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File: Elf Family Tree.jpg (5.86 MB, 6333x9067)
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Suppose that an Elf who will live the better part of a millennium decides to start some kind of order (perhaps some cult or sect) maintained only by their blood descendants. Commonly Elves are suggested to have a small number of children; this one plans to break that trend.
>Let's say they marry a Human at an average adult age of 20. At the time of their marriage they have one Half-Elf child and then 20 years later they have another, before the Human becomes somewhat elderly and not fit to be a fresh parent.
>Near the end of the Human's life (say around age 80) the Elf takes a new Human lover, and has two more children in the same fashion.
>In this time the first two Half-Elves will have grown up and likely have children themselves, taking a Half-Elf spouse and having Half-Elf children for the sake of convenience. The first may even be close to having grandchildren.
>As a result of this cycle there would be generational waves where children of the original Elf are the same age as that Elf's grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. The Elf would also be outliving their earliest children after the first few hundred years, around the time that their sixth or seventh child is born.
What I'm curious about here is: What might the power structure within this weird cultish clan end up looking like? Would the greatest respect be afforded to the eldest living descendant no matter their generation, would it be to the young scions who are distant descendants of the very first Half-Elf child and whose families have thus been in the service of their Elven ancestor for the longest, or would it be to the eldest of the immediate children of the Elf since they share the most blood with the sect's communal ancestor?
>elf thread
>mentions humans
>sex with humans
I'm out. No elf thread is ever good that has any hint of human filth in it. Nothing in here will be traditional games anyway.
File: Elf Milf.jpg (640 KB, 701x1000)
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640 KB JPG
Sorry, I forgot to include an entirely irrelevant pic as 'bate bait.
>would it be to the eldest of the immediate children of the Elf since they share the most blood with the sect's communal ancestor?
It would be this. Actually, it also includes the first option automatically.
>150 years
>Actually, it also includes the first option automatically.
How so? The eldest direct child might be younger than a great-grandchild descended from a that direct child's sibling born 300 years prior.
I do agree though that I think the eldest direct child would be owed the greatest respect from their many cousins.
I don't know why you're acting like this is some weird thing. My gran had my dad when she was 19, and my dad had me when he was 21, then my gran had my uncle when she was 42. My uncle is 2 years younger than me. He has seniority though.
That's weird, anon. Your family is weird.
But it would be weirder if your dad had died before your gran had your uncle.
Gotta love that Arwen basically married her cousin.
Lots of people have kids die before later siblings are born. What sort of sheltered teenage existence do you have?
it's not that unusual. any family with more than 5 kids is likely starting young and spreading them out over at least 12 to 15 years, so you get big generation spreads like that. I get that's not as common today, particularly among the lefty suburbanite population, but it certainly was during out parents', grandparents' and greatgrandparents' generations, so we still see plenty of evidence of it in the wild.
Die of old age, idiot.
Fuck off.
That's literally what we're talking about, it would be weird if your dad died of old age and then your grandma gave birth to your uncle.
Learn how to speak English properly then, because so far you've posted a half-finished thought that you apparently expected me to read your mind to complete, and then told me to die of old age.
>admitting to a lack of reading comprehension to this degree
Holy shit, dude.
>lots of people have kids die before later siblings are born
>die of old age, idiot
You're just stupid, bro.
File: 1373661724837.gif (916 KB, 245x285)
916 KB
916 KB GIF
Whatever you say, ESL cunt.
>needs people to speak english precisely because he can't understand them otherwise
>calls others esl
Like pottery.
>misses out key words then calls people an idiot for not being mind-readers instead of properly correcting himself
>pretends he isn't ESL
No key word was missed. English, and indeed any language-based communication, commonly relies on omitted details when those details have already been established in the conversation. You're just too stupid to keep track line by line, and assumed that I was randomly insulting you rather than providing the clarifying detail that you missed the first time.
>thread topic about a parent outliving generations of their descendants
>"that's not weird, my gran had my uncle after my dad had me."
>"It would be weird if your dad had died (of old age, because that's what the thread topic is) before your uncle was born."
>"people die young all the time."
>"Die of old age (is what would make the dad's death weird in this scenario)."
You're a fucking idiot, anon. You're so amazingly stupid. Like I get that you're autistic and can't pick up on social cues but even beyond that you're just flat-out stupid if you can't track a conversation to that degree.
>weirder if your dad had died
>Die of old age, idiot.
Sit down, little ESL, and I'll explain for you. What you said was "died". In past tense. You also didn't mention anything about old age, it was old age in general. So when you later said "Die of old age, idiot", you literally just told me to die of old age. That isn't a correction of you initial mistake of not mention old age. "I meant died of old age, idiot" would've been. Hell, even "*died of old age, idiot" would've been as well (though both cases would've still been you retarded enough to expect mind-reading, hence the "idiot" part). But just "Die of old age, idiot" doesn't cut the mustard.

Do you see the issue now, my little ESL buddy? Or are you going to keep stamping your feet?
>Lots of people have kids die
>Die of old age, idiot.
Hmm, what's that I spy there? Is that the present tense?
Yeah, my present tense, not yours. Also, what you said doesn't follow remotely what I said.
>It's weird that flies have eaten shit.
>Lots of flies eat shit.
>Eat dogshit, idiot.
See how that in no way makes any sense? On a related note: eat dogshit, idiot.
Funnily enough, the previous conversation wasn't about dying of old age, though. The post I replied to was OPs, and it wasn't about dying of old age, it was who had higher importance between generations or age.

But yeah, a human being with a "function" brain would be able to track a mere two posts to know that.
>If the previous conversation had been about dogs shitting, a human being with a function brain would be able to track that flow of conversation.
Oof, deleted your post. I wonder which part of it embarrassed you. At least you realised your error.
File: 501.png (125 KB, 680x501)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
That pic would've been a real killing shot, if not for
>the post having much more than a criticism of a typo
>you were forced to delete your post to try to hide your failure (don't worry, I've got it saved for you!)
Wouldn't an elf find having an army of sub-elves a bit undesirable? It's like having a person who wants a bunch of half-human half-monkeys as soldiers.

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