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I'm pretty familiar with WH40k lore, but there's a question that has always bugged me:

>Why does Abaddon even attack Cadia?

Like, warp travel basically enables you to go from point A to point B, anywhere in the galaxy.

So why not just go directly to Terra itself? Why wasting thousands of chaos Space Marines in Cadia when he could just appear over Terra and drop a cyclonic torpedo, or whatever autistic bullshit he wants to do there?
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Because he's not real. Fantasy isn't a reality sim. Fictional campaigns move at the speed of plot. Autism isn't what you think it is. You touch yourself at night. You must be 18+ to post here.

Take your pick.
Chaos mostly goes to random places where the warp takes them.

Also it is not like Chaos wants to win. Endless war is what they want
Cadia is the way in and out of the Eye of Terror.
>Warp travel basically enables you to go from point A to point B
False, there are set warp routes

>So why not just go directly to Terra itself?
Probably the one planet even more defended than Cadia
Intense bad blood in particular between Abaddon and Cadia, so obviously every time a new Black Crusade starts Cadia goes on top of the priority kill list.

Since the attacking force is the strongest at the start of every prepared military campaign, combine that with Abaddon's desire to settle this grudge I'm not surprised that the first stop of his Crusades is always the same.

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