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I've been toying with the idea of either forming a new TTRPG system or simply writing a novel(la) set on Europa. I could use some advice if the chicken scratch ideas I have jotted down are at all compelling either as a setting to roleplay in or as a medium for a good story to read. Even if you think it's shit, that's feedback and I appreciate it.

To start, let's establish some real facts about Europa:
>1/7th the gravity of Earth
>1/4th diameter of Earth, but has twice as much water as all of Earth’s oceans combined
>Ice shell is between 15 to 25 km (10 to 15 mi) thick
>Ocean is between 60 to 150 km (40 to 100 mi) deep
>90% size of Luna, reflects 5.5x the sunlight of Luna
>5.2 AU from Sol, takes 45 minutes for sunlight to reach it
>Orbits Jupiter every 3.5 days, gravity-locked to always face Jupiter
>Generating a special magnetic field via electrically-conductive fluid beneath the surface
>Astrobiologists believe there might be extremophile life similar to those around deep sea vents on Earth

And now some fictional "truths" about Europa in-setting:
>Aquatic life relies heavily on hydrothermal vents. Majority depends on nutrients found in the dusty chemical deposits and hydrothermal fluids. Microbial life found at hydrothermal vents is chemosynthetic; they fix carbon by using energy from chemicals such as sulfide, as opposed to light energy from the sun.
>Life outside vents is a standard “there’s always a bigger fish” scenario
>Has large deposits of “Black Ice” that can be used with Induction Thermal Plasma methods to create hydrogen and carbon nanotubes. Some deposits are present on the surface but a vast majority are located on the ocean floor.
>Has large deposits of Gadolinium found on the ocean floor
>Two main space elevators - One faces out into space, the other towards Jupiter. Colloquially known as the “Light Lift” and “Dark Lift”
>As the name might suggest, the Light Lift is the easiest to dock with, transfer materials through, and access from space. Meanwhile the Dark Lift is only for those brave/skilled enough to risk not only a closer burn to Jupiter but also travel through an area of extremely hostile wildlife.
>Main outposts/colonies surround space elevators and major hydrothermal vents
>Rogue/Mercenary/Pirate bands exist in the dark between vents/elevators and use their own tunnels to get from the ocean to the surface. From there they primarily rely on actual landing craft rather than the space elevators, but have been known to use the Dark Lift for special/large shipments
>Civilization on the surface is mostly tasked with keeping the space elevators working, ensuring shipments off-world are properly prepared, and searching for new potential drill sites for future space elevators
>Civilization in the ocean is focused on mining and generally “striking it rich by any means necessary”

File: riccardo-morgia-overall.jpg (376 KB, 1549x1200)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Here's some tidbit about the mining operations:
>The xenos wildlife -does not- like any form of mining, regardless of method used.
>Established sites primarily use remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) slaved to a master submarine that provides both command & control and protection against the wildlife
>New or guerilla mining operations use manually-operated vehicles (MOVs) and are more concerned with getting what they can before the wildlife drives them off
>Primary excavation tools are vibration drills

And some notes on the submarine-like craft involved:
>Equipped with various weaponry: Sound (For wildlife), Torpedoes (For other subs & large wildlife), and Orange Transparent Chainsaws (Think Outlaw Star)
>Can self-sustain for up to four months at a time before needing to be resupplied at a settlement
>Typical crews range from 10 to 25
>Maximum speed is typically 50 km/h (~31 mph)
>Three types: Transport, C&C, and Attack

That's about as far as I've gotten. Might just be all bunk and wasted time, but I suppose you all will let me know pretty clearly if it's shit.
File: 1620053625657.gif (3.24 MB, 343x498)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB GIF
i like ice-olation fiction, nothing better then getting ripped and listening to the terror, or who goes there are swaddled up in my coze-cocoon
Okay, but what's the story?
I miss the /tg/ lego wargame shitposting thread.It was comfy.
Basically you're some fresh-off-the-spaceship colonist or merc looking to strike it rich and/or experience the thrill of "the frontier." Can you and your crew live long enough between everything trying to kill you to one day buy your ticket off this iceball? Or will you rise in power/prestige until you carve your name into the annals of Europa's history?
also I love sci-fi stuff involving Europa, tho wouldn't what your describing be more along the lines of submarine and scuba dudes rather than Ice surface snow dudes?
They fit pretty much any space game as miners or davy crockett types.
There aren't nearly enough cold survival settings, it's always deserts or ruined civilizations.
File: file.png (920 KB, 690x486)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
You'd still have some Black Ice mines on the surface and in the "crust" before you hit the ocean proper. But the really good shit that's worth enough credits to buy you an orange transparent waifu is underwater. So I guess it's also mixed with the Aquazone line of LEGOs
gonna need to call in the rock raiders too
not for any real reason
but they look fucking cool
Holy hell do I miss the old rock raiders computer game. Underrated.
absolute banger
File: hqdefault (4).jpg (6 KB, 480x360)
6 KB
Couple of things you could consider looking into:
for some other "iceolation" themed brainstorming
>Scaly foot gastropod, polychaetes, NautilusLive, MBARI
for your chemical-vent ecosystems
>thermal layer / thermocline, submarine knuckles, cavitation
for submarine warfare mechanics you could consider when designing combat encounters

