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File: 1541866051734.jpg (135 KB, 600x771)
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Post about your favorite characters from those you've played and have others rate them/offer opinions. Use this template:
>Setting or System
>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
>Post artwork if available

Rate those above your post /10 with any opinion you might have
File: ozwyn.jpg (13 KB, 218x330)
13 KB
>Ozwyn the Merry
>Human Mage
>Tunnels and Trolls
>Raised at the high tower, very short tempered. Secretly enjoys smelling his own farts.
>Managed to persuade local magistrates not to hang his thief companion.
OP here

>Berg is the bastard son of a jarl who ruled in the perpetually frozen northern wastelands. When his father died, Berg and his mother were humiliated and chased away by his trueborn siblings. His mother couldn't hack it in the cold. Berg stole his father's heirloom greatsword from his hall and ran away south where he began the life of a mercenary intent on making enough money to be able to take back his father's lands with hired him like himself. One of his trueborn half-siblings has been tasked with recovering the sword.

>Prone to losing most of his money to drink and gambling. Doesn't take kindly to questions about his background or parentage. Berg has no use for honor and will use underhanded methods to win when he can but he is also quick witted in dangerous situations. Has little empathy for civilians and their lives, but fits right in with other mercenaries and their code.
>pic related
File: brahim-bensehoul-sktch.jpg (570 KB, 1920x1920)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
>Thief, bat flavored aaracokra
>I came from an anti world tree that worked as a boundary between shadowfell and the material universe, i was a teenager from a primitive tribe of bat people
>put my hairs in prison food, snitched on a murdering pc despite not being able to talk, did an interview with hideaki anno during an interlude, i will add my sheep to your own

So my character didn't speak any languages and I just communicated using charades and practical jokes. Since Slip was extremely social and craved attention, I had to teach other characters simple phrases from the sliptionary. Also I had to keep the quality of physical comedy on a decent level despite doing this for months. At the time I stopped playing i had more than a hundred phrases written down, and most players could understand at least a few basic ones.
The players tried giving me a magic earring to make me talk, but it didn't really help them. Slip's perception was totally different from a human's. Hands and feet were interchangeable and civilized people were supposed to walk on the ceiling, because the floor is for livestock and for people without status.
File: Cornelius.png (381 KB, 1600x1200)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>Tiefling/ Watcher Paladin
>Blind, stoic Tiefling paladin,last of his order, sworn to protect the plane from outsider menaces, even in his disability.
>Did a one man stand against a portal that would constantly spit out palanar monsters until they could seal it up.
Since no one is reviewing.
6/10 based brack brap poster, bland character.
6/10 God awful backstory, but character mannerisms and personality can bring it back. Bonus points if he doesn't end up actually being able to reclaim his lands or becomes a cruel leader.
8/10 awesome, would be perfect aside from the young adult bait.
4/10 why bother posting? I'm sure that your character is more interesting in game, but you're describing them in the most boring say possible.
File: Char.png (2.24 MB, 1080x1920)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
>Human Paladin
>One of last of an antiquated and forgotten religious order to the Timeless God, charged to walk the Material World and combat evil. Jovial, good-natured, compassionate, but a skilled warrior.
>Traveled through time via a powerful tome, battled some shit, and sacrificed himself by staying with said tome in the distant past to ensure its disuse.
Honestly kinda wasted him on the short intermediary campaign I made him for, IMO. Got another I played longer I might post later, too.
>Damien Willows
>Expert (Built primarily as a techie/mechanic, with some skills for piloting starships as well)
>Stars Without Number
>Engineering prodigy from a poor family who joined the crew of a small cargo freighter in the hopes of saving enough money to get them off their shitty, corp-dominated homeworld
>Survived everything from insane AI to psychic assassins despite not being much of a fighter
>Became the de facto captain of the crew after the previous 2 died messily (crushed between a pair of stone slabs and turned into a meat-puppet by hostile nanomachines, respectively) and ended up pulling triple duty as pilot, engineer, and captain for a pretty decent stretch
Poor guy was a mess who was just barely keeping it together by the end of the campaign.
File: file.png (862 KB, 899x636)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
Human Thief
>Setting or System
>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
a runaway noble whose family later tried to fuck around with chaos and got obliterated, after realising what has happened he cut all remaining ties with his past and works dirty jobs for his own gain. Cynic and paranoid, suprisingly loyal to his party
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
fucking so hard in his first heist that Ranald himself had to help him up, Returning to his old manor and killing his brother who turned into chaos abomination, "killing" the ghosts of his family blaming him for staying alive (and losing a leg in combat) then burning his manor down and leaving the party for a half a year timeskip
>Post artwork if available
guy on the middle
Blades and Blasters?
File: Yildrim.jpg (135 KB, 474x474)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
If no one else is going to review then fuck it, you get what you get.
7/10 Mixed feelings about this one, on one hand it's nondescript enough to make me recoil but on the other hand you've put together just a good person - and that ending, while cliche, is commendable for that type of character. Props, anon.
Honestly this could swing between 3/10 to 8/10 depending on how old the character is and whether or not his mental duress became a character pillar.
8/10 I liked that he was able to cut ties, emotionally and in the more physical sense. Good on you for treating him like a person.

Just so people can clap back at me:
>Hobgoblin/Artificer Artillerist
>DnD5e Homebrew
>As a Chief Imperial Artificer he secured passage to the New World for himself and his son, following his divorce, and worked alongside Imperial Alchemists to synthesize weapons out of the exotic fauna. He's a proud, emotionally stupid bastard - always looking for ways to bring life under his control, which led him to contest an Imperial edict telling him to halt his research. The Empire got involved and the fall out resulted in his lobotomy (later corrected because of time traveling bullshit).
>Formed and led the strike team that usurped the father of another PC; Developed a friendship with a Beholder, using Imperial manners of course; Traveled back in time, to recover his destroyed research.
Name : Rudiger Johann, Franz, Johann Mertzmann, Karl Rudiger
Race/Class: Annointed priest of Ranald
System: Wfrp2
Background and personality: Was just some Marienburg chump who got involved with criminals because his mentor wanted him to steal some money from the temple/bank of Handrich. The heist went terribly as Johann and the rest of the group got caught up in a riot they intended to use as a distraction. Had to leave town with the others due to other criminal activity shortly after.

