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File: priestess_of_lolth.gif (3.95 MB, 452x360)
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What's going on in your game?
>session ended just after the basilisk got the jump on us
>we have to save against petrifaction right at the start of the next session
that pic is absolutely cursed
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2.11 MB GIF
Long lost sisters?

No session for... longer that I care to count, will see what comes up in the summer.
I'm GMing a Blades in the Dark game so I have to come up with a good first score for the vampire-worshipping cult my players made
Spiders are cute, and I get mad every time my sister ask me to squash them when she see them. You can just gently grab them and release them outside.

Anyway, for my campaign:
>group split up, one join a religious organisation in Europe to fight supernatural being, the others create a private supernatural investigation detective team in Brasil.
>In secret, the two groups are still connected and exchange info.
>The group in Europe is actual planning of killing one of their superior and blame it on another superior so they can rise though the rank, with the goal to present the Italian priest as an Antipope once they have enough influence.
>The Brazil group is planning to collect data on supernatural and make a huge worldwide revelation of it (it is for now in secret), presenting as the only trustworthy and honest peoples that knew about it. They will then support the Antipope and use popularity to have him become the actual pope.
>One of the team member is reflecting on betraying the group by snitching on another organisation.
Just finished a solo session where my character did a bunch of library research while the rest of my party was on standby. I was literally running from library to library for an in-game week until I found a small modicum of information where to go next. My character was the only one capable of doing this, so the rest of the party would have been on standby anyway.
It was extremely boring and my GM sucks, but atleast we can finally start doing some proper adventuring again after being stuck in a town with literally ten libraries for three sessions.
get your sister spider plush
I agree, it's just that this particular gif is ultra cursed.
>PCs went to a colony to find a scientist researching shit they need for a bigger plot
>Discover that the colony has been taken over by vampires
>Next session is starting with them blasting their way through vampires to get to the master to end the plague
>Vampires are demonic creatures in my game
File: 1369499699702.gif (2.66 MB, 400x300)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB GIF
Is this the spider thread?
>Finnished up a combat encounter
>Got back to town, waited with our dicks in our hands for hours waiting for a plot hook, or to decide where to find a plot hook
>Finally got a "quest" to go investigate some spooky shit in a totally not cthulu cult infested sleepy fishing village.
File: file.gif (4.17 MB, 430x267)
4.17 MB
4.17 MB GIF
it is now
>waiting for a plot hook
That's where you made a mistake.
With months in between, this Saturday we should finish clearing out a monastery of evil monks who have been aiding cultists. We believe they also may know the location of a knight's body which never made it to its final resting place. Getting the knight is the priority, but we won't pass up the chance to destroy evildoers.
>Party finally got their ass in gear after taking a detour to participate in Rakdos WWE
>Figured out where the Dimir Assassin they're looking for was located
>One of them fell into the undercity trying to get down into the aqueduct
>Luckily he was a monk, and reduced the damage with Slow Fall, and ran up walls to ledges, and got back up
>Finally got through the illusions and triggered a trap
>Some putzing around the dungeon, and then suddenly someone literally has to go do their taxes.
File: 1418015309283.jpg (70 KB, 400x533)
70 KB
File: spiders.png (503 KB, 1400x1380)
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503 KB PNG
File: glass of spiders.jpg (59 KB, 500x284)
59 KB
What is your Ravnica like? Is it all guild stereotypes or are there guildless and shit like Izzet linesmen or Golgari trash collectors? I've always loved the more realistic and sensible side of Ravnica.
Now post that image of the woman tied down with a look of horror on her face as a tarantula crawls on her vagina
Doing more harm than good. House spiders have lived alongside humans since at least Roman times. They aren't adapted to conditions outside, they die.
File: 1539190812717.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2742)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>got a cure for a plague
>half party decides to sell it, me - priest and a thief decide to organize a tournament, cause the priests belief is that only if you struggle you are worth saving.
>the tournament is held at night outside the city gates. Only ill people are admited. The fights go barehanded, not to death
> every night, there is a winner that gets cure for free, meanwhile thief makes money on bets
> rest of the party just sold theirs to the local lord
> noone in the city knows we could just cure the local well to stop the plague from spreading
>instead, when he runs out of cure, the priest sends ill people to the temple of the light god, through the ferocious jungle, cause there is a spring that can save them

