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Xenotech is still OP edition

Man, it's been ages since the last thread, still a great game though. Picked it back up during lockdown.

>Fire up a game at Guardsman difficulty, normally play Astartes but I'm rusty as fuck
>Still not sinking to PDF difficulty babby mode tho
>Roll up a random hive world, get Segmentum Obscurus
>Eh, the boost to Heretical activity sucks but on Guard difficulty that should be easy to handle, and the quicker 'Rine reaction times are awesome
>Ancient World and Strategic Lynchpin world traits, so fuck-all in terms of natural resources, but a TON of defenses and the population to man them with
>Realise this boosts Astartes response time to my distress calls to White Scars-levels
>The Hive itself has Extensive Underhive as its trait, so even MORE cannon fodder, my defenses should see the extra unrest off no biggie
>Start game, okayish Lord Governor, heir is shit though
>Arrange an accident while out pauper-hunting in the Underhive, his younger sibling is way better
>Nothing happens for a while, eventually get a popup about extensive cavern networks being discovered under the underhive
>Oh well, that could be anythi-
>"Robotic Xenos have been found slumbering in the tunnels below!"
>Oh fuck
>Immediately call in the Astartes
>Figure the stacked response time bonuses should help them beat the Mechanicu-
>"A Mechanicus Explorator fleet has arrived in orbit!"
>Techpriests demand entry
>As said, no natural resources on my world, rely entirely on my refineries and forges
>This means the Mechanicus holds a lot of sway
>Can't say no or half the hive will riot


>Remember that Necron Awakening chances are WAY higher on Astartes difficulty, there's actually a decent chance nothing will happen on Guardsman difficulty
>it was fine
>Mechanicus establishes a permanent outpost to exploit Necron Xenotech
>Economy skyrockets
>Astartes arrive in-system a few weeks later, tell them that it was a false alarm
>Astartes are PISSED
>They leave
>Nothing happen for a long time
>Xenotech goodness continues to flow in
>Even find a Necron MOAB, use all my influence with the Mechanicus to keep it for myself
>Thank emperor my Lord Governor at the time had the Socialite trait
>Decades pass, I forget how quiet Guardsman games can be
>Some Ork raids, couple heretical uprisings, nothing to worry about
>Eventually, Mechanicus finishes stealing everything that isn't bolted down from the Necron tomb
>Move on
>More decades go by, get a little bored but mostly enjoying the quiet politicking and economy management
>Hive growan
>Hivers workan
>Arbites oppressan
>Life is good
>Hear a honest-to-god fucking 8-bit air raid siren from the game
>never played in the Segmentum Obscurus before (I'm an Eastern Fringe guy, fight me), didn't even know this was possible
>Detect a massive horde of Chaos Marines coming to my world
>Ram the Astartes Distress Signal like a Grot on recaf
>"The Chapter Master of the local Marine Chapter has informed you your world is not strategically important enough!"
>Remember the 'false alarm'
>These fuckers hold grudges
>World gets invaded
>Actually holding them off with my fuckton of ancient defenders and fuckton squared of pressganged underhivers
>Guardsman Difficulty savan my bacon again
>The Ash Wastes are literally painted red with the blood of the Chaos cultists and marines
>Ha eat autocannon you fucke-
>"This bloodshed has pleased Khorne!"

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB

>A Bloodthirster pops into existence
>Rams through my gate with a single hit
>Entire hive starts to fall
>Evacuating my Lord Governor, throwing PDF in the way of the horde to buy me time to flee
>PDF getting chewed faster than I can shove them to their deaths though
>Fully expecting to see yourlineagehasended.png
>Follow Lord Governor with camera, love seeing the fucker run
>Pass by personal armoury to grab some kickass weapons my lineage has accumulated
>"Wait, what's that green and silver thing in the armoury?"
>Remember the NecroMOAB
>Have my Lord Governor arm the bomb and bail
>Evacuates in personal pleasure craft
>Chaos horde breaks into armoury just as the bomb counts down to 0
>Brilliant green light encapsulates the hive
>Every single living organism in the entire hive turns to ash, only my Lord Governor and the crew of his pleasure evac ship survived by virtue of being out of the atmosphere by then
>All infrastructure completely intact though
>Xenotech is OP

God, I've missed this game. Anyone else got any good stories? The only thing better than playing Lord Governor is boasting about your exploits in it.
I don't have anything of that scale, but here's a small tale about my favourite game so far

>roll up a decently-sized hive, segmentum solar
>get "Pilgrim Waypoint" and some other world trait
>hive is "Decadent" and "Opulent"
>welp, i'm gonna be fighting a lot of heresy
>first LoGov is a badass with the "ex-Guard" trait, actually keeps the heresy down somewhat, even leads a couple charges into the underhive himself
>eventually dies, don't think much of it since his heir is incredibly popular
>heresy skyrockets
>check heir to see if he's got low Zeal or something
>"Secret Trait: Slaanesh Worshipper"
>decide to roll with it since heresy is in the nineties
>loyalist forces on the planet are shipped off to the Guard, replace them with cultbros
>pilgrims still flowing in on their way to Terra
>ingenious idea
>turn the entire hive's hospitality sector into a kidnapping business
>accumulate a massive amount of prisoners
>=I= drops by to figure out why the heresy detectors went off two sectors over
>have cultbros murderfuck the now millions of prisoners to an ass-hurting death
>"Your acts of debauchery have pleased Slaanesh"
>demons summoned
>=I= murderfucked
>get the Daemon Prince ending

gg, praise the dark prince of pleasure
noob here, one of my worlds just missed an Administratum mandate for exporting Lasguns and now i'm no longer allowed to import luxury goods. i can't make those on-planet and my nobles are conspiring against me. what should I do?
If your heresy isn't too high you can always import through the Cold Trade market and pacify the nobles. literally no downsides unless you get =][= 'd by a puritan
File: 1481273926797.jpg (53 KB, 500x332)
53 KB

>he thinks the import restrictions are the worst part of missing an Administratum mandate
Cold Trade market? how do I access that?
>didn't buy all the DLCs
support the devs faggot
i've been wondering if /tg/ had just forgotten about this game, last thread i saw was like a year ago. Anyone remember the guy that redirected the Underhive into an invasion instead of redirecting the invasion into the Underhive? good shit.

