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Is he right? Is this really what everyone wants?
Magical Furries with pets, going on anime/capefic adventires where the stats don't matter and the heroes always live to fight another day, in a medieval fantasty land that's culturally just modern day, and magic supplying many modern conveniences?

Because I can totally write that system for them and make bank. It wouldn't even be hard.
Plus all the grog will be happy to filter them off to some other game. It's a triple win scenario.
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>Because I can totally write that system for them and make bank.
Sure, add to the mediocrity, the companies don't need the help and I don't they'd appreciate it either.
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Hey, if little old me can outcompete Wattsey in a (large) niche, that's just capitalism baby.

Hell i think i even have an idea in mind on how to do it, an anon a few threads ago was talking about a hypothetical system where the martials do big anime bullshit using stamina, while the mages would have little nature spirit pokemon to do all their casting for them.

Anyways, if i'm gonna do this, does anybody know the level of crunch they like? Am I aiming for Blades in the Dark, Dungeon World, 5e, or Pathfinder 1e? I'm pretty sure nothing crunchier than that.
It's pointless because the D&D audience don't want a different game that caters to their tastes, they want official D&D. You can make any number of brown sugar-saturated liquids, but no matter how much better they taste, people will stick to Coca-Cola.
Dis right ere, Warhammer/40k is the same way, brand loyalty is a big thing

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