> we did this for eight days, noone came to stop us and nothing interesting happened
>Doing more harm than good. House spiders have lived alongside humans since at least Roman times. They aren't adapted to conditions outside, they die.
Which is why I put them in a pile of wood that remain in a little shack for the winter.
Beside, we have warm winter where I live, it rarely go bellow zero.
File: well shit vindicare.jpg (121 KB, 387x367)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Currently playing Dark Heresy but DM has us switch to only war for a session
>Our regiment gets fucking curbstomped by orks but are rescued by an inquisitor
>In the same session the DM suddenly has us switch to Deathwatch
>Sent in to kill a tau ethereal and any heretics inside this building
>Party consists of a Blood Angels Sanguinary guard assault marine, first company Dark Angels devastator, Black Templar crusader, Imperial Fist Apothecary and a Lamenter Tactical Marine.
>Fight through a bunch of Tau and eventually get up to the floor where the Ethereal is
>Revealed that the inquisitor and our fucking guardsmen are there and they've been told that we are traitors from the Alpha Legion
>Our DM rolls like a god and the guardsmen pick us off one by one with lascannons until we all fucking die
>Our Dark Heresy characters now have to investigate just what the hell happened
I'm running a Homestuck homebrew for 9 players. 5 of them have decided to meet up on the Heir of Blood's planet, despite him having not invited them in any way. Now I have to deal with the timeline nightmare I have created, since most of those players have played up to different points in the game.

I've also gone ahead and balanced the Heir of Blood's next boss for 6 people. The Avatar of Armok is a 20-foot, 6-armed stone statue of a bearded dwarf. Each arm has a different weapon with a different ability. He gets 1d3 attacks per turn and takes two turns per round. If I don't kill or maim at least one player this fight, I will consider it a failure on my part.
File: 1540510907556.png (163 KB, 500x337)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Did... did you combine Sburb with Dwarf Fortress? Or are you just borrowing the name. I'm afraid to ask you what system this is built upon.
That’s a warm winter? It has never dropped below zero here since they started recording temperature. I think the lowest on record was around 17 and that is freakishly cold (for here).
>You can just gently grab them and release them outside.
except they will just come inside again as soon as they can
I'm trying to present Ravnica as more realistic and nuanced than in the cards, but also like in the cards to some degree.
For example, like I mentioned, last session was mainly dedicated to a rakdos underground wrestling league that their mostly-pretty-sane member participated in.
There was WWE action, down to irresponsible no-DQ matches, crazy maneuvers and ringside announcers going "IT'S SOME SORT OF SIDEWALK SLAM", but it also took place in mostly a normal(-ish) bar, and they got to drink colorful (and some grimy) drinks with very minor magical effects (speak with animals for 10 minutes, color-changing eyes for a few minutes, that sort of thing), and enjoy some perverse cameraderie and enjoyment with the rest of the crowd, cheering for their friend, up to the fighter even asking to join in for a doubles match, and they proceeded to cream a demon and a minotaur (No DQ meant the bard could give Haste, and they had a spare Boros Charm from an earlier mission).

Today's session featured an Orzhov Cartographer who obnoxiously tried to upsell the party's elf, a meeting with the rogue's Orzhov mentor on the street, walking her dogs like a normal person (with way too much money, granted), and a clash between demons and angels in the sky on the horizon, because it fit lorewise and would look cool and demonstrate how weird this place is.

They got into a Dimir hideout, and it's about as insanely trap-filled as you'd imagine it would be, but they also have an acquaintance who's a mind-mage, and he's just kind of a boring accountant-looking fella who does nothing important-seeming, just dusting down in a library.