I feel your pain, Administratum can be a bitch sometimes

wasn't Cold Trade part of the Ordo Xenophilia mod?

Anyway, I have a story about the fucking Administratum, while we're on the topic

>be me
>play Lord Governor
>hive in Bumfuck, Nowhere
>desert world
>play for a bit, sparsely populated world by Hive Standards so can't rely on heavy industry or exporting Guardsmen
>eventually get lucky and get a saint, finally get some direction for my economy and remodel my hive into a religious site
>hive population booms, grow my industry a lil
>beef up PDF to protect against Chaos fuckers trying to despoil my sacred tomb
>get a notification
>"The Adminstratum demands a tithe of strategic resources!"
>Demand I export water for some Guard campaign in the next sector over
>Try the usual tactics of urine recycling, depriving all of the hive except the upper parts from water for a couple months, and butchering underhive plebs to get their precious fluids, but it is nowhere near enough
>"The Administratum is displeased with your failure."
>all imports stop
>basically have the Imperium paint a target on my back
>get assassinated by a rival noble in a week

TL;DR Fuck the Administratum.
yeah, they're even worse than the =I= in this game desu

>not having heresy at 49% at all times for the steady trickle of veteran Arbites and PDF
it's like you're not even trying to have a competent defence force
oh man, I just dug through suptg, a couple threads got archived, it's just as amazing as i remember



dude the passive XP gain is a must but going over 35% or so is not worth it, any random event boosting heresy and you're fucked. the additional XP gain at that point is minimal.
Any tips for the Star Child DLC? Each time the Genestealer Uprising event pops up it seems like all my most important PDF Commanders get either assassinated or subverted. Even when I manage to hold out I eventually lose when the hive fleet shows up.
Hive Fleet is an automatic game-over AFAIK, heard stories of a guy surviving by being a Chapter Recruitment Hive and calling in favours with basically every Imperial organization, but that's an absolute crapshoot. You wanna keep an eye on Underhive abductions - if those shoot up, send absolutely every yokel with a pointy stick you can muster into the sewers to clear out the Genestealers.
Oh, hey, that was me! Yeah, it was a combination of being a Chapter Recruitment Homeworld, being a Fortress World, having specced my hive into producing Guard regiments, great ties with the Mechanicum thanks to the rare Underhive Expedition event that lets you find some archeotech and gives the option of gifting it to the cogboys, having an Inquisitorial Inspection in-Hive when the Hive Fleet hit, and being in the Segmentum Obscurus for the Astartes Distress Call time reduction.

Oh, and I believe I was home to a Sororitas Convent as well, before they made that mutually exclusive with being an Astartes Recruitment Fief in the Forge World Update.
But seriously, where does one find this?
So whenever I build Sisters of Battle convents for the Happiness bonuses + Battle Sisters to defend your Hive when it's under attack, they either get attacked and razed by Slaaneshi cultists or Grey Knight Purgation squads periodically. Is this supposed to be some inside joke by the devs or am I doing something wrong?
Believe me, I've placed entire Hab-Block populations into press gangs and sent them into the underhive only for them to run into a 5% Chance Cult ambush event that left the entire expedition captured or dead.

I ended up pulling favors with the Inquisition to get a "discrete" Ordos Xenos Inquisitor and his private army to clear out the underhive and even THEY couldn't find the Patriarchs lair
I think the AI for those factions is coded to prioritize the SoBs as a joke, but it shouldn't happen every single time unless they're the highest total (not per-unit) threat in your Hive. Sounds like you just need to beef up your PDF some.
That's just the game hating your guts and wanting to shove a "Your Lineage Has Ended" down your throat, I'm afraid

>he doesn't know

miiiight wanna read up on the history of Chapter Master, mate, should clue ya in
And off we go, cheers.
don't fucking spoil it dipshit
Wasn't this a quest?
Have you equipped them with Flamers, though? Besides their Ork spore elimination abilities, they have a hidden bonus versus Tyranids, which extends to Genestealers. Won't help them find them, but it'll give them a bit more survivability.
There were a couple of threads about the game years ago, not sure if there were Quests based on it, but I'm sure there've been some about being a Lord Governor.

Went and found some of those old threads to see if they spark your memory, as well as to bring their tales of awesome to light

I actually tried starting a game like this once but aside from filling it with random events, what is there to really do?
I initially read that as “The Love Governor”

see >>73482203
Where do I get this game? I’m not seeing anything on the goog
My Peasant Infantry has no clue how to use them due to my generals having the "Paperpusher" trait. They end up killing themselves with friendly fire or exploding before the cultists get to them.

I flooded the lowest levels with Liquid Promethium and that seemed to stop the flow of Reinforcements but I still have to deal with the survivors.
Ah, yeah, the good ol' "The Lower Hive Is Lava" trick. Has the added benefit of making heresy, unrest and crime plummet. I don't use it often since I prefer to just load 'em up on Guardsman ships en masse for the reputation boost, but it's certainly effective.
hold up... ALL of your generals have Paperpusher? Have you not fought so much as a skirmish in living memory?

Send them off with some Guard regiments to a local combat zone, that oughta straighten 'em out.
The Genestealer Uprising event has the benefit of staying quiet and absorbing any other mean asshole in the underhive into itself which means no revolts or mutant attacks

Combine that with the "Noble Soldier" trait makes a good portion of my PDF the rejects of a noble family so pampered they make the Scintillian Fusilers Jealous. I had to ask for reinforcements to deal with FERAL ORKS
Oh, neat, a /lgg/, that's been a while!

