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Okay so in France we have specials classes in high school called SES which stand for economic and social science. It's literally just an intro to economy and sociology. The problem is that my teacher is retarded and wants us to print some document and copy other cause he thinks that if we want to understand et memorize something we need to copy it. (which is totally stupid). That's why I didn't do it and he yelled at me when I told him his idea didn't make any sense. He said that if I dont show him my work (meaning my copied document) next week I would get suspended. But you know what ? He can go fuck himself cause I will never copy a single line of his fucking pdf, but I'm not stupid. I know I will get in trouble if I do this and It would not be very constructive. So I'm searching for a scientifict research based on the usefulness of copying to memorize.
So if anyone could share ressources it would be cool
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I was one of those kids who didn't "show my work".
Now I'm here.
So yeah, let that be a lesson to you.
I hope you're not in bed about to go to sleep while reading this , because I don't want to give you nightmares thinking about how easily you could end up like me.
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bro i have literally 4.0 gpa, I just want to make my teacher shut the hell up
>dude, show your work(proof)
>"Noooo!!! I did it all in my head!"
Do you also have 4.0 IQ?
Don't argue with authority figures who have power over you and no interest in your well-being
You could get the ghost of Einstein to tell your teacher that copying is useless for learning and you would still get nowhere. "You're wrong, and these prove it" has never gotten anyone anywhere, and the worst case scenario is that you will embarrass your teacher and make him even more biased against you.
Do your fucking homework and then go throw rocks at his windows if you want, but don't argue like a retard.

Not that anon btw.
>we have specials classes in high school called SES which stand for economic and social science.
What a waste of everybody's time. I guess this is what redditors think schools should be about.
Maybe true social commentary
It's useful if you aren't an IQ monster, just do it
This, even if it's an ego thing on your end there are smarter ways to approach this.
Also i'm not answering your question because you can obv look it up yourself and this is just an excuse to vent.

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