Of course, if they find their way to Rix Maadi, they're gonna be killed, flayed, raped and eaten, and I'm not sure that's gonna be the order.
Also the Izzet may or may not have invented guns.
Nah, but I love DF. What better excuse than a Blood player's quest to bust out Armok, the God of Blood, as a denizen?

As for a system, I built it from scratch. It's extremely simple. Three stats: Strength, Skill, and Speed. Max health is 5x your strength. Hitting things is Speed+Skill. Dealing damage once you've hit is Strength+Skill. When a player unlocks their power they get a fourth stat, Aspect, which gives bonuses to using their powers. Most everything in combat uses d6s.

When a player would be hit by an attack that would kill them, the party members all roll a d20+speed. Whoever gets the highest total gets a reaction, basically an extra turn in the middle of the enemy's. They are HIGHLY SUGGESTED to use this turn to save their life or their ally's. This is also how players unlock new abilities or upgrade old ones. But if the enemy beats out everyone else's speed roll, then combat continues with no reaction and the player will die.

So far it's been about 5 months real time and 8-11 days game time. Most of the players have had 1-3 near-death experiences and are proceeding along their quests. They're loving it.

That's fucking awesome and I would love to be a player in that game.
File: aheago.jpg (99 KB, 900x900)
99 KB
>Fight room full of mimics
>get eaten
Back to the vore corner
>That's fucking awesome and I would love to be a player in that game.
Funny you should say that, we just got a new member about...5-6 sessions back?
Normally integrating new people into an ongoing game is a little wonky, as most people can probably attest to, but everyone's been a good sport about stuff, and I feel like he's gotten pretty into the group. Made a monk, and I think that was for the best.
He fucked up an acrobatics check on one of Ravnica's famously guardrailless bridges and fell about 200ft down to the undercity, but luckily, due to shitty fall damage and Slow Fall as an 11th-level monk, he was pretty much fine, and with some inventive and cool use of unarmored movement and Step of the Wind and a rope, he actually got back up.
I'm not sure whether taking a new person into the group would be advisable right now, but I'm also intrigued, so I'll just leave my discord here and we can probably talk further
Inb4 discord hate. It not great, but it's also not Skype.
itchy lips
Party long rested in Leomund’s Hut while a Green Fey civil war ocurred in a massive hedge maze controlled by an archdryad. They burnst through all their spells way too fast and figured they could’t kill any “bosses” in their state. Long story short, the fungal usurper swallowed the archdryad and is currently corrupting the Mother Oak that holds the maze’s, and majority of Green Fey’s power. So now the hedge is exhuding poisonous gas, spore zombies and shambling blights roam the corridors, and they burnt through all their spells again.

They’re level 7 now and still don’t practice good stealth or scoutimg practices, they constantly run ahead of each other and get in over their heads. I think there’s a TPK on the horizon for them if not a one or two surviving in their party of 7.
File: 1548662444216.png (179 KB, 600x600)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
One of my PCs sold out the location of the rebellion's camp in order to join the enemy organization and tear them apart from within to make the leadership feel the same loss as he did when his parents were killed by them.
Basically chose Revenge > Logic in the moment.

So for the rest of the session, the other PCs had to run from an army of angry mages and clerics into the woods while making sure the children and elderly don't die.
"I... really didn't expect that."
- The DM
Wizard Spider is adorable. I wish cute shit like that happened to me, or at least in my games
lawful good party had a morality debate on the killing of a village of evil cannibals
I'm an idiot and quoted wrong
The party just infiltrated the Dreadnought, a humongous steel steamship, to find their missing crew members and put a stop to the "witch" that froze their ship in ice. They alerted pretty much the entire ship to their presence but have managed to fight off much of the lower deck crew.

The real puzzle will be how to make the ship inoperable so they can't take it for themselves.
How are you dealing with reinforcements? Have the party gotten to a point where they need to rest? How are they planning to keep up the fight against an entire ship of baddies?