Was about to go to bed, but I can type up a quick tale from one of my games

>be me
>have just gotten the Forge World DLC
>specialize in mass-producing Guardsmen equipment
>make thousands of Leman Russes
>make millions of lasguns
>sell most of them to the Guard to finance the massive resource imports, but make enough to still gift them a dozen regiments' worth of flashlights and miscellaneous equipment every day
>rep with the Guard through the roof
>Crusade is launched in sector
>singlehandedly bankroll and equip Crusade
>reaching levels of rep with Guardbros that should physically not be possible
>everyone off fightan heretics
>suddenly Orks on-planet
>guardbros busy in crusade
>had banked on guardbros saving me, scaled PDF expenditure back to minimum to have more money for production
>had maxed out Arbites spending for the production boost though, they're holding the line surprisingly well. kitting them out with my world's gear helped too
>still losing
>realise i'm a Forge World
>realise i have billions of people
>realise i have trillions of guns lying around
>give every citizen twenty lasguns and a dozen grenades
>citizen militia absolutely obliterates Orks
>swole Arbites prevent uprisings after disarmament was enforced, but obviously the Underhive gangs are massively strengthened
>all is well

>get a popup
>"The Administratum is displeased with your failure."
>check requisition mandates
>apparently the Administratum decided having to deal with an Ork invasion was no excuse to cease shipping guns to troops
>given that the mandate was HUGE, rep with Administratum falls drastically
>Administratum sicks fucking SPACE MARINES on me
>time to redistribute guns again
>swole arbites and citizens vs Astartes is still no combat though
>suddenly, see a massive fleet in orbit
>it's the guardbros
>it's all the guardbros from the entire crusade
>they outnumber the Astartes 1000 to 1
>fuck it
>decide to try and INTIMIDATE. ASTARTES.
>Roll is shit, but the outnumbering penalties are so severe that it still works anyway.
>Astartes force agrees to peacefully withdraw
>immediately gift the weapons I was supposed to give to the Administratum to the Guardbros
>My rep with them had already been maxed out, there was no benefit to this, but they deserved them
>praise guardbros
Oh my god, this sounds like a hilarious game. Care to tell us the full tale? I'd love to hear it!
>be me
>be cheating fuck
>be curious as to how powerful an economy I can get if I'm willing to commit some serious fuckery
>Open up the .ini 'Creatures' file
>Find the entry for Imperium Citizens
>Find the entry for WAAAGH Orks
>Copy over the ' - [FungalReprodcution = 1] ' line
>Start the game
>No change
>Hurr durr, have to generate a new Segmentum file for those sorts of changes to take place.
>Brainfarted and forgot this would apply to all humans of the Imperium.
>Forgot that this would have a knock-on effect to the recruitment for Imperial Guard and the Marines
>Didn't even realize that Imperial Fucking Crusades in the History Gen. step would cause human populations to sprout up all over the fucking Segmentum
>Marines are repopulating like fucking rabbits now that they've got the numbers and the economy to support legion level numbers
>History randomly generates a Tyranid Hivefleet invasion
>Fungoid humans vs. biomass consumers causes numbers for both to constantly spiral
>Game crashes as it tries to calculate what happens


Don't fuck around with the .ini file, just fucking don't.
Bahahahahaha, that's fucking brilliant, don't often hear of people crashing the game with ludicrous bullshit before they can even properly play. Hats off to you, sir.
>Copy over the ' - [FungalReproduction = 1] ' line
Knew where this was going the second I saw this. It would have been bad enough with just giving them a fungus cycle, but I bet you forgot to remove their normal breeding pattern too yeah?

The reason your game crashed was because it was reproducing humans at a 100% increase per month. This isn't a problem with Orks, because their species lifecycle in the game starts with squigs and slowly builds up with over time, then gets kept in check with their high aggression (if you check the ini, you'll see it's in the 200's compared to a standard citizens 30)

You should have changed the [MAXAGE:15:80] to something like [MAXAGE:1:18:80], so that they would have sprouted as babies. Raising the aggression is a mistake though - shit goes nuts in Hives when you raise the aggression, and most of the Imperium descends into a civil war and a Heresy spiral.
>The Genestealer Uprising event has the benefit of staying quiet and absorbing any other mean asshole in the underhive into itself which means no revolts or mutant attacks

The Genestealer Uprising event is fucking broken on easier difficulties. I don't understand what the developers were thinking. It's actually easier to deal with on harder difficulties, because the suspicious lack of revolts and undergang violence is a major redflag that it's coming - so you have time to call in the Inquisition, or set your Arbites to do a massive witch hunt.

But on PDF or Guardsmen difficulty? There are scarcely any riots in the first place. And sure, they aren't as aggressive on easier difficulties - but that just means they can get a bigger foothold before their 'Summon the Hive Fleet' ability triggers, and all of a sudden you're dealing with more than half of your planet's aristocracy being cultists and a fucking hive-fleet bearing down on you.

Look for 'Chapter Master'. It's a custom fan-mod based on that. It's a bit of a bitch to find, since GW pushed out a Cease and Desist on the original designers, so everythin has sort of gone to ground.
The objective is to stand the test of time.
>because the suspicious lack of revolts and undergang violence is a major redflag that it's coming

Ah, you haven't been keeping an eye on the Aristocracy Tree or your Worker Output, have you?

On easier difficulties, the worker output of Genestealer infected worlds drops sharply as the cult grows. And the nail in the coffin is when you see that multiple disparate family trees are suddenly marrying into each other.

