while in master's confused embrace
>Master seems to have some pretty intricate armor, by the feel of the breastplate, not to mention protective
>His voice is surprisingly less deep than any of my previous masters
>The enginseer also referred to him as "sister", which is also strange
>I think master is a "she", not a "he"
>Also, if the enginseer had a sister, I think I would have heard of her by now
>Vaguely remembering how some of my previous masters really liked some warriors called the "Sisters of Battle"
>They held the Sisters in such high regard that they would usually talk about how they would go so far as to help them out of their power armor
>Hope master likes the Valhallans. I would love for her to meet them, as I'm sure they would really get along
>Be Felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>Be absolutely wasted.
>The inquisitor with the funny outfit and strange voice really knows how to party.
>He keeps going on about certain things I don’t get and keeps making these beeping noises with his mouth that are super funny.
>Try flirting with Battle Sister, but she doesn’t seam to notice me.
>Soon a bunch of guardsmen show up and start tearing up the place.
>They break down walls and bring their tanks and animals inside.
>Another section becomes a tank garage.
>Even install a holo map of the city.
>One guy with a Inquisition badge goes into the back and comes out with a brief case full of maps of the Governors mansion and bunker.
>Says something about rescuing a Princess or something (too drunk to hear it all) and is looking for volunteers.
>No takers yet, I nock back the last of my drink and immediately volunteer my merc band for the job.

>Explain our fees, resume, and give him a contract to sign.

MFW I may have just signed us up for a suicide mission and didn’t even realize it.
>Be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>No one seems plussed on the idea to go rescue the governor's daughter
>Honestly still hope she's in some safe room underneath where the palace used to be
>Felinid that reeks of booze approaches and volunteers her unit as mercs
>She has papers
>Go over the resume and fees, seem reasonable. Of course have a discretionary fund for the operation that will cover this.
>Thank the Emperor I've been 'procuring' arms and ammunition rather than buying it
>Gives Felinid a 'hold on' finger and goes into the back of the bar again
>Pulls out a chest and puts it on the counter, opens it
>It's full gems and other royal treasures
>Been knocking over reliquaries when I can to maybe bring this stuff back to the boss for brownie points
>Ask if the contents of the chest IN ADDITION to their normal fees will buy their steadfast loyalty for the foreseeable future
>Also mention they have their pick of the loot in the palace ruins
>I swear on my badge, for what it's worth
>Realize I might be over-selling it but I NEED some help with this

I'm coming Ashe!
>Be Ace lightning pilot Tiff.
>Still being flirted on by the Felinid mercenaries.
>See their boss talking to an Inquisitor agent about some kind of height job.
>He pull out a treasure chest.
>Pry myself away from the felinids and approach.
>Offer myself as the transport and mention I know how to fly a Valkyrie.
>Who wouldn’t want to join in a rescue mission with a bunch of sexy cat girl mercs?
>Be me.
>Arch Magos Explorator Prime.
>The imposter Arch Magos Explorator hasn’t done anything else.
>Send Skitarii Marshal to the meeting of all the guardsmen.
>Get a call from the surface and project a holo of myself into the meeting room.
>The leader of the Vahallans is wondering what I bring to the table in the defense against the Tyranids.
>Explain I have a few maniples of Skitarii, some dropkeeps with knights, and can use the ark itself to engage the hive fleet in the void before it makes planet fall.

>See that Magos I sent down to the jungle world to die a few months ago is still alive.

>Ask me about something called “Lavender Clearance”.

What is Lavender Clearance?
>Look it up in the data base.
>Think I find it.
>Get a head ache.

What is Lavender Clearance?
>Look it up in the data base.
>Think I find it.
>Get a head ache.

What is Lavender Clearance?
>Look it up in the data base.
>Think I find it.
>Get a head ache…
> Be Zeta-23
> Holy plasma gun seems happy with its new wielder
> Hope it doesn't get too far away
> I'll... miss it
> Explorator seems fine with me being alive and a Magos again and all that
> Caught in a bit of a loop after I mention clearance though
> Realise the Inquisitor who seems to have chosen this bar as a meeting point is far more into rescuing the governer's daughter than anything else that's going on
> Grab a dataslate and start going over the routes and detected xenos and so on
> Realise at least some of the Valhallans are going to have to support the rescue mission
> We'll have skitarii in the area and possibily heavier mechanicus support again - if the Explorator gets out of his loop at least
> Start preparing recommendations for Yuri on what to deploy
> Penal legion is already doing their thing and fortifying the whole bar / base area
> Faint ancient imperial signature deep in the undercity shows a marine sigil then disappears
> Under the palace directly, but a great distance down
> Almost directly where the city was probably built initially
> Decide not to alert people until I get a hard fix
> Keep preparing things for Yuri and Inquisitorial Agent Essk and passing them along
> Essk's just giving away thrones upon thrones both in cash and gear
> Keep an eye out for any decoders that will escalate my clearance so I can learn my Ordo Chronos friend's name and stop seeing censor bars when he tells me important things
> Hope the Ordo Chronos will stop me doing whatever it is I'm not meant to do on this planet before I do it
> From what he was saying it seems like we survive either way
> Notice Xenos trying to surround outer patrols but getting picked off easily enough
> Probably time to go
> Wait by Yuri and keep updating the data I've sent him and Essk
File: KAPTIN KRUNCH.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Be me
>Or was it VII?
>can't remember
>Haven't had a good fight for ages
>been so bored i'm krumpin' gretchins
>sitting in my big chair on board my killa cruzer
>some small git actually walks up to me
>think about krumpin him
>so bored I don't
>he stars squeakin'
>'capn! 'capn!
>ignore him
>capn! i's found us some nids! some nids to fight!
>sit up
>yeah cap'n! we's gots some gits to fight!
>a hole fleet of 'em! eadin' for some umie planet! I already plugged it into da ship!
>Kap'n Krunch is starting to think
>little git is still squeakin
>please can we go please can we go please can we go
>krump him
>stand up
>pick up da special yeller thing (the one that connects to the whole fleet)
>Be me.
>Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Face palm as our Magos enters into a loop right in front of everyone making us look like a bunch of idiots.
>Decide to take over the presentation.
>Explain how we are really just a small force of Skitarii sent to gather recruits from the underhive, but once our Magos leaves her loop we should have reinforcements.
>Also bring up how our recruits/ prisoners need a way up to the Ark Mechanicus so they can begin their training.
>Hear Zeta-23 mumble under his breath something about picking up the signal of a contemptor dreadnought in the lower levels.
>That certainly catches my attention.

>Message him through the noosphere we could go down and retrieve him since we’ve been to the underhive before and could navigate.
>We just need someone to watch our recruits, and a few more Skitarii to recoup the losses we suffered there last time.
>So long as we don’t run into any pure strains we should be fine.
>Be me Marcus
>Watch the Commissar look over at the Skitarii
>Already know what he's about to say
"They aren't skitarii but I can hand over some of the 221st to assist in your objective. There are currently ten thousand condemned in the 221st so just tell me how many you'll require to assist you and I'll hand them over"
>Well then, seems like some of us will be working with the Skitarii
>My eyes shift over to the bar before looking back to the Commissar talking to the Skitarii
>Not sure if I want to deal with the nids themselves or help out the Mechanicus
>Definitely don't want them getting a hand on our potential reinforcements we were going to grab from the holding cells in the Precinct Fortress
File: Contemptor.jpg (89 KB, 920x950)
89 KB
>Be Contemptor Drednought Konos, of the Imperial Fists Legion.
>Wandering around the gloomy depths of whatever this place is now
>dimly wonder how big this place really is
>run into several Xenos hives, swiftly PURGE them
>kill all the humans serving the xenos too
>to think that xenos have found their way onto this agri-world
>if it still is an agri-world
>Dorn's fists this place is big. There's no way to tell where I'm going
>receive vague comm pings from something above me
>message garbled and incomplete, something about the mechanicus and pure strains
>run diagnostics
>run detailed diagnostics
>immediately shut down all error notices, they're annoying me
>turn on night and heat vision
>much better
>head towards the big heat cluster at the base of some giant pillar, it's probably where all the xenos are
>allow myself a brief feeling of happiness that I am purging xenos once again
>Be Sister Luna.
>Techy boy gives me a plasma gun.
>Never had one of these before. He/she/it said something about being it's new master or something.
>I guess I'll need to read up on how to take care of a plasma gun, but it's a big bright gun that shoots big bright energy so I can spread the love of the Emperor to all dark corners of the void.
>It's a bit awkward to juggle both Plasma gun, and booze mug, but I manage.
>It's blowing a little bit of air, and it almost sounds like an animal with the machine burr noises its insides makes.
>A most pleasing friendship weapon.
>Techy boi and potential later friendship opportunity wanders off, emotions oddly turbulent. He must feel attachment to the plasma gun. Not to worry, I'll take good care of her/him/it.
>Slam down a final drink and assert elegantly to the Inquisitor that I, Palatine Navitia Luna of the Order of the Voidfaring Warriors will assist his efforts to reclaim the Governor's daughter.
>Am several drinks down, so it comes out as a bit more of a mixed gothic evocative ramble on how I, Sister Moon, cannot stand by when outer evils threaten an innocent princess, but oh well. Who needs perfect high gothic when you have friends?
>be me
>Imperial logistics scribe
>have spent the past 5 years filling out one requisitions form
>an entire army's worth of tanks, weapons, and top secret material not even the planetary governor is allowed to know
>last order of my career before I retire
>only thing left is location and delivery date
>To: Scelestus IV
>Delivery by: 999.M37
>been in this job so long my eyesight is starting to go
>pray a quick prayer to the Throne I wrote the details correctly
>file the form
>be me
>head scribe on Imperial depot world
>running my totally legal servo skull, a gift from a tech priest who assured me it was not an abominable intelligence, through the lists
>it notices an improperly filed form
>Cargo: Top Secret
>To: Celtsu VI
>Delivery by: Large ink blot
>Celtsu VI does not exist
>My depot has space being taken up by something that cannot actually be delivered
>tell the servo skull to analyse the document and fix the mistake
>it complies and rewrites the delivery address and date
>should arrive at some hive world around the feast of the emperors ascension
>feel very pleased. All in a day's work for Imperial Logistics.
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Somehow the commissar understood what I said over the noosphere and offered some of his varlets as backup.
>Well that takes care of our losses somewhat but I’m curious where he got an augment that lets him perceive the noosphere, or why?
>We also still need someone to babysit the new recruits or ferry them to the Ark.