Johann is a easy going guy, the luck of Ranald comes and goes after all. Gold is meant to be shared with all so after a heist Johann will pay off innkeepers to serve drinks for free for the rest of the night. More money means more raging parties and less starving poor people. Johann usually forgets anything from a week ago, a priest of Ranald should always be on the move. Avoided killing whenever possible, and only used daggers and leather armor.

Notable things done: Stole immense amounts of money from nobles and merchants. Once fought a deamonette with a knife and won. Annoyed the Slayer that he traveled with by refusing to leave the dwarf alone to fight and die, using the excuse that the slayer needed a witness to his great deeds. Borrowed lots of money from the party for parties and other stupid stuff, never paid any of it back. Hired top tier legal defense for a Kislevite who was accused of thievery, then broke the guy out of jail anyways.
Johann got a tattoo in every region he traveled to, by the end of the 4 year campaign he was covered from ankle to neck under his clothes. Once spent/gave away 200 gold in one night. Almost murdered by the party once for tossing a sack of money out of an inn window to prove a point.
>Mateus Hildemar
>Dark Heresy 2e
>Spent most of his life and an Arbite on some backwater hive world until a bunch of Nurgle cultists ruined everything by summoning demons and shit. Got picked up by the Inquisition after he'd managed to rally survivors for a desperate last stand. Not a strict book-banger, but definitely believes that the rules are generally there for a reason. Generally pretty amiable, if somewhat reserved. Sort of the middle-ground mediator between the super zealous Sister-in-training and the laid-back and irreverent ex-guard medic.
>Survived going toe-to-toe with a Bloodletter (though he did lose his left hand), also shrugged off being shot in the back of the head by a traitorous commissar and proceeded to cut him to ribbons immediately afterwards
File: img48865d68b579e.jpg (46 KB, 600x306)
46 KB
>Rainar of Oakhaven, Formerly Rainar the Bastard
>Human Fighter/Barbarian/Knight/Marshal (fuck class based systems desu)
>Bastard son of a duke set off to make his fortune and carve out his own fief. Succeeded. Is now deeply outrageously in debt as he started several ambitious building projects to improve his territory and exhausted all his funds months ago. Is adventuring again to pay off debts.
>Slew a dragon, the rest of the party helped a bit. Died, but came back after making a bargain with a fae lord.
>depending on how old the character is and whether or not his mental duress became a character pillar
He was in his early 20's, I think, and figuring out how to cope with all the stress he was under did become a pretty big part of his character arc
>hobgoblin divorcee
Could be good.
I like it. I like a good exit.
Sounds like a fun character, if rough to mesh with the other party members.
A bit too slapstick for me. Race pick is kind of freakshit, but at least you played into it.
File: gwin.png (483 KB, 1080x1920)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
That's fair. I think that's mostly why I felt he was wasted a bit. I had an idea for just a good natured Paladin based on the Nihang (rather than Euro knights) for flavor, but I've always gotten into the nuance of who characters are through play. Unfortunately that campaign was extremely short and kind of ended before really any of us got a chance to explore the characters. Still one of my favorite for the aesthetic, though.

Here's the other I guess for comparison, who I got to play for 2 years instead of just a few weeks consecutive weeks.
>Gwin Hammerhand
>Son of a dwarven smith in a long line of smiths back to the original Hammerhand, who made his name (legend says) by forging a warhammer with only his bare fist in times of scarcity and war. The warhammer (an ugly, cubish hunk on a thick wooden haft) was passed from father to son for generations, and is the only heirloom Gwin had when smuggled from his hold as it was sacked by Orcs.
>Typical shit at first glance, boisterous, a love of drink and combat. But harbors a quiet vulnerability for the home taken from him, the legacy lost, and the father left behind. Wants deeply to someday find the lost hold, find his father, and give his father the proper burial of his people.
>Tried to win the hand of a Vampire Countess and made a fool out of himself in the process. Accused a shop owner of racism for mistaking him for another dwarf to finagle a discount on Plate Armor. Found the conquered home of his people and his long dead father, gave him burial, and forged a greatsword whose hilt held the forearm bone of his father. Visited vengeance upon the perpetrators. Gifted the greatsword to close friend and settled down in a cottage in the mountains with his hammer above the fireplace.
Hell, maybe I just play plain ass characters. I'm a forever DM most of the time anyway.
File: Zugrot_single.png (12 KB, 512x512)
12 KB
>Dragonborn Barbarian (exclusively uses grappling and improvised weapons, has a rapier but keeps it as a memento)
>DnD 5e, used for oneshots
>An retired spelljammer pirate, served on deck as a quartermaster. Find out retirement is fucking boring and now waddles from one tavern to another getting drunk until he passes out or picks a fight with someone, sometimes join adventurers just to fuck around
He's an asshole high on his own farts but means well for people and go forward to shield his company on the first line. Freedomfag who takes enjoyment from triggering lawtists
>Talked shit to an avatar of god of order and scored a lucky soccer punch on him, got smited and ressurected by the trickster god as a reward for wiping the smug grin for the former's face. Years spent in spelljamming crew gave him an ability to detect fractures in reality, letting him jump between planes (although involuntary)
A street urchin who bought a cultivation Manual for a few coppers and actually managed to begin cultivating and became a daoist. Wields a katana cause he can't tell the difference between the cultures since all he has is a grungy ass manual guiding him along his path

Mentioned I was making a cultivator and the dm mentioned Kung Fu hustle, which is one of my favorite movies so I just rolled with it. character even changed his name to a chinese one to feel more authentic to himself
File: Iliira.png (345 KB, 686x963)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
>Iliira Ii'ilmerias
>Drow (human-raised) Rogue (thief)
>D&D, any system
>"Born on the surface of the world and raised by a good human man, Iliira knows nothing of the wicked ways possessed by her underground kin. She only wishes to live the centuries of life yet ahead of her to their fullest - and maybe make a little coin along the way..."
>Slew a white dragon significantly above her level, essentially solo.
>Briefly owned a wizard's tower
>Sacrificed herself to drag another dragon into the Astral Plane (via putting a bag of holding inside another bag of holding) and save her party. Ended up actually managing to slay the dragon in the Astral, but that was the end of her for that campaign
>Later showed up in a campaign set 30 years in the future as a bartender.

