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File: 20140521033926.jpg (45 KB, 392x416)
45 KB
England's brave Brendan McCullum
Cric, and I should probably add, ket
Gloucestershire v Somerset

Kent v Surrey

Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire

Yorkshire v Lancashire (Root now batting)
Derbyshire vs Worcestershire

Durham v Glamorgan

Leicestershire v Sussex

Middlesex vs Nottinghamshire
Peter Siddle's zoomer hair
oh no Yorksisters, I thought this was a road
bmac will inject a bif of the olde anglo culture that they need to replace the cucked numale of bongland
good decision
we have more than enough dominant anglocock to go around. prime NZ anglocock is really the best there is, hailing back to the elite of 18th century bongland
>doubting the Brook-Root 'ship
>using cameras with different colour settings
LUNAchads get in
i bought 300,000
Currently watching a Dutch league match at the same ground as where Holland is playing England next month, and you can hear a plane coming over every 90 seconds. How distracting is that for players?
the batsman can inform the umpire that the flight path needs to be changed
I used to live not far from there so I got used to constant planes but hearing it on stream is so weird now.
bowled Parky
Only if its near the sightscreen
>literally the Warne of England
>can't get a game
can the county chud* get his own general ffs
File: Capture-parshit--=--.jpg (18 KB, 998x188)
18 KB
haven't heard certain man shill certain shitcoin for a long time hmmmm
Will Root?
Alri lad
Got a similar stack myself

Wish it was a milly stack
Timed the bottom pretty well but not quite well enough
I reckon he fled to chile with all our money
Absolute scumbag
borthwick out to marnus full toss on 90 kek
Josh bohannon and Matty p simply need to be in the England side
Lancashire is the way forward
File: dee.jpg (382 KB, 2544x4000)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>gambling on some korean ponzi
Root on 90*
/cric/ finna have to apologise soon
It’s an inevitable consequence of internet induced free exchange
Yeah ok Nick Land
How about you talk about cricket instead
has calmed down a lot but i've still doubled my investment of £25 so far
tbg its hilarious that we have several redditors' life savings worth of LUNA
Terra Luna was always a trash normie coin
Nobody was building on it
All the futuristic game fi stuff is being built on avax, harmony one or maybe at a stretch fantom

It was a paper castle destined to fail
I got everything on the Knight Riders. GO GO GO KNIGHT RIDERS.
has /cric/ ever tried not being /hoc/'s bitch?
yorkshire getting umpballed
Looking good so far. Just need some titans and a little luck now for some more free money.
tomorrow rcb is outta here
once again
poohili's times up, exposed as a fraud
he's gonna lose his cap
world makes a bit of sense again
I’m the big boss man around here
I control what comes in and what comes out
Won’t be taking any more silly games from here on out boys

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