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rpgs are dead
You got any bright ideas to share, op?
Speak for yourself, I've come up with a lot of shit.
no. i play games, i don't make them.
Hey whats going on, I'm looking for people to make a game with me cuz working solo has led to me going nearly insane.
The premise of it is that the world has been thrown into almost every single anime style apocalypse, alien invasion, demon incursion, extra-dimensional invasion, monster uprising, all types of stuff. The magical and not so magical defenders of the world are all in overdrive and are essentially shotgunning their magical scepters, books, power armor suits, and other types of items all over the world to be grasped by the defenders of tomorrow.
The only issue is the opposite intended person has found it. Magical girl wands found by teenage boys or bodybuilders, power armor gets attached to ballerinas, friendly aliens and extradimensional allies get stranded with little equipment, and have to strive to survive against the earth in turmoil.

The game so far:
Enemy factions:
Allied factions
The story/setting:

And finally, what'll get me flack, the discord.
So that people who are interested in developing and playing can actually do that.
This is a post about Armored Trooper Votoms, an unofficial Votoms RPG made by anons from /tg/ and FunnyJunk.
Post mechs, discuss mechs, have gritty adventures in a war-torn universe.

>What is this?
Armored Trooper Votoms is a fanmade roleplaying game set in the anime of, guess what, Armored Trooper Votoms.
A thousand years of war. An endless struggle amounting in nothing. At least you can profit off the ashes!
This is a fast paced, kill and get killed rpg. Characters get made and get killed easy, but not without taking down a few down with you, and having a tricked out mech for your grave. Nothing more you can ask for.

>Isn't there a fuzion game?
Yeah there is but I didn't know it existed before me and my lads started development. No use stopping now is there?

>Do you have any pre-made quests or adventures?
These are the next jump for us. My crew and I are kicking around ideas for quests and storylines and shit, you'll get em eventually. For now, this relies on having a GM worth a damn.

>Da Rules:

>Da Sheet

>Da Server

>Thread Question:
None! This is the first post for the game, so really, just ask away.
I'm also making a Steven Universe game
OP only plays games made by publicly traded companies
jesus, this sounds terrible.
I disagree, which is why I'm making it.
I've been fucking around with a bunch of my own RPGs in the past couple of years. If you've been here that long you might recognize a few:
>Bionicle Masks of Destiny
Bionicle TTRPG. D6. Other dev is going to test some of the potential changes to some of the mechanics with a group of theirs.
>Pax Cybertronia
Transformers TTRPG with a focus on the transformers themselves. Going to be testing this in a few months or so most likely. Recent change was overhauling the weapon customization.
>Death and the Dice
Bleach system. Probably going to just make a dupe document, make all the changes I intend to make, and add them at a later date once the game someone in one of my groups is running. Big changes will be to increasing core stats with XP and how the armor stat works (making it a secondary HP bar instead of a damage reduction). Also, speeding up combat a bit.
>Rising Heroes
Kamen Rider TTRPG. D6, operates similar to Death and the Dice in terms of core rolls but everything else is different. You pick an origin, you pick your powers for your Base Form, and then you get more forms and powers as the game goes on and you either hit narrative points as determined by the GM or XP totals. It's going to be getting work similar to the bleach game with how stats work.
>West Coast Wastelands
d100 Fallout RPG based in Fallout New Vegas and 1/2 mechanically, but not a 1:1 copy. Has expansions for 1/2, 3/4, Vehicles, and "Wild Wasteland" content.

You can find these on my Google drive here:

I've also been kicking around some ideas for my own fantasy system, and I have two separate concepts. One is a classless D6 system, while the other is a 2d10 system that has classes but multiclassing is a core mechanic that unlocks new abilities and new archetypes based on what you buy into from the 4 Base Classes (Warrior, Mage, Priest, Technician). For example Warrior + Priest = Paladin.
It's not my responsibility to entertain you, dipshit.
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