She was based on Atolycus from Hercules and Xenda, Aladdin from the Disney flick, and Lina Inverse from The Slayers. Iliira was also my first D&D character that I came up with all the way back in 1999 or 2000 or so, though I had to wait 16 years before I actually got to play her thanks to being Forever DM'd. She and remains my favorite. She was a plucky sidekick character, not a main character.
File: 1539401205354.png (687 KB, 669x1100)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
>Baqi Çelesescu
> Human (Strigany) Warlock
>WFRP 2e
>A wandering vagabond and lover of carousing, he values his people above all else
> Defeated an oncoming warband of worshippers of Nurgle and their daemonic minions, and secured his dark reign as a border prince and necromancer in the Border Princes
Am Johann player.
It worked because the rest of the group was nonhumans so I was extremely valuable when it came to gathering info or even shopping in the empire.
Johann was very much the kind of guy who would always borrow money from you at the bar and never pay it back BUT he would have your back in a fight and buys rounds for everyone on his payday.
I was valuable as a thief to the criminals in the party and the slayer liked me because I would find out where stuff was for him to slay.
I would also drive the elf and dwarfs crazy by refusing to believe in Scaven (They are just rat beastmen!) after we had seen and fought them.

I like your character, having a backstory of chaos hated makes for a good reason to work with a party in warhammer.
This guy sounds like a blast. Good old grey area morality. Good guy to those he cares about, but a necromancer nonetheless.
>>81720266 is above me as of posting this, so I'm giving him a 5/10 for neat art and lack of offensive features but also lack of detail.

>Human Elite Trooper
>An Anima: Beyond Science oneshot (some guy's Anima: Beyond Fantasy homebrew, according to GM)
>Inheritor of an ancient martial arts dojo (a reference to a ki-using character in a different a:bf game) trying to recruit new disciples following his master's death. Very traditional and hates cybernetics and genemodding. Very out-of-touch with the wider world and intergalactic scene.
>A surprising amount, despite being a "normal" human, given that you can bump your stats into superhuman territory with level-up bonuses. Has hacked apart small groups of trained gunmen; parried missiles, automatic gunfire, and plasma slugs with an ordinary sword; and once defeated a (relatively small, by the setting's standards) mech alone.
He's supposed to be a Kong Taoluo expy, but the party keeps comparing him to Raiden, much to the chagrin of the actual cyborg swordsman in the party. Poor guy, but he gets his share of the spotlight.
>Fjolnir Snowcrow
>Human Ranger
>Pathfinder 1e (kingmaker campaign)
A simple man, Fjolnir had come to the Stolen Lands to discover new territory and explore. He suffered for it, receiving scars, losing an eye, burying all his original comrades, but eventually became the reluctant Marshal to a newly born nation. Despite his reluctance, he took his job seriously and hated when his people died to things he could have prevented. He often served as the King paladin's voice and helped as a moral compass.
>notable things they have done in the campaign

survive where others died. I was the only person to keep their character from session 0 to the last session. He buried his friends, killed a dragon in a single volley of arrows, was the first to leap into danger to help others, and finally volunteered to stay behind to placate the gods that demanded one of the party serve them in exchange for slaying one of their number. He also got resurrected enough that his god and him talked while the spells were being cast
I feel like my GM has a weird thing where he wants each of our characters to have a relations with gods
one of the dwarves has gained favor of Morr, the cleric of Myrmidia (who started as a thug) became an acolyte due to Myrmydia herself talking to him and my character got saved out of trouble by Ranald twice despite him not really worshipping him and following the basic rules (giving 1/10th of gained money) so he can benefit from being on the good side of thieves guild

Also. Morihaus isn't his actual name and his origin was kept a secret until the second campaign when he returned to his manor to face the past (although involuntary as it just happened to be a quest as well)

I'm not familiar with the Kingmaker Campaign. What niche of fantasy does it fall under? Snowcrow seems like a pretty good guy. Who was responsible for his suffering, scars, and lost eye?

>Roland Beard
>Human Gunrunner
>Customized Eberron

Roland Beard is an old soul who decided to stand against the forces of Absolute Singularity (ultra Law essentially) and their corporatist lackeys that have been slowly overtaking the Black Houses that keep the forces of entropy (Chaos) in check. He's seen the corporatists churning out inhuman monstrosities from their manipulation of the entropic energies contained within the Black Houses. He's seen entire towns under the "protectorship" of the corporatists turned into testing grounds for these monstrosities.

So Beard smuggles guns to the various factions that stand against the corporatists.

>Notable Deeds

Beard had the foresight to fill the brain of a manifesting godling with lead before the rest of the godling's body could take form.
He probably just like the religions a lot in the setting and likes to focus the game around them, they are pretty sweet to be fair. A proper dwarf would probably attract positive attention from human priests and not just Sigmarites.

