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>matter actually has an evil twin somewhere in the universe, if matter and its evil twin come into contact with each other they'll explode into radiation and subatomic particles
>if enough matter condenses into one place the gravity breaks reality and forms an all consuming sphere
>light doesn't have mass, but it has momentum, so it can make things move when it hits it
>matter and energy are interchangeable and can be turned into each other
>the passage of time changes based on gravitational influence and rate of movement

Who writes this shit?
i did
You can mock pop-science crap for marvel fans all day, it doesn't make your religious anti-materialist fantasies true
It's an entire universe traveling backwards through time. The reaction to the action of everything traveling forward though time.
people who know more than you, obviously.
not that it's a huge achievement.
what do you mean somewhere in the universe, i use it every day here on earth
uh oh we got us a bad goy here who isnt trusting the science
Shut up and pray to your street shitting gods, retard
you use anti-matter every day?
you just replied to lt. com. geordi la forge, show some respect ensign
You're lying, because the real Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge propelled the Enterprise by warping space with the infinite density of his eternally blue balls.
>A surprising number of child sex abusers appear to be Trekkies. Trying to figure out what that means, however, shows how little we really know about pedophiles
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At least you tried.
File: ActualSchizo.jpg (2.25 MB, 1366x3932)
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2.25 MB JPG
You've compiled at least 8 different anons into an image to claim they're one guy stalking you. This is, I submit, the mark of a mentally healthy and stable individual.

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