It's an easy mistake to make - try reading the wiki. The game is really obtuse sometimes, and it can be hard to figure out what you're doing wrong without the guide.
Different guy here, my google-fu is weak, it is late, And I have no good idea where to start. I humbly plead for your assistance, oh venerable fa/tg/uys.
As In I've figured out it's a modfor the sake of copyright law , I just haven't the slightest idea of the base game's name.
>Be me
>Roll up a Lord Governor with the "pious trait"
>Huge boost to relations with the ecchlesiarcy and other characters with the pious trait so pretty much everyone who goes to church loves me
>Exploit this by building cathedrals all across the Hive so that the peoples Faith level remains super high.
>Too high actually
>Gets to the point where they're engaging in show trials and burning suspected heretics at the stake in religious fervor
>Hive population starts to go down steadily as I'm frantically attempting to send the Arbites everywhere at once, quashing unrest left and right.
>Suddenly I get an event pop-up
>"The Lord Governor has decided to take a decade long pilgrimage to Holy Terra and has left behind his regent to rule in his stead
>Regent is his cousin who happened to be both an Incompetent Administrator, and secretly had the "Mutation" trait.

Is there any way to come back from this situation? I'm starting to understand why people don't go for high Faith strategies all that often. The bonuses to reputation and fervor are great and make it almost impossible for your troops to break, but unless you have a large and well-equipped Arbites task force to deal with the zealous mobs that form from time-to-time, than it can get out of hand really quickly.
You clearly didn't Google chapter master
Interstellar Army Simulator
Did that, got the downloads for that, but I do want the game mentioned here should it exist.
>be me
>decide to have a quick game of LoGov while in lockdown
>not in the mood to use one of the pre-gen worlds, random gen. my own
>Small mid-Imperial Fortress world in the Ultima Segmentum, start going over the details
>Tiny planet, 60 degrees celcius standard temperature, next to no water, underground facilities, 14 billion population...
>Dominating Administratum and Mechanicus prescences, with the Ministorum only a slight step behind them.
>Major export is illegally-sold weaponry.
>From a Fortress World.
>Major import is weaponry.
>To replace the fucking shit the blackmarket is selling.
>What the fuck is the arbites doing?
>Check armed forces on planet
>No Arbites. At all.
>Small standing army, shitty militia, but massive private armies and a huge number of high quality mercs
>Cherry on fucking top?
>Non-standard religious dogma

How fucked am I, /tg/? Is it worth trying to play through this or should I generate a new planet?
>Is there any way to come back from this situation?

Incompetent Admin and Secret: Mutation are not necessarily end game material. What you need to do is lower taxes in the Underhive and arrange for routine Celebrations - however much you can reasonably afford to maintain with your current economy.

If you can get your Underhive Approval rating up high enough, being outed as a Mutant won't cause an immediate uprising - should buy you enough time to replace the Regent legitimately. And an added bonus is that if you raise his approval fast enough, it'll give him the 'Beloved Noble' bonus that will balance out the Incompetent handicap.
>14 Billion
>A lot of people

If you aren’t building corpsestarch factories everywhere at the start you’re doing it wrong anyway. The overall penalty to happiness beats having your population starve to death in the early game.
>A lot of people
For the planet size and type, you'd normally expect somewhere in the range of 25 million. 14 billion would be the average for a planet between the Huge to Massive size scales, or Hive Worlds.

>corpsestarch factories
If I dedicate every build-slot the planet has to Corpsestarch Factories, I'll still be running nearly 400% in the red. Small planets just don't have the space to generate enough food for this many people.

My only bet is to max out Guard Conscription and set it to a monthly tithe that ticks over before the Starvation counter and trick the game into not realizing everyone is being sent off world starving to death. If I can keep that up for long enough to drop the population down to a manageable level, then I might be able to salvage the planet.
Imperial Guardsmen's uplifting primer, and build a Cathedral to Ollanius Pius

It's the only way. You are the Imperial Guard factory now. Import some luxuries to increase immigration, implement mandatory service.

Flesh out your PDF/IG tithes with Shocktroops. They aren't as good at decreasing unrest, but they will generally curbstomp heretics, wipe the floor with mutant uprisers, and most importantly, do not forget this, or you're fucked. Keep your Noble commanders under very close eyes, even if it means sucking up to the big =][=.

After you cement your position as the local sector's Lord of War, start working on your Ecclesiarchy or Mechanicus relations. Only one is generally practical unless you get seriously lucky with your events.

Only thing you have to really worry about is keeping your Nobles from assassinating you early game, and you have to get your Arbite/Shocktrooper balance just right.

Mechanicus can help with your Guard/PDF rep early game by keeping your manufacturing up. Ecclesiarchy gets you more bodies, therefore more shoulders, but more meat grinder action which may get your pop on edge.

It's like running a /k/commando resort. Can be a fun challenge.
Alright, I bit the bullet and generated my Lord Governer.

>House DeVries, lead by Lord Ferris
>Elderly leader, 70+, has marginal political influecnce and fuck-all estate
>How the fuck did the game generate him as the Lord Gov?
>Ah - ex. Guardsman. History tab talks about him being the sole survivor of a campaign ect ect
>Married his mistress, heaps of kids, good for him
>Secret: Avoided Military Service

...well okay then.

>You are the Imperial Guard factory now.
Yeah, that's what I've figured. It'll be the only way I'll keep ahead of staring the planet to death, and even then it'll be a little bit cheaty.

>Flesh out your PDF/IG tithes with Shocktroops
Actually, I'm going the Arco-Flaggelant route. They aren't as versatile as Shock Troops, but it raises my relationship with both the Mechanicus and the Ecclesiarchy, and I can ship of a small portion to the Inquisiton to get in their good books too.

>Only one is generally practical unless you get seriously lucky with your events.
I WANT to get in tight with the Administatum, but with the Non-Standard Relgious Dogma principle in play, I NEED to be in the Ecclesiarchy good books, because I've never seen a situation where NSRD didn't result in a Rocks Fall scenario if the Ecclesiarchy didn't like the LoGov.