>Dungeon Crawl Classics
>Brokk was Iron. First played in a funnel as a very generic dwarf, Brokk ended up surviving and becoming a main character despite his terrible stats other than strength. Brokk was brash and was never afraid of biting off more than he could chew. He was always first into the fight with his greataxe no matter the foe. Brokk despised magic users and put no effort into hiding this.
Due to his hatred of witchery Brokk ended up being cursed by a witch for insulting her to her face. The curse was that his teeth would perpetually chatter until he could get the witch to lift the curse. Brokk immediately slew the witch, which did not stop his chattering teeth.
Brokk being pretty dumb and always thinking of his future greatness (instead of actually lifting the curse) decided that his best course of action was to seek out some way to change his body into metal.
This plan would take money so Brokk made sure to loot everything he could. At one point he got a hold of a bunch of rubies (these were also cursed to cause bad luck). He also did not care about this and held and traded the rubies as he could.
In the end Brokk was slain at level 3 because he decided that sitting in an inn was boring and went looking for something to fight in the forest.
Brokk came across a divine stag, they had a stare down and then charged each other. Brokk almost slew the stag in one blow with a crit, the stag swung back and slew Brokk instantly.
File: Mullanasrudin.png (219 KB, 338x492)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>Ali of Babylam
>Human Wizard
>Curse of Strahd
>Very poor fighter who uses his charisma and int score to get out of situations. A traveler from some generic Arabian setting, implied to be a bit of a hobo
>Managed to trick Strahd into accidentally killing himself by getting him drunk on wine and daring him to go outside, impale himself on the tallest spire of his castle, and let loose the sun upon his form
>Never cast a single offensive spell the entire campaign
Satyr druid
>Setting or System
DnD 5e
>Character background and personality
Backstory (the short version)
Vraala is the druidic guardian over a swamp called the Kearpond Glades. She lives there in seclusion and it's rare for her to encounter people, and those she does encounter either happen to walk through the swamp, alerting them to her presence or they are actively coming to the swamp looking for her.
She has now been forced to leave her swamp by the request of her druidic circle in search for a great evil that would throw the natural order into chaos

Vraala is very outgoing, extroverted, is often seen as a bit uncouth, and doesn’t really care that much about personal space, especially not now when she spent most of her time alone in the swamp. She will often act before she thinks about consequences; she will give you a kiss if she thinks you are cute, dance with you if she hears a good tune, and so on.

>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Not much so far as the campaign is very slow and we haven’t had much time to play
>March, the Mad Hare
>Spring Court Beast Runnerswift
>Changeling the Lost
>His entire personality is based around a quote from Alice in Wonderland, "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." He acts the part of the vice-addled gadabout, the very definition of a Spring courtier just on the right side of hedonism, but that's mostly a smokescreen to hide his desire for political power in the Freehold.
>He plotted to usurp the mantle of Spring pretty much from the get-go of the campaign. The ST promised me the current Spring Monarch would no go away easily and I was very excited to see what would happen. Unfortunately, we never got that far.
File: Genjo.jpg (73 KB, 579x700)
73 KB
Human Monk
D&D 5e (Descent into Avernus)
Raised by a secret order for the first sixty years of his life, Genjo was suddenly and unceremoniously ejected from his monastery following the embarrassing revelation that - due to a clerical error in the translation of the sacred prophecy - he was not, in fact, the Chosen One. Disillusioned, the monk left his mountain home, walked into the nearest tavern, and crawled into a bottle, where he would remain for the next twenty-odd years.
A bitter, geriatric drunk with a deeply-buried altruistic streak. Having long since resigned self to the idea of dying in puddle of his own vomit, only signed up with party so he could go out on his own terms, i.e. punching a demon in the dick.
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Became unwilling voice of reason within the party, by dint of somehow being the least fucked up; elbow dropped a pit fiend from 100 feet in the air; punched demon lord Yeenoghu in the dick; died.
File: unknown.png (1.3 MB, 665x887)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Héléa Tyrdottir
Undine Sorceress
>Setting or System
Savage Pathfinder, using Freeport as a setting
>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
Got stolen by a hag when she was a baby, spent the first 8 years of her life on a LittleNightmare-tier ship. Each kid on the ship were branded with a number, which meant the order of passage in the "kitchen". Managed to escape with another kid, stranded at sea, they got found out by a rather friendly pirate. Enjoyed a fresh start at life in a city full of pirate and weird cult. Grew up, developed magic abilities, probably because the Hag put some weird shit in her food. Own a curios shop and offered sea scavenging service (finding sunken ship, rare seaweed...). Secondary job included making fortune reading and helping her adopted sister who became the assistant of the ruler of the city (so basically the group job giver).
A bit odd because of her original upgringing not much social filterd, dressed like a hobo. Consumer of toxics plants, as she is immuned to poison, it's like taking light drugs to her. Has a few frogs that she keeps in some folds of her dress.
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Became the voice of reason despite being a complete hobo, married a romantic goblin swashbuckler, getting a makeover so that she could fit in a bit more
Nice quints
8/10, I like old character, and the background is quite funny. Can relate to becoming the voice of reason, and even the spokesperson of the group. We had a bard and a seductive cleric of love in the group but they were really bad with their words sometimes
>lots of enjoyable characters in the thread
What can a forever DM to here? Really makes me feel like I’ve been missing out the last 4 years.
File: Vali_Injured.png (205 KB, 600x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Fey (Specifically a Revontulet, basically a fox that shoots lightning)/Electronic Warfare Fighter Pilot
>Setting or System
Setting is a custom strangereal-ish alternate history 80s earth with magic, system is heavily homebrewed Warbirds
>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
A shot down jet fell on his best friend back before he joined human society - he followed the general direction the jet that shot it down to an airbase, got educated and trained, did a few years in the Valerian miliyary before becoming a mercenary. Cares too much and goes out of his way to prevent deaths despite his line of work.
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Dated a communist and lead a small detachment of the company to try to prevent the Communist Han Union from falling - which still fell, but he got her out (and into the Elven Commune, which is almost worse). Befriended a witch and a demon. Convinced a soldier from a secret Antarctic rogue nation not to nuke the city of Holy Athens. Convinced another soldier of same nation not to nuke the company after a child soldier in our employ went rogue and killed the first soldier and his buddies. Failed to convince Holy Athens' leadership to allow them to divert an asteroid made of silver from skipping through the atmosphere. Watched as the company nuked Holy Athens with the nuke they stole from the dead soldiers. Watched, because a Communist woman that still loved him might die if that city didn't.
He also keeps making friends with all the goddamn spies in the company.
>Post artwork if available
File: 1456849183417.png (878 KB, 509x775)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
Yeah he started off as a brown-nosing toady for a group of ragtag adventurers wanting to start a mercenary company, and eventually became the paymaster for the company. He then realized he could embezzle some of their treasury to give to his kin, and soon had camp followers of a bunch of Strigany. He even survived the Neglish Rot against all odds.
>>81723090 here, rating some as well for fairness' sake:
9/10 jist for surviving Kingmaker. Pretty sure my group replaced the entire party twice over and we didn't even finish that campaign.
8/10, always fun to have a chatacter that realizes money's goid for more than just gear. What's with all the different names?
6/10, but mostly because I've had bad experience with charades characters and it's entirely possible you played well enough to avoid the frustration I associate with the trope.
>Kabu the Soul Sword
>Half-orc Fighter/Warlock
>D&D 5e
>Once a thug for a gang in the settings not!Japan, got recruited by a shaman who put souls to rest and killed demons. Later found out this guy mostly took in young and strong kids to put demons that he couldn’t kill into, sealing them for a while in either a corpse or a strong enough body to resist them. Over time became friends with his inner demon, Kyogen Uchikudake, a blue oni. Given Kabu is thick as two ply, having a smart if very evil inner voice was helpful. Massive in body and willpower, strong as fuck, Kabu stands on the front lines of the party in all combats beside the monk and eldritch knight, who he has become good friends with. His best bro is a half orc dragon sorcerer, and he has a rogue as an apprentice (the rogue hasn’t fully agreed).
>Notable shit has been ripping a demonic soul out of a warrior ghost and having his oni eat it. Fighting an army of monsters in a snowy mountain pass alongside members of the other party in the same world. Dying twice, both unexpected, second time sending Uchi back in his body to remain in hell as a soul beacon for the party to follow back to save a shit load of innocents. Caught a gigantic fish while using a ring of water walking. Invented Noh style theatre.

