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File: eddieasmr.png (122 KB, 375x312)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
so eepy
Physicists fear him. Zionists fear him. Evangelicals fear him.

This summer, in a theater near you: the cinematic experience of a lifetime. Presenting:


A thrilling ride through troubled adolescence amid the Vietnam war, a turbulent trajectory from visiting at Taos hippie communes, to inhabiting Harvard academia, to leading the world’s String community.

Coming this summer.
Witten: The Architect

MPAA R rating for adult language and sexual themes, 18 and older.
I'm tired
Aren't you tired anon?
>jewish shills shilling jewish shills
not even a real scientist, just a political activist pretending to be one. no better than greta, but at least she is still young enough to maybe eventually do something with herself
oh please
I like hearing ed talk about his fantasy land with magical strings and big wobbly sheets wobbling around in 12 dimensions, banging into eachother and creating universes
Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson? With Milla Jovovich as Eds wife. The subtitle could be
>I will show you how big my 12th dimension is
hot :fire: :hot_face:
it is pretty fearsome how one man can stagnate an entire field for so long.
File: 1679134063389435.gif (813 KB, 250x250)
813 KB
813 KB GIF
Post Thesis Title.
...but we both you won't. Only midwits have no life's work.


holy kek that picrel
Jews shilling other jews
Spaz. 0 pussy. YWNBAM.
File: 2023-03-16_13.19.20.jpg (224 KB, 546x720)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>have sex chud, Imma a sex haver :3

Debased. Post Thesis OR YOU LOSE.
Thesis: I am based (probably the most based). Being that I am approaching terminal basedado, I deduce that Cult of Passion gets 0 pussy due to his inability to chill.
File: 2022-03-27_23.16.53.jpg (206 KB, 466x728)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
>Cult of Passion gets 0 pussy
I literally kicked her out of my condo because I'd rather study, lift, travel and do field research.



Oh and Witten's daughter be kinda cute, probably a good girl with such an autistoc dad. Then again...so was my ex-wife. All depemds of the mom (was a frozen beast).
vro… even with that low of body fat you still have bitch hips… -_-
File: 2022-10-21_11.17.46.jpg (349 KB, 712x1281)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
>cant into perspective
Yeah, that requires multi-diMENsional thinking...way beyond you.

*sigh*...always a disappointment with every post...
I am semi-convinced that ASMR is a MK Ultra-esqe technique for subconscious programming. it makes me physically ill when I try to consume the media.
name ten books
File: weak-thesis-post-1.gif (2.74 MB, 356x237)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
>name ten books
Shit thesis title. Do better.
>that low of body fat
That's not low body fat, Mutt. Vascularity is poor. That's approaching 20%, none of his stomach muscles are visible and he clearly has a big belly.
He does look pregnant
>sexual themes
S&M with those strings? Witten in high heels.

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