I've done a decent bit of relevant reading while doing some personal worldbuilding on a cold-weather exploration setting, so I'd be glad to share what I've found if you have more specific things you'd like to flesh out more.
File: strive.jpg (36 KB, 432x375)
36 KB
excellent material anon, good looking out
i thought a lot of this was lost during the initial d4chan death
>God, why am I nostalgic for a theme that came out 7-8 years before I was born?

Okay, so one thing to consider is what factions or mining corps are there on this world? I assume M-Tron would be in charge of the elevators, as that's their thing, while Unitron is the new solar/galactic government. (Uni is in the name). Perhaps some Blacktron hold-outs are under the planet which is why it's of such interest beyond the resources?
Love those little fuckers like you wouldn't believe.
File: Dn3bHfNXcAAxtwE.jpg (137 KB, 1200x1200)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>Orange Transparent Chainsaws
Do you have a loicense for that?
>>God, why am I nostalgic for a theme that came out 7-8 years before I was born?
>Ice Planet came out in '93
>people from 2000 are now 21 years old
Jesus, where did the time go
If it's any help, two days ago I've tried to explain a copyright loophole to students using a case involving specific hit song, only to be reminded that the song came out two years before the grand majority of them was born. Those are people defending their master thesis this year. I'm not even sure where that time went.
If only. This is literally the only tolerable place on the internet. It's sad. Reddit is insufferable, don't get me started on FB, Tumblr, or Twitter. Ironically 4chan reminds me of a more adult version of the LMBs. And frankly I was always made fun of for being interested in old crap, I just embrace it these days. Though I still hold the Early 90's and 2000's were lego's golden age.
>He has social media
Truly, you are underage
File: 1539831948018.jpg (267 KB, 714x1024)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
I sometimes have to get back to the uni I went to give lectures if one of the profs doesn't have time or the like, and still feels like I went there as a student just last year or so. Fucking time, man.
Anyway, OTCs.
obvious nogames thread
Oh we're sorry, are you booty blasted that using lego derived content would get your channel demonitized, neckberdia?

Eat dick, fags.
I mean sure, we can all agree that the lego boys with orange transparent chainsaws are really cool, and ice planets are also cool, but you're throwing the sled before the dogs, so to speak. Listing all sorts of facts isn't really helpful. What do you want to do with this? Survival stories? Alien horrors beneath the ice? Gruff miners vs slick corpos? There's a lot you CAN do.
Cool it with the worlduilding until you have a skeleton to cover.
Ironically, Lego is very lax with what you do with their IP, as long as you don't claim to be Lego they really don't give a shit. I mean, they're the ones the let the Bionicle crew to rebuild a cancelled PC game from leaked Alpha, Beta, and Demo builds.
File: 1585682442017.jpg (4.59 MB, 7341x5200)
4.59 MB
4.59 MB JPG
I may be misremembering but wasn't there a series of threads a while ago to try and create a unified sci-fi setting involving all of the retro lego set lines? Its a great idea that there should be more on IMO.
what's stopping you?
File: Untitled.png (1.56 MB, 689x984)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
>what's stopping you?
The blue Space Police and the green Space Police
>90s Lego
Anything from Pirates onward (them included) isn't retro Lego, simply because they've started introducing elements that weren't standard blocks and minifigs with modified elements (hooks, peglegs etc, at least as a "starting point)
This set fucking slaps, one of my favorites from childhood for sure
you know that's not what i meant
i'll get your channel removed again
watch me
but it is. how do you explain that?