>Nobles from assassinating you early game, and you have to get your Arbite/Shocktrooper balance just right.
I am genuinely concerned about that. Most of the armies on the planet are private or mercs, and my LoGov isn't rich enough to afford to just buy a bigger army than the competition. I am going to try and pit the various houses against each other, and hopefully buy myself enough time to build up a more lasting defense.
You could kill two birds with one stone if your dude has a high enough intrigue score. Start framing some of the Mercs as patsies to the Ecclesiarchy. The NSRD can actually make that easier. Just keep in mind you need to balance that with increased morale for your Guard/Arbiter to keep them turning the blind eye. Just be careful, you'll get Tzeentchian cults popping up if you use that crutch too much, and your Guard forces' loyalty cap is limited by your intrigue level. Unless you say fuck it and make those Arco-Flagellants earn their keep by offloading that intrigue onto a problematic Noble, then pious the fuck out to get the Heresy level back down.
>Is producing Arco-Flaggelants
>Doesn't know how to deal with Nobility

You silly sausage, there's your answer right there. Have a few ArcFlags made with the lowest possible quality and gift them to all your enemy nobles. It's a glitch in the game that it doesn't recognize this as a form of assassination - the game just reads it as you offering them a gift, then plays out the low-level ArcFlags 'zerking out and killing the nobility as a separate, unrelated situation.

Keep gifting them shitty ArcFlags and watch your Recent Events stream - sooner or later, they'll kill them.
High Faith is only really worth it if you’re at war all the time because it’ll keep morale consistently high while providing you with tons of spare bodies to throw at the enemy.

Your problem is that you kept Faith high during a period of peacetime, which leads to unrest and creates problems if you aren’t tithing your excess zealots off to die on some far-off war world.

What’s your characters intrigue at currently? If it’s relatively high, on of the most consistent ways you can reduce Faith is by spamming Fabricate Scandal decisions against the Ecclesiarchy, both decreasing their Influence and reduces their overall Faith a small amount each time in a manner more manageable and kills way less people than natural disasters like Hive quakes or acid storms which also reduce Faith.
>roll a shit hole hive with no income.
>Fuck it. Play as utterly corrupt Governor.
>Embezzle 99% of the budget into my private off planet accounts.
>Hive falls to disrepair and anarchy.
>”Sir, the Underhives are revolting!"
>You can say that again. Stinking plebs.
>"The Factorums have risen up!"
>Let them eat cake!
>"The Nobles are launching a coup!”
>Conspiracy theory.
>"The Arbites have been massacred overnight!"
>Don't interrupt my sleep again.
>"PDF units have defected!"
>At this point what difference does it make?
>Buy a Lunar class cruiser. Refit it with all the luxuries I can think of. Harem of concubines, gold toilets, etc. Fill the cargo bays with treasure.
>Rebellion finally reaches the Spire.
>Time to go. But first I set the Hive fusion reactors to overload.
>As my luxury shuttle escapes the atmosphere, the Hive reactors detonate.
>Cool guys don't look at explosions.
>Dock with my new home, the cruiser Golden Flush. Relax on my command throne.
>Send an astropath message to the Adeptus Terra. "Hive fell to Chaos. Punished all the heretics with fire, no mercy. For the Emperor."
>Be rewarded for my heroic actions with a Warrant of Trade.
>Just as planned.
It's not a glitch actually. It's a feature. Bad ArcoFlag's are heresy magnets. Anon would either end up with Tzeentchian or Slaaneshi influence, especially given the NSRD.

He's gotta go good or better, which means no blameless assassination. That's why I stick w/ Shock Troops.

Then again, I think he's going to end up with more Tzeentchian meddling with how hard he's going to be playing the political game.

By far probably the most benign of the 4 to deal with in absolute terms, but he might need to an hero to his heir before he gets outed at some point. To reset the Lineage's intrigue.
Both solid plans, and I might push them soon.

For the moment, I'm shipping off as much excess pop. as I can as Imperial Guard Conscripts, set the method of Tax Payment as 'Imperial Guard Service' and have shipped off as many as I can afford to the half-dozen moons in orbit.

My income is just black market weapons arms dealing and whatever resources I can mine from the moons.

Only upshot so far is thanks to the conscription and the IG service, the Administration is not asking for anything at the moment.
File: 4tSF6bHh.jpg (109 KB, 1024x576)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>if you aren’t tithing your excess zealots off to die on some far-off war world

I suspect I'm going to need some high levels of Faith and Zealotry pretty soon, desu.

>Yep, got Tau Sympathizers confirmed on world.
>Managed to set up mining colonies on 5 of the 6 moons
>6th moon is too unstable and dangerous, set up a penal colony there instead, basically a death sentence without the stat swings.
>Gifted the shitty Arco-Flaggelants to a bunch of nobles, got a great relationship with them
>Ship as many as I can off to the mining colonies for them to manage.

I hope they don't generate chaos cults on their own planetoid, but can't be helped at this point.

>Planet is down to a low enough pop that I don't have to worry about starving to death anymore
>The constant stream of 'volunteers' I've flushed into the Admech has sent their influence skyrocketing.
>They're expanding their facilities on the planet
>I can't really afford to stop them or do it myself, and most of the planet is lethal to unaugmented humans anyway.
>Still, not liking this
>Rogue Trader popped up in-system. I don't have much to trade with, but I was hoping to pick up a few exotics and to get rid of some crap I can't use anyway.
>Goddamn Trader went to the Mechanicus instead of me.

I've been cucked.
Where can I download this?
yeah I dunno man. I found chapter master alright but this hive city thing eludes me.
It used to be in a pastebin, but it got tanked by GW with Cease and Desists.

I'm pretty sure by now you guys are just trying to shitpost it into existence, which is an admirable shard of the /tg/ that was.

On that subject, I miss mage guild threads.
>/tg/ getting things done
>Not born, but shit, into existence.
>Lord Governor: A Hive City Management Simulator>>73481934
Wait is this an actual game? Where is it? After some googling I haven't found it
see >>73489187
Yes yes, you have succeeded your alabaster prank
At this point it's not a prank, it's a penance for idiocy.
You people. If there isn't a movie about it, it's not worth knowing, is it?
It says the server cannot be reached
Replace the 1 with an i
I got sent to a youtube video instead, I think you sent the wrong link
Based retard
File: giphy-downsized-medium.gif (2.49 MB, 495x302)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF
>Rogue Trader in system
>Not trading with the planetary Gov.

