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A recurring problem I keep having in games is that I fail to pay attention, overlook things that are obvious in hindsight, and have difficulty roleplaying as someone who isn't just the same person with different interests or gimmicks. So far I've been taking advantage of in-game journals and note taking but fuck me I feel like I'm still biffing it no matter how hard I try.
Stop spamming dead memes outside of the dead meme spamming board for starters.
It's amazing how many problems you can solve if you stop dedicating a portion of your existence to spamming dead memes.
>How do I become a smarter and more competent player?
get banned so you stop wojakposting and can read some books
go to your local library and look what entry-level classics they have in the fiction shelves
read some simple english wikipedia pages about science and nature
watch movies from 15 or more years ago
Unlike these sarcastic fucks who need to prove how clever they are I’m gonna hit you with a curriculum of literature and film thus proving how clever I am.
First things first, watch every Indiana Jones film. Invaluable for any PC hoping to be a guile hero.
For books I’m going to start you off with the most child friendly stuff because I’m assuming you’re pretty dense
>Tintin series
He outwits his enemies. It’s pretty nice.
Next, read...
>Tolkien (hobbit, lotr)
This is kind of a given. If you’re truly a brainlet, just read the hobbit.
Then, move on to the discworld series. We’re still in an area of reading skill for like 10-14 year olds, but c’est la vie.
Now, I’m going to spring one or two actually challenging ones on you. If you only want to play better, you only really need to combine the previous titles mentioned with playing more often to accrue game experience. These books will make you enjoy the game on a deeper level and make you a better person, probably, idk.
>All The Pretty Horses and the rest of the border trilogy by cormac macarthy
>Underworld by Don Delillio
>Oblivion by David Foster Wallace
Tintin also had a cartoon.
How important is Discworld? I see nerds talking about it all the time but I missed the age-appropriate reading window since 10-14 year old me never would've been caught touching a book.
Depends. I am a pompous fuck about books who sometimes secretly reads fun things. If you’re anything like me, the death series is pretty essential. If you can only enjoy like 600-1000 page books about 16th century sailors dying of a poop disease, skip em

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