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I got sick of being a gelatinous slob some years ago and decided to get /fit/. I cannot overstate the impact this has had on my mental clarity and ability.
Its astounding to me the effort people here put into finding a cheat code for increasing intellect, from mushrooms to amphetamine, without considering that the mind will follow the body.

I'm not saying you need to get jacked either, but every man should be
~ under 15% bodyfat
~ able to run a sub 730 mile
~ do 30 Push-ups without stopping.
~ do 5 chinups.

> I don't have the energy, I'm so dead after class/work!
I hear this a lot. What people don't realize is that being fit and physically healthy will GIVE you a net surplus of energy.

Its not super easy, but it's absolutely worth it bros. The mind will follow the body.
meths and maths are funnier than doing excercise
Its not an either or my brother in Christ, you can get in shape and stay in shape dedicating less than 3 hours a week.
I already do that and Im not able to do 30 pushups. I do 4 hours per week of hard cardio
agreed sir
im more of a /fit/izen and want to get into the intellectual/math side of things
running is amazing for sure
1st you have to stop being an unironical left faggot or you will always be a bitch
Then you don't already do that. Also, not saying everything will be great if you get in shape, only that everything, including the mental side of things, will be better.
> You have to dedicate 3 hours per week
> Im already doing it, I dedicate 4
> You arent dedicating 3 hours a week
Are you retarded?
What I mean is if you say, I cant do 30 pushups, I dedicate 4 hours to cardio, then of course you can't. Cardio doesn't train upper body strength with the exception of rowing.
4 hours of cardio is much better than nothing, but I would for sure add some light to moderate strength training.

I did not mean to upset you anon.
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Yes, exercise improves the mind. Lifting is a great form of exercise and the muscle you put on will help burn the fat because of increased BMR. Females should also be encouraged to lift to get stronger and boost self-esteem. You won't have to feel scared by most men since you can just beat them up. That feeling of security is nice and so is the boost to mental ability.
You're right Anon. Thank you for the rebuke.
Unless you accompany this with fatty red meat and offal, it doesn't mean shit. But yeah, my math skills improved a lot once I started exercising.
File: 1662235983939027.png (366 KB, 803x725)
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366 KB PNG
I don't have time for that and everything else.
>exercising is good for the mind
Imagine when you people find out the rabbis are right too
if thats what you meant is ok but I think at least for the brain cardio is better because it improves brainflow through the upper part of your body.
It is what I meant. Agreed, cardio is better for mood and likely all sorts of brain gains than lifting is, but that said, I really advocate for at least some strength training along side it.
The impact on the mind going from sitting all the time to running 10 miles a week will be enormous, the impact going from 10 miles to 20 will be less so.

I love exercise myself, but made this thread more in the spirit of getting anons far enough to experience most of the benifits while not going into diminishing mental returns.
Having grown up emaciated, getting stronger along with cardio did wonders for my confidence and self satisfaction, although that might not be the case with everyone.
How did you stop being emaciated?
Gomad (gallon of milk a day), although generally considered to be a meme nowadays, was a huge part of it. I was a bit special case however, I'm tall, was VERY thin, and I handle milk very well. Halfgomad is still very helpful and a lot more tolerable for many.

Aside from that, what made the biggest difference was actually counting my calories and ensuring I met my goal for the day by an hour before bed.
Youll hear a lot about hitting x number of carbs or whatever, but I just made sure I was getting 100g minimum of complete protein a day.
The key is to exercise with intensity, eat consistently throught the day to meet your cal goal, not all at once cause you got lazy, and be patient.
Drinking calories is much easier that eating them if you have issues eating enough.

I understand all of the conflicting information about working out and diet out there, so If anyone needs me to autisticly spell it out, just ask.
To give you an idea of time frame for not just eating 5k cal a day and gaining mostly fat, I started 140lbs at 6'2" and after 3 years I sit at at 190ish at 15% (roughly) bodyfat.
Getting out of skeletonmode happens much faster of course.
Always get a lot of sleep to!
This anon is absolutely, right. Practice good sleep hygiene like blue light filters and no food an hour before bed.
The vivid clarity and sense of rest that comes from going from 5-6 a night to a full 8 is hard to overstate.
File: 1661726427971632.png (1.05 MB, 1170x1166)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I sort of want to preserve my plushy twink bod for a little while longer.
File: 1650655868561.jpg (47 KB, 564x846)
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plushy? Toned fit twink bodies are delicious. Build them glutes too anon.
Strength training is also important for your heart, not just cardio. If you are doing only one, cardio is better and more important than strength training if health is your goal, but adding some strength training improves the outcome even more. Add some calisthenics into your training. Search up 100 pushup program, it has great regimen for getting into it. Do some sit ups, planks etc. very basic exercises well and you will train your body.
Your post about women would be fine if you didn't attach a varbie to it. I don't care if your fetish is a masculine physique or not, but taking oxandrolone is not healthy.

>You won't have to feel scared by most men since you can just beat them up. That feeling of security is nice
Huge mistake. Even the best men can be hit or wrestled to the ground in such way their head hits the pavement on the way down and they check out of this universe on the way to the hospital. "It was an accident God, I didn't mean to die today." Muscles don't teach you how to fight and eat punches.
You know, I always grew up hearing this. I think it's like katanas. Everyone thought being strong was really important in a fight, we learned that it's not of S tier importance, now anons act like it doesn't matter much at all.
I think it matters more than people think, along with aggression/will to fight.
File: 1832660.jpg (163 KB, 1440x1440)
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163 KB JPG
>if you didn't attach a varbie to it
Demonstrates healthy body=health mind and should be encouraging. Also that's obtainable natty.
>masculine physique
Lol no these are feminine physiques.
>but taking oxandrolone is not healthy.
How so? If you have any studies I'll be happy to see them.

Yes fighting is dangerous but when it's a matter of getting assaulted, having the option at least to viably defend yourself is a good thing. If the assailant is trying to overpower a victim, strength is a usable asset. Self-defense classes and boxing classes are also exercise.
>needing excercise to reach mental peak
*laughs in Einstein and every other single scientist with considerable contributions*
I dont think anyone claims you can't make contributions or think clearly without being fit, only that being fit will sharpen the mind.
I know it's difficult anon, but be don't be dishonest with yourself to avoid an uncomfortable truth.
Exercise is pure cope. All the mental benefit is from that it helps alleviate the subclinical depressive symptoms you got from realizing you're just another midwit and not one for the historybooks. People who never stopped riding the high of being intellectually superior (most of you probably never even got to that stage when it was easy to do in K-12) don't get that problem to begin with.

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