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2nd >>14580808
discuss, debate deferoxamine and hopefully a dose report soon to see it's promising
Where can I buy some?

and intranasal insulin too
What is with you retards and this deferoxamine shit now? Everyone done eating horse dewormers now switching to iron-binders I guess?
arent u just glad that its much better than dewormers ? u got a problem with iron chelators ?
If you hate iron, become vegan.
schizos need a drug to project the solution to all of their problems onto
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OP has so much iron he'll go super-nova any time.
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We're totally owning big pharma by spending money on their drugs
We are making big pharma anemic by avoiding their iron suplements and chelating at the same time! Oh wait...

there are a fair amount of compelling studies that show as we age, iron as a metabolic byproduct begins to accumulate in the brain. As iron acumulates, it oxidizes, and then causes slight damage to surrounding neurons. This damage leads to reduced insulin sensitivity within the neurons, and is believed to be related to the development of alzheimers / dementia.

Basically, removing the collected iron to make our brains more like when we were children.

Whats really interesting is that intranasal DFO has been tested on humans. The study mentions none of the side effects that the anecdotal takers are listing. Anecdotally people are saying its the 2nd coming of christ.
File: 20220621_145914.jpg (258 KB, 800x1280)
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Pretty sure that's the Meth, not the iron chelation
What meth
ITT: People buying a chelating agent because if you're dyslexic the INN looks like dextroamphetamine.
LOOK AT WHAT YOU WROTE! I can tell, from the arrangment of letters, that you've got less of a clue about what youre talking about than a weasle knew how to let go of my hand back in '95! Get fucked ya tit buster!
A meta study isn't much in terms of evidence when the 41 articles all have different methods. Also read the next sentence of the summary idiot.

Assuming you're not a schizo and live in the first world then you've likely been to a doctor at some point and had blood work done. I know I have normal iron levels in my body despite me grinding and welding on my cars semi-often. I don't see how iron is ever something to worry about unless your body is having a metabolic problem and stops being able to process it.
File: 2019-iron-man-artwork.jpg (541 KB, 1024x768)
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541 KB JPG
Will I become like Iron-Man if I take it?
Yeah that would actually be dope!
I've been sharing data for the last several weeks about deferoxamine after people began seeing the potential I've been giving my experience with the compound and describing the pharmacology.
Deferoxamine when used intranasally penetrates the brain in 200 fold higher concentrations than from intravenous use. This has the potential to reverse age related iron accumulation and iron accumulation within the cytosol of our braincells aggravated by metabolic disorder. It's been demonstrated in mouse models to significantly slow the progression and mitigate the neurotoxicity of a variety of neuroinflammatory stressors by significantly improving neuronal insulin sensitivity.
> Intranasal deferoxamine provides increased brain exposure and significant protection in rat ischemic stroke

This study demonstrates the dfo concentrations within the brains of mice after intranasal administration and demonstrates the efficacy of DFO as a prophylactic for the prevention of ischemic stroke induced brain damage. It's shown in this study that intranasal deferoxamine reduced the stroke volume by 55% if used 48hrs before or if used immediately upon the occurrence of ischemia.

> Mechanisms of Intranasal Deferoxamine in Neurodegenerative and Neurovascular Disease

intranasal deferoxamine has only been tested once and that was to determine changes in peripheral iron levels. There's substantial evidence supporting the use of intranasal deferoxamine for promotion of cognitive functions and mitigation of neurological disorders.

So to answer your question if you'd become like Iron Man. Yes you will become substantially smarter and have a better understanding of how to become self actualized if you take deferoxamine and it would make you much healthier cognitively if you use it. There's some risks involved but these can be mitigated.
so just a lowered stroke risk? meh
File: 1637842100694.jpg (93 KB, 1042x720)
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The easiest way to thin iron in your blood is to commit ritualistic sacrifice by cutting your wrists on a copy of The Necronomicon and Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" every evening while in a dark room covered in blood paint and red candles while dressed in a vest of butcher meat.
File: 1653305059908.jpg (116 KB, 828x828)
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116 KB JPG
So far I've seen:
>thin your iron
>don't consume proteins

I'm beginning to see a pattern here. It's all generally contradictory nonsense at times that probably goes against former science and will likely be negated again by further science.
Because he is using fucking journal articles and proving just how fucking retarded journal articles are nowadays and how a lack of conceptual or linguistic rhetorical investigation is really the core of our problems, not empirical evidence.

Thank you Pax.
This is why I generally rely on my own intuition and not fucking media articles and journal articles made by scientists trying to claw their way into the field.

Because I still have shit in my eye from that whooping cough vaccine (not even the covid vaccine).
Thank you science for being bad at everything you do.
No this has great potential to mitigate the progression of all neurological disorders as well as promotion of cognitive enhancement
> Intranasal deferoxamine can improve memory in healthy C57 mice, suggesting a partially non‐disease‐specific pathway of functional neurologic improvement
Theres a wide ranging pharmacological profile of deferoxamine supported by the pathology of iron dysbiosis which is aggravated by inflammation within our brain and that promotes iron accumulation in our braincells reducing their function.
> Aging is associated with increased brain iron through cortex-derived hepcidin expression

Intranasal deferoxamine has significant potential for the reversal of neurological disorders and promotion of cognitive and metabolic health and slowing of cognitive aging.
Thank you for the effortful post, Desferal shill-anon. I dont have time to peer-review those papers with you right now, but I have relegated the information to my pharma-autist friend to do it for me and get us some in the meantime.

