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Do you need explosiveness and fast muscles to be a good football player? How does that even work?
There are 0 (zero) chins in this picture.
You don’t need to, but it gives you an advantage immediately over others who lack fast twitch muscles relative you, a deficit that usually can not be made up with training and improving muscle size and strength.

Vertical Jumps are best indicators of lower body muscular explosiveness-Ronaldo has always been fast, and his jumps have been one of the highest in the game…. that plays In heavily into why he is so much better than most other players

Its worth noting that, there is a sweet spot for explosiveness relative to endurance. One can be far too explosive to be useful in an actual game scenario.

Olympic Sprinters are the most gifted in terms of fast twitch muscles and fewer slow twitch. An Olympic Sprinter would tire out so rapidly relative to the average person, that one could actually make the argue that in a real game, the sprinter would lose the explosive advantage much quickly (many caveats to consider), and the average person would retain much better control of the game.

But regardless, in footy, just like most sports, there are more than one ways to excel, especially so if you’re somewhat intelligent and skilled
Ok but how does that help you in football? Especially when you play 90 minutes on a large field straight?
Have you seen Ronaldo,Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario play

They are quick with their feet, critically quicker than their opponents in straighline speed, and quicker in changing directions- if you need a cosual demo of this watch messi highlights.

Moving quickly with your body allows to move the ball quicker than your opponent.

Also, if you’re faster than the defensive line, you can be onside and be able to poach balls with headers by running faster into good positions, and /or Jumping higher than the defender a la Ronaldo.

As said, a lot of game intelligence and skills have to be allied with explosiveness to be great. Not all great players are that much explosive relative to their peers, and not all pacey players are great players.
Then that just means physicality plays a huge role in football after all. That means if Americans did theoretically get their shit together, they could get very far in football just through sheer athleticism.
Are you just finding out that a highly athletic player will have a physical advantage over their counter parts?

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