I’m in a similar situatiom with DMing my party. They’re about to have a BAD time with a corrupt treant prince who will start calling his horde of minions upon them as soon as they challenge him.
>Members of a small resistance group
>After a brief bit of snooping for a target in town, we learn that a trade caravan's due in about a week and decide to hit them
>Opening barrage goes pretty well, drop the drivers and people manning the mounted turrets with no problem
>My character gets hit with a massive psychic backlash and nearly dies because of a combination of awful rolls and me getting a bit reckless with his powers
>Rest of the group starts getting horrible rolls too
>Just barely manage to fumble our way though the rest of the encounter
The fuck did you just call me bitch
>Party just arrived in coastal port-city.
>Floating terrestrial formations of earth and stone float around the area like clouds.
>City has tethered, anchored, and built around three of these platforms to add real-estate despite living in a death-world full of crap from the monster manuals.
>Also builds underground for dwarfy and digging types.
>Some underwater post-coastal developments, though not as many as where the party started 4 cities ago.
>Driver/Underworld Translator getting a lay of the land, and some water-breathing stuff to be able to get to where the Real Action is.
>Wizard along to help out.
>Medi-Monk had to bow out early, probably sticking with Noble-Tinker.
>Noble-Tinker selling off loot from last encounter (Roc Egg) and making contacts with some of the Independent powers in town, other than the Government (Knightly Order that answers to regional theocracy since the local faith is a mess) and the scrappy civies (Monster Hunter's Guild).
>Bird-buddy Cleric doing Research things to help mage and NPC the party picked up, as well as getting more long-term know-how on some of the Definately Not Daedric Princes that they're getting frighteningly well acquainted with.

Agenda for next session is.
>Make contact with the "underground" to see who's up to what in town.
>Get a boat, as this isn't the end of the line, just the port before the storm.
>Possibly see about a support crew (Friendly NPC's who can send aid, offer trades, or be called on in a pinch, or otherwise provide plot-hooks from back home.)
>Definitely see about an Actual Ship Crew.

>Pic Related inspired the DefNotDaedra but I'm keeping away from the source material beyond using the concepts as elemental foci rather than the classical ones.
Well not much we are going to head off to retrieve a mcguffin. In a magic house with treads we stole a hag who will killed.
Playing Star Wars Saga Edition
>Party just recently cleared out a slaver stronghold without alerting the guards through some sneakiness by the droid
>Kills the second in command of the slavers wookiee ex-slave turned her into gibs with his power hammer
>Got info on location of their leader and are en route to kill him
Been great we didn't play for around 4 months because of holidays and our GM was renovating his house
File: 1548534503787.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG
>Cultists attacked the city we have been using as our home base since the beginning of the campaign
>They fucking turned the city wall into an earth elemental, the tricky bastards
>Defeated the elemental, but now there's a massive hole in the wall and more enemies are coming
>Continuing this weekend, expecting it to be a "defend the city for as long as possible but eventually be forced to leave" situation
Looking forward to playing some Oregon Trail
File: wtf.jpg (71 KB, 559x598)
71 KB
>GM says we need to work better as a team at planning our moved
>try to make plans on how to combat BBEG and his army
>go to previous towns we helped and try to get troops/supplies
>split up to make the tasks easier
>"oh you find an army of the BBEG troops destroying the town"
>I remind the GM of the communication network and warning systems I set up to prevent exactly this.
>"they seemed to pass all of those unnoticed"
>How large of a group are we talking?
>somehow already cleared a town with zero warning reaching other towns, that town is now 3000 zombies reinforcing the army.

Paladin and I cast earthquake as GM tells us we see 3 dracoliches on the horizon. MFW
Hang, you talking celsius or farenheit?
I hinted at the players about 100x that if they escape from their cell there is like no chance that they can go back and now they are trying to go back lets see what happens.
Da. That's the point, i like arthropodes
ITT: Fucking Aussies
I love reading this. I'm only a few sessions into DMing a Ravnica campaign but I'm going a much more politics/intrigue route with mine. Each party member is from a different guild (5 total) and they were put together as an Inter-Guild Task Force as basically a PR stunt since Jace fucked off to who-knows-where. However, they've been surprisingly effective, and now Lavinia, acting as their main contact for the Office of the Guildpact, sees that this stupid publicity stunt might actually be able to help Ravnica after all.