>there's sideffect but uhhh you dont need to worry about them
Yea this board is literally /pol/ and Im still not sure what to think about the whole horse-dewormer joe rogan stuff
Joe Rogan makes money off of dumb people.
Fuck e-celebs and fuck election tourists.
/pol/ was fun once upon a time. Now it's full of uncreative hacks.
>This is why I generally rely on my own intuition and not fucking media articles and journal articles made by scientists trying to claw their way into the field.

This is an epistemological argument and a demonstration in which you don't attempt to understand mechanistic data surrounding the pathology of neurological decline as a result of neuroinflammation. We can demonstrate on an intracellular level that glutamatergic neurotransmission, hyperammonemia, opioids, latent viruses/bacteria promote iron accumulation within our brain cells aggravating oxidative stress and disease pathology and that's observed with increasing iron disposition within the brains of diabetics, obese people, alzheimers disease patients, parkinsons disease. Serum Hepcidin levels in covid 19 patients determine disease severity and this is supported by the evidence that young, physically active people have better iron homeostasis and insulin sensitivity.
>Iron Deposition Leads to Hyperphosphorylation of Tau and Disruption of Insulin Signaling
> Hepcidin levels predict Covid-19 severity and mortality in a cohort of hospitalized Italian patients

I will do what I can to help make the case for you so that you can better understand my argument. These pathological defects that accumulate with aging and metabolic disorder have a central related factor that ties these disorders together and we can observe mechanistically through application of the scientific method that these findings can be replicated.

>Thank you science for being bad at everything you do.
Those that fail to learn from the sins of their fathers are doomed to repeat it. ~ George Santayana
File: 1655873902421.webm (1.03 MB, 480x480)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB WEBM
>We can demonstrate on an intracellular level
>we can demonstrate in the details that the devil really doesn't exist there
>until more details emerge that break down the rock and core of that set of details

You've missed my point entirely.
We're missing the devil in the details.
This is not actually a medical issue, this is a linguistic issue, this is a philosophical issue.

Endless rabbitholes lead you straight to wonderland and that's all.
What you need is to take ALL of that garbage, parse it through a mindset with a certain goal in mind and then turn it into something linguistically more meaningful to other people.

The way you are currently explaining stuff to me is like background noise. I don't know what your point is, what you are doing or why the points you state get anywhere at all.
And this isn't just you, this happens with ALL science nowadays. We're not asking "why are we doing this" or "where are we heading to" or "what do we want to do and achieve" enough.

Now from what I can gather, you seem to know what you want to do, but to me it comes off as something strangely car salesman in the way it's put forth to me with the quality and tone of the language, etc.
There's a method in which we can use to define the world around us and to understand the great unknown. Science has been the foundation of society and the path out of which humanity created civilization. Since childhood I've suffered from abuse and hardships of suffering from intellectual disabilities and lack of ability to make friends. I believe I likely have ASD or some other comorbid mental disorders and metabolic disorders that have partially defined my life for the last several decades. I'd been surrounded by death and suffering for much of my life.I believe all of us can say that we've wished would not have had to suffer in sickness for the last days of their life in the worst pain imaginable. I wanted to learn everything that I could so that I could do something that would allow me to survive through the abuse and treatment I've had for much of my life.

So to answer the questions of what was the point of pursuing medicine or pursuing science. I've wanted to learn everything that I could so that I could live my life understanding the wider world at large and noone had ever given me compassion in my life except for the educators in my life that taught me what kindness meant. I'd give anything so I could be like those men that had been better fathers than my own or could be better friends and genuine people that I've met throughout my entire life. I want to acheive what I can so I can improve our quality of life as humans and that we can unlock all of the latent potential that we have inside us. In order to change and adapt to our environment, to be better humans and evolve as a society we have to learn. Science is a framework in which we can use observations and questions to ask about the nature of the world. We can't just be reliant on our personal biases in order to live through life because the wider world is so much larger and beyond our understanding. I want to learn everything I can so that I can impact peoples lives.
File: 1549658116451.jpg (43 KB, 960x268)
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Get fucked!
Can I cut my wrist on a copy of other books or does it have to be the Necronomicon and Richard Dawkins
lol don't even try talking with this anti-intellectualist fucking retard. He dismisses everything you have said and all the studies you posted simply because it "sounds scientific" and pretends to have always known everything you ever wrote about by "listening to his body" and probably performing esoteric rituals like the mind-fucked boomer he is
Why wouldn't you just donate blood? That lowers iron levels and is good for heart health and burns like 800 calories. Then you also help someone too.
I've answered this before a few times. blood donation does not remove the iron that has accumulated within your brain due to inflammation. Deferoxamine works within minutes to promote improved cognitive function where the effects are permanent.
The iron is stuck within your brain cells not much can be done to remove this pathological iron except promote autophagy and healthy behaviors but they don't work as fast or as strongly as deferoxamine.
> Inflammation alters the expression of DMT1, FPN1 and hepcidin, and it causes iron accumulation in central nervous system cells
> Iron Deposition Leads to Hyperphosphorylation of Tau and Disruption of Insulin Signaling
> Intranasal deferoxamine provides increased brain exposure and significant protection in rat ischemic stroke
File: 5e371g.jpg (76 KB, 498x600)
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>horse de-wormers
>130 IQ
>all mental illness is fake
>Horse dewormer
Fuck off back to r*ddit you fucking idiot.

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