two distinct Space Police's. Do they have different jurisdictions? Are they really the same? How do you explain this shit?
File: gigachad.ab28dd28.png (307 KB, 750x920)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
dif between state patrol, rangers and highway patrol, but in space
ones probably system wide
ones probably intersystem
Looooook. What I'm trying to say is that if you want a setting made, do it yourself. Don't sit around and wait for others to do it. Don't ask ME lore questions, figure it yourself. Write LEGO an email if you must, they'd probably be happy to answer.
File: f89.jpg (40 KB, 586x564)
40 KB
>hypothetical questions are more than that
>do not spitball with anons about cool stuff you both love
stop being no fun allowed you gigautist
File: disgust.jpg (29 KB, 524x336)
29 KB
Right, that's why we need seven hundred threads about anon's barely fleshed out idea kept alive for a fucking week with shitposts. I wouldn't have a problem with you worldbuilding cunts if you were to actually write something.
Show me your spitballs, oh mighty slobbering one.
Go back to sleep, boomer.
>insane bullshit you literally just made up
take your cognizoids chopgoblin
Fuck off splatoonfag.
>Green are Space Police. They have jurisdiction over incorporated areas of space, most likely around planets, moons, important asteroids, space stations, etc.
>Blue are Space Sheriffs. They have jurisdiction over unincorporated areas of space, most likely in the place between planets, asteroid belts, around planets that don't count as proper colonies, etc.

Wow, that was hard.
File: 1634203508673.jpg (21 KB, 445x363)
21 KB
What the fuck are you on about?
You're actually deeply insane aren't you?
>"its bad to have themed worldbuilding threads because [made up bullshit that only exists in your warped mind]
>gets called on histrionic cryscreaming
>starts talking about splatoon
bro you are all kinds of bent
>I've been toying with the idea of either forming a new TTRPG system
Didn't we have this thread like, two years ago?
Some tool got triggered by video game characters maybe a week ago now and has since accused several people at random across multiple threads of being "splatoonfag". Usually it's because phrases like "take your pills" or "schizo" set him off.

"Take your cognizoids" is probably what did it in this instance.
kek, telling that so many people say that to him
i mean not as much of a hand-tilt as his raving retard behavior, but still, good easteregg
>people tell him to take meds
>he proves them right
perfect pottery
Isn't that from the thread about the 18 pages backstory autist??
File: lego (2).jpg (29 KB, 345x281)
29 KB
Man did I have to dig deep to find this. March 2009, feels like yesterday
There were some older threads, too - the ones listed under the "snowcrawler" thread were relatively recent (around June this year) and were inspired by an older series of threads in 2017. You should be able to find them here:
I don't think they were ever on 1d4chan, but suptg does have some very nice stuff.
Green and blue could be a holdover from old terrestrial navy terminology - in real life, greenwater fleets are used to refer to riverine/coastal rated watercraft, while bluewater fleets refer to watercraft suited for operation in the open ocean.
Adjusting this for use in an orbital context, the "greenwater" police may be specialized in watching over and patrolling the planet's orbit (and possibly using spacecraft in support of operations on the planet surface), while "bluewater" police may serve as interceptors or guards on interstellar trade routes and such.
HOLY SHIT, I had this one & could never find it! Thank you anon!
That's fair. I kinda wanted to cover all of that (Survival, Aliens in the ice, etc) which is why I wasn't sure whether to commit to a novel or a TTRPG setting. The former would have to be quite long to tackle everything, while the latter you can more or less set the world in motion and let the GMs out there decide what approach they take.
File: heh.jpg (267 KB, 995x677)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: the-shining-05-13.jpg (57 KB, 720x480)
57 KB
I'm on board, but a good setting has a trial adventure usually or an example to set the tone, I think this is what anons would like to see you explore, while they dartboard stuff at it.
It also demonstrates what mechanics have the most focus, what sort of situations are played out and how.
Again, I'm on board to see another less scatterbrained approach on it, especially when there are 6 generals for identical fantasy shit systems full of cryfighting at any given moment.
Again, fair. My thinking is that I want to do something like Wrath & Glory or the 2d20 system where you're dealing with dice pools and metacurrency. The reason being that I feel both have good ideas in terms of both mechanics and narrative. It's just a matter of finding a sweet spot that (hopefully) isn't 20+ skills but also isn't some PbtA ripoff
File: 1435265469989.jpg (43 KB, 680x544)
43 KB
Pretty much entirely tangential, BUT MIKE RAYHAWK HUFFS HIS OWN FARTS!!!
File: celestial sled.jpg (168 KB, 982x691)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
If I were trying to make an Orange Transparent Chainsaw setting I would want to emphasize man vs environment. Look at these fuckers, these fuckers are suited up to fight ice and win, that's their whole deal. They're arctic/antarctic explorers with space-age tech to tackle the super-arctic of an ice planet. I think your setting has room for that, but as others have pointed out, it sort of builds up to and emphasizes the aqua zone, with the ice planet as a transitional zone that people move through on their way to space. I like how well it incorporates ice stuff, space stuff and aqua stuff all together so well, but if I wanted to emphasize the orange transparent chainsaw action then I would personally set it on an icy exoplanet with no oceans, as a starting point. But your setting has a lot of room. I like the image of smugglers coming up out of miles of icy tunnels, emerging in bumfuck-nowhere on the icy surface, and hoping to christ that their spaceship is still where they left it. There's room in this ecosystem for people who spend their whole lives as guides and manhunters on the surface.
File: Space.png (470 KB, 536x517)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Found this.