It’s been fun as fuck being a dumb weeb character. DM said to go hard into it so he’s Shaman King Bleach HxH Death Note Baki the Fiend Samurai. Silliest character concept I’ve done in years but love the fuck out of him.
Bancho is based as fuck
File: Ilja_Saar.png (13 KB, 690x521)
13 KB
Illias Saar
Estonia/Traveling Salesman (kitchen appliances)
Homebrew d100
Melancholic widower that was on his way home to visit the grave of his wife for Christmas that got involved in a murder mystery in the hotel he was staying in.
He managed to find the killer but was dead wrong on the motive.
File: Commis Zephyr Blitz fin.jpg (5.11 MB, 4073x6384)
5.11 MB
5.11 MB JPG

Zephyr Blitz
Changeling Sword Bard (soon to be mixed with swashbuckler rogue)
>Setting or System
D&D 5e
A naval mercenary and failed Ceremorphosis victim, she spent 12 years as the favored thrall of a mind flayer named Apophis. She eventually slipped from his grasp, though the experience left her with a half developed tadpole still in her head, mutating her changeling form as well as granting her psychic abilities and pain in equal measure. Half crazed, she bounces from hedonistic distractions to killing the mind flayer species as a whole wherever she finds them. Eventually she found her master the day he ascended to an illithilich, only for him to flee to another plane with a treasured artifact of hers. Somehow, his passage has dragged her along to this new world where she has slowly begun rebuilding her forces and her powers in hopes of hunting him down for good.
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Helped free an airship captain before he could be executed, eventually becoming the new ship's captain.
Used her psychic powers to stop a black dragon from posing a threat for an entire fight before helping to drive it from its lair
Set up a brand new outpost for airships
Force pushed a dracolich out of the air (when i briefly got to play her in our previous campaign as a backup)
>Post artwork if available
>Most recent piece, Her original art has more of a landsknecht vibe which I intend to go back too in 5 or so more levels

combines my love of Landsknecht aesthetic with necromancy, very cool
I'm a sucker for good aligned drow and characters who come back as npcs
Dig the aesthetic, and the background, as hags are some of my favorite monsters. Not a huge fan of glossing over where her magic came from, but maybe that will change through the game
8/10, interesting backstory and fun aesthetic
7/10, no idea how you got your DM to roll with that plan, but I can appreciate your commitment to a theme
File: Wolf.png (1.32 MB, 1248x1759)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>>Setting or System
>>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
Old war machine that is happy to keep doing what he was made for.
>>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Tossed 2 black puddings off a boat
>>Post artwork if available
drew it myself
File: pierre_tchernia[1].jpg (32 KB, 502x359)
32 KB
>Marcellus Pontius Gallicus
>Human Warrior
>Homebrew classical-fantasy setting
>French (Gaul) roman centurion that fought in the Middle East and Egypt for the empire, but eventually rebelled against Rome. Got his ass kicked, his legions fled and disbanded and he hid in Germany until the campaign started. Loves cooking with olive oil.
>Conquered Germany, France, England, Palestine and eventually Italy through diplomacy and cunning military strategies, until the false Catholic God was defeated by the group