> Also despite trying to talk to Zeta-23 I seam to have accidentally contacted the Dreadnought as well.
>Was not aware dreadnoughts had a noosphere connection either.
>Hasn’t responded back but this ping we got confirms he’s still alive.
>To think, meeting a functional dreadnought from who knows how long ago?
>Now we HAVE to go down their.
>Just waiting on the go head to start the expedition to the underhive.
>Be Marcus
>Commissar smirks as he orders me over
>Immediately follow it to a tee
>He then leans in and whispers to me
"Gather four thousand of your fellow condemned, you'll be following the command of the Mechanicus for this"
>He leans back and dismisses me
>Immediately begin to run back to the rest of the 221st to gather up a force for the mission ahead.
>It's going to take a while but oh well
>Takes a while to gather up four thousand guys
>Most these guys won't make it back to the main battle but hey they won't get ripped apart by a gaunt
>Make sure everyone is properly equipped
>Melee weapons are sorted out in the forms of scrap metal someone made into shivs for the lot of us
>Not sure if that falls under the no stealing stuff rule the Commissar gave us
>But seeing as no-one has been executed yet I think we are in the clear
>Probably should have asked the Commissar where he and the Skitarii wanted us to meet them up at
> Be Zeta-23
> Skitarii Marshal takes over presentation, messages me about going after the Dreadnought
> Commissar somehow picks up on the idea and offers his "condemned" as backup
> Provide the Marshal with the Dreadnought's signature as best I can tell
> Fortunately detect it requesting maintenance temporarily which clears it up for a second
> Take the coordinates and estimated vectors it had for those two points and get a rough idea of where its headed
> Pass all data to the Marshal and as much as can be reasonably translated into human-readable format onto dataslates for the Commissar and his... adjutant?
> ID just reads Marcus but he's a guardsman
> Make sure and bless his weapons while I'm at it
> Also recommend the Marshal and Commissar move out at the same time as the rescue mission, if we all move at once they enemy can't respond to everything
> Should be able to spare a couple of tanks at least to cover them partway but you're not fitting a Russ into the Underhive
> First platoon will probably be on the rescue mission though
> Sister Luna seems to be taking well to H07-D4WG
> She volunteers for the rescue mission
> I get in contact with the rest of the Valhallan's enginseers and ensure we have tanks ready to move out
> Make sure there's a command tank for Yuri
> Get them to bless any chimeras that are handy as well, the condemned might need them
"Commandeer any hardy civilian trucks if you have to"
> One of them tells me we're expecting a special delivery from [INKBLOT]
> Assume the Ordo Chronos is At It Again and get an LZ cleared while we're all ready to move out
> Hope it's nothing bad
>Be Marcus
>Just arrived outside the command centre with my four thousand strong force
>Order them to stand at attention and not to cause a ruckus even if they get insulted by Valhallans.
>We deserve it after all, we are criminals
>Enter the HQ and make my way to the Commissar who is in the middle of reading a dataslate
>One of the Mechanicus boys looks at me
>He then takes my lasgun and blesses it before handing it back to me
>Wonder if he knows it's at half charge and that I have a shiv in my belt
>Commissar orders me to stand to attention and to report on the status of the force he wanted
"Force is prepared with the numbers as requested sir. Remaining Penal Force is out defending the parameter as we speak"
>Get a nod of approval by the Commissar as he hands me the dataslate
>Have a read through it to make sure I have my orders memorised
>Seems we're off to find a dreadnought and do a rescue mission
>Never seen a dreadnought before
>Get excited but hide it under a veil of stoicism and professionalism
"What are you orders now sirs?"
>I think the Admech forces were sirs anyway
>I can't tell
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Wake up under table
>Floor smells like spilled beer, piss, vomit, and semen
>Also kind of sticky
>Oh well, I have slept in worse
>Get up and look around
>Looks like the strip club is being converted into some sort of Guard command post
>Its those Valhallans again from the past two missions, plus a few others
>Meh, not my problem, some of my fellow felinids are still about, and most of them are still drunk, so clearly we still have some excuse to be here
>Someone can wake me up if I am needed
>Go back to sleep
>be random anon
>bump thread before it ends up lost forever

>Be plasma gun
>Ryza-pattern, designation "H07-D4WG"
>Currently resting in the arms of master
>Master already volunteered to go on a mission
>She seems as excited to kill heretics as I am
>By the sounds of the enginseer and some other guys in charge, it sounds like some grand mission is being made to save some princess
>Master has placed me on the table, trying to familiarize herself with my frame
>No one seems to be able to teach her how to care for me at the moment
>Oh well, I think I can function without any of those rites for now
>Master seems to have found my venting functions, and is getting acquainted with my venting procedures
>Accidentally vents me a bit too much and gasps a bit
>Please don't be dead already
>Hear a sigh of relief from her
>Have my own mental sigh as I hear her comment about her armor protecting her
>Master continues to move on to trying to figure out how to replace my fuel canister
>She's either a pretty quick learner a quite lucky, as she figures it out pretty quickly
>Better to figure that out now than during battle
>Instinctively begin to heat up a bit
>Master adjusts me to look at my coils when I suddenly hear her snap at someone to get away from her drink
>Glad to help protect master's fuel
>My previous masters have always operated me better when they were buzzed
>On a side note, it sounds like some people are trying to get master's attention, but are both far away and right next to us at the same time
>Maybe master's drink started getting ME buzzed when she accidentally spilled some on my coils just now
>be me
>Colonel Farragut of the Imperial Postal Inspection and Protection Service
>we ensure imperial packages and mail gets delivered to who it needs to
>whether they want it or not
>on our way to some hive world this time
>top secret cargo too, don't get many of those
>the astropath has informed me that our destination is currently dealing with a genestealer uprising
>suggests that my men could be put to good use on the world
>ignore her, our job is to protect the post and ensure it doesn't get opened by non-addressees
>feel bad about the inquisitor we had to execute for trying to open the top secret cargo
>reassure myself with the thought that The Post Must and Will be Delivered no Matter the Cost
>feel the jump from warp
>get informed we'll be starting landing procedures soon
>also it's all out war down there
>The Post Must be Protected.jpg
>Be Scarlett.
>New boss pulls out a treasure chest full of gems.
>Says it’s a bonus for not betraying him later, along with being able to loot the governors bunker.
>Who does he think we are? Orks?
>We also upgrade all our standard las guns to hot shots.
>Lift up Nyan Mc Fluffy by the armpits and drag her fat ass to the Valkyrie.
Pic Related

>Along the way sober up.
>Felinids drink so much because our biology makes us sober much faster.
>I’m in a Valkyrie with a new hot shot las gun the Inquisitor agent, a Sister of Battle who’s whispering to a plasma gun, and as many of my mercs that fit, driven by the sexy pilot from the bar.
>Only have vague memories so i pull out the contract we signed and go through it.

“Let’s see…. Rescue mission blah blah blah… some nobles bunker… blah blah blah… salvage rights and bonus for loyalty. Ok all caught up now.”
>Put away the contract and look out the window.
>Hopefully nothing too bad in the bunker…
>Still be Scarlett.
>We obviously agreed not to betray him later as that would be bad for business.
Uhhh. Just letting you know, the group to infiltrate the governors bunker. And the group going down into the underhive to get the dreadnought are two different things.

Also Yuri here, I never agreed to go on the mission down to the underhive or the governors bunker. I had a different thing in mind I didn’t write yet.
Sorry, Zeta-23 here, intent was that we'd blow up some people between here and the bunker then pull back and let the bunker group do their thing while we do whatever
Didn't mean to take over your character or imply that this is part of the underhive thing Zeta-23 is just obsessed with keeping an eye on everything
It’s fine, really I’m guilty of the exact same thing Remember in the last thread how I forced your character to kill some other guys character out of nowhere? let’s just wait a bit for the other posters to see if your idea goes forward or gets ignored and we’ll go from there. That fine with you?
File: MIU.png (769 KB, 1312x1163)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
> Be Zeta-23
> Rolling out in Leman Russ Conquerer "Anya", left Yuri at the guard base
> I work the auspex and boost comms in place of having an actual command tank
> Should just be a quick skirmish to distract enemies near the bunker then back to the base to link up with the rest of the 545th
> Demolisher "Betsi", Punisher "Catia", and Exterminator "Dasha" following Valhallans.tank
> Not sure how many of the Condemned there are on this mission but they're here, screened by the tanks
> Still in communication with Marshal Gamma Mu 07, let him know it's safe to move out on the other mission
> Tell Essk to wait until we engage the first of the enemy forces between us and the site of the former palace before letting Tiff get ahead of us
> Can't detect the dreadnought right now
> Heat signatures some distance ahead in cover
> Amplify and enhance... xenos and traitors
> Notice crude mines between two groups of enemies
> Mark mines and heat sigs, relay to all tanks
> Relay enemy positions to nearest condemned too
> Bless the targeting sensors that they might guide our shells to destroy the enemy before they destroy us
> Ready to engage, it's going to be one hell of an opening volley
> Hear tanks firing, mines destroyed instantly, lasguns whining, Valkyrie coming up to almost directly overhead
> Focus on marking targets
> Wonder if Gamma Mu 07 is having as much fun down in the underhive
Fuck me, didn't see this before deleting and reposting with slight edits. How are we with Zeta leaving Yuri at the base with the vast majority of the guard forces?
File: By the emperor.jpg (157 KB, 700x1690)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>Contemptor Konos, of the Imperial Fists Legion
>Happily purging away in this strange darkness
>Slaughtering Xenos and Xenos lovers by the [ERROR]s
>the humans have been screaming about how the star brothers are going to avenge them
>good, more xenos to kill
>so much xenos blood running down me it's fixed my oil problems
>the xenos are good for something after all
>steadily marching towards the heat signatures at the base of the giant pillar
>seems to be the biggest pillar out of all of them
>walk up a small hill and get a better view
>it's an entire colony of xenos and xenos lovers
>zoom in
>the pillar is a giant elevator
>it's coming down
>man in extravagant clothing steps off, his clothes are extremely singed and smoking
>he's got some girl with him too
>and several xenos, some of them bigger than the rest
>march rapidly towards the camp, must purge everyone before taking that elevator up
Well my original plan was to have Yuri pull a gun on Inquisitor [Redacted] (who is also me) when he recognizes him for what was from his POV psyker mind rape. And Zeta would presumably defend him and we would go from there. But I guess that can wait until Zeta gets back from his mission.
Works for me. Sorry for the fuck ups. Also, had NO idea those were both you.
>be me, Colonel Farragut
>docks are overrun with civilians
>could land there, but not allowed to kill anyone unless they're threatening the post
>could probably get away with a technicality but it's best not to risk it
>the governor's mansion is a smoking crater, plus it was in the middle of the main square
>as good a place as any
>order pilot to set us down there
>check the delivery recipient
>hope it's not the planetary governor
>Deliver to: Inkblot
>top secret cargo means no return address
>fuck it, the paperwork's already fucked, whichever non-heretic walks up to us first gets dibs
>order boys to begin unloading as soon as we land, someone's got to want all the tanks we have at least.
>Be Marcus
>Commissar and Admech forces order us to move out and follow the tanks
>There's four thousand of us and they've allowed some of us to hop into chimeras
>The rest stay behind and jog until we are ordered to move infront to defend the tanks from heavy enemy fire
>Being meat shields is one of our specialties after all according to most other regiments
>Even if we've been allowed by the Admech to steal civilian vehicles most of us aren't going to do that just incase someone decides to execute us
>Notice the mine field
>Thankfully we aren't being ordered to walk into it and clear it yet
>Targets get marked by the tanks and open fire upon them
>We all follow suit proceeding to open fire with our lasguns into where the tanks are firing at
>Mines are cleared out by the tanks so w are allowed to move forward
>We move in-between the tanks and take pot shots when available before falling back behind the tanks to check our lasgun charge
>Thankfully still got enough juice to last for a bit before we'll need to recharge them
>Wonder how the rest of the 221st is holding up whilst I fire a lasgun bolt
>They'll probably be fine, I think
> Be Zeta-23
> Vox Essk to move ahead
> Think I spot dreadnought for a moment but it's gone instantly
> Condemned finishing up the first group of hostiles
> Distraction is a success, hole has been punched for rescue team
> Vox Condemned to pull back behind the tanks and move back to base for the next deployment, start rolling tanks backwards in a semblance of a firing line
> Slow going since we don't want to squash any friendly infantry
> A few traitors follow but they come in range of our guns too openly
> Checking sensors, apparently the delivery for [INKBLOT] is going to the bunker
> Not sure what to make of that, but we're most of the way to base by the time it gets close to landing
> Maybe Yuri will have some ideas
> Maybe the Ordo Chronos will tell me something
> Leave the four tanks at edge of base on guard for any stragglers
> Pleased to see the rest of the regiment's tanks are basically good to go
> Maximum readiness
> Order the the regiment's techpriests to get as many of the Condemned's powerpacks recharged as possible before the next deployment
> Authorise jury rigging energy modulator to the civilian vehicles we didn't use to charge many at at a time
> Normally kind of heresy outside of extreme circumstances but I'm a magos
> Head back into base, report success on the skirmish, tell Yuri about the mysterious delivery craft which is probably landing as I speak
> tell him no updates on the dreadnought
> mention vague reports of an ork craft have been coming through the looping explorator's signal but it's not yet imminent
> Keep scanning xenos presence and movements through the shafts and vents
> Would request to double the internal sentries if they weren't already
> All of this is delivered in about fifteen seconds and also sent to the briefing table's hololith
> Standby and worry over sensors
>> Think I spot dreadnought for a moment but it's gone instantly
* spot dreadnought on sensors
>Be Marcus
>We finish clearing up the first group of hostiles
>No casualties yet
>Fall back to the base after being ordered to over the vox by the Mechanicus
>Commissar keeps us set up in our four thousand strong force just incase we are needed again
>The remaining six thousand join up with us to stick together
>Techpriests come and start taking our lasgun power packs to recharge them
>Seeing as there's ten thousand of us they probably won't be able to recharge all of us
>Think I see a look of disgust on one of their faces
>They really don't like working with us much
>They'd probably have happily had us turned into servitors if they had higher authority
>Simply awaiting the next task to be voxxed to us by the higher ups
>Take my shiv out of my belt and get to sharpening, a shiv has to got to be in top condition after all
I think you’d be surprised how many people here are me. I’m not everyone, but there are A LOT of cases in both this and the previous threads of me replying to myself to maintain the illusion.
Sure thing schizo
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07
>Ready to move down into the underhive and find the dreadnought.
>Leave the recruits in the base and take the varlets and surviving Skitarii down in chimeras, following the same route we left.

