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File: mineshaft.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
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What hazards, traps, puzzles and encounters fit in an old abandoned mine?
Mostly in a low magic medieval fantasy setting, but anything goes really.

Just spitballing ideas for my next session.

Giant tunneling worms who strike from old bore holes.
A real life one is lack of oxygen. Could make it a bit more interesting, make it a visible poisonous gas clouds that shoot out of cracks in the floor or walls.

>Ceiling collapse of course
>Explosive gas
>there's a storm outside, mine starts getting flooded
>Radioactive (/warpstone) minerals (that's why it was abandoned)
>Explosives stored unsafely
>Cultists using the abandoned mine for their heretical rites
>Players have to find their way down a vertical shaft - all there is is an old rusted pulley with no rope
>Players get lost
>Over-excited goblins attack the party with abandoned explosive material, cause a cave-in, now the party has to find another way out
>Dwarves that are very unhappy that humans found their mine, there's some super previous ore whose location is a secret
>The mine appears to have been abandoned suddenly, but why? Officially, because there was no more coal, but the adventurers find some good-looking coal veins, and some miners who seem to have died quite violently
If you want a puzzle, you can always do something with the rails: restoring power/magic for carts to run automatically (if setting appropriate), finding where the various levers to change the track are, navigating around damage to the track that's been caused by years of neglect, etc.
Risk of collapse in old mineshafts, built up of combustible gas.
Flooded lower levels
Toxic gases
Crazed men lost for years
A hibernating bear
Local criminal hideout
>Mostly in a low magic medieval fantasy setting
After watching some youtube videos of various mine explorations, unless the world is fairly magical, I'm leaning toward not using abandoned mines for anything beyond animal and limited bandit lairs in the first hundred feet. There really shouldn't be much you can do. Mines are fairly crowded things, with narrow tunnels and cramped ceilings. And there is mostly nothing in them but dust and stale air. Honestly, simple falling hazards, collapsing tunnel walls and ceilings, toxic minerals and air pockets, and very little of anything else.
Crazy miner that hunts the party, using his knowledge of the mines to challenge the party.
My Bloody Valentine, anyone?
File: 1605905946122.jpg (284 KB, 1600x1577)
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284 KB JPG
I heard that in silver mines, tainted water look like 3 inch deap but is in reality 30ft deap and is very poisonous
You can have very nasty pits and toxic gas around from the century old mercury fumes and other nastises like maybe there was a miutinery or a raid and miners pull some proto barb wires traps who give cancer,labyrinth and stuff like that
A abandoned mine is realy fucking nasty and is in the top 3 type of most dangerous abandoned places on earth
A fomorian slasher-movie killer. He stays mostly out of sight, strikes from nowhere, and is incredibly hard to kill or injure. His main weapon is a large mostly rounded rock that he bashes heads with. His deformations are as follows; no eyes present, fish-scales, webbed foot, overactive sweat gland, single oversized ear, mottled skin, reptile scales, skinflaps, albinism.
File: Gianform.gif (14 KB, 300x360)
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basically this guy wants to play 'bonk the adventurer'
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