8/10 good art
Cheers man. That was the whole goal and it’s worked out well.
File: john.jpg (26 KB, 184x257)
26 KB
>He's a drifter
>Punched a dimensional shambler to death after the rest of the party failed their SAN rolls
File: Koharu.png (181 KB, 541x933)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>Human Sorceress (Dragon [Imperial] Blooded)
>Golarion, Pathfinder
>Younger sister to Ameiko Kaijitsu, she wants an adventure herself so she can master more of her power so she can protect her big sister and friends.
>Befriended a ghost who was stuck in the body of a porcelain doll; shouted so loudly that wave after wave of enemies in a castle swarmed the party (who had prepared traps to kill most of the monsters); threatened a fellow party member with "frogging" if he hurt her big sis (they were semi-romantic at the time)
>Pic related
>Not a huge fan of glossing over where her magic came from, but maybe that will change through the game
To be fair I shortened the details about it to not clutter the post. The Hag changed her mind about eating her as she was too skinny and instead planned on making her a hag down the line. It involved a ritual in three steps, which involved killing someone out of jealousy (Helea murdered another kid who was getting favor out of the hag, obviously the hag did that as bait), sacrificing your own flesh (Helea cut off her hand so that she wouldn't have a number on her anymore, in her mind, it would mean skipped the order of passage) she never found out what the last step was. What made her a magic user was the strange rituals of the hag (and the blood she spiked Helea food with).
Honestly one of my favorite character I got to play, didn't fall into dude weed lmao territory and the party and gm found her quite endearing especially with her strange romance with the goblin. Campaign got cancelled yesterday because one of the player really disrupted the flow of the sessions, which made the gm dropped it
Fair enough! That's pretty nifty and reminds me of a character I have, only her goal IS to become a hag.
I revise my score to a 9/10
File: halforcsonandlolmom.jpg (408 KB, 2183x1206)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
>Half-Orc Barbarian
>Mama's boy
>Hot-seat DM campaign
>Mom is almost always included as some kind of damsel in distress for each adventure in varying degrees.
>Mom never gets hurt, nobody is lame enough to do edgy bullshit.
>Always wholesome reunion.
>Caim MacTavish
>Warrior/Psychic (precognition)
>Former merc who manifested precognitive abilities from the emotional trauma of losing all of his friends to an ambush that he probably could have prevented. Has been aimlessly drifting and taking on odd jobs wherever he can since then. Looks like a scruffy hobo with a thousand yard stare and tries to keep his psychic abilities hidden, usually claiming that the info gained from glimpses of the future is a result of "research" and "tips from people who owe me a favor."
>Managed to bullshit himself and the party's teleporting man-shark into a mob boss' private security force despite having pretty questionable social skills. Saved several party members from getting gunned down by hidden laser turrets with a combination of his precog and fairly tricky shots
File: miku.png (465 KB, 800x800)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>Mikumo Yagyu
>Sword King/Legion, Human
>She comes from an old family of pro demon hunters with the own unique (read: autistic) fencing style. She was trained from a very early age and is quite good at the whole killing demons thing, less good at normal person things.
>Used her magical eye to cheat on a written test
>killed a spider-robot by throwing her swords into it's brain
>Has her own apartment
File: silas.png (1.7 MB, 3000x3750)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Silas Martel
Human, rogue-fighter
>Setting or System
>Character background and personality (try to be brief)
Former member of an edgy gang who carved their teeth so that they would be pointy like sharps. Ended up regretting it later on, especially when he got ditched by his fellow members when the city guard busted their lair. Took on becoming a mercenary, getting hired for subtle job such as stealing blackmail materials, sabotaging ect. Ended up joining a merry band of mercenary, "The Carnation company" which truly became a real family to them. Quite crude and rude (though he knew when to shut his mouth to not ruin plans in social situation), always put his hand in front of his mouth when laughing, and had a soft spot that grew bigger and bigger thanks to the other pcs. Was still quite brutal with his opponent and his plans,
>Notable things they have done in the campaign
screamed for help when he was hogtied in front of a hungry blackdragon, had to extract a princess out of a tower, planned on giving her his ring of feather fall and then pushing her out of the windows. Had to kill his former mercenaries friends, became a foster dad, got rich, opened an orphanage, died when it got burned down but still managed to save the remaining kids.

It was just your standard asshole with an heart of gold but I like to think that I did it well. He was also a blast to play, just like I envisionned it, mainly a fighter who played dirty trick will still being in the frontline
I'd usually hate that kind of character but seemed honestly pretty cool. Do you have examples of charades and phrases?.
File: Ramsey.png (757 KB, 487x703)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
>Tiefling Druid of the Land (Grassland)
>Ramsey was a sage at a prestigious academy, trying to learn the secrets of the universe. He went mad and became a druidic hermit when he realized that the secrets don't lie in dusty old tomes but in nature himself, and there are something mankind shouldn't be privy to
>In the party he usually acts to heal, predict the weather, make potions and offer sage advice. The campaign only started recently, but Ramsey is super fun to play. He kind of takes a Gandalf-like role, less about the action, more about guidance and learning. He's very, very old, almost 150, but recently stepped on a cursed platform which reverse aged him by several years. I can't know how much, says the DM, until I find a mirror.
>Do you have examples of charades and phrases?
babaloogu - hi
shag dowala - what are you doing, who's it going
maga - good (this was before orange man meme but i didn't change it when orange man made the hat)
shubbanuffa - fuck you
bleurg - i feel sick / this is not edible / this is shameful

I just wrote down everything gnar says and made a bunch of similar sounding ones. Had a ton of phrases in the end, and most players could understand the 3-4 basic ones.
>Bask “Skylark” Baskson
>Shifter Fighter/Bard
>3.5e Eberron
>daughter of a poacher, joined army to run away to the big city to be famous, poor judgment, self-control, and temper keep ruining her chances at making it big
>spent all the party’s gold sending expensive wine to bbeg at restaurant, frequent screaming matches with recalcitrant npcs
File: 248133.png (113 KB, 256x256)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>Thaddeus Rum
>Human Barbarian
>Veteran pirate, recently lost his crew and ship to a vengeful sea witch whose affections he didn't return. Pragmatic, violent but affable enough.
>Broke out of a castle that belonged to an evil wizard then went back to kill him, killed an ogre and came back from the dead after being eaten by a giant toad
He was later killed for good after being infested with rot grubs that burst through his heart
8/10. Always good when you get one man who's not so flimsy and gets shit done in those kinds of games.
>Tahlafae Mayata'aryae. (Translates to: Painkiller of the Raiders of the Night's Fell Powers. They hold names to be important.) Made before Elistraee was a thing.
>Drow Monk. 6,2, ebon black, violet eyes, rakishly skinny, covered in scars and wears massive black robes.
>DnD 5e.
>Comes from a nearly-lowerdark located Drow household that's the predominant power in the area, act like Characharadons/Witchers/Knights and prides martial perfection and hunting prowess over everything.
>Left due to being caught in the political drama between the (natural) increase in Elistraean worship, and the waning Lolthian faith trying to get control, and doing some horrific shit even for them. Trained in Duregar monastry, is welcome back, but will have to prove herself.
>For the first year of the campaign, almost always went down each session to rolling death saves, even from accidents. Has learned to be very big brained, and is the major tactical planner, wisdom, brains, balance and problem-solver of the group.
>Currently looking for a way back home.
File: PortFColor.png (212 KB, 581x781)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
>Position: Sorority (leader archetype)
>Class: Requiem/Romanesque (Shooter main class/Cybernetics and utility secondary class)
>System: Nechronica
>A clone written off as a failure and shuffled into cold storage. Another party member broke her out of stasis in the first session. Her mind and memories turned out to be an amalgamation of three closely related people who existed before the apocalypse; a young girl, said girl's guardian, and a robot soldier. The robot wound up joining the party later.
>She fell into the role of leader/moral heart of the party as the game progressed, and developed severe bleeding heart syndrome as things went on. She successfully diplomanced an unwilling opponent into becoming an ally and rescued another undead girl from stasis. She also successfully broke a centuries old ghost out of denial by being so darn friendly and nice.
>Her unwillingness to start trouble with her necromancer (the standard antagonist in Nechronica) wound up bypassing both final boss fights completely, and also set up the conditions required for her to found a burgeoning haven for other sapient undead during the post-game. Took over her necromancer's research in the post-game.
>Also jettisoned the entire party into the vacuum of space once. Honest mistake.

