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Yet aging still hasn't been brought under medical control.
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I don't get it, he's not transgender.
He's just a millenial who's aged horribly.
The agepill is just so brutal.
transhumanists are a subset of people who are terminally dissatisfied with themselves, feel that they are insufficient and in desperate need of improvement. transhumanists accurately assess themselves as being suboptimal, which is just fine, but because transhumanists are below average, they are also dumb enough to project their own glaring inadequacies on everything else to the point that even planet earth, the one place in the entire universe that can demonstrably sustain life, is an insufficient piece of garbage to the transhumanists. fortunately transhumanists have a very high suicide rate and very low breeding rate.
>dissatisfied with themselves
Aging is a disease like Smallpox that needs to be eradicated, or at least brought under medical control.
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>Aging is a disease like Smallpox that needs to be eradicated, or at least brought under medical control.
LOL. You're aging and dying just like everybody else. Sorry.
And if age-reversal doesn't happen in my natural lifetime, I'll cryopreserve myself as a stopgap.
File: 3524453.jpg (21 KB, 600x315)
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>I'll cryopreserve myself
Normalbots are 100% buying into the nu-religion...
if I find out the secret antiaging I'm never gonna share it, suck it nerds
>I'll cryopreserve myself as a stopgap.
memories in your brain that make you who you are, are electrical. Once you die, all electrical current in brain stops and memories are wiped clean, like erasing a harddrive and partitioning it.
Cryogenics would only preserve your DNA for future replication, but not your memories or who you are.
>22 years is almost 25 years
No 24 years and 11 months is almost 25 years retard.
Same difference.
What a low self-esteem loon. Blow me.
How do you age that badly in only 10 years?
How old is this cunt?
He's 38, according to Google.
He actually posted a preemptive (cope)ment on the video:
> And yes, to avoid the obvious comments: I have aged in the last ten years. It'll happen to you, too.
>And it's better than the alternative!
He doesn't seem like the type to drink heavily either, let alone smoke, and he lives in bogland where the sun never shines, so I have no idea why he's aging so badly.
Maybe too much air travel (radiation) and too much touring of industrial facilities with toxic chemicals?
>Normalbots are 100% buying into the nu-religion...
Cryonics is extremely unpopular. "Normalbots" are the last people to sign up for it, or even seriously consider it.
Make peace with the fact you will grow old and will eventually die.
>n-n-n-noooo, i'm special
No, you're not. You're just ahead on the curve in terms of ease of indoctrination. The rest of the normalbot population is slowly getting onboard with your pop-sci nu-religion. In fact, I think I'll start investing in cryoscams and other such retard traps.

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