>Eventually we reach the place we were ambushed and start investigating.
>One of the condemned finds a body.
>Whatever killed it definitely wasn’t a radium carbine.
>Decide to follow the trail of dead bodies for now and see where it leads.
Fair enough.
>Be Tiff.
>Flying the Valkyrie over to the ruins of the governors mansion while the ground forces distract the tide of Genestealer Cultists.
>Reach the crater.
>Definitely a bunker.
>See a giant cube of what I’m guessing is adamantium with a hatch at the top sticking out of the grou— errr… lower buildings?
>Hope the agent has a way to get inside the bunker.

>Be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Well I certainly didn't expect this much of a turn out for rescue mission
>...They don't think I'm an Inquisitor do I?
>......Will my boss kill me if I don't correct them?
>Rescuing Ashe takes priority
>Graciously accept the support of the drunken Sister, Valkyrie pilot, and everyone else looking to lend a hand
>Let the hired help take their pick of my secret stash I brought out but not before quickly getting myself set up
>Auto shotgun, some grenades of various flavors, trusty knife I was gifted upon joining up with the boss. Some body armor. I lose the winter jacket, it's stylish but offers little protection.
>Make sure I have plenty of ammunition for my personal favorite gun, an archeotech pistol by the name of Novem Rubrum. Bought it from some possibly heretic merchant a good while back.
>I bought it at a high price.
>Last but not least a little something picked up from some of the local xenos-scum miners, a breaching explosive launcher armed with a special red-tip warhead. Our key into the bunker.
>...Or maybe if the Patriarch is still kicking at ground zero of His Most Holy and Trigger Happy Navy
>Join my compatriots on the Valkyrie
>Surprised how easy the ride is there, make it to the bunker
>Unsling the launcher and start arming it
>Not a tech-priest but life with Inquisitors teaches you how to press a few buttons
>Haven't been this nervous since first day with the Arbites
>Relay to Zeta-23 to make sure our forces stay clear of the bunker, as what I have in my hands is going to royally fuck it up
>Relay to Ace Pilot Tiff to get ready for 'choppy waters'
>Still priming the launcher...
>...Aim at the bunker
>Start relaying 15-second countdown
>I'm gonna feel this in my arms for a week
>oh and of course finalized things with the Felinids. Who wouldn't? Maybe ask their leader on a date after all is said and done.
>Be Felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>Reach the governors mansion, or I really should say crater.
>Bunker looks completely intacted though.
>Our boss opens the rear hatch and pulls out a rocket launcher and starts to count down.
>He then winks at me.
>God Emperor what did I say while I was drunk… wait…
>Didn’t this bunker JUST survive a direct hit from a fucking Ark Mechanicus?
>What does he think his rocket is gonna do?
>be Colonel Farragut
>pilot informs me the landing zone, the crater at the governor's mansion, currently has what appear to be friendlies at it
>fuck it, if they get squished it's their problem. The Administratum's post division only cares about civvies
>going through the records for this cargo has completely fried my brain
>everything except the location and delivery date is completely fucked
>I think it even says this cargo is from M37
>handwriting is so bad I can't even tell
>pilot informs me we've landed at the crater
>can't tell if we squished the friendlies or not
>ignore him, tell the boys to start unloading and securing the area
>Cargo might be a total clusterfuck but still gotta do my job
>Be Marcus
>Commissar and the Marshal ordered us to move back to the ambush location
>One of us, a man by the name of Johansson finds a body
>Leading to a trail of many other corpses all with the same wounds
>Marshal seems very interested in finding what happened
>Move up and follow the trail
>We are ordered ahead to act as shields for the Skitarii just incase of another ambush
>Johansson is muttering prayers to the Emperor to keep himself calm
>Dudes a schizophrenic that did something on his home world that he doesn't like to talk about
>Commissar won't even tell us why he's here
>Ignore it and keep moving
>be contemptor dreadnought Konos
>happily purging this foul xenos camp
>getting jumped by more xenos-like xenos but kill them all the same
>the expensively dressed man is running back towards the elevator, the girl running after him
>as it comes down a new Xenos steps off it
>a big one
>almost as big as me
>the man and the girl run onto the elevator and go back up
>the big xenos looks towards me and its head starts to
>watch as the beast starts roaring while it charges at me
>I’m also no longer in control
>as soon as the beast gets close the dreadnought punches it out of the way
>puts a good burst of fire into it too
>the beast screams so loud I hear it in my brain
>it runs off as I start to hear screams of more xenos coming towards me
>dimly wonder what that was all about
>ignore it and feel very happy that today is nothing but purging xenos
>even if that big one got away
>time to PURGE
>Be me.
>Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Continue following the trail of Genestealer Cultist corpses, there’s also a few pure strains here and their.
>Whatever did this was very thorough.
>None of them are playing dead and their haven’t been any ambushes.

>Keep following the path till we hear a lord roar followed by a smack of metal on meat and the sound of a rotary cannon firing.

”I think we’re close to the dreadnought. Ready your weapons and be prepared for anything.”
File: krunchy.jpg (58 KB, 411x502)
58 KB
>Be Kaptin Krunch VII
>or was it VIII?
>Sailin' through space
>Still a while till we get to the ‘oomie planet
>startin' to get a little bored
>a gretchin wanders in front of me
>krump him
>feel better
>Be Marcus
>We continue to move through the literal piles of dead Genestealers
>One man by the name of Davis says that they'd smell nicer when burning
>To the surprise of no-one he's in the regiment for arson
>Another guy named Malisson is stabbing some of the corpses with his shiv he attached to his lasgun just to make sure
>Soon we hear the sound of gun fire and a loud beastial roar
>Johansson starts muttering harder
>Saying that we are approaching a great blight against the Emperor
>See his fingers twitching at certain intervals
>Hear the order to bring up weapons
>Commissar relays it again just to drill it down further
>We ready our lasguns and proceed to move forward
>Johansson is praying to the Emperor to bless our shots so that they may surely hit true
>Still wondering what he did to end up with us
>Probably church related judging from his mutterings and constant praying

>Be Arch Magos Explorator Prime.

What is Lavender Clearance?
>Look it up in the data base.
>Think I find it.
>Get a head ache.

What is Lavender Clearance?
>Look it up in the dat—

>Console beeps before I can look into Lavender clearance.
>Ork warfleet detected warping into system near Tharss 8’s furthest moon.
>Other ark Mechanicus is nowhere to be found.
>I’m the only void asset, I can’t take on a fleet by myself.

>Orient Ark Mechanicus so right broadside faces oncoming ork fleet and left faces Tharss 8.
>Begin preparations to launch fighters and boarding crafts as well as start the rituals to warm up the heavier broadside ordinance.

>Meanwhile ready landers with Skitarii ground and air vehicles and start rituals to awaken the knights to be loaded into the drop keeps and deployed into the wastelands surrounding the hive cities.

>Wait for orks to approach.
>Another beep.
>Auspex detects the Tyranid hive fleet has started entering the the edge of the system.
>Ork fleet will still reach us first.
>Still be Arch Magos Explorator Prime
>Also arrange for ships to ferry up Skitarii recruits and maybe pick up a few varlets to add to the servitor population.