Your game sounds like a cozy Saturday morning cartoon. Also, cute art.
That other guy is a faggot, I love this backstory and I’m a sucker for the long term campaign goal of taking back lands that are owed to you and becoming a noble
To answer the Strahd question, if I recall the plan was to basically get him shitfaced, play up his ego until he starts bragging about how tough he was, and then egging him on into a stupid dare which resulted in his death
We're talking like enough wine to kill a regular person here so Mr. Vampire was extra sloshed. My guy just kept conjuring up wine for him throughout the party and kept him talking and drinking, drinking and talking, etc
>proud, flamboyant, nationalistic not!german
>killed like 30 zombies with a chromatic orb
>due to overwhelming odds, the party he was working with went insane, and he ended up crucified missing several limbs outside of a cornfield
>this cornfield incident actually never happened
>it is a 100%, entirely fictional event caused by enemy magic influencing the dreams of the soldiery
>no such event has ever occurred
>Shadow of the Demon Lord
Clockworks are beings made with a soul imprisoned inside a mechanical shell. They all serves different purposes, in Index case, it was to organize a big library. Each souls are usually cleansed but in his case it still had remains of a previous life, scarce enough so that it would still be a new "person" but the desire for esoteric knowledge remains, it was most certainly not a really good person previously. He delved into magic powers, to serve his masters (and then companion) even better.
Quite stern and pragmatic, doesn't have to sleep so will do nightwatch with a nice reading to pass the time. Uses magic focusing on classic Arcana, telepathy (which involves fucking with someone else mind) and Madness (which involves fucking with your own mind and everyone else)
>Notable stuff
Started to grew flesh on his torso after touching a weird artifact, had to lock a pixie (weak to iron) inside his own body to fulfill his debt with a wizard who fixed him up, gain a few corruption points along the way.
Johann would change names often to avoid detection, it also seemed like a Ranald thing to do. Sometimes this would lead to him scrambling to explain why his non-human friends called him Johann, which is why one of the false names is Rudiger Johann. Those npcs only knew him as Rudiger and Johann was forced to explain that his last name was Johann to try to avoid suspicion.
It was one of the ways the party poked back at me for my antics, it was good fun.

Human/Land Druid


Sold into slavery as a kid as a result of a Civil war. Used his magic to attain a high position as head falconer. Earned his freedom and has a neutral view of slavery. Sees it at just another survival of the fittest battle. Returned to home country and became a well regarded thief. Used loot to fund dozens of orphanages where he (unbeknownst to the party) has trained a militant child army of terrorists, thieves, and saboteurs.

Currently underbid for capital city sewer maintenance contract and fronts it as an employment scheme for his orphans when they age out of the system. Filled it with awakened alligators and constrictors. Current plan is to use hundreds of cuttings of a particularly thorny rose as a fake city beautification project and rejoin the plants root systems under the city. When/If completed he'll awaken the plant that runs under the entire city to take it over and hopefully become the villain of the next campaign.

GM is aware of everything and has approved everything for the past 2 years. Party thinks I'm the only morally good member of the group.
File: Mad Dog.png (784 KB, 675x685)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
>Maddox "Mad Dog" Doggson
>Apocalypse World
>Feral Nudist Demolitionist who enjoys nothing more that Fighting and Blowing Shit Up (Preferably Both at once), Has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing going on every time he gets too hurt
>Once killed an Auditorium full of Raiders by blowing the wall out and bringing the roof down
File: bandy billins.png (11 KB, 269x408)
11 KB
>Milly Burr
>Halfling Divination Wizard
>very chill and friendly dude, made spongebob noises when he walked
>got mobbed to death by six will o wisps after the bard violated the NAP, probably deserved it
>probably never went to wizard school
Rating Others as you should if you're posting your Character Here.

>Accused a shop owner of racism for mistaking him for another dwarf to finagle a discount on Plate Armor
Based and Dwarfpilled: 7/10, Plain Character but Plain is good

Being able to go a whole Campaign without casting a offensive spell is a testament to your Creativity, 9/10

5/10, Rather Plain but thats the whole point I guess. Was it like Clue as in One of the Characters was the Killer? Or was it like Scooby Doo, where the plucky cast and crew try to solve the mystery?
>Strawberry the Wormomancer
>Human Wizard
>Old School Essentials
>A wizard famous at his wizard academy for >studying worm magic. He spent most of his time hunting down rare breeds of worms in order to force them to tell the secrets of worm magics.
>Used a magic scroll to swap into the body of a level 5 NPC fighter, losing the ability to cast spells but also going mad from his new found martial prowess, which he promptly used to bully the rest of the party. He always felt trod upon by them and went a little mad with power once he could physically threaten them. He disagreed with the party on how to resolve the finale and was thrown into an abyss by the other PCs in a dramatic final fight. Before that he polymorphed a big bad witch into a donky sized worm that he named Grape and then used as a mount.

One of my all time favourite characters to play. He started as an NPC we rescued in a module adventure about a big damn that broke, revealing all the weirdness that was submerged in the reservoir, can't recall the name.

