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Please debunk t his Sci bros. I feel so good.
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Give me two weeks
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Based and TerryDavis-Pilled
What difference does it make if it was a lab leak? GOF is a thing and shit happens. Omicron is weird I give you that, but there is no conspiracy here.
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>What difference does it make if it was a lab leak?
It doesn't. Fauci could go on TV and tell you it was intentionally "leaked", and you'd ask what difference that makes. Normaldrones aren't fully human, so it makes no difference to them when they are killed with impunity in broad daylight. We've known that for a while, because we have countless documented cases of just that, and zero consequences for the perpetrators.
>Retarded underpaid PhD student forgot to seal his hazmat suit
>Shit hits the fan

End of story, you dumbass.

There is no conspiracy, people are simply stupid.
Then why has all discussion concerning the topic been censorsed since the start? "Conspiracy theory" is an logically and empirically empty term. What do you even mean by conspiracy theory?

Obviously, because someone didn't want the public to find out. This is not uncommon - in fact in is basically the norm in any industry. People cover their asses, so they don't get arrested or sued. Actually, two of the largest areas of law, consumer protection, and public health law, are basically about going after corporations and government agencies that conceal information from the public regarding accidents, mistakes, and other hazards caused by these corporate and government entities. It should not be surprising that a company or government agency would want to lie or conceal what happened if it made a big fuck up. If you weren't an unedcuate brainlet, then you would probably intuitively understand this, and even know of some historical examples. A very recent example is the Flint, MI water crisis, which has been concealed by water companies and the federal government, but which has been widely identified by numerous independent scientists. Again, you're obviously not someone who is is very educated or intelligent, and you must not follow politics. This literally just happened a few years ago, and several EPA officials had to resign for colluding to hide this information. Another example, which you can look up on your own was the Bhopal incident.

The biomed and biotech establishments don't want people scrutinizing the NIH, the Wuhan Institute, GOF research in general, and many other risky and ethically questionable forms of biotech and biomed research that are becoming more common today (e.g., a lot of "neural interface" technology). If you don't understand why this raises serious practical and ethical concerns, then you need a better understanding of basic democratic principles, the public well-being, and the concept of informed consent.
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(cont. from >>14104628)
Furthermore, if it is really difficult for you understand why this is a problem I will explain:
(1) If we figure out what happened, we will be MUCH better at preventing these sort of accidents in the future,

(2) The people responsible need to be held accountable. They should have disclosed what happened and told the global public and government officials immediately. If the WIV and EcoHealth had been transparent about the lab leak when it first happened (which appears to have been sometime in the late autumn of 2019), then we could have done a much better job at controlling the virus from the beginning, and we likely could have stopped it altogether. It would have just been a small accident in Wuhan, rather than a global disaster.

(3) As I suggested in my previous post, you should be bothered by the censorship and lack of transparency, as a matter of principle.
It didn't leak from a lab because it doesn't exist at all.
>Why would anyone want to do that? Well, here’s the usual explanation: We know that certain kinds of viruses are potentially dangerous to humans if they mutate and jump from animals to people. For example, the original SARS did that in the early 2000s.

Lol. SARS is a patented virus. It also came from a lab.

Thanks for confirming my point. They could send people to shoot your family in front of your eyes and you will still claim it's something other than what happened. Nu-people are incapable of acknwoledging that they're being culled, no matter how batant it is. We already have officially acknowledged examples of fake pandemics, of US government intentionally conducting biological attacks against its own citizens, of US government intentionally flooding its own cities with drugs and constantly murdering witnesses (including literal children), US government conducting Nazi-type experiments on its citizens and soldiers, US government falsifying air quality readings giving people cancer, the list goes on and on... not even getting into the documented cases of your corporate owners (the ones to whom your murder government has given legal immunity) intentionally killing its customers. Anyone who whines about "conspiracy theories" is a confimed nonhuman, and needs to hang from a lamp post. And you WILL, sooner or later.
>US government conducting Nazi-type experiments on its citizens
Imagine disbelieving the jews THIS MUCH, and then falling for le nazi doctor meme lol
>the nazis did not conduct human experiments!!
Unlike the lollercaust, we actually have usable data from their experiments.
I could care less about massive bioweapon leaks and yet here you are still trying to convince me that I should care lmao. I hope the next leak wipes out entire genetic lineages faggot, including yours.

Now fuck off
/debunked, shill.

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