(Of course, each of them is regularly receiving hidden agendas to accomplish without alerting the other party members, and there may or may not be a Dimir spy hidden among them. Can't say since one of them actually visits /tg/ and I don't want him reading this.)

So far they recaptured Krenko, the premade mission, and just took down the Wight of Precinct Six. They're also being asked to help the Rakdos celebrate Ragefest in the coming month, which will be the first big plot "arc" I have planned. But as for last session, they're trying to find out who was responsible for raising the Wight of P6 in the first place, and they inadvertently caught a Dimir spy working in the Lyev Column building of New Prahv. They're super pumped about that since it was a team effort to put it all together.
I like your take on stuff too! I've basically cut out Jace and planeswalkers altogether in my campaign, both to keep things less complicated and because I hate the MtG metaplot and its intense PW fixation.
I haven't brought in a lot of canon characters, but I've created a few guild reps the players love.

How'd you stat out the Wight of Precinct Six? That's one of my favorite cards, both lore and mechanicswise.

And it's kickass to have them help do the Ragefest, too, that sounds like an awesome idea.

And of course my party have had to deal with the dimir infiltrating them by now, discovered by the rogue player pointing out that Passive Investigation exists.
>Be DM for 7 years without playng
>Suddenly one of the guys want to DM.
>I play a character I have been wanting to play for 10 years.
>He is surprisingly good and I'm enjoying myself.
>TPK after 6 sessions.
>DM offers a way to carry on with the same characters.
>I agree but the other 4 guys refuse.
>As revenge i'm currently planning the worst campaign I've ever made.
I just joined, got written in as a servant of the Big Bad who was instructed to follow the party and take notes on their performance. The big bad's basically the queen of hell, and she just pulled me from her "souls of dead chicks who probably weren't inept" pile and sent me on my way.
I was a rocker bard who partied too hard and OD'd, so I didn't really help her plans that much. I haven't written down a single word.
We reached a town of automata, human-seeming people who all move in unison and seem like they might actually be incredibly realistic robots - we can't tell. To tell, our tiefling sorcerer suggests she seduces and fucks one of them.
I put on a show, our sorcerer tells automaton that she's with the band and that she'd love to take her back to our room.
She rolls a 20 on Performance.
Our DM describes that when the rest of us get back to the room, it's "an inch deep in fluids".
My bard, and all the others, proceed to stare at the sorcerer and say varying versions of "nice".
Anyway, we set the automaton on fire a bit, yada yada yada, turns out she's human and just controlled by extremely powerful sorcery that none of us can quite manage to break. We think of how to dispose of her, but then realize she thought all the immolation stuff was just pain-play, and she's actually not that annoyed. She leaves peacefully.
After getting a blatant push toward more plot, I smooth-talk my way into some spoopy catacombs by just saying that I'm THE [character name] and I have been told I have free range here. Surprisingly it actually works. Takes a little extra persuasion to get them to let the rest of the party down, but we manage it.
That's the long and the short of it, since once we made our way to the next location, we stopped there for the week.
I'm really enjoying this character and this setting. And I'm especially happy that this group looks like it'll actually last, so we can get some real expansive stories going. It's gonna be great.
File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 192x118)
17 KB
This is not OK, anon.
I dunno, I thought it was pretty cute. Pet spiders are basically harmless, theyre just fucked up dogs.
In the game I DM, players are gonna have a showdown with 2 assassins and a fuckton of weak monster hirelings in order to save one of their friends that got captured. The encounter kind of hinges on them either A) stealing the thing they need from the assassins and using it to barter to get their friend back or B) getting 1 assassin into a situation where they can force the other one to make the monsters stand down to spare his fallen comrade. If they just try to power through all these guys I think they're gonna get wrecked hard. It'll be fun to see if they manage to get what they're after.
>supervillains Dr Xeon (Elon Musk meets Dr Wily), Collectrix (insane biologist/mutant creator) and The Serpent (a snake themed assassin based on Steve Irwin) have come to Tokyo for Reasons involving intergalactic kaiju smuggling
>while elite superhero team the Zero Force will stop the threatened kaiju attacks on supervillain prison Chaldea, the PCs must investigate what the villains are planning
>me & 3 friends never played dnd but want to
>get a dm via reddit
>first 4 sessions all is well
>we escape a underground crypt via a hatch that leads to the middle of the desert i guess
>turns out our catacomb guide sold us out to the enemy
>we see a caravan of 12 head towards us
>6 break away to meet us, theyre slavers and tell us to surrender
>fuck that, we've been detained and jailed twice already and it sucked so we instantly kill the leader and get an intimidate of 21 to scatter the rest
>they regroup and now 12 more come at us
>we shoot at them
>"make a party-wide con save"
>we do and all roll high
>blowdarts in all our necks from behind but we're fine
>ranger gets nat 20 perception check to discern location of assailant
>find and kill before re-facing mounted squad of slavers
>"you see 3 slaver stone giants peak over the dunes and head towards you"
>ok its an even bigger fight than we thought so we should retreat into the hatch
>ranger casts obscuring mist to cover our retreat
>our fucking raging stone giant barbarian couldnt pry a hatch open via crowbar with a str check of 18
>"make con saves"
>DC15 poison from other hidden assailants instantly knock 3 of our 4 party members out, shot straight through the mist we were standing in
>last one surrenders after having their mist dispelled by a slaver mage
>slaver leader executes one of our members "for trying to fight your way out and killing my men" and that player has to make a new char
>we left off the session being told now we work for the slavers