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Rickety tunnels, flooded rooms, rooms full of "bad air" that is unbreathable (bonus points if it's highly flammable and the party's using a torch).
Maybe if it's occupied by intelligent creatures they might design some kind of trap involving a minecart rigged to rush at the party? Like if they're setting up an ambush on the top of a slope, they have a heavy minecart with spikes on the front to send down at an approaching squad to instantly incapacitate those too slow or careless to dodge.
Also, it couldn't hurt to include some kind of monster in the mine. Make it blind, but highly perceptive to the echoing sounds of the caves and quiet enough to sneak up on them. The louder the party is, the more likely they get jumped.
Plot twist, the cavern is only partially a mine, one reason the mine was abandoned rather suddenly is a wall cave in caused it to connect to a nearby cave that was over 80 million years old.
I had a trap set out where there was an obvious reading room full of details, possibly maps etc. but it was completely dark. Conveniently there were some old oil lamps hanging from the ceiling.
Lighting one also lit a fuse leading to a cask of oil concealed in the ceiling, which ignited and dumped fiery oil all over the party.
This was supposed to be the culmination in a "are these pitfalls and traps natural or are the things infesting the mine smarter than we think?" But the party never triggered it. Fucking Darkvision.
File: ..webm (1.04 MB, 540x540)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB WEBM
The Hell Goats of +͖͕͔̯̠͓͓͔̝͚̰̳̱͚̟̀ͬ̾̉́́͠ͅ+͔̞̪̜̞̭̳̥͉̖̉ͣ̑͑̐͗̇͆͝͝+̵̸̛̱̼̱̙̘̍ͣ̾̌̂͑͒͑ͤ͌ͧ́+̶̵̦̼̱̭͙̤̘̝͛̈ͣͮͫ̄̎ͫ̆̚̚͘ͅ+̸̧̛͓̘̥̜͎͔͇͈͓̮̱ͬ̈͛̀̓̉̎̎ͦ+͙̪̝̠̜̯̟̺ͨͣ́̾͒̒̏ͫͭͣ̋͠͡ͅ+̶̢̬̩̬̝̰͉͖͔̫̖̭̘̤̊̒ͬ́ͬͩ̂͂̋̿͑̐́̚+̷̫̮̗͙̆͗̊͆ͫ̃̃̌͗́+̶̵̛͓͚̱̝͎͇̘͚ͬͣͭ̈̑̽͊ͣ̀͢+̧̨̟̻̮͔̏ͧ̓̂ͭ̂̚͟ͅ+̴̧̜̞̟͚͙̥͈͈̱̘̌̾̈́́͐͐̐̌̍ͨ͡+̷̛̫̜̞̦̭̙̘͎̝̺̬̦̰̬͑̒̇ͬ̿ͪ̎̀͘͞+̷̝̼͕̜̝̺̍̂̄̃͒͋̓̂̍̿̚̚͘͜͠+̴̛̗̹̻̘͍͈̞̞̖̫͇̦̖̻̯͇̯͂ͬ̎̎ͦ̓̔ͯ͒̋ͣͨ̓̐ͬͦ̚ͅ+͓͍̘̭̰̙̩̖̞̖̩̭̻ͫ̃̒̉͟͝͞͝͝+̸̢̨̛̹̪͕̜̖̤͍̞̘̺ͣ͌́̊̔ͮͨ͌ͤ͆ͯ̿̏ͬͣ̈̚͘+̨̯͉͎̫͓̼̖̆̈́͐̚͠+̷̙̝̭̙̪̬̬͚̭̦̗͓̭͎̃ͣͭ̊̓̃͗̌̄͋͢͝+̵̢̣̬͇̯̭͚̰̟̺̫̣̘̠͉̆ͪ̆ͮ̇̀̓ͩͩͯ̋̓ͧ̎͌͑̽͜͞
File: STHA_artwork.jpg (445 KB, 592x824)
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445 KB JPG
>>76078568 #

That's basically the setup of the Saturn RPG Shining the Holy Ark. The miners dug too greedily, and too deep, and their excavations breached the walls of a mountain temple of an extinct pagan religion which just so happens to hold an ark which deals all the evil of the prehistoric demon kingdom.

The mine is patrolled by a golem which exists to protect it from claim-jumpers whole the prospector is away.
Why do people always dig to deep? Why can't they just dig the right amount?
File: 1603321200243 (1).png (409 KB, 680x750)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
>a blocked off tunnel that looks like it's been purposely blocked off/barricaded before the mine was abandoned
>if players open it up, they find more such fortifications, to really drive home it's not a good idea to continue
>if they turn back, good stuff, they made a choice and feel like they avoided danger
>if they continue, give them a tough fight against an enemy such as a dormant earth elemental, a gelatinous cube, etc, depending on the level they're at, as well as the long-dead bodies of miners who uncovered some great riches here that weren't claimed on account of the monster, such as gemstones, gold, or even a passage deeper into the dungeon that may give them an advantageous position on the next floor or a shortcut
Simple and effective
if you can't see the line you can only figure out if you've stepped over it AFTER crossing
you forgot spiders!

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