Hate to break it to you, anon - but that's not a Rogue Trader. That's an Inquisitor, and it's a known glitch. Rogue Traders will ALWAYS trade with the local gov of any planet they visit. Only time it doesn't happen is when it's someone-else disguised as a Rogue Trader.

And if it's an Inquisitor getting involved in disguise, on a tiny planet with an bizarrely large population that only exists to be a fortress...

I'm thinking you might be sitting on either a Necrontyr cache or - more likely - you're on a Geneseed supply depot.

You'll know for sure if by turn 50ish you get a massive population cull when SM come and scrounge for new recruits.
File: 1582558100470.jpg (21 KB, 326x326)
21 KB
>be me
>roll up a hiveworld, useual hiveworld shit
>think it will be fun to see how long it will be before a riot forms if i cut off supplies to water, or clean (ish) clothes by holding soap at ransome or some shit
>realise this could be a good way of getting rid of any dicks that want to rise up against me and my spire, maybe even catch a rival noble house trying to support it
>start putting stats into P.D.F and hold some behind the scenes incase shit hits the fan
>made it to year five before enough scum started complaining about the lack of clean work clothes, people are getting sick, plague might be a problem
>fucking suprised it took this long but ok cool
>two months in and i catch a rival noble house trying to support the growing hive mob
>always always always put some stats into your spy network.jpeg
>wonder if i can use this to my advantage?
>smug niccolo machiavelli painting.jpeg
>find out who they are supporting, find out they are trying to smuggle in guns and such to back up the mob when it all starts, shipments of food have been sent to them (feel like a cunt for not seeing this earlier) and the promise that when they take over they will rule the spire and the hive and be way cooler and better at it than me
>free soap for the masses.jpeg
>use spy network and P.D.F to fake a butch of documents and shit claiming it was faggot noble houses idea to make everyone sick in the first place so they could look good when they swoop in and save the hive, pay guy to spread rumors, stage some muggings and arrests dressed up as rival house trying to hijack food supplies with shitty bad food here and there so they might get sick, have workers dump lice into wash house vats so the clothes get itchy
>mfw the mob starts to turn on rival house
>mfw mob starts to see me as innocent and it was rival houses fault they are sick with lice n' have the shits
>mfw the mob storms rival houses spire with guns they supplied
>mfw i use angry mob as guardsmen for my next tithe shipment
>withholding soap in a hive city
Playing a dangerous fucking game there, anon. In all the builds before 1.77.n intentionally tanking the soap supply in a hive-city triggered the Nurgle Cult glitch. Destroying hygiene supplies was the programmed trigger that leads to summoning Plaguebearers/Great Unclean One (depending on difficulty), and for some reason the game reads the player selling all their hygiene supplies as if it was the cult doing it, meaning it jumps straight to the summoning without giving you a chance to defend yourself.

That glitch has been responsible for a lot of early game heresy spirals.
What the fuck is a heresy spiral and why can't I find this goddamn game?
Based GW employee trying to find more people to sue
>What the fuck is a heresy spiral
Heresy begets Heresy, so if you don't put a quash on it quick or react with appropriate force it'll quickly spiral out of control. It's the main way players lose unless they opt out and just go full Chaos Worship.

>why can't I find this goddamn game?
Because it's not a game - it's a mod for Interstellar Army Simulator that got taken down when GW hit the creators with a Cease and Desist. The few times I've seen it up in a pastebin or link on /tg/, it's been toasted pretty quick because some chucklefucks keep leaking it back to someone who is watching out for it. Same problem happened to Chapter Master.
>guys i promise im not working for GW wtf i just wwnat to plaby the game!!

so you can takedown the site like you did with Chapter Master? no
Oh man, remember when it was basically inevitable to have heresy spirals in the early patches because regular Underhive violence counted towards the litres of blood that needed to be spilled per year to trigger a Khorne demon spawning? Basically every hive was on a timer lmfao
Fuck, that was such a fun build if you wanted to go pure-chaos. Guarenteed Exterminatus every time if you didn't build up a fleet though.
>be me
>roll up a Hive
>food processing hub on an agri-world
>huh, neat
>i am the food man
>go all in on producing large quantities of guardsman rations
>even actually put in some nutritional value
>realise that good food actually gives combat and happiness bonuses
>decide to feed my general populace actual food as well as continuing to export to the Guard
>production skyrockets
>crime plummets
>i am the food man
>"Your people are gorging themselves on food!"
>be noob
>do not realise what this means
>"oh, good, this'll just give them more energy to work harder right?"
>think nothing of it
>fast forward a few decades
>"The Lower Hives have risen up!"
>"What? Crime was almost nil!"
>The Middle Hives have risen up!
>"The Nobility is Conspiring!"
>Are you for real
>Check to see what caused this
>fa/tg/uy civilians joined Slaaneshi decadence cults because they ate something other than recycled shit
>realise I forgot to give my PDF the good food
>PDF is mostly loyal
>start quelling riots and purging heretics
>notice a gang of noble cultists have snuck into my nuclear vault
>rush PDF over
>too late, cultists nuke planet
>"Your World Designation has changed from Agri-World to Barren World!"
>riots under control, but millions dead
>can no longer produce food, famine imminent
>there's fa/tg/uy corpses everywhere
>demolish food processing hubs
>build corpsestarch plants
>process the dead and dying into Onions Viridian bars
>famine avoided
>even manage to make Administratum food export mandate
>i am the food man
s o y is filtered to onions
Hahahaha, I figured
Ahhh, LoGov, where being nice gets your planet fucked and the only way to ensure loyalty is keeping most of the population miserable corpse-eating shits. Gotta love it
Wait? Onions is filtered to Onions? You're telling me that if I wanted a certain dairy alternative, I'd be forced to have Onion milk? If my Spanish friend was saying 'I am Onion', he'd say 'Onion Onion'?

I call schenangans.