The rug was pulled out from under us at every turn and its like we were destined to fail, which would've been fine if we at least got to fight but it all ended due to some gay con save. On top of that, a PC died from such a lame encounter. I don't feel like this usually happens in DnD.
It does but only with bad DMs
how do i make driders interesting
the spider is detachable
but the elf-half doesn't have legs underneath
My character just bought a slave.

A cute slave
Your DM is just a railroading asswipe
He didn't expect you to fight, hence the poison darts, stone giants and impossible difficulty check to escape
>slaver leader executes one of our members "for trying to fight your way out and killing my men" and that player has to make a new char
The rest is shitty railroading that would make me groan, but this right here would make me leave the game.
So driders are walmart scooters for lamia?
>playing other dust
>we are a group of wierd neo-nativeamericans
>we ended the last session by beeing ransacked by what seems to be the american military reborn when camping at a roadside
After failing to just kill and intimidate our way to the information we need to proceed, we have to actually do the job we were hired to do for once.

It transpires that the city's vampire infestation is actually a result of the Archmage experimenting on corpses in the catacombs and creating hideous vampire offshoots.
We destroyed his lab with two drums of oil and a match.

Now we live in dread of the night, because there's still a fair few down there, but we also live in fear of the day, because the Archmage has incredible sway and any fuckup could see us back in prison.
File: 1460259954534.jpg (42 KB, 469x493)
42 KB
I don't have a game going.
I almost started a Mage: The Ascension game but one friend ducked out and the other one, who talked me into starting the game after I found out about its amazing free form magic system, decided he didn't feel like playing.
Leaving me with one guy who is going to duck out once he realizes he's alone.
About to fight a super lich that will undoubtedly kill us

And then our DM will act surprised that we all died
We run Shadow Of The Demon Lord.
The group saved a village from a bunch of zealots and we discovered the village was sacrificing people to a god of the river.

We agreed to fight it (I told them that level 1 can't win against anything with "god' in it's name but I got voted down)

we were left at a cliffhanger where the huge monster with tentacles and eyes is attacking one of the members of the group while the others want to run away in fear.
>No, this is Spider, my man is not here

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