>Be plasma gun, Ryza-pattern, designation "H07-D4WG"
>Master and I are in a valkyrie along with the felinids and an inquisitorial agent
>Apparently the pilot was present on the desert world
>Wonder what she thought of it as a pilot
>Start wondering if I can be fired at other aircraft
>As I am in deep philosophical thought, suddenly feel a bump
>We've landed
>Master and allies start taking up positions as I hear a countdown from the agent
>Looks like we're doing a breach and clear of some bunker with quite the breaching method
>Heating up with excitement and anticipation
>Still getting acquainted with master, so not quite sure how she's feeling about this
>Hope she's as excited as I am
File: Sword_frigate.jpg (82 KB, 925x368)
82 KB
>Be captain Ortland of the Baleful Punishment
>The ship is mostly a floating prison for the 221st
>Some armaments but not a strike cruiser or battle barge level of fire power
>The Baleful Punishment after all is only a sword class frigate
>Spot the Ark Mechanicus in the distance orienting itself
>Tell the Comms operator to try and open a vox link to the Ark Mechanicus to establish what's going on
>All we know for sure is that we've got an impending Tyranid fleet inbound and I don't think sending some of my armsmen to board it is a very good idea
>I could probably use some of my transport ships to act as less effective gun ships but that'll make getting the 221st back up take longer once this is over
>Grit my teeth in frustration as I watch more and more Armsmen get loaded up and ready for any boarding actions via the ships security cams
>Additionally servitors and prisoners not fit for use in the regiment are readying up the laser batteries for a fight
>Awaiting for a link to be established, Comms operator sweating nervously at what kind of response we might get
File: tacticalmap.png (335 KB, 539x493)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
> Be Zeta-23
> Techpriests say they managed to get the powerpacks for the majority of the condemned charged up
> Sensors detect Explorator and Sword-class frigate preparing for something
> Guess the Arch-Magos found the exit on that loop
> Can't see dreadnought on sensors but do detect some xenos dying on the lower levels to something that's not skitarii
> Try to relay this to Gamma Mu 07 but not sure if it gets through
> Hive layers are tricky like that but maybe it routes through the skitarii's augments
> See that delivery is arriving as Essk is getting ready to do something to the bunker
> Something about tanks?
> Let Yuri know, maybe he can promote some gunners to drivers or tank commanders and get the condemned on the guns
> Maybe some of the condemned were tankers before they got condemned, who knows
> Try to access hive security cameras but the network is a mess
> Only manage to access a few at security strongpoints rather than real coverage
> but I can work with this, sensors are my thing
> Keep sending updates on the conditions on the ground to the Baleful Punishment and the Explorator as well as everyone else
>Be me.
>Arch Magos Explorator Prime.
>Receive comms request from one Sword Class know as the Baleful Punishment.
>Speak with a Captain Ortland.
>Wants to know what is going on?
>Give him the sensor cords of the approaching ork fleet by Tharss 8’s furthest moon and inform him of the Tyranid fleet seeping into into the edge of the system.
>Recommend he prepare in whatever way he sees fit.
>Be Captain Ortland
>Request for vox link went through
>Ask what the situation is
>Get told of an Ork fleet approaching the furthest moon of the planet as well as where the Nids will be sweeping in from
>Situation just got worse in terms of decision making
>Wish I kept some of the 221st up here to act as expendable breachers
>Consult with some of my officers
>Some want to send out Armsmen into the hive ships themselves along with enough explosives to cripple the ships
>Some want to use our transport vessels onboard as gun ships
>Get an idea
>It's extremely risky
>Plan is to use the Baleful Punishment and a combination of gun ships to preform strafing runs with weapons batteries
>One of the officers, a much older guy says that the former Captain Ahab once pulled that off when the Baleful Punishment used to just be part of a battlefleet
>The plan seems set
>Order over the vox for pilots to get into the transports, weapon usage is authorised
>This will take great piloting skill once the fleet arrives
>Just incase we don't come back I make a call to the Commissar
>He understands and wishes us luck and to let the Emperor take control
>Order scanners to scan for when the hive fleet emerges
>All the while reports from the ground are being sent up to us
>Time to let the Baleful Punishment have her fun once again
File: ork1.jpg (305 KB, 1600x900)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>Be Kaptin Krunch VIII
>Or was it IX?
>Wait, wha-
>enter the umie system
>time ta fight!
>there's only one oomie ship here
>that's not gonna be fun
>oh well, a fights a fight
>mekboy suddenly says the nids are here
>there we go, wes in for a proper fight now!
>order the fleet to head for the tyranids instead
>send some ships around to land on the planet too, we needs teef and loot
File: steals your jeans.jpg (61 KB, 650x368)
61 KB
>be brother kordred
>the uprising has begun, we shall take over this world and rise to the stars to be one with the star brethren
>my sons and daughters are fighting across the planet to squash the foul imperials
>Father says that we shall ascend to the stars soon
>everything going to plan, governor announces the uprising at the height of the Foul-Emperor's Ascension feast
>only some idiot imperials to deal with
>easy prey
>except they fight back
>except they're actually hard to kill
>except they somehow blow up the governor's mansion, destroying everything except the fallback bunker
>some robot as big as father has also awoken and is slaughtering our family in the depths
>it gets to the main sanctuary
>it's killing everyone, even the true-sons
>the cowardly governor flees back to his bunker before his work is done
>father himself comes down to deal with the robot
>his uses his star magic on it
>this evil robot is done for
>nothing happens
>father charges the robot
>it hits him and shoots him
>father screams out for his true-sons
>he runs away from the robot to me
>father is injured
>try to heal him with what I have
>ask him when the star brothers will be arriving
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07
>We make our way closer to the sounds of fighting.
>Shinning our lights on buildings that haven’t seen the sun in millennium and are freshly splattered with xeno hybrid blood and bullet holes.
>We finally reach a massive chamber with an elevator shaft in the middle.

>On top of a massive pile of copses we witness the awesome sight of the ancient dreadnought engaging the patriarch in combat.

Our Faces When
File: Penal_Legionary_1.jpg (20 KB, 250x384)
20 KB
>Be Marcus Scumbag, Penal Legionnaire of the 221st Penal Regiment
>We move closer to the sound of the fighting
>Johansson at this point is stumbling over his words with how many prayers he's letting out
>Flashlights attached to the Admech forces show us just how chaotic this battle zone was
>Arriving at a massive chamber we bear witness to the Dreadnought fighting the xenos scum whilst wading through the masses of dead
>That's when we hear additional screams
>The large xenos also runs off after taking a fair amount of smacks and bullets into it's body
>The sight causes Johansson to become excited and jubilant seeing it as a clash between titans
>Can see him hyped to kill more xenos scum
>As are we
>Bring it on Alien Scum
>Your no match for the Scum of the Imperium
>For we are the Condemned with not much left to lose
File: aliens motion tracker.jpg (91 KB, 960x640)
91 KB
>contemptor dreadnought Konos
>the big xenos has run away
>nothing can stand against the might of Dorn’s finest
>auspex picking up signals approaching from all directions
>one cluster extremely close
>right behind me in fact
>turn around
>group of humans and a couple robots
>they haven’t fired on me so they must be friendly
>walk over to say hello
>let out a big BWAAAWM sound instead
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07
>The xenos scum flees before the light of mankind into the safty of the darkness.
>All of the Skitarii and a few of the convicts are singing prayers and clapping.
>Stepping into the light my heart sinks as I realize just how badly damaged the dreadnought really is.

>Rusted joints, exposed wires, leaking fluids, countless scratches from rending claws.
>His entire body is covered in so many scratches and rust it’s impossible to tell what chapter he once belonged to before getting trapped down here.
>Assuming his neural interface is 100% functional he must be in unimaginable agony from the feedback, or even possibly from his mortal bodies presumably also failing life support.
>I can not stress enough how much of a genuine miracle of the Machine God that something like this is still able to move, much less successfully fend off a Genestealer Patriarch.

>It let’s out a loud garbled noise that bursts the ear drums of most people without auditory augments.
>Many of the varlets fall on the ground clutching their bleeding ears, while the Skitarii just keep singing prayers in binary.

>I slowly approach with my hands up to show I mean no harm and see if my servo skull can at least repair his voice box so we may talk.
>Be Marcus
>With the Xenos fleeing some of us begin to clap and pray
>Of course Johansson is praying the hardest out of all of us
>He thinks that the Emperor himself sent us this dreadnought to us as a watchful guardian
>Damn that schizophrenia really effects him
>I look over to see the Marshal sort of inspecting the damage on the Dreadnought
>Things battered to high heaven
>Rustier than the canteen spoons on the Baleful Punishment
>Our ones anyway
>Then the Dreadnought let's out a loud fog horn bellow
>We all immediately feel ringing in our ears
>Johansson meanwhile prays harder
>Apparently not even being nearly deafened will stop his religious tendencies
>Simply stare out as the Marshal goes towards the Dreadnought
>Also see the Commissar pressing a finger against his bionic eye
>Can't make out what he's saying though
>Be Contemptor Konos
>One of the humans soldiers is approaching me
>he has a servo skull with him
>it starts fiddling with the speakers
>also tries to interface with my systems
>Voicebox: RESTORED
>Try to speak
>Be Marcus
>I clean out my ears of blood and start helping out some of the others with their bleeding ears problem
>Once the problem is somewhat sorted
>I look back towards the Marshal and the Dreadnought
>Seems like it's vocal systems are back seeing as it just identified one of our forces
>Want to go up and introduce myself but that might be a bad idea
>Plus he's an Astartes, he'd probably view us with disgust for being criminals
>The Commissar walks towards me and tells me and two thousand other men to sweep the surrounding area for hostiles whilst the Mechanicus sort out the Dreadnought
>Confirm that I understand my objective
>The Commissar then approaches the Dreadnought and Marshal
>He stands to attention and salutes the Dreadnought
>His one un-augmented eye still fierce as he stares at the Dreadnought
>I decide to gather up that two thousand force, taking the ones who have recovered from the ear bleeding experience
>Leave the rest to defend the area
>Begin to march out to sweep the area for any signs of potential cultists in the area
>Kind of wishing I had the Naval Armsmen's shield and shotgun for this objective
>Would have made this a hell of a lot more safer for us
>Break the two thousand force into two one thousand groups to split up and sweep
>wait, wasn't it VIII?
>briefly wonder what that single 'umie ship is doin
>message from Lootenant Darkteeth
>send message back
>Be Captain Ortland
>Ork and Tyranid fleet just arrived
>Orks immediately went charging straight towards the nids with some smaller vessels being sent towards the planet
>Grant the gunships the go ahead to launch
>I have one hundred gunships total
>Seeing as the green skins are targeting the Nids I'll have to worry about their attack ships targeting the Baleful Punishment
>Order 75 out of the one hundred to target the Ork attack ships b-lining it for the planet whilst the remaining 25 will assist the Baleful Punishment in our strafing runs and to ward off any Ork attack craft
>Order the crew to move towards the xenos battle
>The Baleful Punishment begins her charge
>Comms and generators humming gently as we begin to move up followed by our gunships
>Upon getting closer, I order the ship to begin circling maneuvers around the Xenos Fleets
>Once cleared I order the laser batteries to start firing
>The Baleful Punishment's guns hum as they begin to fire out at the Xenos Fleets
>Ordered them to fire at either the Orks or the Nids
>Get on the PA system and alert the Armsmen on board for potential Ork breaches should the Green skins decide to target us
>All the while I'm glaring out into space from my command desk
>We won't let these vile scum dare trespass upon our glorious vessel
> Be Zeta-23
> Monitoring situation in space as best I can while keeping track of the situation on the ground
> Looks like the orks have found the nids
> Looks like some of the orks and nids are splitting off and making for the planet but the Baleful Punishment and Explorator are taking care of most of those
> Not as fucked as I thought we would be
> Relay locations of likely impacts to ground units, alert the Valhallan AA
> Ask Yuri what else to do
> Also ask Inquisitor [REDACTED] if the Ordo Chronos has any advice that isn't censored
> Not like he's sober enough to be much help but maybe he already did something in the future
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07.
>Watch as my servo skull repairs the dreadnoughts voice.
>As it works I briefly wonder if the marine inside is Machine Touched.
>Would explain how his chassi was still functional, but not exactly something a marine would know about.
>As it works the commissar orders his men to sweep the area for potential hostiles.
>I send a message for my Skitarii to do the same.
>The dreadnought whispers, It speaks!
>And once more he recognizes the symbol on my chest.
>My servo skulls auto repair function is enough to restore the voice box and I let out a quick binaric prayer of thanks.
>But for most of the other stuff we’d need a forge world to restore it.

>I start questioning the dreadnought;
“Who are you? What is the last thing you remember? Do you know where you are?”
H07-D4WG here. Don't mean to sound impatient, but I'm not quite sure how to expand on the bunker action, and I think anon controlling the Inquisitorial agent has something in mind. Anyone else in that theatre have any suggestions?
I’ll take over, have no idea what he was planning but I have a few of my own ideas. Truth be told I was also getting a bit impatient.

>Be me.
>We manage to get the bunker open and Tiff lands us.
>We enter.
>Inside doesn’t look like a bunker at all.
>It looks like someone’s mansion, with marble pillars, wallpaper, portraits of past governors, and tables with vases.