Fuck, Slaanesh is such a fucking bitch of a hitch. At least they others are easy to deal with and predict;

>Your planet is failing on it's health services or got a pandemic running rampant? Here comes papa Nurgle.
>The aristocracy getting convoluted and you keep spamming schemes? Tzeentch wants a word with you.
>Just fucking slaughtering everything that moves and waging war on the locals. Saludar a Khorne.

But Slaanesh?

>You're making your population happy, improving living standards, doing everything right? BEND OVER AND SPREAD THEM CHEEKS, MOMMA.

I mean, jesus fuck. The only way to win at this game is to keep your planet at a stagnant level of suckiness.
I think I recall the devs saying each of them had a purpose - Slaanesh is there so your economy doesn't spiral to a point where there's no more challenge, Tzeench is there to stop you from just assassinating every other noble family with a souped-up Intrigue score (as well as just provide a general lategame threat when your Spire nobles are well-established and take the scheming up to 11), Khorne is there to force you to get solutions other than sicking the Arbites on it, and Nurgle is there to prevent things from going *too* far into miserable cockshittery.

Based Papa Nurgle, looking out for humanity even in a video game meta.
Honestly that's not a bad idea but they really need to give you more wriggling room in the Slaanesh department, and less when it comes to Nurgle. I can leave half of my Hive as the main target for the sewers without any problems but as soon as I give even just the Middle Hive a single luxury item Slaaneshi cults pop in left and right

Nerf Slaanesh, buff Nurgle
>Nerf Slaanesh, buff Nurgle
I can get behind this. Rather than multiple Slaaneshi cults, it should just trigger the one and let it grow from there.

Nurgle should be the one getting multiple cults popping up. Not everyone in the mega-rich would get into using babyskin as a cumrag, but damn near everyone can get behind praying to not get sick and die.
I dunno, I think it fits the muh grimdark nature of 40k to leave the "treating people worse than literal actual rotted garbage" option as objectively the better play than being a nice guy
Eh, I'm kinda glad everyone except Khorne gets multiple cults - and Khornates just treat the game like a free-for-all regardless of faction affiliations anyway. I think a better option would be increasing the rate of luxury goods consumption by Slaaneshi cultists so 1) you'd have a red flag in your luxury goods stockpile plummeting and 2) they'd have to start fighting each other for the resources, weakening them and drawing your attention to the guys hitting each other with chainsaw dildos.
>if I wanted a certain dairy alternative, I'd be forced to have Onion milk?
you could drink almond milk instead
>objectively the better play than being a nice guy
I think the 'Birth of Democracy' event really hammers home the Devs thoughts on 40k;

>Option A: Crush the democrats
>Option B: Burn the democrats

Not even entertaining the idea of bettering the political landscape.
>you could drink almond milk instead
And if I wanted to get laid, I could fuck your sister - but some of us have standards.
>but some of us have standards.
yet you'd drink onions milk?
File: RawOnion.gif (1.58 MB, 420x412)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
Of course.
Oh, god, yeah, I remember! Then people complained and they went the EU4 route of adding a new option with exactly the same results every patch.
At the moment I think it's "Crush the democrats", "Burn the democrats", "Poison the democrats", "Execute the democrats", "Eviscerate the democrats" and "Arrange 'accidents' for the democrats".
>be me
>roll up Hive
>corrupt hellhole, literally got both "Corrupt Arbites" and "Treason-Touched Nobility" for my Hive and "Non-Standard Religious Dogma" for my world
>at least the world's other trait is "Administratum Hub" so the bureaucrats are bros and don't give me harsh mandated exports
>Start trying to reduce corruption - found a secret police, use loyalist PDF elements as Arbites officers, etc.
>Sloooowly getting my corruption down
>Almost below the dreaded 60% threshold
>"An Inquisitor has grown suspicious about activities in your Hive and has launched an investigation!"

What do I do, bros? I have a month of so until he gets here, but I can't use blunt instruments like Mass Purges without triggering a riot. Stab the 'Quisitor? Try to bribe him? Accept my fate and just lube up?
Don’t worry. He will be happy you’re doing good job reducing the corruption.
Is that just a pretend game or something more tangible?
Normally, yeah, but I'm worried that NSRD is gonna fuck me over as per usual
Lean into it. Corruption isn't as bad as Heresy, and the game is calculating based on your change per turn as well as your score.

As long as your heresy is low, you won't be blamo'd. He might give your LoGov the boot, but if your corruption is still high enough and you have enough cash you can just buy your way back into power after he fucks off. But if you've got heresy or any cult/stealer activity, you're straight boned.
its just a sperg thread to pretend a game is real
FUCK, forgot you had NSRD.
Dude - pump everything you can into the Ecchlesiarcy, and spam 'Demand a Reformation'. You might get lucky and get one in before the Inq arrives. I don't know if just asking for a Reformation is enough to counter it, but some forums have suggested that it is.
File: Spoiler Image (66 KB, 489x452)
66 KB
I'll try, but since my Administratum rep is so high it's made it significantly harder to get in the Ecclesiarchy's good books. Can't believe even Administratum Hub managed to fuck me.

Might try importing new high-ranking Ecclesiarchs from off-world to get some more orthodox people into my structure, best I can probably do
There’s a galaxy scale game called chapter master. You grow a chapter of your dudes, send them to planets. Hold off greenskin hordes of necromancy awakenings
>be me
>noob at LoGov
>first game, play the Tutorial Hive
>goes well, meet the medical supplies export mandate
>decide to keep playan' the Tutorial Hive after the tutorial ends
>get the random "Cult Exposed!" Event
>current LoGov has the Courageous trait, so he gets the option to lead the charge himself
>decide, fuck it, he's 110, he'll die in a bit anyway
>Charge in in the middle of a ritual
>they're about to sacrifice a baby girl
>lasgun to the face with extreme prejudice
>look at babby
>get the option to kill, send to orphanage, or adopt
>pretty good stats, nothing is excellent except her Intelligence but my current heir is absolutely shit
>adopt, arrange accident for current heir
>babby is now heir to Hive
>not an idiot, do extensive screening for heresy on her
>all clean
>fast foward, LoGov is a tenacious bastard and refuses to die
>finally eats it at age 170
>babby is now Lord Governor (they really should add a check in game that makes the title Lady Governess if your LoGov is a woman)
>Check stats
>Secret Trait: Nurgle Cultist
>The cult sacrificing her was a Nurgle cult
>I am confident in the screenings, so that leaves one option
>Between being on the altar and becoming LoGov, babby independently became a cultist of the very god people tried to sacrifice her to
>Nurgle is inevitable

