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>just spend 10+ years in academia to get shoe-horned into a low paying research job where you're wholly dependent on billionaire dollar equipment to publish mostly irrelevant research papers to desperately con politicians enough to renew your funding.

This is a nice summary of the state of physics and chemistry today. Happy I did engineering.
Please don't tell me this is also the case for math
In Math you're trying to con politicians to let you rotate shapes in your head with no value.

You are worth even less in math.
kek now that you mentioning mathematicians living off the government are based.
I unironically wish i could remove most of government and devote the funds to math
>Almost did this.
>Got MBA instead due to terrible Great Recession experience, but wanted to do science related stuff in business
>Work in finance instead.
>Very good pay. Absolutely hate my job so much it's unreal.
>Eventually give up on advancement and use leverage to only work 3 days a week, although they keep trying to make me work more
Even then it still sucks. You might be better off. I would definitely take a 50+% pay cut to work on something I am interested in/enjoy doing.
>Eventually give up on advancement and use leverage to only work 3 days a week,
What do you mean?
Anon, I...
>Eventually give up on advancement
Stop seeking pay raises and/or higher positions.
>use leverage to only work 3 days a week
Uses events in his life as excuses to not work 7 days a week, but 3 day a week.

He's quiet quiting because he would rather enjoy life than make a lot of money or have high status.

You should read the thesaurus, you are funtionally illiterate.

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