>No sign of guards or alarms yet.
>Place is pitch black so we rely on our flashlights and stay on guard.
>Who knows what kind of surprises a man like him has in a place like this?
Imperial post here, we landed right on top of the bunker with our gigantic mystery box cargo for a reason. I'm just waiting for someone to do something.

Inquisitorial Agentman here. Sorry, been busy with work. Yay being corpo scum irl. Give me a minute and I'll get some stuff written up rq.

>be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>15 seconds were up a bit ago
>tried waiting for friendlies to clear the area but things are going to Hell fast
>Nids are apparently about to show up
>Orks from nowhere beat them here first
>Have had enough waiting, was honestly also unsure if this thing was gonna kill us all
>The launcher is nothing too special but the rigged warhead is another matter
>hold down the trigger after target is locked, warhead fires off to the bunker
>a few meters before impact warhead splits apart
>a trio of vortex grenades are propelled against our adamantine-clad target
>holes in reality blink and roat and rip into the structure
>hope no servants of the Dark Gods use this to show up
>maybe the heretics would kill each other...
>Bunker is wide open now, pieces missing look cleanly cut, along with anything on the other side
>Almost unreal looking
>Set launcher down onto the floor of the Valkyrie
>relay for us to get brought in
>motion the Felinids it's time to go as I unharness myself from the Valkyrie and drop onto the ground
>approach with Scarlett and her girls
>Look inside
"What a mansion..."
>Bring shotgun to bear
>Flick on light at the end of it
>Signal to move in
>or whatever number it's supposed to be
>pretty nice of 'em to help out actually
>might pop over to say thanks once this fight is done
>da mekboys are informin' me that our fleet is gettin smaller
>but so is theirs
>also we're both headed for a crash course on the moon

>Be plasma gun, Ryza-pattern, designation "H07-D4WG"
>Master and I start entering the bunker with allies, which the inquisitorial agent so kindly opened up
>No resistance just yet
>Damn traitors won't even be nice enough to let me kill them now
>Start splitting into groups to clear the rooms
>Master and I come up to a room alongside some felinids that seems pretty reinforced
>No one has breaching charges
>Start glowing a bit to give master a hint
>Master gets the idea and starts charging me up for a powerful shot
>Can already hear the traitors screaming now
>Be Felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>Go down a maze of overly designed fancy corridors.
>If this was the kind of money he and his family threw away on a bunker, no wonder he was able to get so many regiments here.
>A few are of my mercs are distracted by some of the shinier things and pocket them.
>Come across treasuries, holo rooms, food storage, master bedrooms, kitchens, and a room the Ordo Hereticus would probably be VERY interesting in investigating, but we just close the door and agree to NEVER mention it again.

>After a while come up on pic related.
>At the top of the stairs is a massive sliding double door with a needle at the top counting up from a lower level.

>Turn off safeties and aim hotshots right at the counting down door.
>As soon as those doors open, whatever’s on the other side will be full of so much las it’ll resemble glass.

>Be Inquisitorial Agent Lyon Essk
>Watch as the Felinids and the sister with the very...spirited plasma gun loot and clear this bastion of the enemy room by room
>Maybe this is how the boss feels, scouring heretical hideouts, allies of all walks of life in tow
>Better find the governor's corpse or my boss' friend's daughter or else I am so gonna get a bolt round to the head
>Follow Scarlet
>See what she has found, looks like a lift coming up
>Join the line up, make sure shotgun is ready again
"Remember, they have a VIP we need alive..."
File: Too old for this.png (1.46 MB, 913x625)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>the mechanicus robot is asking me questions
>now that I'm no longer slaughtering foul xenos I'm starting to feel tired again
>do my best to answer and stay awake
>Seventh. Legion. Teeen thooouuusssaaand yeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrsssssss.
>be Brother Kordred
>father is alive, but not responding
>sense his confusion and rage at the humans for doing this to him, and ruining the plan
>and, something else?
>he fears for the star brothers
>aren't they coming? father?
>extreme worry.jpg
>the evil robot who hurt father is looking the other way
>help father up and support him to the elevator
>the governor and his girl have already taken the main one
>help him into the express elevator
>hope that the rest of the family is doing better than we are
>soon we'll be in the bunker and father will be safe
>Be Hydra operator Mikhail
>Drinking vodka and shooting at the occasional ork craft and nid spore
>Seems like they're cast-offs though, sky's not really as full as it should be
>Easy pickings except for the ones that are already crashing
>Trying to keep the area between the base and the bunker clear
>Tank squadron deployed around me, seeing off the occasional genestealer
>One almost gets onto the Hydra but gets boltered at the last moment
>Wonder why somebody marked "Postal Service" on the auspex has such a big lander in the crater near the bunker
>Try to keep anything from heading in that direction too
>Hostiles trace across the sky, much less of them landing but those seem to be coming from the general direction of the moon now
>Be Marcus
>Continuing to sweep the area
>We come across the odd hidden cultist but with our numbers we gun them down instantly
>Don't even think about it just gun them down
>Eventually come across a locked door
>Solidly shut
>But I want to know what's on the other side
>Pull out a frag grenade and stick it to the door
>Pull the pin and take cover
>The rest also take cover
>The door blows open and I can hear it tumbling down some stairs
>Return to the door and begin walking down the stairs, lasgun raised
>The further I go down the more light I begin to see
>Hear voices muttering about how they've broken through and to hide the youth
>Come across another door
>I knock on it and wait for a response
>No response
>I knock again but decide to explain myself
"We are here to search for any civilians, do not be afraid. I'm coming in now"
>Open the door and see into the room
>Inside is what looks like members of a gang as well as mother's holding children who range from what I can guess to be three months to four years old
>The Gangers aim their weapons at me but I keep my hand away from the trigger to de-escalate things between us
"We have Guard and Mechanicus forces dealing with the situation. It's okay, now can you tell me what happened to cause you all to be locked down here and miss the transports that would have gotten you all safe"
>They tell me that this area was practically near over run by the Cult and that they barely got down into this basement bunker
>Get a vox caster passed to me
>Begin relaying to the Commissar what we've found
>Orders me to bring them back to the main base, the Gangers will be part of the 221st whilst the women and children will be kept safe
"Copy that sir"
>Begin leading the civilians out of the area back to the Commissar
>Wonder how the other squad is doing with their sweeping operation
>Be Skitarii Marshal Gamma Mu 07
>The dreadnought says he’s 10,000 years old.
>This is amazing!
>That means he was around when the Omnissiah walked the galaxy in mortal form.
>Perhaps he even got to meet him.
>Before I can ask follow up questions the dreadnought suddenly falls onto its back with a loud thud that shakes the caver.

>Open up a panel to see what I can repair.
>Quickly go through my memories of the data smiths repairing Castellans.

>Call two Skitarii over.
>Tell them my plan.
>They agree.
>Shoot them both in the head with my Radium Serpenta.
>Start canibalizing parts from them for the Dreadnought.
>Be Captain Ortland
>The circle around and fire continuously tactic seems to be working
>The 25 attack crafts defending the ship from boarding parties extremely well
>A few are getting picked off however, the 25 will reduce over time
>We aren't losing as many as the Orks and Nids however
>Probably because the Orks are letting the Nids board them to engage in scraps
>Get reports from the 75 attack craft that they've taken down a large majority of the Xenos drop vessels descending towards the planet but some have breached into the atmosphere
>Order them to return to the Baleful Punishment and assist the others
>Bolstering my forces further
>Void shields holding steady
>Laser batteries continuously firing
>I get informed that the Orks are trying to lead us towards a moon to crash
>Order the crew to keep the circle maneuver but make it get tighter so we avoid the moon
>We've still got another job after this and I'm not losing this vessel to a moon
>Be Dreadnought Konos
>feeling so tired...
>feel a dull thud in the back of my head
>oh... that hasn't happened before
>feel some faint pricks all over my...body?
>I begin to faintly think in this strange state
>10,000 years old. What am I?
>I have lain in this tomb for 10 millennia, in this living death from which there is no rest but forgetful oblivion
>so many lifetimes of men have passed me by
>How much has the galaxy changed?
>What remains of the sons of Dorn?
>What has been done with the Emperor's glorious Imperium?
>I feel the corrosion of the years eating at me
>Ten Thousand years and I know nothing
>oh, thank you
>who said that?
File: hallway.png (6.17 MB, 3840x2173)
6.17 MB
6.17 MB PNG
>Be Seer Delwyn of Iyanden
>Not a Farseer, just a regular Seer, unfortunately
>Leading Ranger Team Wind-2, all six of us
>We've got me, Lemallyn, Eralia, Laering, Idrontie and Greg
>So, story goes that the Fareer gets a vision, as they do
>Says that our survival hinges on the recovery of an item and it's vitally impotant blah blah blah
>Sorta fell asleep during the lecture but the short is, there's a hard drive we need to swipe from this Imperial's bunker
>Why do the Imperials have to keep all their information on vellum and hard discs instead of the cloud like everyone else?
>Should have just been a quick in and out, five minute adventure
>Much longer than that later, we're lost in this bunker's maze
>Not only that, but the planet is in the midst of a full Genestealer rebellion AND Ork attack.
>Damn nids, we just can't get enough of them over here
>So, naturally, we just avoided the fighting and snuck in
>The Imperials outside still looked to be trying to get in when we found a vent grate
>Good, less interference down here is better
>Place is dark, power must have failed
>No matter, we have other ways of seeing in the dark
>Now, where in the Warp is this server room in all this underground opulence?
>Wait, are those torch beams?
>Quick, hide!
>Are they Imperials breaching the bunker or someone belonging to the Governor?
>Fates get bad reception down here, it seems
>Just let them go past, then we keep looking
>Rather not get into another firefight today
File: HMMM.gif (1.47 MB, 480x270)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF

>Be plasma gun
>Breaching, clearing, and killing is going well
>Meet minimal resistance, but that's fine with me since Master and I get a kill each time
>Traveling to another room, when suddenly I feel like we're being watched
>Also feel a sudden anger taking over me
>Vent a bit in frustration, but control myself so I don't harm master
>One of the felinids was too close again, but this time complained to my master to keep me under control
>I haven't been this angry since that one Eldar tried to kill my previous master and his squad back in the chimera on that desert world
>Get a little sad remembering my previous master, which cancels out some of my anger
>Don't think on it any further; perhaps that fall from earlier messed something up a little and it just flared up
>Doubt that the Eldar are behind this, let alone here
>Hopefully we can get some time later for the enginseer to teach master more about my maintenance
>Be hydra operator mikhail
>Skies are mostly clear
>Holding this area to keep the path to the bunker clear
>Tearing through the occasional squad of hostile infantry with autocannons
>Tanks send a light vehicle or two right to the warp
>Waiting for further orders from Yuri but we're probably holding here for a while
>Not sure why command doesn't find us an officer between deployments but I'm not complaining
>Yuri doesn't make us do suicidal charges into hostile gunlines
>We haven't had any new superheavies in a while though
>Idly wonder what the postman has while turning some stealers and traitors into paste
>Be Colonel Farragut of the imperial post
>We've unloaded almost everything, now we have a battalion's worth of tanks just sitting around
>the secret cargo still needs to be unloaded
>nobody, not one person has shown up to investigate what's going on
>is nobody seriously interested in free tanks in the midst of a genestealer uprising?
>the situation is growing more ridiculous by the minute
>pilot informs me that there's now a hive fleet and orks battling it out in orbit
>he's picking up a lot of weird signals from the bunker underneath
>he really thinks we should be leaving
>The post must be delivered
>fuck this.jpg
>grab a copy of the paperwork
>order the boys to start painting giant FREE TANKS signs everywhere
>wander off towards the fortifications we noticed when landing, there should be someone who can sign off this delivery over there
>the first imperial I find will be taking control of the packages
>at gunpoint, if necessary
>Be hydra operator mikhail
>Postman approaching with a gun in one hand and papers in the other between skirmishes
>Get out of hydra while we reload, offer him vodka
>Told to sign form
>Try to tell him to talk to Sergeant Yuri or maybe tech-comrade Zeta but he orders me to sign the form and take the tanks so he can offload the other thing
>Notice Colonel insignia and shaking pistol hand
>Sign form quick as escaping Valhallan ice-weasel
>Ask what he means about tanks
>And what is the other thing