I inherited him when a giant ate my ranger.
File: 1606093836168.jpg (299 KB, 1280x1860)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>Dwarf Ranger
>Greyhawk, technically, 5E
>Smuggler with a heart of gold (and also gold teeth)
>Murdered an entire village of goblins while they were sleeping
>Phillipe de Fillope
>Half-elf Warlock
>5e with some homebrew on the DM's part
>A horny university professor with too many kids to count with cybernetics forcibly implanted in him to get his powers
>Have only played him a few sessions in the campaign, but the best moment I'd have to say would be when he managed to get a magical spider mount from reading an elven artifact.
File: okwari.png (1.32 MB, 1404x1404)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
"Grizzly Guts" Okwari

Bear Skinwalker/Striker

>Setting or System
Pathfinder with spheres of power/might: http://spheresofpower.wikidot.com/

>Character background and personality
Grew up in a small village of bear skinwalkers, relatively quiet youth. One day his parents sold him off as a slave fighter to a big city nobleman. Spent several years in the pits, fighting dudes left and right, eventually gaining the moniker "Grizzly Guts". Eventually fights his way out of the arena and kills the noble that enslaved him. He then fled to the next continent and applied himself to an adventurer's guild (the focal point for our west marches style game).

Okwari is very bombastic and larger than life. He acts very much in the style of an 80's pro wrestler (even his voice was a botched macho man randy savage impression), with constant posing, cutting promos, and the like. His callsign is to make puns around words that end with "city" (i.e. "OH YEAH NO BLOW CAN KNOCK ME DOWN, FOR I AM THE MAYOR OF TENA-CITY!"), and each of his moves are named after different types of bears (i.e. Polar Bear Plunge). He has a strong sense of self and isn't afraid to push others down to get what he wants. Initially in the campaign, he acted very brutish and without consideration, though over time he gained a sense of manners (even received training to become a butler for an undercover mission).

>Notable things they have done in the campaign
Okwari's accomplishments include:
Busting an illegal drug ring on his first mission for the guild
Dealing the final blow to a manticore (by means of a piledriver that broke them through the floor)
Planning and leading a successful heist with several other intelligent bears to steal a king's 200 year old vat of magic mead (for another bear)
File: Durant_de_Leon.jpg (713 KB, 1988x2112)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
Durant de Leon
Winter court elf (pale skin, dark hair and eyes, Drow stats) paladin
Pathfinder 1e
Was born right before evil outsiders covered the world in shadow, fought them his whole life, was sent back in time with the rest of the party in a bid to stop the cult that summoned the alien starfish
Distracted and led away a t Rex so the rest of the party could escape, ended up surviving (albeit very close to death) and escaping. Proceeded to use the same tactic to force the cult indoors while the rest of the party stone shaped the cliff above into a precarious rock fall.
Only a couple sessions this far, so that's it really.

>Half Elf
Already shit

Even shitter

Jesus Christ, the horror.

>horny erp bullshit
Anon, this isn't going well...
Eh, I'll bite

>Caro Cantado

>Human Dreamspeaker

>Mage the Ascension: Revised

>Ex cartel sicario who Awakened after being brought to near death in a government raid, then resuscitated by Lady Death to give him a second chance at life.
Playing him in a Iroh-like fashion; having sage advice for the younger party members with quite a bit of combat experience.

>Spiritually excised a number of human souls from a rogue mammoth spirit, successfully bid passage for the party from the Egyptian Underworld after crash landing there from hijacking a Void Engineer ship, got a painting lesson and introduction to the Mind sphere from Bob Ross before he Ascended, and kept two compatriots from getting into a ghostly barfight with an old associate.
File: char3.png (1.41 MB, 545x833)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>Vicconia Illaleztice
>Drow Warlock
>Contract negotiator for Asmodeus Investment Firm, basically gets people to sell their souls.
>Managed to take over a goblin tribe and solve an Orc problem by convincing the leader to sell his soul in exchange for him getting a cool weapon if he left the area.
>Vistani Wizard
>A Gypsy fortune teller who travels city to city to make money from telling fortune. Was in Elturel when it got nuked.
>Managed to crash the stock market in Waterdeep after convincing the rich to sell all of their stocks and bonds during a fortune telling session.
>Verion Brightsmile
>high elf/Paladin of Conquest
>Kidnapped as a baby and raised by a cult to become the avatar of a ancient war god in a secluded monastery mentored by an ancient lich
>Impulsive chaotic curious prone to violence very friendly and trusting
>after he was let out to the world to prove himself(streghten the vessel) the first city he went he cause accidentally a rebelion against the king and picked up a warlock, joined said warlock to enter the tomb of the nine gods, became the godfather of a newborn crystal dragon, almost got killed in a yuan ti settlement, met and became friends with Volos,met Elminster when Volos summoned him to save the warlock , met a wandering wizzard, a excommunicated hellrider and a golden dragonborn, cleared the tomb of anhilliation with 0 dead party members, survived a bag of holding bomb after killing an Atropal, met Gnarl Glittergold, went to Avernus, met Mordekainer, drank from the river Styx, fought Yeenogu, met Bel, Tiamat and Gargauth, got betrayed and stranded by his monastery, yelled at Zariel for throwing a hissy fit and after the party purified her she bestowed him Duty's Bond for his loyalty and actions and for now he lives on the streets of Elturel while his best friend became a high ranking officer of the hellriders.
Also he healed Bel when Gargauth betrayed him
>tg doesn't actually play games
>Anon thinks tg is one person
/tg/ is seven people.
I have a few at the moment, but this is my favorite.
>Liana Hearthblood
>Human Fighter with Wizard dip
>DnD 5e, homebrew setting
>Bounty hunter specializing in supernatural threats. Mostly no nonsense and stern, but with a healthy dose of sarcasm because that's the one trait of mine that bleeds into all of my characters.
>Only played a couple sessions with her so far, but she managed to kill a not-drider and save the village she and her spawn threatened, and defeated a vampire lord who almost overtook her town. All with the help of her business partner, who is the other PC in that campaign.

Posting heroforge in lieu of artwork.
Gonna do some reviewing.
8/10 sounds good enough.
7/10 interesting but sounds a bit hard to keep up with.
6/10 sounds fairly underwhelming.
8/10 I'm a sucker for sacrifice endings.
Sounds interesting, but the description feels a bit vague so I'm not sure how to grade.
8/10 cool dude.
9/10 sounds fun.

Don't feel like procrastinating much longer. Might review more later.

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