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Who is spending their friday night on /sci/ with me. Let's have a discussion.
didnt expect to be, but i just dont associate with normal people or even the people who are in my hobbies websites/boards/etc like /v/ /tv/ /a/ etc. people are just too stupid for me to relate with them anymore
hi fren.
what are you up to?
is today friday or something
a few friends came over and we drank alcohol and played video games. they left and now im drunk and bored
do you think you're the only smart person on earth? i'm smart too you know
not at all. i just dont think very many smart people exist in the boards/sites/spheres i usually browse and find myself in
define "smart" are you just talking about knowing a lot of facts? or having a brain that can make logical conclusions quickly?
sounds fun, anon!
ive been terribly bored all day. plenty of productive or entertaining stuff to do, but i just couldnt muster up the motivation. i tried to drink but i just ended up giving myself a tummy ache. eventually i found the energy to leave the house for some errands, read a bit of a PDE textbook, and read a bit of a VN. rough day. i hope tomorrow is better.
it's been a rough 2 years ever since covid hit. this covid is such nonsense it's really mind boggling. if media wasn't hypnig it up so much we could just live normally and no one would notice anything.
you shouldnt worry so much about things you cant control, anon
im not worried, im dealing with it the best i can. it just sucks
File: 1629929359327.jpg (127 KB, 585x800)
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well i hope things get better for you, fren.
things will be better once i get a new gf. it's hard meeting nice girls in the current state of things. i guess i'll have to go back to online dating.
ill never understand you normalnigs.
im not a normie. i just like getting laid.
>im not a normie.
doubt. you talk like a normalnigger. i just rubbed on out to eigenvalue expansions because some anon in another thread told me to. i bet you dont even like cunny.
lol that's why your life is miserable. stop watching porn and stop jerking off. start working out and eating healthy, things will get drastically better.
dont tell me what to do, faggot, im fan-fuckin-tastic. everything i do is raw. i gotta invent shit. why dont you go find some whore to take the edge off your shallow existence. and when im jerking off to algebraic curves tonight im gonna think of your mother.

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