>Da fight's going well
>Both us and the 'nids fleets are half the size as we started
>dere's boys all inside their space monsters
>dere's nids all inside our ships
>the only way this fight could be better is if there were more of them
>the humies are doing okay with their teensy thing, but they keep hittin our ships every now and then. need to talk to them about that once we're done.
>da mekboys inform me we're all on a collision course with the moon
>grin a brutally cunning grin
>think up a cunningly brutal plan
man the OP made this seam (xD) like a fun thread but it devolved quickly
>Be Captain Ortland
>Fleets are decreasing in size
>I'm slowly losing air craft
>We don't stop circling around
>Alarms start ringing
>The Orks flagship turns around and begins to accelerate
>Immediately order the Baleful Punishment to stop the current maneuver and to fall back from whatever the hell the Orks are planning
>I think they are still trying to get us to crash the Baleful Punishment into the moon
>Can't allow that
>If I do that planet is stuck with ten thousand criminals in its populace that might get some ideas to run into the underhives
>Have to halt the laser batteries for now whilst we prepare the evasive maneuver
>Begin to pull it off
>Pray to the Emperor that the Orks weren't planning on driving right into us and going for the main hive ship
>Be lunar base anti-lander defense
>Orks approaching
>Nids there too
>Imperial ship whittling them away
>Finally, some action!
>Scramble everything
>It's only a few missile stations and a couple hydras but still
>The orks turn around
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Currently exploring/looting the governor’s richly decorated bunker
>Everything is full of sculptures, paintings, and gold plating
>Too bad most of it is too big to discretely loot
>Still, lots of small stuff to grab though, loose coins, a gold plated quill, gold monocle, gold regicide piece, gold dice, gold cutlery, not to mention some small items from that disturbing orgy room
>These stupid leotards have no pockets, but I manage to slip a number of things into my boots, down my top, and into empty pockets on my combat webbing
>End up lagging behind the main assault party due to excessive looting, but luckily there isn’t too many genestealer cultists down here, and most of them are poorly equipped and are foolishly focusing their efforts to stall the assault party by attacking them head on
>Realize I am getting a bit far from the main group though and cut through a poorly maintained service corridor to catch up
>Weird, it almost smells like Eldar down here...
>Be Seer Delwyn
>That's a plasma gun
>That's a very threatening looking plasma gun
>Crude as they are, being in an enclosed space with a human plasma cannon would be Very Bad For All Involved and we're outnumbered anyway
>Has he seen us?
>I'm not sure
>He's looking at uuuuuussssss
>Fortunately, he doesn't investigate and moves on
>Big sigh of relief, our cover is intact!
>About to step back out when more footsteps, this time from the other way
>Eralia starts recanting a few bars over comms from what I assume to be some old human song
>She gets to singing something about "if he hears, he'll knock all day" before being psychically shushed five times
>Grab them on my mark - one, two, three~!
>A couple of seconds later, the hallway is empty and we have one struggling mon'keigh
>By the feel of it, they're a female, not in the raggedy dress of cultists, in possession of a fluffy tail and ears.....
>Wait, what?
>Last I remember, humans weren't supposed to have fluffy ears and tails
>Put aside the plans to snap their neck for the moment
>Manhandling them like this actually feels a little inappropriate
>Everyone starts bickering about what to do with them
>Cut it out you five, we're still in enemy territory with a mission to do
>Isha's sakes, this is why you all washed up down here in Wind-II
>No, Idrontie, you may not pet their ears, you don't know where that thing's been
>Wait, who was supposed to be keeping an eye on the human?
>What do you mean, me?
File: x1080.jpg (125 KB, 1915x1080)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>During the fighting, a large Tyranid bioship is destroyed, and its lifeless body crashes onto the moon.
>It hits the ground hard, and in doing so breaks open a underground vault, which causes it to send its signal.

>Be Overlord Nebnuru
>Known as the mental fortress, as I have not lost any of my sanity or memories due to parts of my mind awakening at different times.
>Suddenly receive a signal saying a vault has been breached.
>Oh that's were I hid my favorite artifacts
>I knew that all along of course, as I don't forget things, ever.
>Assemble a good amount of warships and ground forces, I do have to remind whoever broke into the vault that I am their superior.

>Arrive in the sector aboard my Tomb Ship, The Will of the Mighty, being escorted by a fleet of lesser ships.
>And what do I find
>The bugs
>and orks
>and humans
>I will not be denied my own artifacts by insects, barbarians, and a combination of both.
>Order my forces to engage all targets, while getting us closer to the moon the signal came from.
>Be Captain Ortland
>Well fuck Necron ships just broke into the sector
>Immediately vox to the Ark Mechanicus as well as all ground forces that Necrons have just entered the sector
>The Baleful Punishment and it's attack crafts really won't be able to attack that fleet
>We'll need the Ark Mechanicus' guns to do most of the work on the Necrons
>The Necron fleet is approaching
>Order the crew to preform evasive maneuvers as well as order attack craft to fall back
>Grip my power sword tight as I stare at the Necron flag ship
>There's no way a Sword class frigate is taking that thing and it's fleet on
>Hope to the Emperor that ground forces finish up soon
>I could really do with having some disposable scum to send into those ships as boarding teams
>Armsmen are more valuable than prisoners after all
>Because we are surrounded on all fronts, I order the laser batteries to fire even as we evade the other ships just to try and do something
>It's all up to the Ark Mechanicus at this point
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Minding my own business running through the service tunnel to catch up with my group...
>Then yoink! Get grabbed by several beings worth of hands and pulled into a small, lightless sideroom
>Try biting the one over my mouth, but it has got some weird tasting armor
>As I squirm around, I catch glimpses of figures standing around me
>I am definitely outclassed, but at least it is not genestealers or drukhari
>Hands continue to poke and grab me for a bit, almost like they have never encountered a felinid before and weren’t sure if any of my body parts are fake (humans do this too)
>The second the Eldar seem to lose interest in me, I dive into an open vent and squirm my way into the next room
>Fun facts about felinids, we are quick, acrobatic, can see in the dark, and can fit into really tight places
>Still surprised I got away with it though, those Eldar must have been hopelessly incompetent or impossibly overconfident
>Or maybe letting me escape is part of their plan...
>No point in overthinking it though, I should get back to the main group as soon as possible to warn them about the Eldar
>Damn vox-bead doesn’t seem to work in this room
>Should I try to squirm my way through another vent, or risk going out into the service corridor
>Decisions, decisions...
>Be arch Magos Explorator Prime
>Finally finish ritual to fire the main cannon into the ork flag ship only to see its about to crash into the moon.
>Also the Tyranids and orks have mostly taken care of eachother.
>Just then a Necron fleet warps in.
>Baleful Punishment pulls back it did an admirable job but only so much a sword class can do.
>Deploy dropkeeps, Skitarii reinforcements, and Skitarii fliers and vehicles to Tharss 8 before disengaging from the planet’s gravity well.
>Fire main cannon at the Necron flag ship.
>A beam of pure white holy energy cuts through the void.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was IP banned.
>Be Colonel Farragut
>Searching for someone, anyone, to sign off on the delivery
>There's a hydra operator taking a break over there
>walk over to him
>he offers me vodka
>Shove the papers in his face and tell him to sign
>Sign the fucking paper!
>he takes it and signs
>give him the receipt
>You are hereby the responsible owner of delivery order 93713-A, all liability is transferred from Imperial Administratum Post to you, have a good day.
>He asks what the delivery is
>A bunch of tanks, leman russes, baneblades, the usual. Crew not included.
>And something marked top secret, it's all yours now.
>Good day
>Wander off back to the ship to make sure everything's been unloaded and we can get out of here
>the post has been delivered
>Be Hydra operator Mikhail
>Colonel Postman is very frustrated and talks so fast he leaves without even taking any vodka
>But I think I just got promoted to baneblade driver
>Ride Hydra to crater as fast as possible
>Baneblades, russes, something top secret
Blessed are we who receive the bounty of the emperor.litany
>Climb into baneblade immediately
>My loader from hydra follows me
"By Holy Throne I have never seen such a tank..."
>I take command, he takes targetting
>Vox Sergeant Yuri and Tech-comrade Zeta
>Explain situation
>Superheavies at last!
>We are full regiment again!
Manly tears.gif
>But! We need more gunners, can promote our boys to drivers but there are too many turrets to man
>Also I am responsible for delivery 93713-A for some reason, top secret box, sure it's not as important as baneblades
>Vox penal commissar and marcus, ask them politely to send us anybody spare who can work as loader or sponson gunner
>Or we can come to them, is no bother
>Hear someone shouting about necron ship on the vox
>Realise it is from space
>Baneblade has great reception
>Vox Colonel Postman as well, warn him about necron ship
>Is least I can do
>A few of tankers from squadron are opening up top-secret crate
>Keep main gun pointed at it just in case
>Be me.
>Felinid merc captain Scarlett.
>"Remember, they have a VIP we need alive..."
>Said the agent.
>Tell squad to aim high and wide to avoid the princess.
>Wonder where Nyan Mc Fluffy is? Probably looting.
>Door opens and reveals a ball of a man clutching a young noble girl.
>9/ 10 body but 7/ 10 face.
>We all open fire on the heretic governor doing our best to avoid hitting the girl.

>Suddenly hear a rumbling clunking noise above my head.
>Look up and something covered in dust fall from the vent above me onto me.