This fuckin game man
What the fuck is with /tg/ and always playing a Hive city. What, you guys afraid to play without the training wheels on?
and where do I find these games?
It's literally the only option in the game without mods dipshit
Interstellar Army Simulator 2015, you'll need the Chapter Master mod. Downloads can be found on 1d4Chan, I think.
>It's literally the only option in the game without mods dipshit
The game IS a mod, what the fuck is holding you back? The website was nuked, so just pirate all the DLC's off the torrent and then have at it.

>Pleasure World Best World
Are... are you supposed to be able to have TWO Inquisitors on-planet at once? I've got one Radical and one Puritan investigating me, the Radical is happy with the reforms I've panic-pushed through in the month I had but the Puritan is pissed. I think they might start fighting.
>hahaha these faggots won't play without training wheels
>plays a fuckin PLEASURE WORLD

literally the only concern is Slaaneshi cults and those can be dealt with with a high enough Faith, pleasure worlds are baby's first campaign dude
File: 20200701_145517.jpg (47 KB, 410x410)
47 KB
>he doesn't know about the Invisible Wars event chain
IIRC exposure to Chaos boosts the chances of getting cult-related events, it's one of the reasons why you want to keep people in the dark about the Warpfuckers as much as possible
>Interstellar Army Simulator 2015
>not on steam
Wait, for real? That explains why my Arbites are always super-corrupt after purging cults..
>he doesn't know about the Invisible Wars event chain

>He thinks there's only two
Okay, now I'm scared. Can I recover from this, or should I just bunker down and wait until thing stop vapourizing?
How can I win the "Collapsing Underhive" side-quest?
You've never had to defend a pleasure world.

>Can't recruit anyone because SoL is too high.
>Have to juggle relationships like china plates to make sure you'll always have someone on call to defend you
>And you will need to be defended, because Pleasure Worlds are high priority targets during crusades and 'nid invasions

Only thing you don't have to worry about is Orks.
Just invite high-ranking people from every major armed forces group to stay at your resorts, maxes out relations real quick. A snap of your finger and half the sector is at your beck and call.
Mitigate the damage and casualities caused by the Hive quakes by installing support beams and improving hab-block infrastructure. You should only lose a couple hundred million with that strategy, which will be replaced in 3 years anyway so hardly a huge lose, especially if your loses are contained to the Lower Hive.
Can't find the "Purge the hive section" action after researching Kill-squads upgrade on the PDF troops.
Where the hell is that button?? I have 3 full sections waiting retribution!
hurr hurr hurr
You need to have PDF stationed in the section you want purged before the option is enabled
Anyone willing to spoonfeed a newfag who didnt lurk at the right place and at the right time some hints on finding about LordGov? Only found the attempt at chaptermaster 2 and now Im at a dead end.

This is why you need to keep increasing your Faith levels as you improve your Hives living standards in order to make sure that the people don't fall into decadence. Occasional witch burnings and mass executions are much preferable to getting quite literally fucked by Pleasure cultists every other year. Plus it gives you access to religious mobs which you can corral into a zealot army that you can send to purge the Underhive or send to fight off-world.

The whole game is a balancing act: you're never going to find an ideal solution. You just gotta play with the cards you're dealt.
You don't go for high Faith right out of the gate, it's more of a Late-game mechanic. You need to build up your police forces and get your economy to a comfortable state before you start building Cathedrals en masse. Yes, the bonuses are ESPECIALLY powerful in the early game, but it's not worth having to play wack-a-mole with zealots every now and then if you don't have an outlet with which to send them at.
>Roll a hive Primus, swimming in Thrones. Business is good.
>My governor’s backstory is overly detailed. He did twenty fucking years, exiled to the underhive. Constantly brings it up for no reason. Who cares?
>Next door is a pygmy size hive full of sewage farmers. Hive Joisey.
>Fat fuck governor of pygmy hive says I look like the “Autarch of Craftworld Eran”.
>What the fuck does that even mean?
>Fat fuck’s animal cousin, I can’t even say his name, murders my brother in a sword duel.
>Talk to my captains.
>Hive? They’re a glorified city!
>Twenty fucking years, I wanted roasted grox. I compromised. I ate corpse starch off the radiator.
>No more of this.
>Hire death cult assassins to kill that fat fuck, but they can’t find him.
>Yell at my captains. Twenty fucking years!
>My own captains sell me out to the fat fuck. Those faggot ass, corn holing cocksuckas!
>Get shot in the back of the head and run over by my own Taurox.
>Squad of Salamander space marines are there. Emperor knows why. Watch my head get run over and shout “Ohhhhh!”
>Game ovah.
File: BobbyB.jpg (23 KB, 250x250)
23 KB
> Roll a Pleasure World
> Starting governor is old as fuck, Game gives me control of some Noble Cousin
> He's been causing Ration Shortages because of how much this guy eats
> Go to meet with The Regent, he's paranoid about the Big =I=. Have to meet him in some shitty Underhive
> Soon as I get out of my Taurox he makes some witty remark about "Considering Catachan Deathleaf"
> This insensitive cocksucker tells me to stop leaning on his Coven Limo before I flip it
> a Few years later, Old Governor gets taken away by Arbites for shooting his Magos Biologis caretaker
> End up becoming the New Govenors right hand man dealing with rival nobles
> Get killed while buying Miniature Land Trains from a Tech Priest

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