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Are the critical role books good? Trying to find honest opinions here cause online reviews are unhelpful since they're gonna be 5/5s and 10/10s cause of fanboy bias.
Chances are, they aren't, considering the crew doesn't actually play. Why would you want something created by someone who doesn't actually enjoy the thing?
Not a fan, but I scanned it to see if he could write at all.
the setting is generic fantasy designed to include everything in the 5e books without adding much new.
the writing is pretty clumsy stuff, but then again I'm a snob.
the art and layout is good
there's not much gameable content here. reads more like GM notes than a setting book. if you want to play in his world i guess it's ok, but as someone who doesn't watch the show, I didn't think it was anything special as a book.
4/10, more than that if you're a fan i guess

It's literally just The Show: The Book. If you have use for that, great. Otherwise it's pretty meh. The Runechild Sorc is a lot of fun but it's not really worth the price of admission.
I have this on a shelf right now. Here's the contents:

>Page 1-100 details of Matt Mercer's OC setting
>Page 101-104 four new subclasses (actually decent)
>Page 105-108 backgrounds (who gives a fuck lol)
>Page 108-109 some feats which are either broken or useless
>Page 110-116 OC legendary magic items
>Page 117-139 more worldbuilding and some unremarkable monster stat blocks

Categorically a setting guide, not a content book.

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