>Once I open my eyes I’m on my back staring at what is unmistakably Nyan Mc Fluffy’s oversized ass.
File: Amgry.png (50 KB, 215x215)
50 KB

>Be plasma gun
>Master, myself, and our allies are making progress
>Apparently, our objective doesn't involve complete annihilation
>Trying to get some princess or something
>As long as master and I get to purge traitors, I'm fine with it
>Hear some orders from one of the felinids, saying to aim high
>Master might have to just outright miss and let the grazing heat to the work if this "princess" is serving as a meatshield
>Master and squad prepare to make another entrance
>Hear someone identify the princess and some fat guy
>We all gun down the fat guy, leaving his corpse a set of legs with some lower abdomen intact, based on the sound of his remains hitting the ground
>Shortly after, immediately something breaching through a vent above us
>Hear a screech that could only come from our felinid allies, as the vent grate pops open and is followed by a thud
>Wait, not one, but two thuds
>The second thud did not make a screech, but a disgustingly familiar groan
>An unmistakable aura I am all to acquainted with
>Instinctively begin readying a shot before master can pull the trigger
>Be Marcus
>Just returned to the main HQ to drop off the rescued women and children
>Immediately press the Gangers into service
>They'll be a fine part of the 221st
>Receive a vox from one of the Hydra operators
>He wants some of my fellow condemned promoted to Gunners
>Inform him that he probably doesn't actually want convicted criminals inside such blessed machines
>But hey we do technically follow the orders of people above us seeing as our rank is lower than private
>Seeing as there's 7005 Condemned at the base originally 6000 and then we turned, I vox the Commissar to relay the message
>He's silent for a bit before ordering that four thousand men are to join up with Mikhail and the tanks
>That leaves 6000 infantry men when the remaining one thousand down by the Commissar get back
>People are picked at random to go to the tanks
>I stay behind to be an infantry man
>The four thousand newly promoted force begins to move towards Mikhail's location
>Vox to him that they are on their way to his location
>I decide to take one thousand men back out to the Commissar's location leaving 2000 men to defend the base
>Be newly promoted baneblade commander Mikhail
>Receive many infantry from base for guns plus some valhallans for drivers and commanders
>Still some infantry left over to act as support
>Condemned are very surprised to be allowed on the tanks, but we need men
>Takes a while but we get everybody mounted up
>Leave some tanks to open top secret crate, guard crater
>Rest of us ride out to enemy hotspots
>Moving to support our allies where they are engaged then moving on immediately before enemy can swarm tanks
>Keeping eye out for necrons
>Be Captain Ortland
>The Ark Mechanicus finally finishes its rituals
>Watch as the main gun fires out towards the Necron Flag Ship
>It's a sight to behold as we pull out from the engagement
>The white light of the Omnissiah shall purge the fleet
>See the crew beginning to pray
>I join in with the prayers
>Attack craft have regrouped near us
>Tell them to hold steady until the Ark Mechanicus finishes its firing sequence
>Begin scanning to see how much of the Necron fleet is left for us to try and deal with
>The Xenos scum will be punished under our baleful gazes
>be me
>head scribe on Imperial depot world
>hiding under my table
>there are several custodes standing outside my door
>hope they’re not here for my loyal servo skull
>my assistant is trying to guide them away
>poke my head up a few minutes later
>they’re gone
>poke my head out the door
>my assistant still has his head attached
>ask what they wanted
>oh they wanted to know where you sent that top secret cargo a few weeks ago
>that’s all?
>walk to my drinks cabinet and pop out a bottle of the old M40’
>think I’ll try downing the whole bottle
File: vents.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>Be Seer Delwyn
>Isha's tits, I'm surrounded by mon'keigh!
>See and hear the clatter of the vent grate
>They're getting away!
>Soon the entire Imperium will know we're here
>Someone's going to need to go after them before they raise the alarm
>No, arachnophobia isn't an excuse to dive in after them
>Fine, we'll draw straws, how does that sound?
>Everyone take one
>Wait, hold up, that's my fake set for winning bets
>Right, we'll use these bits of cut wire here
>It had to be me, didn't it?
>My transponder's on the commbead, follow in the corridors after me
>They can't be far, surely?
>Them being so far ahead must surely be from their cat physiology and not my fault
>Still, they've left a big trail in the dust on the duct floors
>I hear them up ahead, I must be gaining somehow
>Having well-trained reflexes and lithe build means we must be a match for the cat-human ("mon'kat"?)
>There, I see them!
>Hey, I wonder if this--
>Something snaps above and the whole vent duct tilts down towards the grate at the end
>.....vent will support both our weights
>The cat-human goes flying out of the end and lands on top of someone
>Damn these smooth metal walls!
>Slide right out of the end as well and land on top of both of them
>Furry appendages confirms that this is indeed the cat-human and seemingly another of them
>Look around
>There's Imperials everywhere having a gunfight
>A plasma gun is thrust in my face
>Wait a minute, how did this happen? We're smarter than this!
>Surreptitiously check the personal holomap
>Now would be a good time, you five
File: Necron Fleet.png (705 KB, 1004x562)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
>Be Overlord Nebnuru the Mental Bastion
>Fleet begins enganging the Tyranid and Ork ships closest too us
>The Will of the Mighty has now gotten close enough to the moon.
>Begin sending down ground forces to secure a position for me.
>I, of course, will personally lead the expedition to the artifact vault
>While waiting for the all clear, I look out towards the human ships
>All I see is blinding light racing towards us.
>So that's what my cryptek was yelling at me about.
>Suddenly everything goes white.
>The Will of the Mighty has taken major damage.
>And some of the ships nearby have been completely destroyed.
nowItsAMatterOfPride.tomb ship
>Give the order to begin firing at the Ark Mechanicus
>Lighting arcs and Particle whips shoot their energy across the blackness of space.
>Be lunar base anti-lander defense commander
>Dead nidship crashed almost on top of us a few minutes ago
>Now there's fucking necrons
>Everything goes too bright to see
>Necron ship took damage from the mechanicus ship
>Keep firing at landers
>Be Captain Ortland
>Necron fleet has taken considerable damage from the Ark Mechanicus
>They are starting to fire back
>Time to get the Baleful Punishment back involved
>Order attack craft to preform gun runs with us
>Tell the sergeant at arms to ready Armsmen for boarding actions
>At first I was hesitant but now we have to do this
>He announces to the Armsmen to get ready to board the Necron ship
>Gun runs from the attack craft begin against the crippled fleet as the Baleful Punishment begins to speed towards the Necron fleet
>Laser batteries start opening fire as I glare at the flagship
>You'll be punished for even daring to exist Xenos scum
>The Baleful Punishment weaves through the fire as I feel my grip on my sword get tighter
>Pray to the Emperor to guide my Armsmens' shots and to protect them when they board the flag ship
>They are going to need it
>Be newly promoted baneblade commander Mikhail
>Tearing through the occasional genestealer and ork but necrons starting to land
>I find a path using parade route
>Little else will admit glorious baneblades
>Direct tanks in circuit around base and crater
>We blast through several landing sites without stopping
>Stationary tank is dead tank
>Moving tank is glorious fury of valhalla
>Necrons barely manage to get a fix on us
>By the time they see the first line the second and third are firing
>By the time they see the second the fourth has run them down
>Shiny new russ tanks include some Executioners while others have plasma sponsons
>Baneblades are more than holding their own
Ready to unleash eleven barrels of hell.wav
>Baneblade's tactical display shows runes
>The Adeptus Custodes wants to know your location
>By holy throne...
>More reinforcements!
>To think, this was to be a routine parade deployment!
>Send them location, honored at thought of fighting alongside such legendary figure
>Note the crater as Imperial-held LZ but might be a bit hot with hostile air
>Going up hive-ramp, call for fire reflexively at something in sky
>Baneblade engine roars its triumph as Necron craft spins into building
>Might have to re-use tactic!
>Be Naval Breacher Jermak Stokerson
>Aboard Selachian, readying to breach a Necron ship
>Allegedly the mechanicus have it distracted or damaged or something and we can enter through where something used to be
>Clearly a suicide mission but I wasn't born into the navy to live forever
>Recite litany of firepower over my meltagun as we launch
>Recite swears as we make it into the ship
>Hostiles aren't on us immediately but it's sure to be quick
>Start looking for something important to melt, and fast
>See necron ahead of us
>Panic but he (it?) hasn't seen us
>Necron walks into a glowy green thing between some weird metallic bits and disappears
>Shieldbearer covers me while I fire melta at the metallic bits and pray
>wot is going on with that
>the brutally cunning plan is nearly done
>the Boyz have sailed around the entire planet to get behind the tyranid fleet
>the tyranid fleet that is stuck between the planet's moon and a bunch of necrons
>didn't really expect the robo men, but it means they get to enjoy da fight too
>Be Felinid Mercenary Nyan Mc Fluffy
>Decide to crawl through the vent, even though it is much longer than expected and seems to go under, rather than into the room I am trying to get to
>This will delay any warning to the main group, but at least will be the last thing the Eldar expect
>Vent is old and frail and smells like asbestos, I think I am in the ceiling of the level below now
>Suddenly the vent crumbles and I am falling into a firefight!
>Fall into a large ornate room
>Manage to make a decent landing, but knock over someone in the process
>Sigh, it is Scarlett, there goes my bonus pay
>Weird, I though I was on the same floor as her, the main group must have split at some point
>Look around, the mixed Imperial group has apparently killed something important, judging by the large pile of steaming offal by the stairs, but I don’t have time to investigate further as something lands hard on my back
>One of the Eldar must have followed me through the vent and fallen somehow!
>Good thing Eldar are featherweights otherwise she would have broken my spine
>Shake the Eldar off and leap with all four limbs to get clear of the inevitable flood of firepower no doubt about to hit the Eldar
>Scarlett will come to a similar conclusion and get clear herself
>Scarlett’s band may frown on friendly fire, but most other Imperials would consider a dozen of their own dead for a single Eldar to be more than a fair trade...
>Be Captain Ortland
>Successfully drop off Navy breachers into the main Necron Flagship
>I order the Baleful Punishment to pull out now that we've got men in there
>Vox operator tells the men inside that we'll be coming back for them once we secure space fully
>See the Orks flying back
>They intend to ram is into the moon
>Fuck no I'm not letting that happen
>Order all attack craft and laser batteries to fire upon the Ork ship
>Can't let it crash onto the planet otherwise the Ark Mechanicus will have just had it's Skitarii and other valuable troops eliminated upon landing on the moon
>The Baleful Punishment's laser batteries fire out in glee at its hated foes as I order for more fire power to cripple the Orks
>Can't send a breaching team on it because of its current plan and I already have breaching teams dealing with the Necrons
>We'll just have to keep firing until the Ork Flagship cannot move fast enough to where it can cause a crash into the moon
>Or until our Laser Batteries run out of juice
>For the Emperor, let the scum be purged
>Be Breacher Jermak Stokerson
>Melting the glowing thing worked but the necrons are NOT happy about it
>Fending off Necrons with melta while shieldbearer struggles to keep shield up
>Demo is planting charges as we receive word that the Baleful is swinging about
>Vox all teams to plant charges on anything important and clear out
>If the Emperor wills it we'll do enough damage to take it down or open her up for a killshot
>Shieldbearer final goes down to a swarm of what look like metal spiders, still screaming as he falls
>Demo looks half his leg to some kind of bastard green laser as he runs back to me
>Grant Shieldbearer the emperor's peace and drag screaming Demo back to the Selachian as the rest of us keep firing
>Other squad barely makes it
>Necrons try to follow us in but pilot fires the hull-breaching meltas as we detach
>There's a lot of us detaching, but no idea if it'll be fast enough
>First Ork ship approaches, not moving entirely straight
>It's damaged, half-way dead from the Baleful Punishment's lasers
>It's between us and the Baleful Punishment
>It's drifting into position for an engine kill
>Emperor help me
>At least it's not the flagship
>Make ready for another breach
>Looted escort-class vessel of indeterminate model but the gun decks should be in the usual place
>Planted explosives on Necron ship go off behind us
>Not sure of the results
>Not my problem right now
>Hope everyone made it off or at least out of range of their bombs
>Combine short squads, I'm in charge again somehow
>Recite the litany of accuracy over meltagun
>Charge immediately on breach
>Right into the gun deck
>We took their loaders by surprise but keeping the macrocannons offline will take more than a lucky breach
>One of the newer breachers is nervous. >"What can two squads do against an entire ship?"
"If it comes to it, we detonate as many macrocannon rounds as we can see, Armsman."
u ded bro?
Not dead, just haven’t been able to post in a while. Also lost track of what was going on.