You're my hero.
File: Hyperborean Patch Co.jpg (1.47 MB, 2688x1520)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
It just makes me sad Hyperborean went MIA and I can't get another patch for my hat.
File: It's cold out there.jpg (896 KB, 3200x2400)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
only got the arctic patch, which is pretty low key as far as lego merch goes.
>I like the image of smugglers coming up out of miles of icy tunnels, emerging in bumfuck-nowhere on the icy surface, and hoping to christ that their spaceship is still where they left it.
I'd almost say that you'd have to leave a crew to guard it and/or fend off any wildlife or would be pirates. So while the "ground team" goes off into the depths, the "surface team" has to be on constant watch. You'd definitely have folks hunting the surface looking for a fresh score.

Now that I have some time, I'll sit down and try to hash out some basic system design elements to see if folks think they'll stack up.
File: file.png (3.06 MB, 1500x1024)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
Alright. Here's what I'm thinking of repurposing for a theoretical system:

From Wrath & Glory
>d6 pools against a target number of successes
>4 and 5 counts as 1 success
>6 counts as 2 successes
>1 die in pool is considered to be an "Ice Die" (formerly known as a Wrath Die)
>If Ice Die rolls a 6 and the test passes, positive critical effect
>If Ice Die rolls a 1 and the test passes, it's a messy success (i.e. complication)
>If Ice Die rolls a 1 and the test fails, negative effect/complication on top of failure
>Unskilled (i.e only 1 die) rolls are just the Ice Die
>Maximum main stat limit of 6
>Maximum skill point limit of 6 (Iffy on this one - not sure if math checks out)
>Extra successes can be used for extra damage, narrative declarations (within reason), and storing metacurrency

From 2d20
>Both GM and Player have metacurrency
>GM pool is unlimited. Players limited to a maximum of 6. Any extra beyond 6 is lost at resolution of roll.
>Metacurrency can be used to buy more dice, reroll dice, make narrative declarations, apply extra effects, and more
>Players can collectively give up to 6 metacurrency per session to the GM instead of spending their own
>Stats limited to 6 in all
>Skill list limited to 6 in all

Misc Thoughts
>Need to encourage playing characters, not dice pools
>Not sure if messy criticals works
>May need to increase pool sizes once someone who actually knows math can chime in
>Will need to similarly limit vehicles to a 6/6 stat/skill spread, regardless of whether they're space, ground, or ocean faring
>Players should get some kind of bonus for bringing a LEGO minifigure to the game
>Players should get some kind of bonus for using orange transparent equipment
This thread just makes me miss Lego Quest
Saw this, thought it was neat because fuckhuge ice geysers just sounds rad:
File: 1565418575175.png (3.01 MB, 680x976)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB PNG
you reminded me of a setting I was working on a while back, based on classic lego sets like ice planet
I never finished it, and it seems like your setting is going for a more hard scifi take, but if you want to cannibalize any ideas feel free!
original thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/67744810/
Even though this a decrepit, stale, old school 4chan meme, it really is Reddit as fuck. I can just imagine a manchild posting their collection and actually thinking this shit is cool.
I'm sorry your dad left and your mom couldn't afford to buy you legos but you don't have to take it out on everyone else

The lego quests were so cash. I didn't post in a lot of quest threads but those were great.
File: download.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
nnngh my childhood

Blacktron had triforces?
File: Where.jpg (75 KB, 576x489)
75 KB
Pic related

I'm pretty certain anon is too young to catch on the Ice Planet line. He would have to be at least 30.

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