>Be sergeant Yuri.
>Wake up from hang over.
>After all the commanders, tech priests, and commissars started to argue with eachother over “who’s REALLY in charge, who goes where, when to deploy who, who goes on the front lines” I decided to hang out by the bar for a bit and get sloshed.

>From what I’ve picked up, Nids have started to make planet fall.
>Ark Mechanicus deployed Skitarii reinforcements and knights into the wasteland.
>Orks and Necrons have arrived but are mostly being held at bay in space.
>Something about pushing the moon.
>Theirs a Dreadnought somewhere in the underhive talking to some Skitarii and penal legionaries.
>Mikhael is now a Baneblade driver and has seemingly taken command in my absence.
>Eldar are here, and the Governor is finally dead.

Miss anything else?
>Be me.
>Arch Magos Explorator Prime
>Beam is doing considerable damage to the Necron flag ship but the other ships have turned their guns on us.
>On top of that, the green skins have enacted a plan to push the moon to the surface.
>Reorient Ark Mechanicus
>The constantly firing beam of light sweeps across the veil of darkness, destroying smaller ships slicing bigger ones.
>Some hive ships even catch on fire in space.
>Soon it will destroy the ork fleet and slice the moon in half.
>Be breacher Medic Sara nickname “Nurse”.
>My job to keep these suicidal bastards alive.
>Finally finish patching up Demo’s stump, he’ll need an augmetic though.
>Hate treating necron wounds.
>Almost out of stims.
>We make it to the evac.
>Thank the Emperor only for a damaged ork vessel to enter our path, thing is barely a threat, has no control, and likely dead in the void in a few minutes.
>Jermak makes us breach this one anyway.

>Take orks by surprise, likely because they’re shocked anyone is bothering to board them.
"What can two squads do against an entire ship?"
>About to say: “If we blew on this thing it would probably come apart.”
>But before I can our fearless leader says: "If it comes to it, we detonate as many macrocannon rounds as we can see, Armsman."

>I hate being a navy breacher medic.
>Be Captain Ortland
>Watch as the Necron Flagship begins to detonate
>Armsmen doing their job with precision is always a good thing to see
>Smile slightly before watching a Ork ship we've been firing at getting close to the escaping breachers
>The breachers decide to breach it
>Not sure why exactly seeing as it's crippled but hey it'll make it easier for us to pick them up
>Move the Baleful Punishment into position
>All the while the Ark Mechanicus is firing it's white beams of light into the other Necron vessels, the firing sequence catching the Nids and Orks in the crossfire
>Pray that the Breachers work quickly so we can bail out of the firing sequence
>Laser Batteries stop firing so attack craft pilots can register things easier
>The blinding white light doesn't need to mix with laser fire coming from us
> Be Zeta-23
> Sergeant Yuri finally comes around
> Everyone is arguing over who's in charge of what
> Yuri makes it over to the bar again
> Summarises the situation out loud
> Tell him he's basically right but also Mikhail mentioned that the Custodes messaged the baneblande
> Mikhail took temporary command by dint of being the first one into a baneblade because a Colonel Farragut told him to take the delivery
> He is just leading a number of the new tanks in a circuit around the hive on parade route with condemned on the guns shooting down any enemies he comes across
> Most of the force are still guarding the base and the crater
> Also... There's a baneblade of some description awaiting Yuri specifically
> We need someone to take charge properly
>Be Breacher Jermak Stokerson
>Nurse looking at me like she did the time she tranq'd me for being annoyingly drunk and put me in bed with the captain's daughter
>Try not to let my panic show
"Uhhh... That is a last resort though."
>Tell everyone look for ammo storage
>We all have some of demo's charges
>We can leave them on a timer, hide them behind one of these rusted panels and the orks won't notice
>We take down a couple more orks before we reach ammo storage
Bomb planted.vox
>Resistance starts to get heavier as we leave
>Orks must have heard there's a fight up here
>Orks behind us as well now
>Tell everyone to charge back to the Selachian while I keep firing the melta as quick as I can without it overheating
>Be Overlord Nebnuru the Mentalist
>Things are not going well
>Breachers have boarded our ship and done damage
>The humans on the ground now have baneblades attacking us
>And of course the Ork flagship is attempting to crash into the moon
>To a lesser Necron, such as my cryptek who is asking me what to do, this would be the end
>But not for me
>I've still got a trick from the war in heaven that these fools are not prepared for
>First I tell my Cryptek-

>Be Overlord Nebnuru the Invincible Mind
>I am somewhere, and I absolutely remember where
>Just then get word that my ground forces have secured a position on the moon for me.
>Oh yes, I was here to get my artifacts back.
>I take my Void Scythe and pull out my resurrections orb as I walk towards my teleporter.
>My cryptek is yelling about something, its probably not important
>As I go through the teleporter, I find surrounded by my forces
>a large amount of warriors, with units of immortals and deathmarks here and there
>also supported by a dozen Lokhust heavy destroyers
>And enough ghost arks to transport us all.
>After checking my location, I learn we are still quite a ways away from the vault
>Command all ghost arks inside the transports and begin moving towards the vault
>Look up and see a tomb ship being destroyed in a giant green explosion
>Interesting, some other Necron must have brought a tomb ship here and lost it foolishly
>Be Breacher Jermak Stokerson
>Squad is back on the Selachian and I am now running to reach it as well, orks on my heels, and bleeding from minor wounds
>Massive collision knocks me into the craft
>Almost land on Demo
>Tell the pilot to go
>Apparently the Necron ship went up and some of it collided with the Ork escort
>A few seconds later our charges go off
>Hardly seems worth it now
>Ork escort weaponry destroyed, we're returning to the Baleful Punishment
>I think most of the other breaching craft are on their way too
>Looks like Nurse is still angry at me
>Pass out
>Be Ranger Bunni’Viie Lemallyn
>AKA Jakk’Spi the Swift
>AKA The Hapless Corsair
>But that isn’t important right now
>Right now I am helping my old friend Seer Delwyn retrieve an item of moderate importance
>Rangers tend not to operate indoors, so I got brought along for my thieving expertise, which perhaps I exaggerated a bit
>But that also isn’t important right now
>Anyways, we caught a felinid, but the rookies in the group didn’t know what is was and got distracted, allowing it to escape
>It managed to squirm its way into one of those crude air exchange ducts the mon-keigh are so fond of and Delwyn decided to try and catch it rather than just shoot it in the rear
>Then the duct gave way, and they both fell amidst a large group of mon-keigh one level down
>Not good
>Luckily the duct has completely fallen into the room below, allowing me to see clearly through vent opening and the hole in the ceiling
>From my location, I can see Delwyn about to be shot with a plasma gun
>Not on my watch
>Switch to modified webber
>Fire single strand that latches onto Delwyn and yanks her into the air, through the ceiling hole, and back into the room
>Stupid mon-keigh stand around not sure where Delwyn went
>See, told you my thieving skills would be useful...
>Be Captain Ortland
>All Xenos Fleets dealt with the only things to worry about outside the planet are straggler ships from the Nids and the Necrons potentially being on the moon
>Vox to the Ark Mechanicus that it's just the stragglers left
>Order the Baleful Punishment to pull up closer to the breaching ships so that they may return safely and so medics have access to more resources to treat the injured
>Order the attack craft to keep going with attack runs on the stragglers
>Soon enough we should have the skies cleared of Xenos scum
>Should cause less Nids to go planet fall than normal when it's a full hive fleet
>At least we'll still be able to get to Sevastopol after this
>Smug grin on my face as the breaching teams finally return on board
>Order menials to help get the wounded to med bays over the PA system
>Be Marcus
>Finally made it back to the Commissar
>Seems like he and the Marshal are still talking to the Dreadnought
>Admire the sight of the magnificent thing
>More glorious than anything we will ever do in our life time
>Commissar turns to look at me and the men i brought along
>Orders me to regroup with the other one thousand man group still sweeping their area
>I nod my head and begin to take myself and the troops down to the others location whilst the Commissar stays behind with the Skitarii Marshal and Dreadnought
>Lasguns held up the whole time just to be sure we have them ready if any Genestealers emerge from nowhere
>Sweeping the area completely
>Can't find them
>Order my men to stay close because this is weird
>Most of us are underhive scum so we know a thing or two about underhives and how to track people
>It's dead silent
>Vox to the Commissar that we can't find the other one thousand Legionaries
>That is until someone finds a body
>It's Johansson and he's barely alive
>Run over to him and can hear him muttering the Emperor's prayer under his breath repeatedly over and over again
>His finger is pointing at something
>I look over and see the other group completely butchered
>Ripped to pieces by what I can only assume to be more Genestealers
>Order everyone to keep their lasguns raised and to stand together in a circle
>Vox to the Commissar our predicament
>We begin to hear movement
>Be newly promoted baneblade driver Mikhail
>Starting to get hang of this
>Seeing Condemned get encircled in underhive on tactical display
>Is not good
>They help us man the superheavies, we must help them
>Leave most of tanks on parade route
>Bring my baneblade and some Russ to nearest path down
>A few other Russ finding paths down
>Have to blast through some destroyed buildings and take a lift designed for Cargo-12s
>Even so we can't get that close, is too narrow
>Half of tanks do not even make it down, they must regroup to surface
>Condemned Commissar and Trooper Marcus on tac-display
>Mechanicus as well, and... Space Marine?
>Trooper Marcus forming men into last stand circle as far as can tell
>Myself and two Russ to south of friendlies holding by cargo lift
>Three Russ to north of friendlies on major down ramp
>Four more Russ to south west of friendlies, on smaller ramps
>Blast everything that's not near to friendly sigils on display
>Hope it is effective
>Can't get good range or clear line of sight
>Underhive is no place for superheavy
>Is barely place for tank at all
>Tac-display blinks Custodes rune at me again
>"Arrival imminent, hold position"
>Share location with Custodes again, state Astartes in need of assistance
>Is white fib, they not mind
>I hope
File: golden boy.jpg (185 KB, 762x1514)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Be Tiberius Galba, of the God-Emperor's most trusted and renowned Adeptus Custodes
>have been sent to this backwater hive world to recover an extremely dangerous artifact, to bring it back to the Dark Cells on Terra
>have been trying to find its location for the past several weeks
>disappeared over 3 millennia ago, we only got tipped off about it now because it's finally getting delivered
>turn up at Scelestus IV, it doesn't arrive
>investigate the paperwork
>the administratum has somehow managed to misplace this extremely important order
>it somehow got stuck on a depot world for the past 3 thousand years without breaking containment
>go there, the head scribe is out, his assistant tells me they delivered it to some hive world
>finally we transit in system
>it's experiencing a genestealer uprising, a hive fleet has arrived, and there's a four-way space battle over the moon between the orks, tyranids, necrons, and imperial forces
>check the status of the artifact
>status: delivered
>start to get that sinking feeling
>check who it's been delivered to
>current owner: Hydra operator Mikhail, Valhallan 545th armored
>current location: underhive
>An artifact which needs to be recovered and contained ASAP on Holy Terra is in the hands of a hydra operator
>also he's driving a baneblade instead of a hydra for some reason
>what in the Emperor's name is going on
>inform Hydra Operator Mikhail we will be arriving imminently at his position
>We'll grab him, the artifact, and go, I want no part of this mess
>In and out, no complications
>as long as he has the artifact and it hasn't been opened, everything will be fine

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